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12018Complex taxonomy of the 'brush tail' peregrine earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurusS. Taheri; S. James; V. Roy; T. Decaens; B. W. Williams; F. Anderson; R. Rougerie; C. H. Chang; G. Brown; L. Cunha; D. W. G. Stanton; E. Da Silva; J. H. Chen ; A. R. Lemmon; E. M. Lemmon; M. Bartz; D. Baretta; I. Barois; E. Lapied; M. Coulis; L. Dupontjournal article1112
22018Telomere maintenance during anterior regeneration and aging in the freshwater annelid Aeolosoma virideC. F. Chen; T. L. Sung; L. Y. Chen; J. H. Chen journal article22
32017De novo assembly of highly polymorphic metagenomic data using in situ generated reference sequences and a novel BLAST-based assembly pipelineY. Y. Lin; C. H. Hsieh; J. H. Chen ; X. M. Lu; J. H. Kao; P. J. Chen; D. S. Chen; H. Y. Wangjournal article88
42014New species of earthworms belonging to the Metaphire formosae species group (Clitellata: Megascolecidae) in TaiwanC. H. Chang; S. C. Chuang; J. H. Wu; J. H. Chen journal article55
52013Photooxidation and antioxidant responses in the earthworm Amynthas gracilis exposed to environmental levels of ultraviolet B radiationS. C. Chuang; J. H. Chen journal article107
62013Four new earthworm species of the genus Amynthas (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) from Kinmen, TaiwanH. P. Shen; C. H. Chang; C. L. Li; W. J. Chih; J. H. Chen journal article88
72013Lysophosphatidic acid induces reactive oxygen species generation by activating protein kinase C in PC-3 human prostate cancer cellsC. C. Lin; C. E. Lin; Y. C. Lin; T. K. Ju; Y. L. Huang; M. S. Lee; J. H. Chen ; H. Leejournal article1718
82012Parthenogenesis in two Taiwanese mountain earthworms Amynthas catenus Tsai et al., 2001 and Amynthas hohuanmontis Tsai et al., 2002 (Oligochaeta, Megascolecidae) revealed by AFLPH. P. Shen; H. T. Yu; J. H. Chen journal article97
92011Three species of land leeches from Taiwan, Haemadipsa rjukjuana comb. n., a new record for Haemadipsa picta Moore, and an updated description of Tritetrabdella taiwana (Oka)Lai Y.-T.; Nakano T.; Chen J.-H.; JIUN-HONG CHEN journal article1815
102011入侵外來種黃頸蜷蚓的抗寒生理羅友志; 林雨德 ; 陳俊宏 ; 羅友志; 林雨德 ; 陳俊宏 
112011Cadmium-induced earthworm metallothionein-2 is associated with metal accumulation and counteracts oxidative stressLiang, Shih-Hsiung; Chen, Ssu-Ching; Chen, Chien-Yen; Kao, Chih-Ming; Yang, Jing-Iong; Shieh, Bao-Sen; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; Chen, Chien-Chengjournal article2424
122011The chemosensory ability of the predatory leech Whitmania laevis (Arhynchobdellida: Haemopidae) for prey searchingY. T. Lai; J. H. Chen ; L. L. Leejournal article55
132011Parthenogenesis, polyploidy and reproductive seasonality in the Taiwanese mountain earthworm Amynthas catenus Tsai et al., 2001 (Oligochaeta, Megascolecidae)H. P. Shen; C. F. Tsai; Y. P. Fang; J. H. Chen journal article88
142011Prey selection of a shell-invading leech as predicted by optimal foraging theory with consumption success incorporated into estimation of prey profitabilityY. T. Lai; J. H. Chen ; L. L. Leejournal article98
