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12020Inhibitory interneurons regulate phasic activity of noradrenergic neurons in the mouse locus coeruleus and functional implicationsKuo, C.-C.; Hsieh, J.-C.; Tsai, H.-C.; Kuo, Y.-S.; Yau, H.-J.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, R.-F.; Yang, H.-W.; Min, M.-Y.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; MING-YUAN MIN Journal of Physiology5
22020GABAB receptor-mediated tonic inhibition of locus coeruleus neurons plays a role in deep anesthesia induced by isofluraneHung, W.-C.; Chu, Y.-L.; Tsai, M.-L.; Wong, S.-B.; Min, M.-Y.; Chen, R.-F.; Yang, H.-W.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; MING-YUAN MIN NeuroReport1
32020Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinases Mediate an Autoregulation of GABAB-Receptor-Activated Whole-Cell Current in Locus Coeruleus NeuronsWu, R.-N.; Kuo, C.-C.; Min, M.-Y.; Chen, R.-F.; Yang, H.-W.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; MING-YUAN MIN Scientific Reports2
42018Vagal control of the heart in the turtle, Ocadia sinensisR. F. Chen ; P. F. Yang; C. H. Cheng; J. H. Hsieh; C. T. YenTaiwania00
52015GABAB receptor-mediated tonic inhibition regulates the spontaneous firing of locus coeruleus neurons in developing rats and in citalopram-treated ratsWang, H.-Y.; Kuo, Z.-C.; Fu, Y.-S.; Chen, R.-F.; Min, M.-Y.; Yang, H.-W.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; MING-YUAN MIN Journal of Physiology 1314
62014Knockdown of Zebrafish blood vessel Epicardial substance results in incomplete retinal laminationWu, Y.-C.; Chen, R.-F.; Liu, C.-Y.; Hu, F.R.; Huang, C.-J.; Wang, I.-J.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; FUNG-RONG HU; I-JONG WANGThe Scientific World Journal 32
72013The zona incerta modulates spontaneous spike-wave discharges in the ratShaw, F.-Z.; Liao, Y.-F.; Chen, R.-F.; Huang, Y.-H.; Lin, R.C.S.; RUEI-FENG CHEN Journal of Neurophysiology 109
82012Protective effect of caffeic acid on paclitaxel induced anti-proliferation and apoptosis of lung cancer cells involves NF-κb pathwayLin, C.-L.; RUEI-FENG CHENet al. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2940
92012Blood vessel epicardial substance (Bves) regulates epidermal tight junction integrity through atypical protein kinase CWu, Y.-C.; Liu, C.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, R.-F.; Huang, C.-J.; Wang, I.-J.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; I-JONG WANGJournal of Biological Chemistry 1414
102011Mediation of Vagal Cardioinhibitory Responses by Glutamatergic Receptors in the Caudal Medulla of TurtlesHsieh, Yi-Chang; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Su, Chun-Kuei; Chen, Sheng-Hsien; Hsieh, Jui-HsiangThe Chinese Journal of Physiology 00
112011Kynurenic acid attenuates multiorgan dysfunction in rats after heatstrokeHsieh, Yi-chang; Chen, Ruei-feng ; Yeh, Yi-shian; Lin, Mao-tsun; Hsieh, Jui-hsiang; Chen, Sheng-hsienActa Pharmacologica Sinica 1313
122010Striatal volume changes in a rat model of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHsu, Ju-Wei; Lee, Li-Ching; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chen, Ying-Sheue; Tsai, Meng-LiPsychiatry Research 1112
132010Distribution of large terminal inputs from the primary and secondary somatosensory cortices to the dorsal thalamus in the rodentChia-Chi Liao; Ruei-Feng Chen; Wen-Sung Lai; Rick C. S. Lin; Chen-Tung Yen; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Comparative Neurology 2425
142009The Correlation of Mean Sympathetic Activity with Low-Frequency Blood Pressure and Sympathetic VariabilityMeng-Li Tsai; Wan-Ting Tseng; Chen-Tung Yen; Ruei-Feng Chen; Tsai, M.-L.; Tseng, W.-T.; Yen, C.-T.; Chen, R.-F.; Tsai, M.-L.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; Tseng, W.-T.; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, C.-T.; Chen, Yao-liang; Chen, R.-F.Clinical and Experimental Hypertension 55
