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12021Adequate surgical margins for oral cancer: A Taiwan cancer registry national database analysisLin M.-C.; Leu Y.-S.; Chiang C.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Wang C.-P.; Yang T.-L.; Chen T.-C.; Chen C.-N.; Chen H.-L.; Liao C.-T.; Tsai S.-T.; Lin J.-C.; Chu P.-Y.; Tsai K.-Y.; Tsai M.-H.; HUAI-CHENG HUANG ; Yang M.-H.; Wu Y.-H.; Terng S.-D.; Chien C.-Y.; Liu T.-W.; Lee W.-C.; Lou P.-J.Oral Oncology5
22021Outcomes of salvage treatment in patients with recurrent oral squamous cell carcinomaChen T.-C.; Lo T.-H.; HUAI-CHENG HUANG ; Wang C.-W.; Yang T.-L.; Lou P.-J.; Ko J.-Y.; Wang C.-P.Head and Neck0
32020RNA binding protein pcbp1 is an intracellular immune checkpoint for shaping t cell responses in cancer immunityAnsa-Addo E.A.; HUAI-CHENG HUANG ; Riesenberg B.; Iamsawat S.; Borucki D.; Nelson M.H.; Nam J.H.; Chung D.; Liu B.; Li Z.; Paulos C.M.; Yu X.-Z.; Philpott C.; Howe P.H.Science Advances10
42013Primary central nervous system diffuse large B cell lymphoma transformed from orbital mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma: Complete response to combined intrathecal and systemic rituximabHUAI-CHENG HUANG ; Cheng A.-L.; Lin C.-W.; Kuo S.-H.Annals of Hematology4