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12021Elp1 facilitates RAD51-mediated homologous recombination repair via translational regulationWEI-TING CHEN; Tseng, Huan Yi; Jiang, Chung Lin; Lee, Chih Ying; Chi, Peter ; Chen, Liuh Yow; KAI-YIN LO; Wang, I. Ching; FU-JUNG LIN Journal of Biomedical Science1
22021Caenorhabditis elegans DSB-3 reveals conservation and divergence among protein complexes promoting meiotic double-strand breaksHinman, Albert W.; Yeh, Hsin Yi; Roelens, Baptiste; Yamaya, Kei; Woglar, Alexander; Bourbon, Henri Marc G.; Chi, Peter ; Villeneuve, Anne M.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America43
32021Trichoderma reesei Rad51 tolerates mismatches in hybrid meiosis with diverse genome sequencesLi, Wan Chen; Lee, Chia Yi; Lan, Wei Hsuan; Woo, Tai Ting; Liu, Hou Cheng; Yeh, Hsin Yi; Chang, Hao Yen; Chuang, Yu Chien; Chen, Chiung Ya; Chuang, Chi Ning; Chen, Chia Ling; Hsueh, Yi Ping; HUNG-WEN LI ; Chi, Peter ; Wang, Ting FangProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America33
42021Crosstalk between CST and RPA regulates RAD51 activity during replication stressLei K.-H; Yang H.-L; Chang H.-Y; Yeh H.-Y; Nguyen D.D; Lee T.-Y; Lyu X; Chastain M; Chai W; Li H.-W; Chi P. ; HUNG-WEN LI Nature Communications00
52021Identification of fidelity-governing factors in human recombinases DMC1 and RAD51 from cryo-EM structuresHUNG-YUAN CHI Nature Communications34
62021Human CST complex protects stalled replication forks by directly blocking MRE11 degradation of nascent-strand DNALyu, X.; Lei, K.H.; Biak Sang, P.; Shiva, O.; Chastain, M.; Chi, P. ; Chai, W.The EMBO Journal66
72020Microcephaly family protein MCPH1 stabilizes RAD51 filamentsChang, H.-Y.; Lee, C.-Y.; Lu, C.-H.; Lee, W.; Yang, H.-L.; Yeh, H.-Y.; Li, H.-W.; Chi, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Nucleic acids research22
82020Rad51 facilitates filament assembly of meiosis-specific Dmc1 recombinaseLan, W.-H.; Lin, S.-Y.; Kao, C.-Y.; Chang, W.-H.; Yeh, H.-Y.; Chang, H.-Y.; Chi, P.; Li, H.-W.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America65
92019Guidelines for DNA recombination and repair studies: Mechanistic assays of DNA repair processesE. Rothenberg; HUNG-YUAN CHI et al. Microbial Cell55
102019Promotion of homology-directed DNA repair by polyaminesC. Y. Lee; G. C. Su; W. Y. Huang; M. Y. Ko; H. Y. Yeh; G. D. Chang; S. J. Lin; P. Chi Nature Communications2526
112018Swi5-Sfr1 stimulates Rad51 recombinase filament assembly by modulating Rad51 dissociationC. H. Lu; H. Y. Yeh; G. C. Su; K. Ito; Y. Kurokawa; H. Iwasaki; P. Chi ; H. W. LiProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America1916
122017Mobilizing Transit-Amplifying Cell-Derived Ectopic Progenitors Prevents Hair Loss from Chemotherapy or Radiation TherapyW. Y. Huang; S. F. Lai; H. Y. Chiu; M. Chang; M. V. Plikus; C. C. Chan; Y. T. Chen; P. N. Tsao; T. L. Yang; H. S. Lee; P. Chi ; S. J. LinCancer Research1020
132017Functional characterization of the meiosis-specific DNA double-strand break inducing factor SPO-11 from C-elegansH. Y. Yeh; S. W. Lin; Y. C. Wu; N. L. Chan; P. Chi Scientific Reports33
142016Prevalence and clinical significance of BRCA1/2 germline and somatic mutations in Taiwanese patients with ovarian cancerA. Chao; T. C. Chang; N. Lapke; S. M. Jung; P. Chi ; C. H. Chen; L. Y. Yang; C. T. Lin; H. J. Huang; H. H. Chou; J. D. Liou; S. J. Chen; T. H. Wang; C. H. LaiOncotarget3332
152016Role of the RAD51-SWI5-SFR1 Ensemble in homologous recombinationG. C. Su; H. Y. Yeh; S. W. Lin; C. I. Chung; Y. S. Huang; Y. C. Liu; P. C. Lyu; P. Chi Nucleic Acids Research98
162015Functional relationship of ATP hydrolysis, presynaptic filament stability, and homologous DNA pairing activity of the human meiotic recombinase DMC1Chang, H.-Y.; Liao, C.-Y.; Su, G.-C.; Lin, S.-W.; Wang, H.-W.; Chi, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Biological Chemistry 1010
172014Purification of recombinant nacre-associated mineralization protein AP7 fused with maltose-binding proteinHuang, Y.-C.; Chang, H.-H.; Mou, Y.; Chi, P.; Chan, J.C.C.; Luo, S.-C.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Protein Expression and Purification 22
182014Enhancement of ADP release from the RAD51 presynaptic filament by the SWI5-SFR1 complexSu, G.-C.; Chung, C.-I.; Liao, C.-Y.; Lin, S.-W.; Tsai, C.-T.; Huang, T.; Li, H.-W.; Chi, P.; HUNG-WEN LI ; HUNG-YUAN CHI Nucleic Acids Research 2121
192014Mechanistic insights into the role of Hop2-Mnd1 in meiotic homologous DNA pairingZhao, W.; HUNG-YUAN CHI et al. Nucleic Acids Research 3335
202013Functional attributes of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae meiotic recombinase Dmc1Busygina, V.; Gaines, W.A.; Xu, Y.; Kwon, Y.; Williams, G.J.; Lin, S.-W.; Chang, H.-Y.; Chi, P.; Wang, H.-W.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI DNA Repair 1514
