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12023Rice processingChang, Yung Ho; Chiang, Wenchang; Hsu, Rachel Jui Cheng; HSI-MEI LAI ; TING-JANG LU ; Yeh, An I.ICC Handbook of 21st Century Cereal Science and Technology00
22022The effect of reduction on the properties of the regioselectively oxidized starch granules prepared by bromide-free oxidation systemWu Y.-H; Wu C.-N; Lai H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI International Journal of Biological Macromolecules54
32022Effects of roasting on storage degradability and processing suitability of brown rice powderFukui M; Islam M.Z; HSI-MEI LAI ; Kitamura Y; Kokawa M.LWT55
42020Starch-Based Multilayer with pH-Responsive Behavior Driven by Whey Protein Concentrate: The Effect of Starch ConformationChang, S.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Starch/Staerke22
52020Correlation of the hierarchical structure with rheological behavior of polypseudorotaxane gel composed of pluronic and �]-cyclodextrinShih, K.-C.; Su, C.-Y.; Chang, S.-Y.; Jensen, G.; Hua, C.-C.; Nieh, M.-P.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Soft Matter00
62019Novel pH-responsive granules with tunable volumes from oxidized corn starchesWu C.-N.; Lai H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers1212
72019New Insight into the Preparation of Starch-Based Spherical Microgels with Tunable VolumeChang S.-Y.; Ma A.W.K.; Lai H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Starch/Staerke22
82018MicroRNA160 modulates plant development and heat shock protein gene expression to mediate heat tolerance in ArabidopsisLin, Jeng Shane; Kuo, Chia Chia; Yang, I. Chu; Tsai, Weian; Shen, Yu Hsing; Lin, Chih Ching; Liang, Yi Chen; Li, Yu Chi; Kuo, Yun Wei; King, Yu Chi; HSI-MEI LAI ; SHIH-TONG JENG Frontiers in Plant Science9380
92018What causes the anomalous aggregation in pluronic aqueous solutions?Shih K.-C.; Shen Z.; Li Y.; Kr?ger M.; Chang S.-Y.; Liu Y.; Nieh M.-P.; Lai H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Soft Matter1111
102017臺灣硬質玉米澱粉理化性質分析與比較陳裕儒; 謝一民; 謝光照; 賴喜美; HSI-MEI LAI 農業生技產業季刊
112016Modification of flower colour by suppressing β-ring carotene hydroxylase genes in OncidiumWang, H. M.; To, K. Y.; HSI-MEI LAI ; SHIH-TONG JENG Plant Biology117
122016Effect of trisodium citrate on swelling property and structure of cationic starch thin filmChang, S.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Food Hydrocolloids 88
132015Onion artificial musclesChen, C.-C.; Shih, W.-P.; Chang, P.-Z.; Lai, H.-M.; Chang, S.-Y.; Huang, P.-C.; WEN-PIN SHIH ; HSI-MEI LAI ; PEI-ZEN CHANG Applied Physics Letters1112
142015Bioactive compounds and antioxidative activity of colored rice branHuang, Y.-P.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 10776
152014Expression of a gene encoding β-ureidopropionase is critical for pollen germination in tomatoesShen, Yu Hsing; Chen, Yu Huei; Liu, Hao Yun; Chiang, Fang Yi; Wang, Yi Chieh; Hou, Liang Yu; Lin, Jeng Shane; Lin, Chih Ching; Lin, Hsin Hung; HSI-MEI LAI ; HSI-MEI LAI Physiologia Plantarum44
162014Characteristics of the starch fine structure and pasting properties of waxy rice during storageHuang, Y.-C.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Food Chemistry 5946
172014Fine structures of self-assembled beta-cyclodextrin/Pluronic in dilute and dense systems: A small angle X-ray scattering studyShih, K.-C.; Li, C.-Y.; Li, W.-H.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Soft Matter 910
182014Effects of ball milling on the properties of colored rice branLai, H.-M.; Huang, Y.-P.; HSI-MEI LAI Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 17th4
192014米食多元化加工技術-米穀粉之研究與開發HSI-MEI LAI 農業生技產業季刊 
202014Recent progress in the development of starch-layered silicate nanocompositesChung Y.-L.; Lai H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Handbook of Polymernanocomposites. Processing, Performance and Application: Volume A: Layered Silicates20
212014Correlated changes in structure and viscosity during gelatinization and gelation of tapioca starch granulesHuang, H.-K.; Sheu, H.-S.; Chuang, W.-T.; Jeng, U.-S.; Su, A.-C.; Wu, W.-R.; Liao, K.-F.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chang, S.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI IUCrJ 1514
222011Bioactive compounds in rice during grain developmentLin, P.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Food Chemistry 5749
232011Morphological, structural and rheological properties of beta-cyclodextrin based polypseudorotaxane gelsKuo, W.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Polymer 910
242010Noodle quality affected by different cereal starchesHuang, Y.-C.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food Engineering 8777
252010Second harmonic generation imaging - A new method for unraveling molecular information of starchZhuo, Z.-Y.; Liao, C.-S.; Huang, C.-H.; Yu, J.-Y.; Tzeng, Y.-Y.; Lo, W.; Dong, C.-Y.; Chui, H.-C.; Huang, Y.-C.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI ; CHEN-YUAN DONG ; SHI-WEI CHU Journal of Structural Biology5650
262010Thermal effects on the conversion of isoflavones in soybeanLai, H.-M.; Lin, P.-Y.; HSI-MEI LAI ACS Symposium Series 3
