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12021Increasing Bromine in Intracellular Organic Matter of Freshwater Algae Growing in Bromide-Elevated Environments and Its Impacts on Characteristics of DBP PrecursorsHua, Lap Cuong; Tsia, Shian Rong; GEN-SHUH WANG ; Dong, Cheng Di; Huang, ChihpinEnvironmental Science and Technology Letters0
22020Occurrences of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the drinking water of Taiwan and their removal in conventional water treatment processesPai, Chih-Wei; Leong, Dexter; Chen, Chia-Yang; GEN-SHUH WANG Chemosphere7
32020Assessing the potential effect of extreme weather on water quality and disinfection by-product formation using laboratory simulationChang, Chia-Jung; Huang, Chin-Pao; CHIA-YANG CHEN; GEN-SHUH WANG Water research06
42019Bench-scale assessment of the formation and control of disinfection byproducts from human endogenous organic precursors in swimming poolsYI-CHING LIU; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; GEN-SHUH WANG Chemosphere01
52019Temperature dependence of characteristics of organic precursors, bromide, and disinfection byproduct formationHuang, Chih-Hsuan; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; GEN-SHUH WANG The Science of the total environment13
62019Algogenic organic matter derived DBPs: Precursor characterization, formation, and future perspectives–A reviewHua, Lap Cuong; Lai, Chun Hsi; GEN-SHUH WANG ; Lin, Tsair Fuh; Huang, ChihpinCritical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology30
72018A seasonal observation on the distribution of engineered nanoparticles in municipal wastewater treatment systems exemplified by TiO2 and ZnOChoi, Soohoon; Johnston, Murray; GEN-SHUH WANG ; Huang, C PThe Science of the total environment1725
82017Assessing retinal hazardous effects from phosphor converted Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting with different Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)GEN-SHUH WANG Key Engineering Materials 30
92017Characterization of titanium dioxide nanoparticle removal in simulated drinking water treatment processesGEN-SHUH WANG ; TSUN-JEN CHENG Science of the Total Environment 1719
102017Urban air pollution and meteorological factors affect emergency department visits of elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in TaiwanGEN-SHUH WANG ; YUE-LIANG GUO Environmental Pollution 1726
112017Light-emitting-diode induced retinal damage and its wavelength dependency in vivoGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG International Journal of Ophthalmology 1729
122016An improved estrogenic activity reporter gene assay (T47D-KBluc) for detecting estrogenic activity in wastewater and drinking waterGEN-SHUH WANG Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry 11
132016The pathological role of advanced glycation end productsdownregulated heat shock protein 60 in islet β-cell hypertrophy and dysfunction王根樹 ; 賴士鵬; 黃永定; Guan, Siao-Syun; CHIH-KANG CHIANG|RONG-SEN YANG; Sheu, Meei-Ling; Yang, Rong-Sen; SHING-HWA LIU ; WANG, GEN-SHUH ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; LAI, SHIH-PENG; Wu, Cheng-Tien; HUANG, YONG TING; Yang, Ting-Hua; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Liu, Shing-HwaOncotarget 76
142016Estrogenic effects in the influents and effluents of the drinking water treatment plantsGEN-SHUH WANG Environmental Science and Pollution Research 1721
152016Urban Air Pollution in Taiwan before and after the Installation of a Mass Rapid Transit SystemGEN-SHUH WANG Journal of Environmental Quality 713
162016Comparative study on DBPs formation profiles of intermediate organics from hydroxyl radicals oxidation of microbial cellsGEN-SHUH WANG Chemosphere 910
172015Impact of area-specific temperature extremes on health outcomes in seven regions in Taiwan - Using cerebrovascular and ischemic heart diseases as examplesGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO Taiwan Journal of Public Health 00
182015Occurrence of nonylphenol and bisphenol A in household water pipes made of different materialsGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 69
192014以高流速固相萃取搭配極致液相層析串聯式質譜法定量民生汙水中之非法藥物及其代謝物並評估社區藥物濫用現況GEN-SHUH WANG 台灣法醫學誌 00
202014White light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at domestic lighting levels and retinal injury in a rat modelShang, Yu-Man; GEN-SHUH WANG ; CHANG-HAO YANG ; Wang, Gen-Shuh; Sliney, David; Yang, Chang-Hao ; Lee, Li-LingEnvironmental Health Perspectives 5049
212014Distribution of feminizing compounds in the aquatic environment and bioaccumulation in wild tilapia tissuesGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN Environmental Science and Pollution Research 1824
222013Air Pollution, Allergic Co-morbidity, and Emergency Department Visit for Pediatric Asthma in TaiwanGEN-SHUH WANG ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; Chi-Hsien CHEN; YUE-LIANG GUO Aerosol and Air Quality Research 77
232013Application of receptor-specific risk distribution in the arsenic contaminated land managementChen, I.-C.; Ng, S.; Wang, G.-S.; Ma, H.-W.; GEN-SHUH WANG ; HWONG-WEN MA Journal of Hazardous Materials 63