212013Pif1 helicase and Polδ promote recombination-coupled DNA synthesis via bubble migrationWilson, M.A.; HUNG-YUAN CHI et al. Nature 212207
222012Rad51 presynaptic filament stabilization function of the mouse Swi5-Sfr1 heterodimeric complexTsai, S.-P.; Su, G.-C.; Lin, S.-W.; Chung, C.-I.; Xue, X.; Dunlop, M.H.; Akamatsu, Y.; Jasin, M.; Sung, P.; Chi, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Nucleic Acids Research 2525
232012Disruption of Murine mp29/Syf2/Ntc31 Gene Results in Embryonic Lethality with Aberrant Checkpoint ResponseChen, Chia-Hsin; Chu, Po-Chen; Lee, Liekyeow; Lien, Huang-Wei; Lin, Tse-Ling; Fan, Chi-Chen; Chi, Peter ; Huang, Chang-Jen; Chang, Mau-Sun ; Schmidt, Edward E.PLoS ONE 1615
242011Analyses of the yeast Rad51 recombinase A265V mutant reveal different in vivo roles of Swi2-like factorsChi, P.; Kwon, Y.H.; Visnapuu, M.-L.; Lam, I.; Santa Maria, S.R.; Zheng, X.; Epshtein, A.; Greene, E.C.; Sung, P.; Klein, H.L.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Nucleic Acids Research 1311
252010Mechanism of the ATP-dependent DNA end-resection machinery from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeNiu, H.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Nature 280274
262009Structural transitions within human Rad51 nucleoprotein filamentsRobertson, R.B.; Moses, D.N.; Kwon, Y.; Chan, P.; Chi, P.; Klein, H.; Sung, P.; Greene, E.C.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 3233
272009Visualizing the Disassembly of S. cerevisiae Rad51 Nucleoprotein FilamentsRobertson, R.B.; Moses, D.N.; Kwon, Y.; Chan, P.; Zhao, W.; Chi, P.; Klein, H.; Sung, P.; Greene, E.C.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Molecular Biology 1616
282009Functional interactions of meiotic recombination factors Rdh54 and Dmc1Chi, P.; Kwon, Y.; Moses, D.N.; Seong, C.; Sehorn, M.G.; Singh, A.K.; Tsubouchi, H.; Greene, E.C.; Klein, H.L.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI DNA Repair 2524
292008ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae homologous recombination factor Rdh54Kwon, Y.; Seong, C.; Chi, P.; Greene, E.C.; Klein, H.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Biological Chemistry 2928
302008Molecular Anatomy of the Recombination Mediator Function of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rad52Seong, C.; Sehorn, M.G.; Plate, I.; Shi, I.; Song, B.; Chi, P.; Mortensen, U.; Sung, P.; Krejci, L.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Biological Chemistry 4241
312007Bipartite stimulatory action of the Hop2-Mnd1 complex on the Rad51 recombinaseChi, P.; San Filippo, J.; Sehorn, M.G.; Petukhova, G.V.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Genes and Development 8179
322007A DNA-translocating Snf2 Molecular Motor: Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rdh54 Displays Processive Translocation and Extrudes DNA LoopsPrasad, T.K.; Robertson, R.B.; Visnapuu, M.-L.; Chi, P.; Sung, P.; Greene, E.C.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Molecular Biology 5957
332007RECQL5/Recql5 helicase regulates homologous recombination and suppresses tumor formation via disruption of Rad51 presynaptic filamentsHu, Y.; HUNG-YUAN CHI et al. Genes and Development 248252
342007Synergistic action of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae homologous recombination factors Rad54 and Rad51 in chromatin remodelingKwon, Y.; Chi, P.; Roh, D.H.; Klein, H.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI DNA Repair 2019
352006Roles of ATP binding and ATP hydrolysis in human Rad51 recombinase functionChi, P.; Van Komen, S.; Sehorn, M.G.; Sigurdsson, S.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI DNA Repair 124127
362006Recombination mediator and Rad51 targeting activities of a human BRCA2 polypeptideFilippo, J.S.; Chi, P.; Sehorn, M.G.; Etchin, J.; Krejci, L.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Biological Chemistry 9894
372006Yeast recombination factor Rdh54 functionally interacts with the Rad51 recombinase and catalyzes Rad51 removal from DNAChi, P.; Kwon, Y.; Seong, C.; Epshtein, A.; Lam, I.; Sung, P.; Klein, H.L.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Biological Chemistry 5751
382004Multiple interactions with the rad51 recombinase govern the homologous recombination function of Rad54Raschle, M.; Van Komen, S.; Chi, P.; Ellenberger, T.; Sung, P.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Biological Chemistry 5657
391998Oltipraz, a novel inhibitor of hepatitis B virus transcription through elevation of p53 proteinWei, J.C.; Doong, S.-L.; Lin-Shiau, S.-Y.; Boone, C.W.; Kelloff, G.J.; Lin, J.-K.; SHIN-LIAN DOONG; HUNG-YUAN CHI Carcinogenesis 2324