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12024Least Squares Comparison of Two Rigorous Math Models Used to Fit a Triaxial Ellipsoid to a Cluster of PointsSoler, Tomás; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering00
22024Impact of temperature and solar irradiance in shadow covering scenarios via two-way sensitivity analysis for rooftop solar photovoltaicsJEN-YU HAN ; Li, Sin YiEnergy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects
32023On transformations of ellipsoidal (triaxial) orthogonal curvilinear coordinatesSoler, Tomás; JEN-YU HAN Survey Review00
42023Automatic Monitoring of Oil Tank 3D Geometry and Storage Changes with Interferometric Coherence and SAR Intensity InformationYA-LUN TSAI ; Huang, Chun Jia; Chen, Chia Ling; JEN-YU HAN IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
52022Estimation of global and diffuse horizontal irradiance by machine learning techniques based on variables from the Heliosat modelJEN-YU HAN ; Vohnicky, PetrJournal of Cleaner Production11
62022An adaptive approach to optimise regional geoid undulation model for engineering applicationsHuang, Chun Jia; JEN-YU HAN Survey Review00
72022Efficient Approach for Autonomous Facility Inspection Using UAV ImagesLin Y.-T; Kan Y.-H; Han J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Infrastructure Systems
82022An optimized approach for mapping solar irradiance in a mid-low latitude region based on a site-adaptation technique using Himawari-8 satellite imageriesHan J.-Y; Vohnicky P.; JEN-YU HAN Renewable Energy
92022High-Resolution Flood Simulation in Urban Areas Through the Application of Remote Sensing and Crowdsourcing TechnologiesSu Y.-F; Lin Y.-T; Jang J.-H; Han J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Frontiers in Earth Science
102022Utilising high-fidelity 3D building model for analysing the rooftop solar photovoltaic potential in urban areasJEN-YU HAN ; Chen Y.-C; Li S.-Y.Solar Energy118
112022The impact of shadow covering on the rooftop solar photovoltaic system for evaluating self-sufficiency rate in the concept of nearly zero energy buildingLi S.-Y; JEN-YU HAN Sustainable Cities and Society1411
122021Integrating InSAR observables and multiple geological factors for landslide susceptibility assessmentLin Y.-T; Chen Y.-K; Yang K.-H; Chen C.-S; JEN-YU HAN ; KUO-HSIN YANG Applied Sciences (Switzerland)66
132021Measuring In-Building Spatial-Temporal Human Distribution through Monocular Image Data Considering Deep Learning-Based Image Depth EstimationQiu W.-X; JEN-YU HAN ; ALBERT CHEN Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering32
152021Prediction of Landslides Using Machine Learning Techniques Based on Spatio-Temporal Factors and InSAR Data [結合時空因子與InSAR觀測資料之地表崩塌變位預測分析]Lin Y.-T; Yen H.-Y; Chang N.-H; Lin H.-M; Han J.-Y; Yang K.-H; Chen C.-S; Zheng H.-K; Hsu J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
162021Rapid Prediction of Vertical Deflections and Their Statistics for Surveying and Mapping Applications: Three Case StudiesSoler T; Han J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
172021Adaptive block modeling of time dependent variations of datum reference points in a tectonically active areaChou C.-Y; Han J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Survey Review
182020Determination of the parameters of the triaxial earth ellipsoid as derived from present-day geospatial techniquesSoler, T.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN GPS Solutions7
192020Estimating Variance-Covariance Matrix of the Parameters of a Fitted Triaxial EllipsoidSoler, T.; Han, J.-Y.; Huang, C.J.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering7
202020Geometric recognition of moving objects in monocular rotating imagery using faster R-CNNChuang, T.-Y.; Han, J.-Y.; Jhan, D.-J.; Yang, M.-D.; JEN-YU HAN Remote Sensing3
212020A Preliminary study on utilizing 3D vector terrain data for satellite visibility analysis in urban areaLu, Y.-H.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN 40th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, ACRS 2019: "Progress of Remote Sensing Technology for Smart Future"