242013Occupational exposures of airborne trichloramine at indoor swimming pools in TaipeiGEN-SHUH WANG ; SHIH-WEI TSAI Science of the Total Environment 1622
252013Simultaneous formation and biodegradation of HAAs in slow sand filters: effects of residual chlorine in filter influentGEN-SHUH WANG Desalination and Water Treatment 00
262013Fractionation of nitrogen-enriched dissolved organic matter in waterGEN-SHUH WANG Separation and Purification Technology 46
272013Occurrence and assessment of treatment efficiency of nonylphenol, octylphenol and bisphenol-A in drinking water in TaiwanGEN-SHUH WANG Science of the Total Environment 5759
282013Characteristics of C-, N-DBPs formation from nitrogen-enriched dissolved organic matter in raw water and treated wastewater effluentGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN Water Research 4241
292012Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry determination of feminizing chemicals in river water, sediment and tissue pretreated using disk-type solid-phase extraction and matrix solid-phase dispersionWEN-LING CHEN ; GEN-SHUH WANG ; Jin-Chywan Gwo; CHIA-YANG CHEN Talanta5861
302012Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry determination of feminizing chemicals in river water, sediment and tissue pretreated using disk-type solid-phase extraction and matrix solid-phase dispersionGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN Talanta 5661
312012Determination of perfluorinated chemicals in food and drinking water using high-flow solid-phase extraction and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometryGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; Pau-Chung CHEN Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2120
322012Effect of pH on the analysis of 2-MIB and geosmin in waterGEN-SHUH WANG Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 99
332012氣溫變化和心血管及呼吸道疾病死亡的相關GEN-SHUH WANG 台灣醫學 00
342012氣候變遷與公共衛生GEN-SHUH WANG 台灣醫學 00
352011Performance evaluation of the UV/H 2O 2 process on selected nitrogenous organic compounds: Reductions of organic contents vs. corresponding C-, N-DBPs formationsGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN Chemosphere 2125
362011水的科學王根樹; 王根樹 
372011Correlations between surrogate nitrogenous organic precursors and C-, N-DBP formationGEN-SHUH WANG Water Science and Technology 22
382011Effects of UV/H2O2 on NOM fractionation and corresponding DBPs formationGEN-SHUH WANG Desalination 3840
392011Identification of potential nitrogenous organic precursors for C-, N-DBPs and characterization of their DBPs formationGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; CHANG, HUI-HSIEN; CHEN, CHIA-YANG; WANG, GEN-SHUHWater Research 3242
402010Comparative study of multimedia models applied to the risk assessment of soil and groundwater contamination sites in TaiwanFan, C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Ma, H.-W.; Wang, G.-S.; GEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIHHAO FAN ; HWONG-WEN MA ; FAN, CHIHHAO ; CHEN, YEN-CHUAN; MA, HWONG-WEN ; WANG, GEN-SHUH Journal of Hazardous Materials 1918
412010Biodegradation of MIB and geosmin with slow sand filtersGEN-SHUH WANG Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part A Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering 1519
422010Influence of ultraviolet light coupled with hydrogen peroxide treatment on organic nitrogen and carbon precursors and disinfection by-product formationGEN-SHUH WANG ; Chen,Huei-Wen ; Chen, Chia-Yang,Wang, Gen-Shuh; CHIA-YANG CHEN Environmental Engineering Science 45
432009Risk assessment of exposure to volatile organic compounds in groundwater in TaiwanFan, C.; Wang, G.-S.; Chen, Y.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; Fan, Chihhao ; GEN-SHUH WANG ; Wang, Gen-Shuh ; CHIHHAO FAN ; Chen, Yen-Chuan; CHUN-HAN KO ; Ko, Chun-Han ; FAN, CHIHHAO ; WANG, GEN-SHUH ; CHEN, YEN-CHUAN; KO, CHUN-HAN Science of the Total Environment 4939
442009Comparison of electrospray ionization, atmospheric pressure chemical ionization and atmospheric pressure photoionization for determining estrogenic chemicals in water by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry with chemical derivatizationsLien, Guang-Wen; Lien, Guang-Wen; GEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; Chen, Chia-Yang; Wang, Gen-Shuh; Wang, Gen-Shuh Journal of Chromatography A 7576
452009Determination of Ten Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water Using High-Performance and Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass SpectrometryGEN-SHUH WANG JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHIC SCIENCE 
462009Biodegradation of haloacetic acids in water treatment processesGEN-SHUH WANG ; Wang, G.; Lai, S.; Huang, Y.Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 30
472009Determination of ten haloacetic acids in drinking water using high-performance and ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryGEN-SHUH WANG ; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; CHANG, SHUEH-NIJournal of Chromatographic Science 3132
