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12022Effectiveness of Nursing Leadership Training Programs: Mixed-Methods ResearchLIAN-HUA HUANG ; Chen C.-W.; Ko N.-Y.; Chang S.-H.; Wang H.-H.Journal of Nursing00
22021Effects of mobile application program (App)-assisted health education on preventive behaviors and cancer literacy among women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasiaLee Y.-H.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Yang N.-P.; Chen S.-H.; Shao J.-H.; Lai C.-H.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health33
32021Commonalities in nursing perspectives among 6 countries/regionsIm E.-O.; Sakashita R.; Lin C.C.; Oh E.G.; Tsai H.-M.; Kunaviktikul W.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Wang H.-H.; McCauley L.Advances in Nursing Science00
42020The key role of Taiwanese nurses in combating covid-19 pandemicChen S.-F.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Chen C.-M.; Chuang T.-H.; Peng M.-T.; Wang H.-H.Journal of Nursing110
52020Roles of nurses and National Nurses Associations in combating COVID-19: Taiwan experienceLIAN-HUA HUANG ; Chen C.M.; Chen S.F.; Wang H.H.International Nursing Review1211
62020The Refined Middle-Range Theory on Women’s Leadership in Asian CultureIm E.-O.; Wang H.-H.; Tsai H.-M.; Sakashita R.; Oh E.G.; Lin C.C.; Kunaviktikul W.; Inouye J.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Broome M.E.Journal of Transcultural Nursing00
72020Toward 2020 the international year of the nurse and the midwife: Linking Taiwan nursing with the worldChen S.-F.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Chen C.-M.; Wang K.-Y.; Chou K.-R.; Chiang H.-Y.; Wang H.-H.Journal of Nursing00
82019The Global State of the Genetic Counseling ProfessionAbacan M.A.; Alsubaie L.; Barlow-Stewart K.; Caanen B.; Cordier C.; Courtney E.; Davoine E.; Edwards J.; Elackatt N.J.; Gardiner K.; Guan Y.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Malmgren C.I.; Kejriwal S.; Kim H.J.; Lambert D.; Lantigua-Cruz P.A.; Lee J.M.H.; Lodahl M.; Lunde ?.; Macaulay S.; Macciocca I.; Margarit S.; Middleton A.; Moldovan R.; Ngeow J.; Obregon-Tito A.J.; Ormond K.E.; Paneque M.; Powell K.; Sanghavi K.; Scotcher D.; Scott J.; Juh? C.S.; Shkedi-Rafid S.; Wessels T.-M.; Yoon S.-Y.; Wicklund C.European Journal of Human Genetics149138
92019Risk factors associated with outcomes of peritoneal dialysis in Taiwan: An analysis using a competing risk modelChen H.-L.; Tarng D.-C.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Lee E.Y.Medicine (United States)1819
102018The relationship between family functioning and caregiving appraisal of dementia family caregivers: caregiving self-efficacy as a mediatorLiu H.-Y.; LIAN-HUA HUANG Aging and Mental Health2420
112018Use of dietary sodium intervention effect on neurohormonal and fluid overload in heart failure patients: Review of select research based literatureLee Y.-W.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Ku C.-H.Applied Nursing Research33
122018Self-Supporting care model for older adultsLin Y.-C.; LIAN-HUA HUANG Journal of Nursing40
132018The family surrogates’ psychological experience of making a do-notresuscitate decision for older relatives: A qualitative studyTseng Y.-P.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Hsu L.-L.; Huang T.-H.; Hsieh S.-I.; Chi S.-F.; Chou Y.-F.Contemporary Nurse64
142018An Emerging Integrated Middle-Range Theory on Asian Women’s Leadership in NursingIm E.-O.; Broome M.E.; Inouye J.; Kunaviktikul W.; Oh E.G.; Sakashita R.; Yi M.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Tsai H.-M.; Wang H.-H.Journal of Transcultural Nursing64
152017Creative approach for successful aging: A pilot study of an intergenerational health promotion programLin Y.-C.; YU-TZU DAI ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Wang S.-C.; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG Geriatrics and Gerontology International77
162017Health Related Quality of Life Among Frail and Pre-Frail Older Adults in TaiwanLin Y.-C.; JUNG-CHEN CHANG ; Chen Y.-M.; Li C.-M.; LIAN-HUA HUANG International Journal of Gerontology88
172017Factors Associated With the Do-Not-Resuscitate Decision Among Surrogates of Elderly Residents at a Nursing Home in TaiwanTseng Y.-P.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Huang T.-H.; Hsu L.-L.; Hsieh S.-I.International Journal of Gerontology1011
182015The Relationships Among Sleep Quality and Chronotype, Emotional Disturbance, and Insomnia Vulnerability in Shift NursesLee, C.-Y.; HSI-CHUNG CHEN ; Tseng, Meg M.-M.; Lee, H.-C.; LIAN-HUA HUANG The Journal of Nursing Research1341
192015Development and testing of a scale to assess fluid overload symptomsLee Y.-W.; Jeng Y.-J.; LIAN-HUA HUANG Applied Nursing Research33
202014Effectiveness of interactive discussion group in suicide risk assessment among general nurses in Taiwan: A randomized controlled trialCHIA-YI WU ; Lin Y.-Y.; Yeh M.C.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Chen S.-J.; Shih-Cheng Liao ; MING-BEEN LEE Nurse Education Today1211
