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12019Using high-throughput transcriptome sequencing to investigate the biotransformation mechanism of hexabromocyclododecane with Rhodopseudomonas palustris in waterLin, Chung Yen; YANG-HSIN SHIH ; Chou, Tzu Ho; Lo, Kai Jiun; CHI-TE LIU ; Wang, Reuben; Chen, Shu HwaArticle11
22019Temporal and spatial surveys of polybromodiphenyl ethers (PBDEs) contamination of soil near a factory using PBDEs in northern TaiwanChou T.-H.; Ou M.-H.; Wu T.-Y.; Chen D.-Y.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article11
32019Chemical reduction-aided zerovalent copper nanoparticles for 2,4-dichlorophenol removalChang P.-H.; Chou T.-H.; Sahu R.S.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article11
42019Using high-throughput transcriptome sequencing to investigate the biotransformation mechanism of hexabromocyclododecane with Rhodopseudomonas palustris in waterWang R.; Lin C.-Y.; Chen S.-H.; Lo K.-J.; Liu C.-T.; Chou T.-H.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article11
52019Reductive debromination of tetrabromobisphenol A by tailored carbon nitride Fe/Cu nanocomposites under an oxic conditionSahu R.S.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article21
62018Effect of carboxylic acids on the properties of zerovalent iron toward adsorption and degradation of trichloroethyleneTso C.-P.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article65
72018Sorption of organic compounds to two diesel soot black carbons in water evaluated by liquid chromatography and polyparameter linear solvation energy relationshipSu P.-H.; Kuo D.T.F.; Shih Y.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article55
82018Synthesis and application of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles on the removal of Reactive Black 5: Reaction mechanism, temperature and pH effectsChang M.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article109
92018The effect of zerovalent iron on the microbial degradation of hexabromocyclododecanePeng Y.-H.; Chen Y.-J.; Chang M.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article54
102018Adsorption mechanism of emerging and conventional phenolic compounds on graphene oxide nanoflakes in waterCatherine H.N.; Ou M.-H.; Manu B.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article2422
112018Translocation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers from field-contaminated soils to an edible plantYang C.-Y.; Wu S.C.; Lee C.-C.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1111
122018Synthesis and characterization of stabilized oxygen-releasing CaO2 nanoparticles for bioremediationYeh C.-S.; Wang R.; Chang W.-C.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article66
132018Synthesis of Cu loading magnetic Fe 3 O 4 @TiO 2 and its removal of the organic pollutants under the irradiation of UVA and visible lightChu A.-C.; Chou T.-H.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
142017Linear free energy relationships for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds onto multiwalled carbon nanotubes at different relative humidities: comparison with organoclays and activated carbonLi M.-S.; Wang R.; Fu Kuo D.T.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article45
152017Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of atrazine by platinized titanium dioxide under 352 nm irradiationChen S.-M.; Lu N.; