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12015Correlation Between Body Temperature and Survival Rate in Patients With Hospital-Acquired Bacteremia: A Prospective Observational StudyDai, Yu-Tzu ; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; Dai, Yu-Tzu; Lu, Shu-Hua; Chen, Yee-Chun ; Ko, Wen-Jejournal article
22014Psychometric properties of the Chinese-version quality of nursing work life scaleYU-TZU DAI journal article
32014A project to improve the completion rate of discharge-planning services for organ-transplant patientsYU-TZU DAI journal article
42013Substance Use, Gender, Socioeconomic Status and Metabolic Syndrome among Adults in TaiwanWEN-YU HU ; Ni, Lee-Fen; WEN-YU HU; TA-CHEN SU ; TA-CHEN SU; Dai, Yu-Tzu ; YU-TZU DAI ; YU-TZU DAI; Su, Ta-Chen ; Hu, Wen-Yu journal article
52013Effect of age on febrile response in patients with healthcare-associated bloodstream infectionLu, Shu-Hua; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; Lu, Shu-Hua; Chen, Yee-Chun; Chen, Yee-Chun ; YU-TZU DAI ; Chang, Yue-Cune; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; Yen, Chung-Jen; Yen, Chung-Jen ; Dai, Yu-Tzu ; Dai, Yu-Tzujournal article
62013Conceptual model of teasing and bullying in adolescentsYU-TZU DAI journal article
72013Predicting quality of work life on nurses' intention to leaveYU-TZU DAI journal article
82013Quality of work life as a predictor of nurses' intention to leave units, organisations and the professionYU-TZU DAI journal article
92012The effectiveness of telehealth care on caregiver burden, mastery of stress, and family function among family caregivers of heart failure patients: A quasi-experimental studyYI-LWUN HO ; Chiang, Li-Chi; Chen, Wan-Chou; YU-TZU DAI ; Dai, Yu-Tzu ; Ho, Yi-Lwun journal article
102012Nursing accreditation system and patient safetyYU-TZU DAI journal article
112012What's missing for evidence-based fever management? Is fever beneficial or harmful to humans?YU-TZU DAI journal article
122011Therapeutic play in nursing care: One experience with a school-age liver transplant recipientYU-TZU DAI journal article
132011Prevalence of geriatric conditions: A hospital-wide survey of 455 geriatric inpatients in a tertiary medical centerCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Chen, C.C-H.; Yen, C.J.; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; YU-TZU DAI ; Dai, Y.T.; Wang, Charlotte.; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; Huang, G.H; YEN, CHUNG-JEN ; DAI, YU-TZU ; HUANG, GUAN-HUAjournal article
142010Self-efficacy, self-care behaviours and quality of life of kidney transplant recipientsYU-TZU DAI journal article
152010Perspectives on nursing education, licensing examinations and professional core competence in Taiwan in the context of globalizationYU-TZU DAI journal article
162010Environments for nursing scholarship and journal impact factor in five countriesYU-TZU DAI journal article
172010Environment for nursing scholarship and journal impact factors in TaiwanYU-TZU DAI journal article
182010A systematic review of body temperature variations in older peopleYU-TZU DAI journal article
192010Shared risk factors for distinct geriatric syndromes in older Taiwanese inpatientsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Chen, C.C.; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; Dai, Y.T.; YU-TZU DAI ; Yen, C.J.; Huang, C.H.; Wang, Charlottejournal article
202009The effects of measurement site and ambient temperature on body temperature values in healthy older adults: A cross-sectional comparative studyCHUNG-JEN YEN ; YU-TZU DAI ; LUI, SHU-HWA; DAI, YU-TZU ; YEN, CHUNG-JEN journal article
212009A study of a nursing department performance measurement system: Using the balanced scorecard and the analytic hierarchy proccessYU-TZU DAI journal article
222009Professional commitment, patient safety, and patient-perceived care qualityYU-TZU DAI ; Teng, Ching-I; Dai, Y.T.; Lotus Shyu, Y-I; Wong, M-I; Chu, T-L; Tsai, Y-U; TENG, CHING-I; DAI, YU-TZU ; SHYU, YEA-ING; WONG, MAY-KUEN; CHU, TSUNG-LAN; TSAI, YING-HUANGjournal article
232009Normal body temperature and the effects of age, sex, ambient temperature and body mass index on normal oral temperature: A prospective, comparative study陳逸修; YU-TZU DAI ; 蘇立欣; 孫錦虹 ; LUI, SHU-HWA; DAI, YU-TZU ; CHEN, YI-HSIU; SU, LI-HSIN; SUN, CHIN- HUNG ; SUN, CHIN-HUNG journal article
242008Effects of self-efficacy, self-care behaviours on depressive symptom of Taiwanese kidney transplant recipientsYU-TZU DAI journal article
252007Brief review of meanings, measures, and effects in problem solvingYU-TZU DAI journal article
262007Perception of nocturia and medical consulting behavior among community-dwelling womenHSIU-HSI CHEN ; Chen, Fong-Ying; YU-TZU DAI ; Dai, Yu-Tzu ; HONG-JENG YU ; Liu, Chih-Kuang; Yu, Hong-Jeng ; Liu, Cheng-Ying; Chen, Tony Hsiu-Hsijournal article
272007Post-hospital care of stroke patients in Taipei: Use of services and policy implicationsChuang, K.Y.; YU-TZU DAI ; Wu,S.C.; Dai, Y.T.; Ma, A.H.journal article
282007An exploration of the issues involved in family related researchYU-TZU DAI journal article
