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12012Isolation and optimisation of the oleaginous yeast Sporobolomyces roseus for biosynthesis of C-13 isotopically labelled 18-carbon unsaturated fatty acids and trans 18:1 and 18:2 derivatives through synthesisCui, Yi; Fraser, Catharine; Gardner, Graeme; Huang, Ching-jang ; Reith, Michael; Windust, Anthony J.journal article911
22012Wild bitter gourd improves metabolic syndrome: A preliminary dietary supplementation trialTsai, Chung-Huang; Chen, Emily Chin-Fun; Tsay, Hsin-Sheng; Huang, Ching-jang journal article3838
32011Phytoestrogenic Compounds in Alfalfa Sprout (Medicago sativa) beyond CoumestrolHong, Yong-Han; Wang, Ssu-Ching; Hsu, Chin; Lin, Bi-Fong ; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Huang, Ching-Jang journal article2827
42011Association between folate status, diabetes, antihypertensive medication and age-related cataracts in elderly TaiwaneseBI-FONG LIN ; Chen, KJ; Chen, Kuan-Ju; Pan, WH; Huang, Ching-jang ; Pan, Wen-Harn; Huang, CJ; Lin, BF.; Lin*, Bi-Fong ; 葉德蘭journal article96
52011Wild bitter gourd extract up-regulates mRNA expression of PPAR alpha, PPAR gamma and their target genes in C57BL/6J miceChao, Che-Yi; Yin, Mei-Chin; Huang, Ching-jang journal article1816
62011Isolation and Identification of Cucurbitane-Type Triterpenoids with Partial Agonist/Antagonist Potential for Estrogen Receptors from Momordica charantiaHsu, Chin; Hsieh, Chin-Lin; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Huang, Ching-jang journal article
72010苦瓜於血糖控制之功效及安全性回顧蔡崇煌; 陳靖棻; 蔡新聲; 黃青真 
82010Sesamin attenuates intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression in vitro in TNF-α-treated human aortic endothelial cells and in vivo in apolipoprotein-E-deficient miceWu, Wen-Huey; YUH-LIEN CHEN ; SHU-HUEI WANG ; Wang, Shu-Huei ; Kuan, I-I; Kao, Ya-Shi; Wu, Pei-Jhen; Liang, Chan-Jung; Chien, Hsiung-Fei ; Kao, Chiu-Hua; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Chen, Yuh-Lien journal article1617
92009The ethyl acetate extract of alfalfa sprout ameliorates disease severity of autoimmune-prone MRL-lpr/lpr miceHong, Yong-Han; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Wang, Ssu-Ching; Lin, Bi-Fong journal article1214
102009Two unhealthy dietary habits featured a high fat content and a sucrose-containing beverages intake, alone or in combination, on inducing metabolic syndrome in Wistar rats and C57BL/6J miceChen, Gou-Chun; Huang, Chun-Yin; Chang, Mei-Yu; Chen, Chi-Hua; Chen, Shiow-Wen; Huang, Ching-jang ; Chao, Pei-Min
112009The bone-protective effect of a Taiwanese yam (Dioscorea alata L. cv. Tainung No. 2) in ovariectomised female BALB/C miceChen, Hsiao-ling; Hong, Ling-tiao; Lee, Jong Kang; Huang, Ching-jang 
122009Triglycerides constituted of short and medium chain fatty acids and dicarboxylic acids in Momordica charantia, as well as capric acid, inhibit PGE2 production in RAW264.7 macrophagesWu, Wen-Huey; Lin, Bi-Yu; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Huang, Ching-Jang 1010
