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12022Evaluation of the apolipoprotein E (apoE)-HDL-associated risk factors for coronary heart disease using duo-functional electrochemical aptasensorTsai, Ching Ying; Huang, Deng Ying; JA-AN ANNIE HO ; Wu, Li ChenAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry0
22022Applications of triplex DNA nanostructures in sensor developmentLin, Pei Ying; Chi, Rong; Wu, Yu Ling; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry0
32021Imaging of Cancer Cells and Dictated Cytotoxicity Using Aptamer-Guided Hybridization Chain Reaction (HCR)-Generated G-Quadruplex ChainsJou, Amily Fang Ju; Chou, Yi Te; Willner, Itamar; JA-AN ANNIE HO Angewandte Chemie - International Edition6
42021A disposable electrochemical sensor designed to estimate glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) level in whole bloodThiruppathi M; Lee J.-F; Chen C.C; Ho J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical4
52021Amplification-free Detection of Cytomegalovirus miRNA Using a Modification-free Surface Plasmon Resonance BiosensorChang Y.-F; Chou Y.-T; Cheng C.-Y; Hsu J.-F; Su L.-C; Ho J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry6
62021Targeting triple‐negative breast cancer with an aptamer‐functionalized nanoformulation: a synergistic treatment that combines photodynamic and bioreductive therapiesChou Y.-T; Lin C.-Y; Wen J.-W; Hung L.-C; Chang Y.-F; Yang C.-M; Wu L.-C; Ho J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Nanobiotechnology3
72020Simple and cost-effective enzymatic detection of cholesterol using flow injection analysisThiruppathi, M.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Wang, T.-W.; Tsao, Y.; Wu, T.-H.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Sciences1
82019Diagnosing the RGS11 Lung Cancer Biomarker: The Integration of Competitive Immunoassay and Isothermal Nucleic Acid Exponential Amplification ReactionY. F. Chang; Y. Q. Huang; K. M. Wu; A. F. J. Jou; N. Y. Shih; J. A. A. Ho Analytical Chemistry35
92019Simple aminophenol based electrochemical probes for non enzymatic, dual amperometric detection of NADH and hydrogen peroxideM. Thiruppathi; P. Y. Lin; Y. T. Chou; H. Y. Ho; L. C. Wu; J. A. A. Ho Talanta1030
102017Tyramine detection using PEDOT:PSS/AuNPs/1 methy1 4 mercaptopyridine modified screen printed carbon electrode with molecularly imprinted polymer solid phase extractionY. Li; C. H. Hsieh; C. W. Lai; Y. F. Chang; H. Y. Chan; C. F. Tsai; J. A. A. Ho ; L. C. WuBiosensors & Bioelectronics1524
112017Chemopreventive Potential of Ethanolic Extracts of Luobuma Leaves (Apocynum venetum L.) in Androgen Insensitive Prostate CancerS. P. Huang; T. M. Ho; C. W. Yang; Y. J. Chang; J. F. Chen; N. S. Shaw; J. C. Horng; S. L. Hsu; M. Y. Liao; L. C. Wu; J. A. A. Ho Nutrients912
122017Target Triggered, Dual Amplification Strategy for Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of a Lymphoma associated MicroRNAA. F. J. Jou; Y. J. Chen; Y. Li; Y. F. Chang; J. J. Lee; A. T. Liao; J. A. A. Ho Electrochimica Acta616
132017An innovative application of time domain spectroscopy on localized surface plasmon resonance sensingM. C. Li; Y. F. Chang; H. Y. Wang; Y. X. Lin; C. C. Kuo; J. A. A. Ho ; C. C. Lee; L. C. SuScientific Reports34
142016Redox liposomes in the development of electrochemical sensorsLiao W.-C.; Jou A.F.-J.; Lin C.-H.; Ho J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Liposomes in Analytical Methodologies20
152016Use of liposomal amplifiers in total internal reflection fluorescence fiber-optic biosensors for protein detectionChang, Y.-F.; Fu, C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Fang-Ju Jou, A.; Chen, C.-C.; Chou, C.; Annie Ho, J.-A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 1417
162015Synergism through combination of chemotherapy and oxidative stress-induced autophagy in A549 lung cancer cells using redox-responsive nanohybrids: A new strategy for cancer therapyLu, H.-Y.; Chang, Y.-J.; Fan, N.-C.; Wang, L.-S.; Lai, N.-C.; Yang, C.-M.; Wu, L.-C.; Ho, J.A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biomaterials 3237
172015Gallic acid induces necroptosis via TNF-α signaling pathway in activated hepatic stellate cellsChang, Y.J.; Hsu, S.L.; Liu, Y.T.; Lin, Y.H.; Lin, M.H.; Huang, S.J.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Wu, L.-C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO PLOS ONE 2633
182015Gold Nanocluster-Assisted Fluorescent Detection for Hydrogen Peroxide and Cholesterol Based on the Inner Filter Effect of Gold NanoparticlesChang, H.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 132169
192015Diagnosing the miR-141 prostate cancer biomarker using nucleic acid-functionalized CdSe/ZnS QDs and telomeraseJou, A.F.-J.; Lu, C.-H.; Ou, Y.-C.; Wang, S.-S.; Hsu, S.-L.; Willner, I.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Chemical Science 7781
202015Green synthesis of novel polyaniline nanofibers: Application in pH sensingTanwar, S.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Molecules 1621
212014Gold nanobone/carbon nanotube hybrids for the efficient nonenzymatic detection of H2O2 and glucoseJou, A.F.-J.; Tai, N.-H.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Electroanalysis 1010
222014Facile preparation of high-quantum-yield gold nanoclusters: Application to probing mercuric ions and biothiolsChang, H.-C.; Chang, Y.-F.; Fan, N.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 6678
232014Improved activity of immobilized antibody by paratope orientation controller: Probing paratope orientation by electrochemical strategy and surface plasmon resonance spectroscopyLiao, W.-C.; Annie Ho, J.-A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 109
242014Gold/Phospholipid nanoconstructs as label-free optical probes for evaluating phospholipase A2 activityChen, S.-H.; Hsu, Y.-P.; Lu, H.-Y.; Ho, J.A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 610
252014Exploitation of stem-loop DNA as a dual-input gene sensing platform: Extension to subtyping of influenza A virusesLai, Y.-H.; Lee, C.-C.; King, C.-C.; Chuang, M.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Chemical Science 88
262014A 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine/kojic acid derivative as a simple colorimetric probe for determination of cupric ions in waterTanwar, S.; Lu, H.-Y.; Magi, E.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 55
272013Phospholipid-functionalized mesoporous silica nanocarriers forselective photodynamic therapy of cancerTeng, I.-T.; Chang, Y.-J.; Wang, L.-S.; Lu, H.-Y.; Wu, L.-C.; Yang, C.-M.; Chiu, C.-C.; Yang, C.-H.; Hsu, S.-L.; Ho, J.A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biomaterials 6867
282013Preparation of liposomal progesterone and its application on the measurement of progesterone interpreted via electrochemical and colorimetric sensing platformsTien, C.-Y.; Jou, A.F.-J.; Fan, N.-C.; Chuang, M.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Electroanalysis 33
292013Green synthesis and characterization of novel gold nanocomposites for electrochemical sensing applicationsTanwar, S.; Annie Ho, J.-A.; Magi, E.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Talanta 79
302013Multifunctional microelectrode array (mMEA) chip for neural-electrical and neural-chemical interfaces: Characterization of comb interdigitated electrode towards dopamine detectionChuang, M.-C.; Lai, H.-Y.; Annie Ho, J.-A.; Chen, Y.-Y.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2125
312013Electrochemical sensor for multiplex screening of genetically modified DNA: Identification of biotech crops by logic-based biomolecular analysisLiao, W.-C.; Chuang, M.-C.; Ho, J.A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2221
322012A Tunable Multicolor Photoluminescent Nanocarbon Prepared from Castor Oil SootPrasad, K.S.; Fan, Nien-Chu; Wu, Li-Chen; Chang, Heng-Chia; Wang, Li-Sheng ; Hwang, Kuo-Chu; Hwu, Reuben Jih-Ru; Horng, Jia-Cherng; Lin, Chun-Cheng; Ho, Ja-an Annie Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 13
332012Efficient electrocatalytic oxidation of water: minimization of catalyst loading by an electrostatic assembly of hydrous iridium oxide colloidsChuang, Min-Chieh; Ho, Ja-an Annie RSC Advances 2022
342012Optical Aptasensors for the Analysis of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)Freeman, Ronit; Girsh, Julia; Jou, Amily Fang-ju; Ho, Ja-an Annie ; Hug, Thomas; Dernedde, Jens; Willner, ItamarAnalytical Chemistry 135152
352012DOPA-Mediated Reduction Allows the Facile Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters for Use as Sensing Probes for Ferric IonsHo, Ja-an Annie ; Chang, Heng-Chia; Su, Wen-TaAnalytical Chemistry 221232
362012Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical applications of carbon nanoparticles derived from castor oil sootPrasad, K.Sudhakara; Chuang, Min-Chieh; Ho, Ja-An Annie Talanta 2023
372012Template-free synthesis of an electroactive Au-Calix-PPY nanocomposite for electrochemical sensor applicationsTanwar, Shivani; Chuang, Min-Chieh; Prasad, K.Sudhakara; Ho, Ja-an Annie Green Chemistry 1212
382012Dual polarization interferometric and capillary electrophoretic analysis of supported lipid bilayer constructed on silica-based surface: Evaluation of its anti-protein adsorption effectHo J.A.A.; Kuo T.-Y.; Yu L.-G.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytica Chimica Acta66
392012Development of an immunopredictor for the evaluation of the risk of cardiovascular diseases based on the level of soluble P-selectinHo J.A.A.; Jou A.F.J.; Wu L.-C.; Hsu S.-L.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Methods911
402012Photocontrolled targeted drug delivery: Photocaged biologically active folic acid as a light-responsive tumor-targeting moleculeFan, N.-C.; Cheng, F.-Y.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Yeh, C.-S.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 138156
412012Electrochemical immunosensor for multiplexed detection of food-borne pathogens using nanocrystal bioconjugates and MWCNT screen-printed electrodeViswanathan, S.; Rani, C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Talanta 94109
422012Monitoring the subcellular localization of doxorubicin in CHO-K1 using MEKC-LIF: Liposomal carrier for enhanced drug deliveryHo, J.-A.A.; Fan, N.-C.; Fang-Ju Jou, A.; Wu, L.-C.; Sun, T.-P.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Talanta 1719
432012Nanotheranostics - A review of recent publicationsWang, L.-S.; Chuang, M.-C.; Ho, J.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO International Journal of Nanomedicine 112111
442011Binding kinetics of biomolecule interaction at ultralow concentrations based on gold nanoparticle enhancementSu L.-C.; Chang Y.-F.; Chou C.; Ho J.-A.A.; Li Y.-C.; Chou L.-D.; Lee C.-C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry99
452011Dynamic probing of nanoparticle stability in vivo: A liposomal model assessed using in situ microdialysis and optical imagingJeng, C.-C.; Cheng, S.-H.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Huang, S.H.-Y.; Chang, J.C.; Tsai, P.-J.; Yang, C.-S.; Lo, L.-W.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Nanomaterials 85
462010Ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of biotin using electrically addressable site-oriented antibody immobilization approach via aminophenyl boronic acid.Ho, Ja-an Annie ; Hsu, Wei-Ling; Liao, Wei-Ching; Chiu, Je-Kuan; Chen, Mu-Lin; Chang, Heng-Chia; Li, Chun-ChengBiosensors and Bioelectronics 6877
472010Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-browning activities of hot water extracts of oriental herbal teasWu, Li-Chen; Jou, Amily Fang-Ju; Chen, Si-Han; Tien, Chia-Ying; Cheng, Chih-Fu; Fan, Nien-Chu; Ho, Ja-an Annie Food & Function 1820
482010Synthesis of N-modified sTn analogs and evaluation of their immunogenicities by microarray-based immunoassaySahabuddin, Sk; Chang, Tsung-Che; Lin, Chang-Ching; Jan, Fan-Dan; Hsiao, Hsuan-Yi; Huang, Kuo-Ting; Chen, Jeen-Han; Horng, Jia-Cherng; Ho, Ja-an Annie; Lin, Chun-Cheng; JA-AN ANNIE HO ; Sahabuddin, Sk; Chang, Tsung-Che; Lin, Chang-Ching; Jan, Fan-Dan; Hsiao, Hsuan-Yi; Huang, Kuo-Ting; Chen, Jeen-Han; Horng, Jia-Cherng; Ho, Ja-an Annie ; Lin, Chun-ChengTetrahedron 2727
492010Surface charge-mediated rapid hepatobiliary excretion of mesoporous silica nanoparticlesSouris, J.S.; Lee, C.-H.; Cheng, S.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Yang, C.-S.; Ho, J.A.A.; Mou, C.-Y.; Lo, L.-W.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biomaterials 216234
502010Facile surface functionalization of nanodiamondsChang, I.P.; Hwang, K.C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Lin, C.-C.; Hwu, R.J.-R.; Horng, J.-C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Langmuir 5964
512010Localized Surface Plasmon Coupled Fluorescence Fiber Optic Based BiosensingChou, C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Chen, C.-C.; Ng, M.-Y.; Liu, W.-C.; Chang, Y.-F.; Fu, C.; Chen, S.-H.; Kuo, T.-Y.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence 10
522010Liposome-based immunoaffinity chromatographic assay for the quantitation of immunoglobulin E in human serumAnnie Ho, J.-a.; Wu, L.-C.; Chang, L.-H.; Hwang, K.-C.; Reuben Hwu, J.-R.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Chromatography B: Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences 109