292007Nutritional status and health outcomes for older people with dementia living in institutionsLou, Meei-Fang ; PO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Dai, Yu-Tzu ; YU-TZU DAI ; Yu, Guey-Shiun; Huang, Po-Jui; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG journal article
302007The effectiveness of implementing a bladder ultrasound programme in neurosurgical unitsMEEI-FANG LOU ; YU-TZU DAI journal article
312007Identifying the most efficient items from the Mini-Mental State Examination for cognitive function assessment in older Taiwanese patientsPO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; YU-TZU DAI ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG journal article
322005Physical, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Issues Facing Kidney Transplant Recipieuts翁麗雀; 戴玉慈; WENG, LI-CHUEH; DAI, YU-TZU 
332005Physical, psychological, social, and spiritual issues facing kidney transplant recipients.YU-TZU DAI journal article
342005Expanding the role of health service providers and the health care profession in the delivery of long-term careYU-TZU DAI journal article
352004遠距居家照護系統陳佳慧 ; 蘇美如; 黃秀梨; 陳少傑 ; 戴玉慈 ; 陳恆順journal article
362004A pilot program for the development of long-term care system-concepts and practicesYU-TZU DAI journal article
372004Evaluation of discharge planning services for stroke patients with disabilities: Patient perspectivesYU-TZU DAI journal article
382004Establishment and preliminary evaluation of a community-based care management modelYU-TZU DAI journal article
392004Predicting post-surgical cognitive disturbance in older Taiwanese patientsLou, MF; PO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Yu, PJ; YU-TZU DAI ; Huang; GS; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG ; Dai, YTjournal article
402003Conceptual Framework and the Constructs of Health-Related Quality of Life in Terminal Cancer Patients from the Taiwanese Culture Contexture胡文郁 ; 戴玉慈; 陳慶餘; 釋惠敏; 陳月枝; HU, WEN-YU ; DAI, YU-TZU ; CHEN, CHING-YU; BHIKKHU, HUI-MIN; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH
412003Concept Analysis of Quality of Life for-to Explore the Health Related Quality of Life of Terminal Cancer Patient胡文郁 ; 戴玉慈; 陳慶餘; 陳月枝; HU, WEN-YU ; DAI, YU-TZU ; CHEN, CHING-YU; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH
422003Postoperative cognitive changes among older Taiwanese patientsPO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; YU-TZU DAI ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG journal article
432003Nurses' willingness and the predictors of willingness to provide palliative care in rural communities of TaiwanCHING-YU CHEN ; WEN-YU HU ; YU-TZU DAI ; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; HU, WEN-YU ; CHIU, TAI-YUAN ; DAI, YU-TZU ; CHANG, MEI; JAING, TANG-HER; CHEN, CHING-YUjournal article
442003Effectiveness of a pilot project of discharge planning in TaiwanDai, Y.T.; YU-TZU DAI ; Chang,Y.; Hsieh, C.Y.; Tai, T.Y.journal article
452003The Effect of Reminiscence on the Elderly Population: A Systematic ReviewYU-TZU DAI ; LIN, YEN-CHUN ; DAI, YU-TZU ; HWANG, SHIOW- LIjournal article
462003Psychometric testing of the translated McGill Quality of Life questionnaire-Taiwan version in patients with terminal cancerYU-TZU DAI journal article
472002Functional recovery after hip fracture: Six months' follow-up of patients in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programYU-TZU DAI journal article
482002Unplanned hospital readmission and its predictors in patients with chronic conditionsYU-TZU DAI journal article
492002Nurses' experience of caring for delirious patients.YU-TZU DAI journal article
502001Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program in elderly patients with hip fracturesYU-TZU DAI journal article
512001結腸造口患者之生活品質蘇玉玲; 戴玉慈; 張金堅; 姚開屏; 蘇玉玲; 戴玉慈 ; 張金堅; 姚開屏 journal article
522000Risk factors and incidence of postoperative delirium elderly Chinese patientsYU-TZU DAI journal article
531999協助超長住院病人出院規劃的臨床困境:一例報告MEEI-FANG LOU ; 蔡紋苓; 戴玉慈; 羅美芳 ; DAI, YU-TZU journal article
541999住院年老病患的認知功能戴玉慈; MEEI-FANG LOU ; 黃貴薰 ; 羅美芳 ; 葉炳強; DAI, YU-TZU journal article
551999Prevention of Pressure Ulcer: The Comparison and Application of Pressure Reducing Mattress于博芮 ; 戴玉慈; YU, PO-JUI ; DAI, YU-TZU 
561999Applying Discharge Planning in a Family with a Comatose Patient蔡紋苓; 戴玉慈; 羅美芳 ; TSAY, WEN-LIN; DAI, YU-TZU ; LOU, MEEI- FANG 
571998Filial piety. A cross-cultural comparison and its implications for the well-being of older parents.YU-TZU DAI journal article
581998Discharge planning in Taiwan - An analysis of demonstration projectsYU-TZU DAI journal article
591997A pilot study to assess the relationships among coping, self-efficacy and functional improvement in men with paraplegiaYU-TZU DAI journal article
601987Health beliefs and compliance with a skin care regimen.YU-TZU DAI journal article
611979A study of first ambulation of postoperative patientsYU-TZU DAI journal article
621978The patients' and nurses' viewpoint of the significance of nursing care activitiesYU-TZU DAI journal article
631976The causes of infusion phlebitis--an investigational studyYU-TZU DAI journal article
641974Antacids therapy for the patients with peptic ulcer (author's transl)YU-TZU DAI journal article