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12021De Novo Design of Antimicrobial Peptides With a Special Charge Pattern and Their Application in Combating Plant PathogensChen, Eric H. -L.; Weng, Cheng-Wei; Li, Yi-Min; Wu, Ming-Chin; Yang, Chien-Chih ; Lee, Kung-Ta ; Chen, Rita P. -Y.; CHIU-PING CHENG Frontiers in Plant Science44
22020Piriformospora indica symbiosis improves water stress tolerance of rice through regulating stomata behavior and ROS scavenging systemsTsai, Hsuan-Ju; Shao, Ko-Hsuan; Chan, Ming-Tsair; Cheng, Chiu-Ping; Yeh, Kai-Wun; Oelmüller, Ralf; CHIU-PING CHENG Plant Signaling & Behavior4741
32020The Role of a Glucosinolate-Derived Nitrile in Plant Immune ResponsesTing, H.-M. ; Cheah, B.H.; Chen, Y.-C.; Yeh, P.-M.; Cheng, C.-P.; Yeo, F.K.S.; Vie, A.K.; Rohloff, J.; Winge, P.; Bones, A.M.; Kissen, R.; CHIU-PING CHENG Frontiers in Plant Science1616
42017The Arabidopsis defensin gene, AtPDF1.1, mediates defence against Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum via an iron-withholding defence systemHsiao, Pao Yuan; CHIU-PING CHENG ; Koh, Kah Wee; Chan, Ming TsairScientific Reports3527
52017Pathogen-induced ERF68 regulates hypersensitive cell death in tomatoLiu, An Chi; CHIU-PING CHENG Molecular Plant Pathology1412
62016Functional assignment to positively selected sites in the core type III effector RipG7 from Ralstonia solanacearumWang, Keke; Remigi, Philippe; Anisimova, Maria; Lonjon, Fabien; Kars, Ilona; Kajava, Andrey; Li, Chien Hui; CHIU-PING CHENG ; Vailleau, Fabienne; Genin, Stéphane; Peeters, NemoMolecular Plant Pathology2423
72014The Arabidopsis LecRK-VI.2 associates with the pattern-recognition receptor FLS2 and primes Nicotiana benthamiana pattern-triggered immunityHuang, Pin Yao; Yeh, Yu Hung; Liu, An Chi; CHIU-PING CHENG ; LAURENT ZIMMERLI Plant Journal5250
82014Phytoalexin biosynthesis genes are regulated and involved in plant response to Ralstonia solanacearum infectionLin, Y.-M.; Shih, S.-L.; Lin, W.-C.; Wu, J.-W.; Chen, Y.-T.; Hsieh, C.-Y.; Guan, L.-C.; Lin, L.; Cheng, C.-P.; CHIU-PING CHENG Plant Science 88
92014Mutations in Ralstonia solanacearum loci involved in lipopolysaccharide biogenesis, phospholipid trafficking and peptidoglycan recycling render bacteriophage infectionHong, Y.-H.; Huang, C.; Wang, K.-C.; Chu, T.-H.; Li, C.-H.; Chu, Y.-J.; Cheng, C.-P.; CHIU-PING CHENG Archives of Microbiology 33
102014Roles of different forms of lipopolysaccharides in ralstonia solanacearum pathogenesisLi, C.-H.; CHIU-PING CHENGet al. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 1414
112013Ralstonia solanacearum RSc0411 (lptC) is a determinant for full virulence and has a strainspecific novel function in the T3SS activityYang, Wen Chieh; Lin, Yu Mei; YI-SHENG CHENG ; CHIU-PING CHENG Microbiology (United Kingdom)87
122013CHAPERONIN 20 mediates iron superoxide dismutase (FeSOD) activity independent of its co-chaperonin role in Arabidopsis chloroplastsKuo, W. Y.; Huang, C. H.; Liu, A. C.; CHIU-PING CHENG ; SHU-HSING LI; Chang, W. C.; Weiss, C.; Azem, A.; TSUNG-LUO JINN New Phytologist6862
132012Ralstonia solanacearum nlpD (RSc1206) contributes to host adaptationHsieh, Chi-Yin; Wang, Jaw-Fen; Huang, Pei-Cheng; Lu, Der-Kang; Lin, Yu-Mei; Yang, Wen-Chieh; Cheng, Chiu-Ping European Journal of Plant Pathology 23
142011Tomato RAV Transcription Factor Is a Pivotal Modulator Involved in the AP2/EREBP-Mediated Defense PathwayLi, Chia-Wen; Su, Ruey-Chih; Cheng, Chiu-Ping ; Sanjaya; You, Su-Juan; Hsieh, Tsai-Hung; Chao, To-Chun; Chan, Ming-TsairPlant Physiology 129117
152010Genetically pyramiding protease-inhibitor genes for dual broad-spectrum resistance against insect and phytopathogens in transgenic tobaccoSenthilkumar, Rajendran; Cheng, Chiu-Ping ; Yeh, Kai-WunPlant Biotechnology Journal 9585
162010Ectopic expression of an EAR motif deletion mutant of SlERF3 enhances tolerance to salt stress and Ralstonia solanacearum in tomatoPan, I-Chun; Li, Chia-Wen; Su, Ruey-Chih; Cheng, Chiu-Ping ; Lin, Choun-Sea; Chan, Ming-TsairPlanta 5147