222020Quantifying flood water levels using image-based volunteered geographic informationLin, Y.-T.; Yang, M.-D.; Han, J.-Y.; Su, Y.-F.; Jang, J.-H.; JEN-YU HAN Remote Sensing18
232020臺灣GNSS連續追蹤站之時間序列資料處理與分析周君芸(Chun-Yun Chou); 韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han); 韓仁毓 中國土木水利工程學刊
242020基於攝影測量與建築資訊模型之半自動影像敷貼技術:以擴增實境方法輔助施工查驗紀乃文(Nai-Wen Chi); 李雨澈(Yu-Che Lee); 韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han); 謝尚賢(Shang-Hsien Hsieh); 韓仁毓 中國土木水利工程學刊
252020GNSS satellite visibility analysis based on 3d spatial information in urban areasLu, Y.-H.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - ISPRS Archives
262020次足跡全波形空載光達技術於河床粗糙度分析林彥廷(Yan-Ting Lin); 徐若堯(Jo-Yao Hsu); 韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han); 韓仁毓 中國土木水利工程學刊
272019Special Issue in Smart Geo-Information and Big Data in Engineering [?智慧測量與工程大數據?特刊]Tsai F; Han J.-Y; Hsiao Y.-S.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
282019Applicability Analysis of Normal Height System in Taiwan Area | 正常高系統於臺灣地區之可應用性研究Huang, C.-J.; Han, J.-Y.; Chen, J.-C.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
292019Pavement performance monitoring and anomaly recognition based on crowdsourcing spatiotemporal dataChuang, T.-Y.; Perng, N.-H.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Automation in Construction
302019特刊引言-「智慧測量與工程大數據」特刊蔡富安(Fuan Tsai); 韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han); 蕭宇伸(Yu-Shen Hsiao); 韓仁毓 中國土木水利工程學刊
312019Traffic sign detection and positioning based on monocular cameraHan, J.-Y.; Juan, T.-H.; Chuang, T.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Transactions of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Series A
322019Closure to "Rigorous Estimation of Local Accuracies Revisited" by Tomas Soler and Jen-Yu HanSoler, Tomas; Han, Jen-Yu; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
332019以無人機搭載雙像感測系統輔助建物外殼熱傳效能之分析朱庭蓁; 韓仁毓 測量工程
342018Feasibility study of normal height system in TaiwanHuang C.-J; Hsu J.-W; Han J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Proceedings - 39th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing Enabling Prosperity, ACRS 2018
352018Improving river stage forecast by bed reconstruction in sinuous bendsLin, Y.-T.; Han, J.-Y.; Chen, W.-B.; Su, Y.-F.; Jang, J.-H.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Hydroinformatics
362018利用Google街景影像進行地形遮蔽下之衛星可視性分析張郁翎; 韓仁毓 測量工程
372018新世代空間資訊技術於土木水利工程之整合應用-專輯引言韓仁毓 土木水利
382018結合光學與紅外線熱影像正射鑲嵌處理楊明德(Ming-Der Yang); 莊子毅(Tzu-Yi Chuang); 韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han); 韓仁毓 航測及遙測學刊
392018Local strain behavior in Taipei basin based on continuous gnss observationsChou, C.-Y.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Proceedings - 39th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing Enabling Prosperity, ACRS 2018
402018Application of uav imaging technology for ground sill variation and flow field analysisLai, J.-S.; Han, J.-Y.; Lee, F.-Z.; Chang, W.-Y.; Yang, S.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering
412018Automatic water-level detection using single-camera images with varied posesLin, Y.-T.; Lin, Y.-C.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation
422018應用UAV影像於河岸基腳保護工辨識之研究林彥廷; 張?; 陳思恩; 李豐佐; 賴進松; 韓仁毓 土木水利
432018智慧工地即時查驗系統 應用BIM、AR與影像敷貼技術楊懿; 張悠瑩; 謝尚賢; 韓仁毓 ; 黃隆茂營建知訊
442018Modeling Slope Topography Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Image TechniqueYeh, F.-H.; Huang, C.-J.; JEN-YU HAN ; YU-NING GE MATEC Web of Conferences170
452017Automatic generation of 3D models from UAV-captured image data for immersive VR applicationsPerng N.-H; Bai B.-S; Chen P.-H; Han J.-Y; Jiang M.-Y; Huang J.-H; Su C.-W; Chen P.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN ISARC 2017 - Proceedings of the 34th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction
462017On rotation of frames and physical vectors: an exercise based on plate tectonics theorySoler, T.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN GPS Solutions
472017十文溪橫向構造物改善規劃研究胡通哲(Tung-Jer Hu); 賴進松(Jihn-Sung Lai); 施上粟(Shang-Shu Shih); 韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han); 韓仁毓 農業工程學報
482017Application of laser scanning for rapid geologic documentation of trench exposuresHan, J.Y.; Huang, N.J.; Chuang, J.T.Y.; JEN-YU HAN Engineering Geology