132008Soy isoflavones supplementation alleviates disease severity in autoimmune-prone MRL-lpr/lpr miceHong, Yong-Han; Wang, Tzu-Ching; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Cheng, Wei-Yi; Lin, Bi-Fong journal article128
142008Isolation and Identification of α-CEHC Sulfate in Rat Urine and an Improved Method for the Determination of Conjugated α-CEHCLi, Yi-Jen; Luo, Sheng-Ching; Lee, Yi-Jing; Lin, Fu-Jung ; Cheng, Chi-Cheng; Wein, Yung-Shung; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Huang, Ching-Jang journal article1918
152008保健食品於飲食營養與健康的角色黃青真 ; 廖慧娟; 黃青真 ; 廖慧娟
162008Bitter melon (Momordica charantia L.) inhibits adipocyte hypertrophy and down regulates lipogenic gene expression in adipose tissue of diet-induced obese ratsHuang, Hui-Ling; Hong, Ya-Wen; Wong, You-Hong; Chen, Ying-Nien; Chyuan, Jong-Ho; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Chao, Pei-Min5247
172008Evidence-based nutrition (EBN) in the Asia Pacific region: clinical practice and policy-settingMark L Wahlqvist; Lee Meei-Shyuan; Lau Joseph; Kuo Ken N; Huang Ching-Jang ; Pan Wen-Harn; Chang Hsing-Yi; Chen Rosalind; Huang Yi-Chen
182008Development of Functional Food Based on PPAR and ERChing-jang Huang 
192008Nutrition Leadership Training in North-East Asia: an IUNS initiative in conjunction with nutrition societies in the regionWahlqvist, Mark L; Li, Duo; Sun, Jiang-Qin; Ge, Ke-You; Paik, Hee-Young; Cho, Sung-Hee; Lee, Soo-Kyung; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Lee, Meei-Shyuan00
202008In Vitro Activation of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor α by Some Extracts from Food MaterialsChao, Che-Yi; Huang, Ching-jang 
212008The opportunities and challenges of evidence-based nutrition (EBN) in the Asia Pacific region: clinical practice and policy-settingWahlqvist, Mark L.; Lee, Meei-Shyuan; Lau, Joseph; Kuo, Ken N.; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Pan, Wen-Harn; Chang, Hsing-Yi; Chen, Rosalind; Huang, Yi-Chen00
222008Detection and possible physiological significance of a-CEHC, an urinary metabolite of vitamin EChing-jang Huang 
232007研發植物雌激素活性食材為改善代謝症候群與老化相關退化性疾病之保健食品-開發山藥與發酵黃豆食品為抗代謝症候群保健食品(1/3)黃青真 report
242007山苦瓜之植物雌激素活性成分鑑定及其於雌激素缺乏鼠之抗代謝症候群效應黃青真 report
252007研發植物雌激素活性食材為改善代謝症候群與老化相關退化性疾病之保健食品-開發山藥與發酵黃豆食品為抗代謝症候群保健食品(2/3)黃青真 report
262007A high oxidised frying oil content diet is less adipogenic, but induces glucose intolerance in rodentsChao, Pei-Min; Huang, Hui-Ling; Liao, Chun-Huei; Huang, Shiau-Ting; Huang, Ching-Jang 2625
272007Identification of -CHEC sulphate conjugates as major –tocopherol metabolites in rat urine and an HPLC-ECD method for the determination of –CHECYi-Jen Li; Sheng-Ching Luo; Chi-Cheng Cheng; Fu-Jung Lin ; Yi-Jing Lee; Ching-jang Huang 
282007Rats Fed a High Butter Diet are More Prone to Obesity and Glucose Intolerance Than Those Fed a High Safflower Oil DietShan-Ching Hsu; Ching-jang Huang 
292007Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome in Mice Fed a Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) containing dietChang Mei-Ling; Huang Ching-jang 