172010A tomato bZIP transcription factor, SlAREB, is involved in water deficit and salt stress responseHsieh, Tsai-Hung; Li, Chia-Wen; Su, Ruey-Chih; Cheng, Chiu-Ping ; Sanjaya; Tsai, Yi-Chien; Chan, Ming-TsairPlanta 166141
182009Effects of Stress Factors on the Multiplication and Survival of a Taiwan Ralstonia solanacearum Tomato Strain鄭秋萍 ; 朱昱如Taiwania 00
192009A tobacco rattle virus-induced gene silencing system for a soil-borne vascular pathogen Ralstonia solanacearumCHIU-PING CHENG Botanical Studies 16
202009Virus-induced gene silencing reveals the involvement of ethylene-, salicylic acid- and mitogen-activated protein kinase-related defense pathways in the resistance of tomato to bacterial wiltChen, Yong-Yi; Lin, Yu-Mei; Chao, To-Chun; Wang, Jaw-Fen; Liu, An-Chi; Ho, Fang-I; Cheng, Chiu-Ping Physiologia Plantarum 7974
222008參與環境與宿主適應性之青枯病菌新穎操縱子功能研究 (新制多年期第1年)鄭秋萍 
232008A Highly Efficient Bioassay System for Screening Ralstonia solanacearum Mutants with Altered VirulenceYu-Mei Lin; I-Chun Chou; CHIU-PING CHENG TAIWANIA0
242008Transposon Mutagenesis Reveals Differential Pathogenesis of Ralstonia solanacearum on Tomato and ArabidopsisLin, Yu-Mei; Huang, Shu-Mei ; Cheng, Chiu-Ping et al. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 3331
272007Fine mapping of the Pc locus of Sorghum bicolor, a gene controlling the reaction to a fungal pathogen and its host-selective toxinNagy, Ervin D.; Lee, Tso-Ching; Ramakrishna, Wusirika; Xu, Zijun; Klein, Patricia E.; SanMiguel, Phillip; Cheng, Chiu-Ping ; Li, Jingling; Devos, Katrien M.; Schertz, Keith; Dunkle, Larry; Bennetzen, Jeffrey L.Theoretical and Applied Genetics 2424
282006植物與微生物的恩怨情仇.鄭秋萍 ; 林玉梅; 管力慶科學發展月刊 
292005Transgenic tomato plants expressing an Arabidopsis thionin (Thi2.1) driven by fruit-inactive promoter battle against phytopathogenic attackChan, Y.-L.; Prasad, V.; Sanjaya,; Kuei, H.C.; Po, C.L.; Chan, M.-T.; Cheng, C.-P.; CHIU-PING CHENG Planta 9078
302005A glycine-rich protein gene family predominantly expressed in tomato roots, but not in leaves and ripe fruitLin, W.-C.; Cheng, M.-L.; Wu, J.-W.; Yang, N.-S.; Cheng, C.-P.; Lin, WC; Cheng, ML; Wu, JW; Yang, NS; Cheng, CP*; CHIU-PING CHENG Plant Science 109
312004Generation of random, in-frame mutations by TN1000-mediated mutagenesis.Chou, IC; Olszewski, NE; Cheng, CP Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology 0
322004Plant age-related resistance to Ralstonia solanacearum, the causal agent of bacterial wilt.Hwang, KY; Chou, IC; Lin, YM; Cheng, CP Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology 0
332004Transgenic tomato plants expressing the Arabidopsis NPR1 gene display enhanced resistance to a spectrum of fungal and bacterial diseasesLin, W.-C.; Lu, C.-F.; Wu, J.-W.; Cheng, M.-L.; Lin, Y.-M.; Yang, N.-S.; Black, L.; Green, S.K.; Wang, J.-F.; Cheng, C.-P.; CHIU-PING CHENG Transgenic Research 176146
342003In silico identification and phylogenetic analysis of putative plant arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase.Liu, HL; Cheng, ML; Tong, CG; Yang, NS; Chan, MT; Cheng, CP Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology 0
352001Introduction of defense genes that confer broad-spectrum disease-resistance into tomato plantsW. C. Lin; J. W. Wu; H. L. Liu; M. L. Cheng; C. J. Peng; J. F. Wang; Peter Hanson; C. P. Chen Proceedings of International Symposium on Biological Control of Plant Diseases for the New Century – Mode of Action and Application Technology, Department of Plant Pathology
362000Characterization of halotolerant rhizobia isolated from root nodules of Canavalia rosea from seaside areasChen, Wen Ming; Lee, Tsong Ming; Lan, Chun Chieh; CHIU-PING CHENG FEMS Microbiology Ecology280
371998Tubules containing virions are present in plant tissues infected with Commelina yellow mottle badnavirusCheng C.-P.; Tzafrir I.; Lockhart B.E.L.; Olszewski N.E.; CHIU-PING CHENG Journal of General Virology2421
381996The ORF I and II proteins of Commelina yellow mottle virus are virion-associatedCHIU-PING CHENG ; Lockhart, B. E.L.; Olszewski, Neil E.Virology4140
391993Monoclonal antibodies against sugarcane mosaic virusCheng, CP ; Chen, CT; Deng, TC; Su, HJPlant Pathology Bulletin