492017Adaptive time-variant adjustment for the positioning errors of a mobile mapping platform in GNSS-hostile areasHan, J.; Lo, C.; JEN-YU HAN Survey Review
502017Rigorous estimation of local accuracies revisitedSoler, T.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering00
512016Image-based approach for satellite visibility analysis in critical environmentsHan, J.-Y.; Juan, T.-H.; JEN-YU HAN Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica
522016Variance-covariance matrix of transformed GPS positions: Case study for the NAD 83 geodetic datumSoler, T.; Han, J.-Y.; Weston, N.D.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
532016Image-based approach for road profile analysesHan, J.-Y.; Chen, A.; Lin, Y.-T.; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
542015Quality assessment for strain field determination based on the NISLT approachJEN-YU HAN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers11
552015Mapping road surface features using single-camera images acquired by a mobile mapping systemJEN-YU HAN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers33
562015Efficient obstruction analysis for gnss relative positioning of terrestrial mobile mapping systemHan, J.Y.; Guo, J.; Chuang, J.Y.; JEN-YU HAN Survey Review
572015Automatic reconstruction of road surface features by using terrestrial mobile lidarGuo, J.; Tsai, M.-J.; Han, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN Automation in Construction
582015Application of uav imaging technology to river flood simulationLai J.S; JEN-YU HAN ; Chang W.Y; Liu Y.C; Kang S.C; Hsieh C.T; YIH-CHI TAN ; Huang C.C; Lee F.Z; Lin Y.T; Lin F; Chang R.Y; Wen M.Z.Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering3
592014On Deflection of the Vertical Components and Their TransformationsJEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering138
602014Time-variant registration of point clouds acquired by a mobile mapping systemHan, J.-Y.; Chen, C.-S.; JEN-YU HAN ; CHUIN-SHAN CHEN IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters2015
612014Time-Variant Adjustment for a Level NetworkHan, Jen-Yu; Hwang, Cheinway; Chou, Jun-Yun; Hung, Wei-Chia; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
622014Registration of vector maps based on multiple geometric features in topological aspectsJEN-YU HAN Survey Review11
632014An implementation of light-weight compression algorithm for wireless sensor network technology in structure health monitoringHsu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-T.; Tserng, H.-P.; CHIH-TING LIN ; HUI-PING TSERNG ; JEN-YU HAN 2014 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things120
642014Web-based real time bridge scour monitoring system for disaster management [Internetin?s prieigos tilto i?plovimo steb?jimo realiuoju laiku sistema stichin?ms nelaim?ms valdyti]Skibniewski, M.; Tserng, H.-P.; Ju, S.-H.; Feng, C.-W.; Lin, C.-T.; Han, J.-Y.; Weng, K.-W.; JEN-YU HAN ; CHIH-TING LIN ; HUI-PING TSERNG Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering85
652014Web-based real time bridge scour monitoring system for disaster management [Internetinės prieigos tilto išplovimo stebėjimo realiuoju laiku sistema stichinėms nelaimėms valdyti]Skibniewski M; HUI-PING TSERNG ; Ju S.-H; Feng C.-W; CHIH-TING LIN ; JEN-YU HAN ; Weng K.-W; Hsu S.-C.Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering85
662014A review of rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developments and applications in civil engineeringLiu, P.; Chen, A.Y.; Huang, Y.-N.; Han, J.-Y.; Lai, J.-S.; Kang, S.-C.; Wu, T.-H.; Wen, M.-C.; ALBERT CHEN ; YIN-NAN HUANG ; JEN-YU HAN Smart Structures and Systems271207
672013GPS-Based real-time guidance information system for marine pier constructionHUI-PING TSERNG ; JEN-YU HAN ; CHIH-TING LIN ; Skibniewski, Mirosław; Weng, Kai-WeiJournal of Surveying Engineering32
682013Feature Conjugation for Intensity-Coded LIDAR Point CloudsHan, Jen-Yu; Perng, Nei-Hao; Lin, Yan-Ting; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
692013Alternative Algorithm for Determining the Attitude Parameters of a Moving Platform Using Multi-Antenna GNSS SensorsHan, Jen-Yu; Guo, Jenny; Liu, Rou-Yu; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering
702013Solving a similarity transformation between two reference frames using hybrid geometric control featuresHan, J.-Y.; JEN-YU HAN ; JEN-JER JAW Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Transactions of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Series A97
712013Monitoring tunnel deformations by means of multi-epoch dispersed 3D LiDAR point clouds: An improved approachJEN-YU HAN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology4941
722013LiDAR Point Cloud Registration by Image Detection TechniqueJEN-YU HAN Ieee Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters2119
732013Monitoring tunnel profile by means of multi-epoch dispersed 3-D LiDAR point cloudsJEN-YU HAN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology6754
742012Determining the optimal site location of GNSS base stationsHan, Jen-Yu ; Wu, Yu; Liu, Rou-YuBoletim de Ci?ncias Geod?sicas09
752012Local AccuraciesSoler, Tomas; JEN-YU HAN ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Smith, DruJournal of Surveying Engineering-Asce34
762012Alternative transformation from Cartesian to geodetic coordinates by least squares for GPS georeferencing applicationsSoler, T.; Han, J. Y.; Weston, N. D.; JEN-YU HAN Computers & Geosciences
772012Sensitivity Analysis for the Principal Strain Parameters of a Deformation Monitoring NetworkHan, Jen-Yu; Guo, Jenny; Zheng, Ze-Yuan; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce
782012Closed-Form Solution for Relative Rotations between Image Pairs Using Normal Vectors of Epipolar PlanesHan, Jen-Yu; Chou, Jun-Yun; Ko, Yung-Yen; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce
792012High efficient synchronization-on-demand protocol of IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor network for construction monitoringCHIH-TING LIN ; Huang, Ji-De; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Tserng, Hui-Ping ; CHIH-TING LIN International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology
802011Time-Variant Reference Frame Transformations in a Deforming AreaJEN-YU HAN ; Yu, Syu-Wei; Han, Jen-Yu 55
812011Utilizing non-iterative linear transformations between non-uniformly dilated 3D framesHan, J.-Y.; Soler, T.; Guo, J.; JEN-YU HAN Scientific Research and Essays
822011A Direct Determination of the Orientation Parameters in the Collinearity EquationsHan, JY; Guo, J; Chou, JY; JEN-YU HAN IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
832011Modeling systematic errors for the angle measurement in a virtual surveying instrumentShiu, R.-S.; Kang, S.-C.; JEN-YU HAN ; SHANG-HSIEN HSIEH Journal of Surveying Engineering54
842011Quality assessment for LiDAR point cloud registration using in-situ conjugate featuresCHIH-TING LIN ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Tserng, Hui-Ping International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium20
852010Utilizing 3-D topographical information for the quality assessment of a satellite surveyingJEN-YU HAN 160
862010Rotation- and Translation-Free Estimations of Symmetric, Rank-Two Tensors with a Case Study in LIDAR SurveyingJEN-YU HAN JOURNAL OF SURVEYING ENGINEERING-ASCE1411
872010Noniterative Approach for Solving the Indirect Problems of Linear Reference Frame TransformationsHan, Jen-Yu ; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce3634
882010A Noniterative Approach for the Quick Alignment of Multistation Unregistered LiDAR Point CloudsHan, JY; JEN-YU HAN IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
902008Geometric Combination of Multiple Terrestrial Network SolutionsHAN, JY; VAN GELDER, BHW; SOLER, T; Snay RA; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce
912007On covariance propagation of eigenparameters of symmetric n-D tensorsJEN-YU HAN ; Han JY; van Gelder BHW; Soler TGEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL118
922006Stepwise parameter estimations in a time-variant similarity transformationHAN, JY; VAN GELDER, BHW; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Surveying Engineering-Asce
932006Deformation of the North American plate interior from a decade of continuous GPS measurementsCALAIS, E; HAN, JY; DEMETS, C; NOCQUET, JM; JEN-YU HAN Journal of Geophysical Research