272010Preparation and properties of biodegradable starch-clay nanocompositesChung, Y.-L.; Ansari, S.; Estevez, L.; Hayrapetyan, S.; Giannelis, E.P.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 195165
282010Preparation and properties of biodegradable starch-layered double hydroxide nanocompositesChung, Y.-L.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 2922
292009Effects of reaction conditions on the physicochemical properties of cationic starch studied by RSMKuo, W.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 3128
302008Detection of genetically modified soybean and its product tou-kan by polymerase chain reaction with dual pairs of DNA primers [Erratum to: Eur Food Res Technol (2005) 221:725–730]Liu, Yi-Ching; Lin, Hsin-Hung; HSI-MEI LAI ; SHIH-TONG JENG European Food Research and Technology00
312007Changes of property and morphology of cationic corn starchesKuo, W.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 5248
322007Bakery Products: Science and TechnologyLai H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI ; HSI-MEI LAI Bakery Products: Science and Technology750
332007Properties of cast films made of HCI-methanol modified corn starchChung, Y.-L.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Starch/Staerke 1817
342006Bioactive compounds in legumes and their germinated productsLin, P.-Y.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 217179
352006Properties of MTGase treated gluten filmLai, H.-M.; Chiang, I.-C.; HSI-MEI LAI European Food Research and Technology 1010
362006Molecular and granular characteristics of corn starch modified by HCl-methanol at different temperaturesChung, Y.-L.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Carbohydrate Polymers 5047
372005Characterization of the wound-inducible protein ipomoelin from sweet potato.Chen, YC; Chang, HS; Lai, HM; HSI-MEI LAI ; SHIH-TONG JENG Plant Cell Environ 1514
382005Water-barrier property of starch films investigated by magnetic resonance imagingChung, Y.-L.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Cereal Chemistry 1010
392005Bakery productsLai H.-M.; Lin T.-C.; HSI-MEI LAI Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering1
402005Detection of genetically modified soybean and its product tou-kan by polymerase chain reaction with dual pairs of DNA primersLiu, Yi-Ching; Lin, Shin-Huang; Lai, Hsi-Mei ; Jeng, Shih-Tong European Food Research and Technology56
412004Water status of cooked white salted noodles evaluated by MRILai, H.-M.; Hwang, S.-C.; HSI-MEI LAI Food Research International 7655
422004Water status of two gelatin gels during storage as determined by magnetic resonance imagingChung, Y.-L.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 44
432004Properties of pregelatinized rice flour made by hot air or gum puffingLai, H.-M.; Cheng, H.-H.; HSI-MEI LAI International Journal of Food Science and Technology 7465
442004Erratum: Properties of pregelatinized rice flour made by hot air or gum puffing (International Journal of Food & Technology (2004) 2 (201-212))Lai H.-M.; Cheng H.-H.; HSI-MEI LAI International Journal of Food Science and Technology11
452002Physicochemical properties of wheat flour dough modified by microbial transglutaminaseTseng, C.-S.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food Science 4339
462002Effects of rice properties and emulsifiers on the quality of rice pastaLai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 8275
472001Effects of hydrothermal treatment on the physicochemical properties of pregelatinized rice flourLai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Food Chemistry 12091
48199817O NMR and DSC for Studying Quality of Taro Paste as Affected by Processing and StorageLai, Hsi-Mei ; Jeng, Shih-Tong ; Lii, Cheng-YiLebensmittel-Wissenschaft und-Technologie 63
491997Transcription termination by bacteriophage T3 and SP6 RNA polymerases at rho-independent terminators.Jeng, ST; Lay, SH; HSI-MEI LAI ; Jeng, S.-T. Can J Microbiol 65
501993Mobility of water in various sugar-water systems as studied by oxygen-17 NMRLai, H.-M.; Schmidt, S.J.; HSI-MEI LAI Food Chemistry 107
511993Mobility of water in a starch-based fat replacer by 17O NMR spectroscopyLai, H.M.; Schmidt, S.J.; Chiou, R.G.; Slowinski, L.A.; Day, G.A.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food Science 62
521991Use of NMR and MRI to study water relations in foodsSchmidt, S.J.; Lai, H.-M.; HSI-MEI LAI Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 51
531991Proton, deuterium, and oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation studies of lactose- and sucrose-water systemsHSI-MEI LAI Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry® 1112
541990Water Mobility and Crystallization Action of Lactose?water Systems by Oxygen?17 and Carbon?13 NMRLAI H.?M.; SCHMIDT S.J.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food Science1011
551990Lactose Crystallization in Skim Milk Powder Observed by Hydrodynamic Equilibria, Scanning Electron Microscopy and 2H Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceLAI H.?M.; SCHMIDT S.J.; HSI-MEI LAI Journal of Food Science7464