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12024Association of Proximity to Transit Stations with Early-Stage Gentrification in a Railway Upgrade Context: Evidence from Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJEN-JIA LIN ; Tedong, Peter Aning; Wang, Huei YinJournal of Urban Planning and Development
22023Influential factors of the route choices of scooter riders: A GPS-based data studyHsueh, Chieh; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Transport Geography00
32023Association of bike-sharing service with gentrification in a transit-rich city: A catalyst or an outcome?JEN-JIA LIN ; Wu, Jia JhenTransportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives0
42023Zone-based TOD evaluation considering interdependences among criteria and zonesJEN-JIA LIN ; Lin, Tzu Yun; Kadali, Bhadradri Raghuram; Subbarao, Saladi S.V.Transport Policy11
52021High-speed rail and high-tech industry evolution: Empirical evidence from ChinaXiao F; Lin J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives130
62021Exploring shopping travel behavior of millennials in Beijing: Impacts of built environment, life stages, and subjective preferencesZhang Y; Zhao P; Lin J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice149
72021Determinants of flight delays at East Asian airports from an airport, route and network perspectiveChen Y.-H; Lin J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Air Transport Management67
82021Temporal Changes of Transit-Induced Gentrification: A Forty-Year Experience in Tokyo, JapanLin J.-J; Yai T; Chen C.-H.; JEN-JIA LIN Annals of the American Association of Geographers32
92020Survival analysis of metro-induced household displacement in Taipei (2001–2016)Lin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Travel Behaviour and Society00
102020The effects of weather on daily emergency ambulance service demand in Taipei: a comparison with Hong KongWong, H.T.; JEN-JIA LIN Theoretical and Applied Climatology86
112020The associations of newly launched high-speed rail stations with industrial gentrificationLin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Transport Geography1312
122019Proximity to metro stations and commercial gentrificationLin, J.-J.; Yang, S.-H.; JEN-JIA LIN Transport Policy2521
132019Identifying rural–urban differences in the predictors of emergency ambulance service demand and misuseWong, H.T.; Lin, T.-K.; Lin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1010
142019Associations of built environments with spatiotemporal patterns of public bicycle useLiu, H.-C.; Lin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Transport Geography4438
152018Locating rental stations and bikeways in a public bike systemJen-Jia Lin; Chun-Tien Lin; Cheng-Min Feng; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Planning and Technology76
162018Built environment and public bike usage for metro access: A comparison of neighborhoods in Beijing, Taipei, and TokyoLin J.-J. ; Zhao P.; Takada K.; Li S.; Yai T.; Chen C.-H.Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment8683
172018Planning strategy for green transit oriented development using a multi-objecitve planning modelLiu J.H.; Pai J.T.; JEN-JIA LIN International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development50
182018Assessing area-wide bikeability: A grey analytic network processLin J.-J. ; Wei Y.-H.Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice2825
192018High-speed railways in AsiaFeng C.-M.; Lin J.-J. ; Lai Y.-C.Routledge Handbook of Transport in Asia10
202017Public bike system pricing and usage in TaipeiLin J.-J. ; Wang N.-L.; Feng C.-M.International Journal of Sustainable Transportation3128
212017Metro-induced gentrification: A 17-year experience in TaipeiLin J.-J. ; Chung J.-C.Cities2925
222017School travel modes and children’s spatial cognitionFang J.-T.; Lin J.-J. Urban Studies1412
232016Access to jobs and apartment rentsLin J.-J. ; Cheng Y.-C.Journal of Transport Geography66
242016Job accessibility and ethnic minority employment in urban and rural areas in TaiwanLin J.-J. ; Chen C.-H.; Hsieh T.-Y.Papers in Regional Science54
252016Sustainability SI: Bikeway Network Design Model for Recreational Bicycling in Scenic AreasLin J.-J. ; Liao R.-Y.Networks and Spatial Economics1915
262014Does Built Environment Matter to Early Adolescents’ Physical Activity?Lin, J.-J.; Ting, T.-C.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Early Adolescence22
272014The opening of direct flights across the Taiwan Strait: The impact on the global role of Taiwan's international airportLin, J.-J.; Fu, C.-Y.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Transport Geography86
282014School accessibility and academic achievement in a rural area of TaiwanLin, J.-J.; Huang, Y.-C.; Ho, C.-L.; JEN-JIA LIN Children's Geographies1212