302007Changes in liver PPARα mRNA expression in response to two levels of high-safflower-oil diets correlate with changes in adiposity and serum leptin in rats and miceHsu, Shan-Ching; Huang, Ching-Jang 3032
312007Screening of Chinese Herbal Extracts with Estrogenic ActivityWu Meng-ting; Chen Yung-ju; Huang Ching-jang 
322007Isolation and Identification of Novel Estrogenic Compounds in Yam Tuber (Dioscorea alata Cv. Tainung No. 2)Cheng, Wei-Yi; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Huang, Ching-Jang 
332006抗代謝症候群苦瓜保健食品研發-苦瓜活化PPAR成分之萃取與化學鑑定及其供為調節胰島素敏感性與血脂保健食品之研發(3/3)黃青真 report
342006Low and high levels of α-tocopherol exert opposite effects on IL-2 possibly through the modulation of PPAR-γ, IκBα, and apoptotic pathway in activated splenocytesHsieh, Chia-Chien; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Lin, Bi-Fong journal article1815
352006Hydrolysis of black soybean isoflavone glycosides by Bacillus subtilis nattoKuo, Lun-Cheng; Cheng, Wei-Yi; Wu, Ren-Yu; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Lee, Kung-Ta journal article6561
362006針對停經後婦女保健之功能性食品成分開發鄭瑋宜; 黃青真 
372006Reduced Fat Mass in Rats Fed a High Oleic Acid–Rich Safflower Oil Diet Is Associated with Changes in Expression of Hepatic PPARα and Adipose SREBP-1c–Regulated GenesHsu, Shan-Ching; Huang, Ching-Jang 
382006Fractionation and identification of 9c, 11t, 13t-conjugated linolenic acid as an activator of PPARα in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.)Chuang, Chia-Ying; Hsu, Chin; Chao, Che-Yi; Wein, Yung-Shung; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Huang, Ching-jang 
392005抗代謝症候群苦瓜保健食品研發─苦瓜活化PPAR成分之萃取與化學鑑定及其供為調節胰島素敏感性與血脂保健食品之研發(1/3)黃青真 report
402005針對停經後婦女保健之功能性食品成份開發─山藥及其他食物材料中具雌激素活性化合物或區分物之篩選與功能性研究(2/3)黃青真 report
412005Stimulated resistin expression in white adipose of rats with bile duct ligation-induced liver cirrhosis: relationship to cirrhotic hyperinsulinemia and increased tumor necrosis factor-alphaLin, Shih-Yi; Wayne, Huey-Herng Sheu; Chen, Wen-Yin; Lee, Fa-Yauh; Huang, Ching-Jang journal article
422005Activation of ubiquitin-proteasome pathway is involved in skeletal muscle wasting in a rat model with biliary cirrhosis: potential role of TNF-αLin, Shih-Yi; Chen, Wen-Yin; LeeFa-Yauh; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Sheu, Wayne Huey-Herng
432005Plasma retinol and α-tocopherol status of the Taiwanese elderly populationCheng, Wei-Yi; Fu, Ming-Ling; Wen, Li-Jou; Chen, Cheng; Pan, Wen-Harn; Huang, Ching-Jang 
442005Peroxisome Proliferation in Liver of Rats Fed Oxidized Frying OilCHAO, Pei Min; YANG, Mei Fang; TSENG, Yu Na; CHANG, Ko Ming; LU Kuo, Shyan ; HUANG, Ching jang 170
452004PPARalpha活化微粒體與過氧化體脂肪酸氧化系統於維生素E代謝之角色(3/3)黃青真 report
462004針對停經後婦女保健之功能性食品成份開發─山藥及其他食物材料中具雌激素活性化合物或區分物之篩選與功能性研究(1/3)黃青真 report
472004The up-regulation of hepatic acyl-coA oxidase and cytochrome P450 4A1 mRNA expression by dietary oxidized frying oil is comparable between male and female ratsChao, Pei-Min; Hsu, Shan-Ching; Lin, Fu-Jung ; Li, Yi-Jen; Huang, Ching-Jang 
482004國小學童之維生素A與維生素E營養狀況黃青真 ; 蕭寧馨 ; 王麗琳; 許曉琦; 潘文涵