152009Impact of cadmium on the bacterial communities in the gut of Metaphire posthumaLiang, Shih-Hsiung; Chen, Mu-Hsuan; Chen, Chien-Cheng; Chen, Colin S. Chen; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; Chen, Ssu-Ching56
162009Cloning, expression, and characterization of cadmium-induced metallothionein-2 from the earthworms Metaphire posthuma and Polypheretima elongataLiang, Shih-Hsiung; Jeng, Yu-Ping; Chiu, Yuh-Wen; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; Shieh, Bao-Sen; Chen, Chien-Yen; Chen, Chien-Cheng1310
172009Identifying earthworms through DNA barcodes: Pitfalls and promiseChang, Chih-Han; Rougerie, Rodolphe; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; ChangChihHan ; ChenJiunHong 4547
182008台北地區綠籬植物應用現況之調查陳俊宏 ; 張育森 ; 許榮輝journal article
192008A New Record of the Octochaetid Earthworm Dichogaster affinis (Michaelsen, 1890) from the Centro-western TaiwanShen, Huei-Ping; Chang, Chih-Han; Chen, Jiun-Hong 
202008Molecular systematics and phylogeography of the gigantic earthworms of the Metaphire formosae species group (Clitellata, Megascolecidae)Chang, Chih-Han; Lin, Si-Min; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; ChangChihHan ; ChenJiunHong 6865
212008Role of diurnal rhythm of oxygen consumption in emergence from soil at night after heavy rain by earthwormsChuang, Shu-Chun; Chen, Jiun Hong 1110
222007Taxonomic re-evaluation of the Taiwanese montane earthworm Amynthas wulinensis Tsai, Shen & Tsai, 2001 (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae): Polytypic species or species complex?Chang, Chih-Han; Lin, Yu-Hsung; Chen, I.-Han; Chuang, Shu-Chun; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; ChangChihHan ; ChenJiunHong 2932
232006編撰台灣動物誌—環節動物門環帶綱:單向蚓目(正蚓亞目、鍊胃亞目)與蛭目(有吻蛭亞目、無吻蛭亞目)陳俊宏 report
242006Lipaleyrodes emiliae, a new species of whitefly (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from Taiwan and Hong Kong柯俊成 ; 陳俊宏 journal article1
252006臺灣蚯蚓多樣性:種名名?包括鑑種確認及新紀?外?種Lumbricids Eisenia fetida 和Eiseniella tetraedraBlakemore, Robert J.; 張智涵; 莊淑君; Ito, Masamichi T.; James, Sam; 陳俊宏 ; Blackmore, R.J.; Chang, C.H.; Chuang, S.H.; Ito, M.T.; James, S.; Chen, J.H.journal article
262006臺灣水族寵物貿?引進水生無脊椎動物種?之調查現況?佑勳; 張智涵; 陳毅翰; 邱郁文; 吳聲海; 陳俊宏 ; Lin, Y.H.; Chang, C.H.; Chen, I.H.; Chiu, Y.W.; Wu, S.H.; Chen, J.H.journal article
272006Lysophospholipids increase IL-8 and MCP-1 expressions in human umbilical cord vein endothelial cells through an IL-1 -dependent mechanismLin C.I.; Chen C.-N.; Chen J.H.; Lee H.; JIUN-HONG CHEN journal article7169
282006Lysophospholipids increase IL-8 and MCP-1 expressions in human umbilical cord vein endothelial cells through an IL-1-dependent mechanismLin, Chi Iou; Chen, Chiung-Nien; Chen, Jiun Hong ; Lee, Hsinyu
292006Influence of ultraviolet radiation on selected physiological responses of earthwormsChuang, Shu-Chun; Lai, Wei-Shan; Chen, Jiun-Hong 2115
302005Lysophospholipids enhance matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression in human endothelial cellsWu W.T.; Chen C.-N.; Lin C.I.; Chen J.H.; Lee H.; JIUN-HONG CHEN journal article6965
312005Three new species of octothecate pheretimoid earthworms from Taiwan, with discussion on the biogeography of related speciesChang C.-H.; Chen J.-H.; JIUN-HONG CHEN journal article1311