292014Optimization of a feeder-bus route design by using a multiobjective programming approachLin, J.-J.; Wong, H.-I.; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Planning and Technology2922
302013A bikeway network design model for urban areasLin, J.-J.; Yu, C.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation2622
312012A location-allocation model for senior citizens communities planningLin, J.-J.; Sun, S.-Y.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Architecture and Planning0
322012高齡者住宅社區之區位規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 孫小于(Siao-Yu Sun); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
332012Developing regional cooperation strategies by multi-criteria decision making approachesLin, J.-J.; Liu, Y.-H.; JEN-JIA LIN Annals of Regional Science20
342012Built environments and physical activities in adolescents aged 13-15Lin, J.-J.; Ting, T.-C.; JEN-JIA LIN 17th International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies, HKSTS 2012: Transportation and Logistics Management1
352011建成環境對捷連轉乘運具選擇的影響:臺北捷連南港線之實證研究林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 吳建彤(Chien-Tung Wu); 方若庭(Ruo-Ting Fang); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
362011Assessing urban green space by landscape structure indices and GIS for a Chinese City, TaipeiLo, C.-W.; Lin, J.-J.; Li, C.-N.; JEN-JIA LIN 2011 International Conference on Multimedia Technology00
372010Built environment effects on children's school travel in Taipai: Independence and travel modeLin, J.-J.; Chang, H.-T.; JEN-JIA LIN Urban Studies10092
382010工作可及性對都市原住民就業之影響:臺北縣之實證分析林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 謝宗育(Tsung-Yu Hsieh); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
392010Transportation planning in TaiwanLin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Planning in Taiwan: Spatial Planning in the Twenty-First Century10
402009Built environment effects on leisure travel for children: Trip generation and travel modeJEN-JIA LIN ; Tzu-Pen Yu14th HKSTS International Conference: Transportation and Geography2923
412009Structural analysis of how Urban form impacts travel demand: Evidence from TaipeiLin, J.-J.; Yang, A.-T.; JEN-JIA LIN Urban Studies4643
422009都市公共醫療設施區位規劃模型林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 許義男(Yi-Nan Hsu); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
432009以既有道路網布設都市綠廊道網絡之規劃模式羅健文(Chien-Wen Lo); 林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 臺灣土地研究 
442009都市計程車招呼站區位規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 郭毓菱(Yu-Ling Kao); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸學刊 
452008高齡者需要什麼樣的都市運輸系統?台北市立浩然敬老院院民之實例分析?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 謝明珊(Ming-Shan Sie); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
462008建成環境影響兒童通學方式與運具選擇之研究:臺北市文山區國小兒童之實證分析林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 張孝德(Hsiao-Te Chang); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
472008Local development impact assessment for a high speed rail system: A Taiwan studyLin, J.J.; Feng, C.M.; Huang, L.C.; JEN-JIA LIN WIT Transactions on the Built Environment10
482008地域連攜規劃模式之設計與應用-臺灣東部區域之實例分析林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 劉昱宏(Yu-Hung Liu); JEN-JIA LIN 臺灣土地研究 
492008A grey programming model for regional transit-oriented development planningLin, J.-J.; Li, C.-N.; JEN-JIA LIN Papers in Regional Science3730
502008Valuing user external benefits and developing management strategies for metro system underground arcadesLin, J.-J.; Lo, C.-W.; JEN-JIA LIN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 1111
512008Does transit-oriented development affect metro ridership?: Evidence from Taipei, TaiwanLin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Research Record4940
522007臺灣北部區域網路購物者之旅次發生分析?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); ?凱琳(Kai-Lin Li); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
532007資訊科技對貨運旅次發生之影響:臺灣北部地區IC產業EDI應用之實證分析?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); ?健文(Chien-Wen Lo); 王雨涵(Yu-Han Wang); 楊幼文(Yu-Wen Yang); 張瓊文(Chiung-Wen Chang); ?國顯(Kuo-Shian Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
542007捷運地下街之使用者經濟價值分析-以台北市東區地下街為例?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); ?健文(Chien-Wen Lo); JEN-JIA LIN 建築學報 
552007Influence of accessibility on innovation empirical study of electronics industry in Northern TaiwanLin, J.-J.; Feng, C.-M.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Research Record74
562007大眾運輸導向發展之建成環境對捷運運量之影響-臺北捷運系統之實證研究林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 施亭?(Ting-Yu Shin); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
