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12018Prevalence and Predictors of Depression Among People Living With HIV/AIDS: A National StudySHIH-CHENG LIAO ; PEI-YING WU; YA-LING YANG ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO ; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; HSING-FEI LU; WANG-HUEI SHENG journal article22
22018Meta-prediction of MTHFR gene polymorphisms and air pollution on the risk of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy worldwideYA-LING YANG journal article108
32017Vascular burden and brain aging in a senior volunteer cohort: A pilot studyLo, Raymond Y.; Lo, Yen Chieh; Chen, Shu Cin; Li, Yu Ying; YA-LING YANG ; YU-LING CHANG; Sung, Huei Chuan; Chiu, Tina H.T.; GOH, JOSHUA ; Lo, Raymond Y.; Lo, Yen Chieh; Chen, Shu Cin; Li, Yu Ying; YA-LING YANG ; YU-LING CHANG ; Sung, Huei Chuan; Chiu, Tina H.T.; GOH, JOSHUA journal article11
42017Pain, anxiety, and fatigue during labor: A prospective, repeated measures studyYA-LING YANG journal article65
52015A proposed mother-friendly childbirth model for Taiwanese women, the implementation and satisfaction surveySHIN-YU LIN; YA-LING YANG ; CHIEN-NAN LEE; Tai-Chang Chen journal article11
62015A proposed mother-friendly childbirth model for Taiwanese women and obstetricians' attitudes toward itSHIN-YU LIN; YA-LING YANG ; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article11
72014Applying root cause analysis to promote the medication safety of continuous drug infusions for infantsYA-LING YANG journal article00
82014Pregnancy-associated breast cancer in Taiwanese women: Potential treatment delay and impact on survivalYang, Ya-Ling; YA-LING YANG ; Yang, Ya-Ling ; Chan, K. Arnold; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Chang, Li-Yun; Wang, Ming-Yang; 陳建煒 ; 楊雅玲 ; 楊雅玲; 謝豐舟; 謝豐舟; 王明暘; 王明暘journal article76
92013親善生產措施與母乳哺育YA-LING YANG journal article10
102013Patient empowerment in a hand hygiene program: Differing points of view between patients/family members and health care workers in Asian cultureYA-LING YANG ; Pan, Sung-Ching; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; Tien, Kuei-Lien; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; Hung, I-Chen; MING-CHIN YANG ; Lin, Yu-Jiun; SUNG-CHING PAN ; Yang, Ya-Ling; Yang, Ming-Chin; Wang, Ming-Jiuh; Chang, Shan-Chwen; Chen, Yee-Chunjournal article1212
112013Factors associated with low back pain changes during the third trimester of pregnancySHIOW-CHING SHUN ; YA-LING YANG ; YEUR-HUR LAI ; HAO-YUAN CHANG ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO journal article56
122012Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms and Fatigue Among Postpartum WomenYA-LING YANG journal article1715
132012Risk factors of pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain: A biopsychosocial approachYA-LING YANG ; CHIEN-NAN LEE; YEUR-HUR LAI ; HAO-YUAN CHANG journal article65
142012Strategy for Breast Cancer Screening in Taiwan: Obstetrician-Gynecologists Should Actively Participate in Breast Cancer ScreeningMING-KWANG SHYU; YA-LING YANG ; HSIAO-LIN HWAjournal article60
152011Nursing education: Integrating gender equity consciousnessYA-LING YANG journal article
162011運動對於懷孕相關下背與骨盆疼痛之成效YA-LING YANG ; HAO-YUAN CHANG journal article00
172011融入性別平等意識於護理教育YA-LING YANG journal article00
182011The experience of and coping with lumbopelvic pain among pregnant women in TaiwanYA-LING YANG ; CHIEN-NAN LEE; YEUR-HUR LAI ; HAO-YUAN CHANG ; CHANG, HAO-YUAN ; YANG, YA-LING ; LEE, CHIEN-NAN; LAI, YEUR-HUR journal article1516
192010Arm exercise promotion scale: Instrument validationYA-LING YANG journal article00
202007Assessment of residents' satisfaction with community environment after Chi-Chi earthquake in TaiwanYA-LING YANG journal article
212006Changes and factors influencing health-related quality of life after hysterectomy in premenopausal women with benign gynecologic conditionsYA-LING YANG journal article
222000Community Reconstruction after Earthquake Disaster: Nursing Role and Function楊雅玲 ; 林豔君; 黃秀梨; 沈孟華; YANG, YA-LING ; LIN, YEN-CHUN ; HWANG, SHIOW-LI; SHEN, M.-H.00
232000愛滋病毒感染之婦女與嬰兒的健康照顧YA-LING YANG ; ������ ; �󥰯�journal article00
241998高危險新生兒護理繼續教育方案之效果評價YA-LING YANG journal article
251997The experience and adaptative behaviors of the infertile women who were suffering from in vitro fertilization failureYA-LING YANG journal article
261997An exploration on the factors influencing the mother's breast-feeding attitude and feeding method after deliveryYA-LING YANG journal article
271997接受生殖科技治療婦女於確定受孕時之經驗感受與調適曆程YA-LING YANG journal article
281997影響產婦哺母乳態度及哺乳方式的因素YA-LING YANG journal article00
291997接受生殖科技治療婦女面對治療失敗之經驗感受與調適行為YA-LING YANG journal article
301996一位HIV帶原婦女產後初期所面臨之角色衝突及調適行為YA-LING YANG journal article
311996比較産後不同衛教對哺母乳産歸之困擾及滿月哺乳方式的影響YA-LING YANG journal article