322005Taxonomic status and intraspecific phylogeography of two sibling species of Metaphire (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) in TaiwanChang, Chih-Han; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; ChangChihHan ; ChenJiunHong 4745
332005巨蚓科蚯蚓纖細遠環蚓Amynthas gracilis (Kinberg, 1867)的NADH去氫脢次單元1(NADH dehydrogenase subunit 1, ND1)基因序列解碼,並討論利用DNA序列重建巨蚓科的親緣關係陳俊宏 ; 張智涵; 莊淑君; 陳韻如; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; Chang, Chih-Han; Chuang, Shu-Chun; Chen, Yun-Ruother
342004The Adhesion of Abalone (Haliotis Diversicolor) Hemocyte is Regulated by Protein Kinase A Signal Transduction PathwayLai, Chin-Pen; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; 賴錦盆; 陳俊宏 journal article
352004Diurnal rhythm and effect of temperature on oxygen consumption in earthworms, Amynthas gracilis and Pontoscolex corethrurusChuang, Shu Chun; Lee, Hsinyu; Chen, Jiun Hong 1211
362004外來種蚯蚓黃頸透鈣蚓(Pontoscolex corethrurus)在台灣北部的分佈並依此推估其對原有蚯蚓族群及土壤環境可能造成之衝擊陳毅翰; 張智涵; 莊淑君; 林佑勳; 陳俊宏 ; 陳毅翰; 張智涵 ; 莊淑君; 林佑勳; 陳俊宏 
372004探討光潤金線蛭(Whitmania laevis) 捕食有口蓋淡水螺類之偏好賴亦德; 陳俊宏 ; 賴亦德; 陳俊宏 
382004A New Species of Earthworm Belonging to the Genus Metaphire Sims and Easton 1972 (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) from Southern TaiwanChang, Chih-Han; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; ChangChihHan ; ChenJiunHong 
392004光潤金線蛭(Whitmania laevis)捕食淡水螺類偏好之研究.賴亦德; 陳俊宏 
402004一種產於台灣南部的新種腔環蚓陳俊宏 ; 張智涵other
412003利用豬屍進行食屍性昆蟲相調查陳俊憲; 陳俊宏 ; 石正人journal article
422003A New Record of the Bithecal Megascolecid Earthworm Amynthas papilio (Gates) (Oligochaeta) from TaiwanChen, Jiun-Hong ; Chuang, Shu-Chun
432003螺類殼口長與螺重及殼高之相關性.賴亦德; 陳俊宏 
442003宜蘭縣蚯蚓種類與分佈.陳毅翰; 張智涵 ; 陳俊宏 
452002昆蟲讓屍體說話了-法醫昆蟲學陳俊憲; 陳俊宏 ; 石正人journal article
462002A New Record Earthworm Amynthas masatakae (Beddard) (Megascolecidae: Oligochaeta) from TaiwanChuang, Shu-Chun; Chen, Jiun Hong 
472002北台灣地區蚯蚓種類與分佈.莊淑君; 吳佳倖; 張智豪; 張智涵; 楊凱雯; 賴唯珊; 吳玉威; 陳俊宏 
482002福山植物園區蚯蚓種類的變遷.陳俊宏 ; 吳佳倖; 莊淑君
492001福山地區哈盆溪與水生植物池粗糙沼蝦 (Marcrobrachium asperulum)生殖策略之比較蔡雯怡; 劉奇璋 ; 林曜松; 陳俊宏 
502001Species composition of earthworms on the main campus of National Taiwan UniversityChang, Chih-Han; Yang, Kai-Wen; Wu, Jia-Hsing; Chuang, Shu-Chun; Chen, Jiun-Hong ; ChangChihHan ; ChenJiunHong 
512000台灣現有魚道結構及魚、蝦、蟹利用狀況評估梁世雄; 曹先紹; 陳俊宏 ; 梁世雄; 曹先紹; 陳俊宏 
521999A review of the earthworms (Annelida: oligochaeta) from TaiwanShih, Hsi-Te; Chang, Hsueh-Wen; Chen, Jiun-Hong 
531999台灣陸生蚯蚓的多樣性陳俊宏 ; 莊淑君; 宋紫玲; 吳采諭; 蕭孟昕; 陳俊宏 ; 莊淑君; 宋紫玲; 吳采諭; 蕭孟昕
541996高分子複合材料力學性質:模數理論式之演變陳劉旺; 陳俊宏 journal article
551996福山植物園區蚯蚓種類之分布調查研究.陳俊宏 ; 施習德
561995Hemocyte adhesion in the California mussel (Mytilus californianus): regulation by adenosineChen J.-H.; Bayne C.J.; JIUN-HONG CHEN journal article1513
571994The Role of Carbohydrates in Aggregation and Adhesion of Hemocytes from the California Mussel (Mytilus Californianus)陳俊宏 ; Bayne, C. J.; Chen, Jiun-Hung; Bayne, C. J.
581993Modulation by Low pH of Adhesion in Hemocytes from the California Mussel Mytilus Californianus陳俊宏 ; Bayne, C. J.; Chen, Jiun-Hung
591985Hemolymph collection from abalone.陳俊宏