572006都市型態對旅運需求影響之結構化分析?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 楊恩捷(An-Tsei Yang); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸學刊 
582006考量專程與順道購物旅次之社區與鄰里商業中心區位規劃模型林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 蔡耀慶(Yau-Ching Tsai); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
592006Strategy development of mixed land use for restraining trip generation in Taipei City, TaiwanLin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Transportation Research Record80
602006台北捷運地下街店舖租金分析-特徵價格法之應用?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 張佑川(Yu-Chuan Chang); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
612006A TOD planning model to review the regulation of allowable development densities around subway stationsLin, J.J.; Gau, C.C.; JEN-JIA LIN Land Use Policy8564
622006台北市土地混合使用特性對旅次發生之影響林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 蕭博正(Po-Cheng Hsiao); JEN-JIA LIN 臺灣土地研究 
632006Does the compact-city paradigm foster sustainability? An empirical study in TaiwanLin, J.-J.; Yang, A.-T.; JEN-JIA LIN Environment and Planning B6853
642006Designing local street spacing by grey programmingLin, J.-J.; Shen, Y.-S.; JEN-JIA LIN Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design312
652006Shifts in activity centers along the corridor of the blue subway line in TaipeiLin, J.-J.; Feng, C.-M.; Hu, Y.-Y.; JEN-JIA LIN Journal of Urban Planning and Development75
662005臺灣高速鐵路系統對地方發展之影響預測林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 黃麟淇(Lin-Chi Huang); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
672005用於都市地區活動分布之灰色TOD規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 李家儂(Chia-Nung Li); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
682005電子商務對企業空間關係之影響:臺北地區資訊電子製造業之實證分析?楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); ?彥廷(Yeh-Tin Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
692005地區性道路間距設計之灰色規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 沈育生(Yu-Sheng Shen); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
702005海岸濕地永續管理之績效標準準則建立之研究:以灰色關聯分析應用在指標之選擇閻克勤(Ke-Chin Yen); 曾國雄(Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng); 林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
712005以地域連攜爲基礎的科學園區規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 丁柏雅(Po-Ya Ting); JEN-JIA LIN 臺灣土地研究 
722005水岸環境土地利用發展潛能之評估-生態規劃法與模糊AHP法之應用閻克勤(Ke-Chin Yen); 林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 曾國雄(Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng); JEN-JIA LIN 建築與規劃學報 
732004台北捷運藍線營運前後沿線發展變化之分析林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 胡怡鴦(Yi-Yiang Hu); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
742004Analysis of property prices before and after the opening of the Taipei subway systemLin, J.-J.; Hwang, C.-H.; JEN-JIA LIN Annals of Regional Science4643
752004知識可及性對創新的影響:以臺灣北部區域電子產業為例林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 李洋寧(Yang-Ning Lee); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
762003A bi-level programming model for the land use - network design problemLin. J.-J.; Feng, C.-M.; JEN-JIA LIN Annals of Regional Science3630
772003用於捷運車站周邊地區容積管制檢討之TOD規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 高誌謙(Chi-Chien Gau); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
782003台北捷運營運前後沿線房地屬性特徵價格之變化林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 黃至豪(Chi-Hau Hwang); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
792003以覆蓋模式分析震災臨時避難場所之配置規劃林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 謝瓊慧(Giong-Hui Hsieh); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
802002應用模糊認知圖法分析都市發展系統關聯之初探馮正民(Chen-Min Feng); 林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 吳信輝(Hsin-Hui Wu); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
812002運輸與區域規劃之研究方法馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 林禎家(Jen-Jia Lin); 邱裕鈞(Yu-Chiun Chiou); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
822001土地使用與運輸路網整合設計之二階規劃模式林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); 馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); JEN-JIA LIN 運輸計劃季刊 
832000都市計畫草圖替選方案分析模式之改進:納入公共設施配置馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 林禎家(Jen-Jia Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
841999Using a genetic algorithm to generate alternative sketch maps for urban planningFeng, C.-M.; JEN-JIA LIN ; JEN-JIA LIN Computers, Environment and Urban Systems590
851997都市計畫草圖替選方案之分析模式馮正民(Cheng-Min Feng); 林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
861997淡海新市鎮消防隊佈設區位之研究—TOPSIS多目標規劃法之應用曾國雄(Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng); 林楨家(Jen-Jia Lin); JEN-JIA LIN 都市與計劃 
871996Using backup coverage and TOPSIS fuzzy approach to emergency facilities layout in new development planning areaTzeng, G.-H.; Lin, J.-J.; JEN-JIA LIN Asian Fuzzy Systems Symposium2