152009Correlation of discharges of rostral ventrolateral medullary neurons with the low-frequency sympathetic rhythm in ratsTseng, Wan-Ting; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsai, Meng-Li; Yen, Chen-Tung Neuroscience Letters 1211
162008�\-Phenyl-n-tert-butyl-nitrone attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced brain injury and improves neurological reflexes and early sensorimotor behavioral performance in juvenile ratsFan, Lir-Wan; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Mitchell, Helen J.; Lin, Rick C. S.; Simpson, Kimberly L.; Rhodes, Philip G.; Cai, ZhengweiJournal of Neuroscience Research 3134
172007Corrigendum to "Frequency response characteristic of sympathetic mediated low-frequency blood pressure fluctuations in conscious rats" [Automatic neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 128 (2006) 48-52] (DOI:10.1016/j.autneu.2006.02.001)Chen, R.-F.; Tseng, W.-T.; Yen, C.-T.; Tsai, M.-L.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 00
182007Corrigendum to “Frequency response characteristic of sympathetic mediated low-frequency blood pressure fluctuations in conscious rats” [Automatic neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 128 (2006) 48–52]Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tseng, Wan-Ting; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Tsai, Meng-LiAutonomic Neuroscience 
192006Frequency response characteristic of sympathetic mediated low-frequency blood pressure fluctuations in conscious ratsChen, Ruei-Feng ; Zeng, Wan-Ting; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Tsai, Meng-LiAutonomic 56
202006Identification of Oxalic Acid and Tartaric Acid as Major Persistent Pain-inducing Toxins in the Stinging Hairs of the Nettle, Urtica thunbergianaFU, HAN YI; CHEN, SHIANG JIUUN ; CHEN, RUEI FENG ; DING, WANG HSIEN; KUO-HUANG, LING LONG ; HUANG, RONG NAN Annals of Botany 3831
222003A simple and effective process for noise reduction of multichannel cortical field potential recordings in freely moving ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chen, Ruei-Feng Journal of Neuroscience Methods 1816
232002Neural and Cardiac Activities are Altered by Injection of Picomoles of Glutamate into the Nucleus Ambiguus of the RatShaw, Fu-Zen; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chen, Ruei-Feng The Chinese Journal of Physiology 2
242001Dynamic changes of touch- and laser heat-evoked field potentials of primary somatosensory cortex in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Yen, Chen-Tung Brain Research 4546
251999A multichannel system for recording and analysis of cortical field potentials in freely moving ratsFu-Zen Shaw; Ruei-Feng Chen; Hen-Wai Tsao; Chen-Tung Yen; HEN-WAI TSAO ; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Neuroscience Methods 3029
261999Comparison of touch- and laser heat-evoked cortical field potentials in conscious ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung Brain Research 4040
271999Algorithmic complexity as an index of cortical function in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2418
281998Vagal innervation of the gastrointestinal tract arises from dorsal motor nucleus while that of the heart largely from nucleus ambiguus in the catHsieh, J.H.; Chen, R.F.; Wu, J.J.; Yen, C.T.; Chai, C.Y.; RUEI-FENG CHEN Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System 1816
291998Attenuation of cardiac but not vascular component in baroreflex of spontaneously hypertensive ratsHan, C.-J.; Tsai, M.-L.; Chen, R.-F.; Chai, C.Y.; Yen, C.-T.; RUEI-FENG CHEN Chinese Journal of Physiology 
301997Distribution and Number of Intracardiac Ganglion Cells in the RatChen, Ruei-Feng ; Chiou, Ruei-Jen; Yen, Chen-Tung Acta Zoologica Taiwanica 
311995Choosing adequate average number in electrophysiological studies using correlation coefficientShaw, F.-Z.; Chen, R.-F.; Tsao, H.-W.; Yen, C.-T.; RUEI-FENG CHEN Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings 0
321984Effects of lanatoside C and nitroprusside on the cardiovascular function of the experimental myocardial infarction in the ratChen, R.F.; Huang, T.F.; RUEI-FENG CHEN Chinese Journal of Physiology