532010Au nanocube-directed fabrication of Au-Pd core-shell nanocrystals with tetrahexahedral, concave octahedral, and octahedral structures and their electrocatalytic activityLu, C.-L.; Prasad, K.S.; Wu, H.-L.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Huang, M.H.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of the American Chemical Society 306321
542010Biofunctionalized phospholipid-capped mesoporous silica nanoshuttles for targeted drug delivery: Improved water suspensibility and decreased nonspecific protein bindingWang, L.-S.; Wu, L.-C.; Lu, S.-Y.; Chang, L.-L.; Teng, I.-T.; Yang, C.-M.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO ACS Nano 169189
552010Diagnostic detection of human lung cancer-associated antigen using a gold nanoparticle-based electrochemical immunosensorHo, J.-A.A.; Chang, H.-C.; Shih, N.-Y.; Wu, L.-C.; Chang, Y.-F.; Chen, C.-C.; Chou, C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 140144
562009Carbon Nanoparticle-Enhanced Immunoelectrochemical Detection for Protein Tumor Marker with Cadmium Sulfide BiotracersHo, Ja-an Annie ; Lin, Yeh-Chun; Wang, Li-Sheng ; Hwang, Kuo-Chu; Chou, Pi-Tai Analytical Chemistry 128121
572009The comparison between the graded photonic crystal coupler and various couplersChien, H.-T.; Lee, C.; Chiu, H.-K.; Hsu, K.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Chou, C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Lightwave Technology 2624
582009DAST-mediated regioselective anomeric group migration in saccharidesLin, P.-C.; Adak, A.K.; Ueng, S.-H.; Huang, L.-D.; Huang, K.-T.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Lin, C.-C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Organic Chemistry 1717
592009Disposable electrochemical immunosensor for carcinoembryonic antigen using ferrocene liposomes and MWCNT screen-printed electrodeViswanathan, S.; Rani, C.; Vijay An; , A.; Ho, J.-a.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 123129
602009Photochemical activities of n-nitroso carboxamides and sulfoximides and their application to DNA cleavageHwu, J.R.; Huang, J.J.T.; Tsai, F.Y.; Tsay, S.C.; Hsu, M.H.; Hwang, K.C.; Horng, J.C.; Ho, J.A.A.; Lin, C.C.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Chemistry - A European Journal 89
612009Folic acid-anchored peggylated phospholipid bioconjugate and its application in a liposomal immunodiagnostic assay for folic acidHo, J.-A.A.; Hung, C.-H.; Wu, L.-C.; Liao, M.-Y.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 1314
622009Antioxidant activity and melanogenesis inhibitory effect of the acetonic extract of Osmanthus fragrans: A potential natural and functional food flavor additiveWu, L.-c.; Chang, L.-H.; Chen, S.-H.; Fan, N.-c.; Ho, J.-a.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO LWT- Food Science and Technology 6762
632009Attomole DNA electrochemical sensor for the detection of escherichia coli O157Wei-Ching Liao; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 95109
642009Gold-Nanostructured immunosensor for the electrochemical sensing of biotin based on liposomal competitive assayHo, J.-A.A.; Chiu, J.-K.; Hong, J.-C.; Lin, C.-C.; Hwang, K.-C.; Hwu, J.-R.R.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2322
652008Liposome-based immunostrip for the rapid detection of SalmonellaHo, Ja-an Annie ; Zeng, Shi-Chin; Tseng, Wei-Hsiang; Lin, Yong-Jen; Chen, Chun-hsien Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 4342
662008Microwave arcing induced formation and growth mechanisms of core/shell metal/carbon nanoparticles in organic solutionsHsin, Y.-L.; Lin, C.-F.; Liang, Y.-C.; Hwang, K.C.; Horng, J.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Lin, C.-C.; Hwu, J.R.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Advanced Functional Materials 5859
672008Using liposomal fluorescent biolabels to develop an immunoaffinity chromatographic biosensing system for biotinHo, J.-A.A.; Hung, C.-H.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 1620
682007Rapid analysis of l-dopa in urine samples using gold nanoelectrode ensemblesViswanathan, S.; Liao, W.-C.; Huang, C.-C.; Hsu, W.-L.; Ho, J.-a.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Talanta 2323
692007Application of ganglioside-sensitized liposomes in a flow injection immunoanalytical system for the determination of cholera toxinHo, J.-A.A.; Wu, L.-C.; Huang, M.-R.; Lin, Y.-J.; Baeumner, A.J.; Durst, R.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 4444
