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12015Programming thermoresponsiveness of nanovelcro substrates enables effective purification of circulating tumor cells in lung cancer patientsSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article6667
22015Ag nanoclusters on ZnO nanodome array as hybrid SERS-active substrate for trace detection of malachite greenSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article5451
320143D bioelectronic interface: Capturing circulating tumor cells onto conducting polymer-based micro/nanorod arrays with chemical and topographical controlSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article3938
42014Nanoscale analysis of functionalized polythiophene surfaces: The effects of electropolymerization methods and thermal treatmentSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article44
52014Nanofabricated SERS-active substrates for single-molecule to virus detection in vitro: A reviewSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article147146
62014Large enhancement in neurite outgrowth on a cell membrane-mimicking conducting polymerSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article6970
72014Nanoscale analysis of a functionalized polythiophene surface by adhesion mappingSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article57
82014In vitro selection of peptide aptamers using a ribosome display for a conducting polymerSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article44
92014Extracellular matrix-mediated differentiation of human embryonic stem cells: Differentiation to insulin-secreting beta cellsSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article4242
102013Capture and stimulated release of circulating tumor cells on polymer-grafted silicon nanostructuresSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article175175
112013Molecular or nanoscale structures? the deciding factor of surface properties on functionalized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanorod arraysSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article3937
122013Conducting polymers as biointerfaces and biomaterials: A perspective for a special issue of polymer reviewsSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article2321
132013Controlled protein absorption and cell adhesion on polymer-brush-grafted poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) filmsSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article4541
142012Facile syntheses of dioxythiophene-based conjugated polymers by direct C-H arylationSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article6467
152012Electropolymerized conjugated polyelectrolytes with tunable work function and hydrophobicity as an anode buffer in organic optoelectronicsSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article1613
162012Oligoethylene-glycol-functionalized polyoxythiophenes for cell engineering: Syntheses, characterizations, and cell compatibilitiesSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article3634
172012Tunable, dynamic and electrically stimulated lectin-carbohydrate recognition on a glycan-grafted conjugated polymerSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article1617
182012Erratum:Facile syntheses of dioxythiophene-based conjugated polymers by direct C-H arylation(Macromolecules (2012) 45:19 (7783?7790) DOI 10.102/ma300719n)SHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article00
192012Polydioxythiophene nanodots, nonowires, nano-networks, and tubular structures: The effect of functional groups and temperature in template-free electropolymerizationSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article108106
202011Functionalized conducting polymer nano-networks from controlled oxidation polymerization toward cell engineeringSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article66
212011Functionalized conducting polymer nanodots for enhanced cell capturing: The synergistic effect of capture agents and nanostructuresSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article121122
222011DNA detection using functionalized conducting polymers.SHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article
232010Conducting polymer nanobiointerfaces for biosensing and cell engineeringSHYH-CHYANG LUO conference paper00
242010Perfluoro-functionalized PEDOT films with controlled morphology as superhydrophobic coatings and biointerfaces with enhanced cell adhesionSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article6869
252009Magnetic PEDOT hollow capsules with single holesSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article3028
262009Electric-field-assisted growth of functionalized poly(3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene) nanowires for label-free protein detectionSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article6458
272009Trinity DNA detection platform by ultrasmooth and functionalized pedot biointerfacesSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article3835
282008Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) nanobiointerfaces: Thin, ultrasmooth, and functionalized PEDOT films with in vitro and in vivo biocompatibilitySHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article177172
292008Work function engineering of electrodes via electropolymerization of ethylenedioxythiophenes and its derivativesSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article3126
302008A general synthesis for PEDOT-coated nonconductive materials and PEDOT hollow particles by aqueous chemical polymerizationSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article2828
312006Ruptured conjugated polymer thin films formed during spin coatingSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article22
322005Progress in semiconducting oxide-based thin-film transistors for displaysSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article4642
332005Instabilities during the formation of electroactive polymer thin filmsSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article2828
342005Formation of bubbles on electrical contacts to polymer light-emitting diode devicesSHYH-CHYANG LUO journal article08