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12015Transhydrogenase Promotes the Robustness and Evolvability of E. coli Deficient in NADPH ProductionChou, H.-H.; Marx, C.J.; Sauer, U.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU PLoS Genetics 2827
22014Mapping the Fitness Landscape of Gene Expression Uncovers the Cause of Antagonism and Sign Epistasis between Adaptive MutationsChou, H.-H.; Delaney, N.F.; Draghi, J.A.; Marx, C.J.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU PLoS Genetics 4343
32012Optimization of Gene Expression through Divergent Mutational PathsChou, H.-H.; Marx, C.J.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU Cell Reports 3838
42011Diminishing returns epistasis among beneficial mutations decelerates adaptationChou, H.-H.; Chiu, H.-C.; Delaney, N.F.; Segr?, D.; Marx, C.J.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU Science 275280
52009Fast growth increases the selective advantage of a mutation arising recurrently during evolution under metal limitationChou, H.-H.; Berthet, J.; Marx, C.J.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU PLoS Genetics 6266
62009Asymmetric, bimodal trade-offs during adaptation of methylobacterium to distinct growth substratesLee, M.-C.; Chou, H.-H.; Marx, C.J.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU Evolution 5656
72008Node-searching problem on block graphsChou, Hsin-Hung ; Ko, Ming-Tat; Ho, Chin-Wen; Chen, Gen-Huey Discrete Applied Mathematics 66
82004Isolation and characterization of 23 polymorphic microsatellite markers for diversity and stock analysis in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)PAN, YU-WEN; CHOU, HSIN-HUNG ; YOU, EN-MIN; YU, HON-TSEN Molecular Ecology Notes 2221
92002Phylogenetic analysis of internal transcribed spacer regions of the genus Alternaria, and the significance of filament-beaked conidiaChou, H.-H.; Wu, W.-S.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU Mycological Research 4443
102001The effect of seed-borne pathogens on emergence of globe amaranth, calendula and tagetes and the methods of controlWu, W.-S.; Chou, H.-H.; Lin, S.-M.; Wu, H.-C.; HSIN-HUNG CHOU Journal of Phytopathology 77
112000千日紅葉斑病之發生及其防治周信宏 ; 吳文希植病會刊 
121998千日紅葉斑病之發病生態及其防治周信宏 ; 吳文希植病會刊 
131993水分及有機物質對微量有機污染物質在土壤中傳輸之影響(II)吳先琪; 陳世裕; 周信宏 ; 劉泰銘
141992水分及有機物質對微量有機污染物質在土壤中傳輸之影響吳先琪; 李達源 ; 王美雪; 陳世裕; 周信宏