702007Echogenic liposomes in high-frequency ultrasound imagingLu, S.-C.; Ho, J.-A.; Yeh, C.-K.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Proceedings - IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium 30
712007Development of a long-life capillary enzyme bioreactor for the determination of blood glucoseHo, J.-a.A.; Wu, L.-c.; Fan, N.-C.; Lee, M.-S.; Kuo, H.-Y.; Yang, C.-S.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Talanta 2021
722007Direct immobilization of Fab′ in nanocapillaries for manipulating mass-limited samplesBo, Y.K.; Swearingen, C.B.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Romanova, E.V.; Bohn, P.W.; Sweedler, J.V.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of the American Chemical Society 3542
732007Dual electrochemical determination of glucose and insulin using enzyme and ferrocene microcapsulesViswanathan, S.; Ho, J.-a.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biosensors and Bioelectronics 1917
742006Occurrence of aristolochic acids in over-the-counter Chinese prepared medicinesJA-AN ANNIE HO Asian Journal of Chemistry 0
752006Development of liposomal immunosensor for the measurement of insulin with femtomole detectionHo, J.-A.A.; Zeng, S.-C.; Huang, M.-R.; Kuo, H.-Y.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytica Chimica Acta 1920
762006Antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of red pitayaWu, L.-C.; Hsu, H.-W.; Chen, Y.-C.; Chiu, C.-C.; Lin, Y.-I.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Food Chemistry 274293
772006Electrochemical immunosensor for cholera toxin using liposomes and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-coated carbon nanotubesViswanathan, S.; Wu, L.-C.; Huang, M.-R.; Ho, J.-A.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 180185
782005Pulse inversion fundamental imaging for ultrasonic small animal molecular imaging李百祺 ; 李承翰; 廖愛禾; 何佳安 the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging
792005Pulse inversion fundamental imaging with liposome microbubbles at 25-50 MHzC.-H. Li; A.-H. Liao; P.-C. Li; PAI-CHI LI ; JA-AN ANNIE HO 2005 International Ultrasonics Symposium 00
802005Application of a liposomal bioluminescent label in the development of a flow injection immunoanalytical systemHo, J.-A.A.; Huang, M.-R.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 3639
812005Antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of spirulina and Chlorella water extractsWu, L.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Shieh, M.-C.; Lu, I.-W.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 132129
822004Ultrasonic non-linear imaging with liposome micro-bubblesC.-H. Li; J.-A. Ho; P.-C. Li; PAI-CHI LI ; 何佳安 Symposium of Annual Conference of the Biomedical Engineering Society 
832004Potential usage of liposome-encapsulated phosphor for in vivo imaging of tissue oxygenationLo, L.-W.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Chang, Y.-H.; Chang, C.-H.; Yang, C.-S.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications 20
842004Liposome-based microcapillary immunosensor for detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7Ho, J.-A.A.; Hsu, H.-W.; Huang, M.-R.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Biochemistry 5955
852003Detection of fumonisin B1: Comparison of flow-injection liposome immunoanalysis with high-performance liquid chromatographyHo, J.-A.A.; Durst, R.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Biochemistry 4239
862003Procedures for preparing Escherichia coli O157:H7 immunoliposome and its application in liposome immunoassayHo, J.-A.A.; Hsu, H.-W.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 5554
872003Inhibitory effect of red koji extracts on mushroom tyrosinaseWu, L.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Annie Ho, J.-A.; Yang, C.-S.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 3531
882002A strip liposome immunoassay for aflatoxin B1Ho, J.-A.A.; Wauchope, R.D.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytical Chemistry 9694
892000Development of a flow-injection liposome immunoanalysis system for fumonisin B1Ho, J.-A.A.; Durst, R.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytica Chimica Acta 2427
902000Preparation of reagents for the determination of fumonisin B1 by flow-injection immunoanalysisHo, J.-A.A.; Durst, R.A.; JA-AN ANNIE HO Analytica Chimica Acta 2121