492003Bitter gourd(Momordica charantia) extract activates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors and upregulates the expression of the acyl CoA oxidase gene in H4IIEC3 hepatoma cellsChao, Che-Yi; Huang, Ching-jang 
502003Prostaglandin formation as affected by dietary frying oil and other food componentsChing-jang Huang 
512002均衡飲食中維生素E、硒、礦物質及一般營養成分分析劉珍芳; 駱菲莉; 王慈圓; 陳巧明; 蕭寧馨 ; 高美丁; 莊佳穎; 黃青真 
522002Differential effects of foods traditionally regarded as ‘heating’ and ‘cooling’ on prostaglandin E2 production by a macrophage cell lineHuang, Ching-Jang ; Wu, Mei-Chiao
532001Oxidized Frying Oil Up-Regulates Hepatic Acyl-CoA Oxidase and Cytochrome P450 4 A1 Genes in Rats and Activates PPARαChao, Pei-Min; Chao, Che-Yi; Lin, Fu-Jung ; Huang, Ching-Jang 81
542000Secretion of α-Tocopherol in VLDL Is Decreased by Dietary Protein Insufficiency in Young Growing RatsShaw, Huey-Mei; Huang, Ching-Jang 
552000The Bioavailability of β-Carotene in Stir- or Deep-Fried Vegetables in Men Determined by Measuring the Serum Response to a Single IngestionHuang, Ching-jang ; Tang, Ya-Li; Chen, Ching-Yu; Chen, Mei-Ling; Chu, Cherh-Huei; Hseu, Chin-Tou
561998炸油飲食降低血漿與肝臟維生素A含量湯雅理; 黃青真 ; 湯雅理; 黃青真 
571998Liver α-Tocopherol Transfer Protein and Its mRNA Are Differentially Altered by Dietary Vitamin E Deficiency and Protein Insufficiency in RatsShaw, Huey-Mei; Huang, Ching-Jang 
581998餵食炸油降低飲食β-胡蘿蔔素於大鼠體內之維生素A價值朱哲輝; 黃青真 ; 朱哲輝; 黃青真 
591998Synergistic Activation of RLD-1 by Agents Triggering PKA and PKC Dependent SignallingHuang, Ching-jang ; Feltkamp, Dorothee; Nilsson, Stefan; Gustafsson, Jan-?ke
601997Effects of dietary oxidized frying oil on immune responses of spleen cells in ratsLin, Bi-Fong ; Wu, Ying-Jung; Chiang, Bor-Luen ; Liu, Jen-Fang; Huang, Ching-Jang journal article66
611996Dietary Oxidized Frying Oil Enhances Tissue α-Tocopherol Depletion and Radioisotope Tracer Excretion in Vitamin E-Deficient RatsLiu, Jen-Fang; Huang, Ching-Jang 
621996Red cell vitamin E and oxidative damage: A dual role of reducing agentsWang, Jamin; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Chow, Ching K.
631995Tissue α-Tocopherol Retention in Male Rats Is Compromised by Feeding Diets Containing Oxidized Frying OilLiu, Jen-Fang; Huang, Ching-Jang 
641993Degree of Protein Deficiency Affects the Extent of the Depression of the Antioxidative Enzyme Activities and the Enhancement of Tissue Lipid Peroxidation in RatsHuang, Ching-Jang ; Fwu, Ming-Ling
651992Copper-Marginal and Copper-Deficient Diets Decrease Aortic Prostacyclin Production and Copper-Dependent Superoxide Dismutase Activity, and Increase Aortic Lipid Peroxidation in RatsNelson, Sally K.; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Mathias, Melvin M.; Allen, Kenneth G. D.
661991油脂加熱及油炸過程中產生之有害成分與品質指標之關係郝龍斌; 黃青真 ; 李惠貞; Huang, Ching-Jang journal article
671990Determination of picomole quantitites of hydroperoxides by a coupled glutathione peroxidase and glutathione disulfide specific glutathione reductase assayAllen, Kenneth G. D.; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Morin, Catherine L.
681989限食、壽命與老化黃青真 ; 謝明哲