212014A repeated measures study of changes in health-related quality of life during pregnancy and the relationship with obstetric factorsSHIOW-RU CHANG ; Chen K.-H.; Lin M.-I.; HO-HSIUNG LIN ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Lin W.-A.Journal of Advanced Nursing3837
222013Patient safety as the first priority in healthcareLIAN-HUA HUANG ; Huang S.-F.Journal of Nursing10
232012Depressive Symptoms as a Predictor of Sexual Function during PregnancySHIOW-RU CHANG ; HONG-NERNG HO ; Chen K.-H; MING-KWANG SHYU ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Lin W.-A.Journal of Sexual Medicine1713
242011Leisure-time physical activities for community older people with chronic diseasesYEN-CHUN LIN ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Yeh M.C.; Tai J.J.Journal of Clinical Nursing89
252010Motivations and reasons for women attending a Breast Self-Examination training program: A qualitative studyYang R.-J.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Hsieh Y.-S.; Chung U.-L.; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Bih H.-D.BMC Women's Health1414
262010Physical activity status and gender differences in community-dwelling older adults with chronic diseases.Lin Y.C.; Yeh M.C.; Chen Y.M.; LIAN-HUA HUANG The journal of nursing research : JNR2622
272010Caregiver efficacy and efficacy determinants for elderly care recipients who accept home respite care in Taiwan.Chen T.F.; LIAN-HUA HUANG The journal of nursing research : JNR32
282010Informed Consent for Antenatal Serum Screening for Down SyndromeHSIAO-LIN HWA ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; FON-JOU HSIEH ; SONG-NAN CHOW Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology1515
292009Effectiveness of a discharge education program in reducing the severity of postpartum depression. A randomized controlled evaluation studyHo S.-M.; Heh S.-S.; Jevitt C.M.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Fu Y.-Y.; Wang L.-L.Patient Education and Counseling3430
302008Effectiveness of an exercise support program in reducing the severity of postnatal depression in Taiwanese womenHeh S.-S.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Ho S.-M.; Fu Y.-Y.; Wang L.-L.Birth6050
312007Beliefs About Physical Activity-Focus Group Results of Chinese Community Elderly in Seattle and TaipeiLin Y.-C.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Young H.M.; Chen Y.-M.Geriatric Nursing2122
322005Knowledge about osteoporosis and its related factors among public health nurses in TaiwanChen I.-J.; Yu S.; Wang T.-F.; Cheng S.-P.; LIAN-HUA HUANG Osteoporosis International2121
332005Health-related behavior and adolescent mothersChen M.-Y.; James K.; Hsu L.-L.; Chang S.-W.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Wang E.K.Public Health Nursing70
342005Trends of exercise training research in fall prevention programs among the elderlyChen I.-J.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Cheng S.-P.Taiwan Journal of Public Health2
352004Transition from student nurse to staff nurseLIAN-HUA HUANG Hu li za zhi The journal of nursing190
362004The application and evaluation of the system theory for community health assessment in a rural villageWu G.H.; Liou Y.M.; LIAN-HUA HUANG Hu li za zhi The journal of nursing00
372002The health status and needs of community elderly living aloneLIAN-HUA HUANG ; Lin Y.-C.Journal of Nursing Research280
382002The effectiveness of health promotion education programs for community elderlyLIAN-HUA HUANG ; Chen S.-W.; Yu Y.-P.; PEY-RONG CHEN ; Lin Y.-C.Journal of Nursing Research240
392001The effectiveness of health promotion counseling for overweight adolescent nursing students in TaiwanChen M.-Y.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Wang E.K.; Cheng N.-J.; Hsu C.-Y.; Hung L.-L.; Shiao Y.-J.Public Health Nursing1210
401996Medication-taking behavior of the elderly.LIAN-HUA HUANG The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences190
411996A multidimensional model of the antecedents of stress and coping appraisals: an approach to studying patients' perceptions of post cardiac surgery pain and their coping strategies.Shih F.J.; LIAN-HUA HUANG The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences30
421996Patients' needs and their coping strategies transition to cardiac surgery.Shih F.J.; LIAN-HUA HUANG The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences60
431996Attitudes toward maternal serum screening in Chinese women with positive resultsJan S.-W.; Chen C.-P.; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Huang F.-Y.; Lan C.-C.Journal of Genetic Counseling40
441981PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS OF CONJOINTED TWINS BY REAL-TIME SONOGRAPHY - A CASE STUDY.Chen H.Y.; FON-JOU HSIEH ; LIAN-HUA HUANG Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine0