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12020Erratum: Wnt5b integrates Fak1a to mediate gastrulation cell movements via Rac1 and Cdc42 (Open Biology (2020) 10 (190273) DOI: 10.1098/rsob.190273)Hung I.-C; Chen T.-M; Lin J.-P; Tai Y.-L; Shen T.-L; Lee S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Open Biology0
22020The first complete mitochondrial genome of the sand dollar Sinaechinocyamus mai (Echinoidea: Clypeasteroida)Lin, J.-P.; Tsai, M.-H.; Kroh, A.; Trautman, A.; Machado, D.J.; Chang, L.-Y.; Reid, R.; Lin, K.-T.; Bronstein, O.; Lee, S.-J.; Janies, D.; SHYH-JYE LEE Genomics5
32020Wnt5b integrates Fak1a to mediate gastrulation cell movements via Rac1 and Cdc42Hung, I.-C.; Chen, T.-M.; Lin, J.-P.; Tai, Y.-L.; Shen, T.-L.; Lee, S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Open Biology4
42020GSTM3 variant is a novel genetic modifier in Brugada syndrome, a disease with risk of sudden cardiac deathJuang, J.-M.J.; Binda, A.; Lee, S.-J.; Hwang, J.-J.; Chen, W.-J.; Liu, Y.-B.; Lin, L.-Y.; Yu, C.-C.; Ho, L.-T.; Huang, H.-C.; Chen, C.-Y.J.; Lu, T.-P.; Lai, L.-C.; Yeh, S.-F.S.; Lai, L.-P.; Chuang, E.Y.; Rivolta, I.; Antzelevitch, C.; SHYH-JYE LEE EBioMedicine5
52019Young colonization history of a widespread sand dollar (Echinodermata; Clypeasteroida) in western TaiwanLee, H.; Lin, J.-P.; Li, H.-C.; Chang, L.-Y.; Lee, K.-S.; Lee, S.-J.; Chen, W.-J.; Sankar, A.; Kang, S.-C.; SHYH-JYE LEE Quaternary International1
62016MicroRNAs regulate gene plasticity during cold shock in zebrafish larvaeSHYH-JYE LEE; SHYH-JYE LEE BMC Genomics 721
72016Stathmin-like 4 is critical for the maintenance of neural progenitor cells in dorsal midbrain of zebrafish larvaeLin, M.-J.; Lee, S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Scientific Reports 711
82015Lysophospholipid receptor signaling in zebrafish developmentLee, Shyh-Jye; Tsao, Ku-Chi; Cherng, Bor-Wei; Liao, Ying-Hsien; SHYH-JYE LEE Translational Cancer Research 11
92014Characterization and Expression Analysis of Stathmin Family Genes during Embryogenesis in Zebrafish, Danio rerioShih, D.-F.; Chu, S.-L.; Lee, S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Taiwania 10
102014SCUBE3 (signal peptide-cub-egf domain-containing protein 3) modulates fibroblast growth factor signaling during fast muscle developmentTu, C.-F.; Tsao, K.-C.; Lee, S.-J.; Yang, R.-B.; SHYH-JYE LEE Journal of Biological Chemistry 914
112014The Nogo-C2/Nogo receptor complex regulates the morphogenesis of zebrafish lateral line primordium through modulating the expression of dkk1b, a Wnt signal inhibitorHan, H.-W.; Chou, C.-M.; Chu, C.-Y.; Cheng, C.-H.; Yang, C.-H.; Hung, C.-C.; Hwang, P.-P.; Lee, S.-J.; Liao, Y.-F.; Huang, C.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE PLoS ONE 78
122014Dynamic regulation of the microtubule and actin cytoskeleton in zebrafish epibolyLee, S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 911
132013Quantitative proteomics reveals diverse roles of mir-148a from gastric cancer progression to neurological developmentHu, C.-W.; Tseng, C.-W.; Chien, C.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Ku, W.-C.; Lee, S.-J. ; Chen, Y.-J.; Juan, H.-F. Journal of Proteome Research 1215
142013Zebrafish scube 1 (signal peptide-CUB (complement protein C1r/C1s, Uegf, and Bmp1)-EGF (epidermal growth factor) domain-containing protein 1) is involved in primitive hematopoiesisTsao, K.-C.; Tu, C.-F.; Lee, S.-J.; Yang, R.-B.; SHYH-JYE LEE Journal of Biological Chemistry 1116
152013Autotaxin in embryonic developmentMoolenaar, W.H.; Houben, A.J.S.; Lee, S.-J.; Van Meeteren, L.A.; SHYH-JYE LEE Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 3641
162013Calnexin is required for zebrafish posterior lateral line developmentHung, I.-C.; Cherng, B.-W.; Hsu, W.-M.; Lee, S.-J.; WEN-MING HSU; SHYH-JYE LEE International Journal of Developmental Biology 50
172013Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) Is Crucial for Brain Development and Motor FunctionsShih D.-F.; Hsiao C.-D.; Min M.-Y.; Lai W.-S.; Yang C.-W.; Lee W.-T.; Lee S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE PLoS ONE1824
182012Autotaxin/Lpar3 signaling regulates Kupffer's vesicle formation and left-right asymmetry in zebrafishLai, S.-L.; Yao, W.-L.; Tsao, K.-C.; Houben, A.J.S.; Albers, H.M.H.G.; Ovaa, H.; Moolenaar, W.H.; Lee, S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Development (Cambridge) 2729
192011Lysophosphatidic Acid Induces Erythropoiesis through Activating Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 3Chiang, Chi-Ling; Chen, Swey-Shen Alex; Lee, Shyh Jye ; Tsao, Ku-Chi; Chu, Pei-Lun; Wen, Cheng-Hao; Hwang, Shiaw-Min; Yao, Chao-Ling; Lee, HsinyuStem Cells 3037
202011Ptenb Mediates Gastrulation Cell Movements via Cdc42/AKT1 in ZebrafishYeh, Chen-Min; Liu, Yi-Ching; Chang, Ching-Jen; Lai, Shih-Lei; Hsiao, Chung-Der; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Cooney, Austin JohnPLoS ONE 1718
212011Functional analysis of the glucose transporters-1α, -6, and -13.1 expressed by zebrafish epithelial cellsTseng, Y.-C.; Lee, J.-R.; Lee, S.-J.; Hwang, P.-P.; SHYH-JYE LEE American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 1414
222011Establishment of a transgenic zebrafish line for superficial skin ablation and functional validation of apoptosis modulators in vivoChen, C.-F.; Chu, C.-Y.; Chen, T.-H.; Lee, S.-J.; Shen, C.-N.; Hsiao, C.-D.; SHYH-JYE LEE PLoS ONE 3331
232010Loss of Cofilin 1 Disturbs Actin Dynamics, Adhesion between Enveloping and Deep Cell Layers and Cell Movements during Gastrulation in ZebrafishLin, Chun-Wei; Yen, Shuo-Ting; Chang, Hui-Ting ; Chen, Shiang-Jiuun ; Lai, Shih-Lei; Liu, Yi-Ching; Chan, Tun-Hao; Liao, Wen-Lian; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Riley, BrucePLoS ONE 1414
242010Caveolin-1 Regulates γ-Secretase-Mediated AβPP Processing by Modulating Spatial Distribution of γ-Secretase in MembraneKapoor, A.; Hsu, W.-M.; Wang, B.-J.; Wu, G.-H.; Lin, T.-Y.; Lee, S.-J.; Yen, C.-T.; Liang, S.-M.; Liao, Y.-F.; WEN-MING HSU; SHYH-JYE LEE ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 1619
252009Specific expression and regulation of glucose transporters in zebrafish ionocytesTseng, Y.-C.; Chen, R.-D.; Lee, J.-R.; Liu, S.-T.; Lee, S.-J.; Hwang, P.-P.; SHYH-JYE LEE American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 4758
262008LPA1 is essential for lymphatic vessel development in zebrafishLee, Shyh-Jye ; Chan, Tun-Hao; Chen, Tzu-Cheng; Liao, Bo-Kai; Hwang, Pung-Pung; Lee, HsinyuThe FASEB Journal 2630
272008Diaphanous-related formin 2 and profilin I are required for gastrulation cell movementsLai, Shih-Lei; Chan, Tun-Hao; Lin, Meng-Ju; Huang, Wei-Pang ; Lou, Show-Wan; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Heisenberg, Carl-PhilippPLoS ONE 1820
282008Regulation of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) Gills during Acclimation to Salinity ChallengeTseng, Yung-Che; Lee, Jay-Ron; Chang, Joshua Chia-Hsi; Kuo, Chien-Hsien; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Hwang, Pung-PungZoological Studies 13
292008Lysophosphatidic acid up-regulates vascular endothelial growth factor-C and lymphatic marker expressions in human endothelial cellsLin C.-I.; Chen C.-N.; Huang M.-T.; Lee S.-J.; Lin C.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Lee H.; SHYH-JYE LEE Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences2526
302008Lysophosphatidic acid upregulates vascular endothelial growth factor-C and tube formation in human endothelial cells through LPA1/3, COX-2, and NF-�eB activation- and EGFR transactivation-dependent mechanismsLin C.-I.; Chen C.-N.; Huang M.-T.; Lee S.-J.; Lin C.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Lee H.; SHYH-JYE LEE Cellular Signalling4650
312007Molecular cloning, expression and phylogenetic analyses of parvalbumin in tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusLee, Shyh-Jye ; Ju, Chi-Ching; Chu, Shian-Ling; Chien, Ming-Shan; Chan, Tun-Hao; Liao, Wen-Liang Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A Ecological Genetics and Physiology 1512
322006Profile analysis of expressed sequence tags derived from the ovary of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusChu, Shian-Ling; Weng, Ching-Feng; Hsiao, Chung-Der; Hwang, Pung-Pung; Chen, Yun-Ching; Ho, Jan-Ming; Lee, Shyh-Jye Aquaculture 2221
332006Comparison of protein phosphatase inhibition activities and mouse toxicities of microcystinsChen, Yi-Min; Lee, Tzong-Huei ; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Huang, Hsien-Bin; Huang, Rang; Chou, Hong-Nong Toxicon 4651
342006Potential of a simple solid-phase extraction method coupled to analytical and bioanalytical methods for an improved determination of microcystins in algal samplesChen, Yi-Min; Lee, Tzong-Huei ; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Lin, Jian-Zhi; Huang, Rang; Chou, Hong-Nong Journal of Chromatography B 66
352005數位典藏焦點團體研究結果報告(Expert)林曼麗; 張重昭; 蕭中強; 傅銘傳; 許素珠; 張家齊; 黃俊堯 ; 李士傑 ; 朱怡潔; 簡怡雯 
362005Inhibition of embryonic development by microcystin-LR in zebrafish, Danio RerioWang, Pei-Jen; Chien, Ming-Shan; Wu, Fong-June; Chou, Hong-Nong ; Lee, Shyh-Jye Toxicon 4950
372005Probing Lectin and Sperm with Carbohydrate-Modified Quantum DotsRobinson, Anandakathir; Fang, Jim-Min ; Chou, Pi-Tai ; Liao, Kuang-Wen; Chu, Rea-Min; Lee, Shyh-Jye ChemBioChem 7876
382005Rho Mediates Cytokinesis and Epiboly via ROCK in ZebrafishLAI, SHIH-LEI; CHANG, CHING-NUNG; WANG, PEI-JEN; LEE, SHYH-JYE Molecular Reproduction and Development 4243
432000Protein kinase C-related kinase 2 phosphorylates the protein synthesis initiation factor eIF4E in starfish oocytesLee, S.-J.; Stapleton, G.; Greene, J.H.; Hille, M.B.; SHYH-JYE LEE Developmental Biology 1512
441999Protein tyrosine kinase-dependent release of intracellular calcium in the sea urchin eggShen, S.S.; Kinsey, W.H.; Lee, S.-J.; SHYH-JYE LEE Development Growth and Differentiation 400
451998The calcium transient in sea urchin eggs during fertilization requires the production of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphateLee, S.-J.; Shen, S.S.; SHYH-JYE LEE Developmental Biology 5964
461998U73122 blocked the cGMP-induced calcium release in sea urchin eggsLee, S.-J.; Madden, P.J.; Shen, S.S.; SHYH-JYE LEE Experimental Cell Research 2019
471996The cyclic GMP-mediated calcium release pathway in sea urchin eggs is not required for the rise in calcium during fertilizationLee, S.-J.; Christenson, L.; Martin, T.; Shen, S.S.; SHYH-JYE LEE Developmental Biology 2325