482008Biodegradation in rapid sand filtrationGEN-SHUH WANG Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition 2008 
492008Pre-chlorination induced DOC and DBPs formation from microcystis aeruginosa in treatment processesGEN-SHUH WANG ACS Symposium Series 20
502007飲用水加氯消毒對消毒副產物生成及微生物再生之效應研究王根樹; 王根樹 
512007Cancer risk assessment from trihalomethanes in drinking waterGEN-SHUH WANG ; Wang, Gen-Shuh ; Deng, Ya-Chen; Lin, Tsair-FuhScience of the Total Environment 116115
522007Analysis of steroid estrogens in water using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry with chemical derivatizationsGEN-SHUH WANG ; Lin, Ying-Hsuan; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; Chen, Chia-Yang; Wang, Gen-ShuhRapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 8567
532007Determining estrogenic steroids in Taipei waters and removal in drinking water treatment using high-flow solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometryChen, Chia-Yang ; GEN-SHUH WANG ; Wen, Tzu-Yao; CHIA-YANG CHEN ; Wang, Gen-Shuh ; Cheng, Hui-Wen; Lin, Ying-Hsuan; Lien, Guang-WenScience of the Total Environment 138144
542006The roles of bromide and precursor structures on DBP formation and species distributionGEN-SHUH WANG Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 70
552006Water quality deterioration after roof-top storage: Implications on their maintenance and managementGEN-SHUH WANG Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 00
562006Biodegration of HAAs in slow sand filtration unitsGEN-SHUH WANG American Water Works Association - AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition, ACE 2006: The World's Water Event 
572006Characteristics of natural organic matter degradation in water by UV/H2O2 treatmentGEN-SHUH WANG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY 
582006氣候變遷與水質“五大湖區氣候變遷及水質:風險、機會及反應”研討會王根樹 全球變遷通訊雜誌,48: 
592006Characteristics of natural organic matter degradation in water by UV/H<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf>treatmentGEN-SHUH WANG Environmental Technology 5152
602005飲用水中三鹵甲烷及含鹵乙酸之生成、散佈及健康風險評估(II)王根樹; 王根樹 
612005HAA removal in slow sand filtration: Case studies in WTPs with high DOC waterGEN-SHUH WANG AWWA 124th Annual Conference and Exposition: The World's Water Event, ACE 2005 
622004飲用水中三鹵甲烷及含鹵乙酸之生成、散佈及健康風險評估(I)王根樹; 王根樹 
632003飲用水中消毒副產物之生成,健康風險及其前質控制之研究王根樹; 王根樹 
642003Increased mortality odds ratio of male liver cancer in a community contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwaterGEN-SHUH WANG OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE 
652002飲用水中背景有機物特性及處理技術之研究王根樹; 王根樹 
662002Changes on drinking water quality after electrolysis treatmentGEN-SHUH WANG Taiwan Journal of Public Health 
672002飲用水經電解處理後之水質變化GEN-SHUH WANG ; 王根樹 台灣公共衛生雜誌 00
682002Removal of dissolved natural organic matter from source water with Alum coagulationGEN-SHUH WANG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY 
692002Health risk assessment on residents exposed to chlorinated hydrocarbons contaminated in groundwater of a hazardous waste siteGEN-SHUH WANG JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH-PART A 
702002Removal of dissolved natural organic matter from source water with alum coagulationGEN-SHUH WANG Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 1716
712001以活性碳吸附水中背景有機物之研究(3/3)王根樹; 王根樹 
722001Monitoring natural organic matter in water with scanning spectrophotometerGEN-SHUH WANG Environment International 5144
732001Photodegradation of humic acids in the presence of hydrogen peroxideGEN-SHUH WANG CHEMOSPHERE 
742001Catalyzed UV oxidation of organic pollutants in biologically treated wastewater effluentsGEN-SHUH WANG SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 
752001Health risk assessment on residents living with groundwater contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbonsGEN-SHUH WANG EPIDEMIOLOGY 
762001Ozonation of dissolved organic matter in biologically treated wastewater effluentsGEN-SHUH WANG OZONE-SCIENCE &amp; ENGINEERING 
772001Assessment of the environmental health conditions of the temporary shelters in disaster areas after the "921 earthquake, Taiwan"GEN-SHUH WANG Taiwan Journal of Public Health 
782001九二一大地震災區臨時收容所環境衛生狀況調查GEN-SHUH WANG ; 王根樹 ; 詹長權 ; Wang, Gen-Shuh 台灣公共衛生雜誌 00
792000對全球環境變遷對公共衛生衝擊之評析的幾點看法作者回應GEN-SHUH WANG 中華公共衛生雜誌 00
802000Destruction of humic acid in water by UV light - Catalyzed oxidation with hydrogen peroxideGEN-SHUH WANG Water Research 128121
812000Assessment of vulnerability of public health to the impact of global environmental changeGEN-SHUH WANG Chinese Journal of Public Health 
821999台灣環境變遷與全球氣候變遷衝擊之評析-公共衛生王根樹; 王根樹 
831999迷你管柱吸附之表面擴散模式GEN-SHUH WANG 大葉學報 00
841999迷你管柱吸附飲用水中有機質擴散模式顏有利; 王根樹; 顏有利; 王根樹 大葉學報,8 
851999Monitoring DBP precursors in water with scanning spectrophotometerGEN-SHUH WANG Water Supply 
861998Effect of preadsorbed background organic matter on granular activated carbon adsorption of atrazineGEN-SHUH WANG Science of the Total Environment 88
871991Predicting capacities for SOCs in GAC pilot columnsGEN-SHUH WANG Proceedings - AWWA Annual Conference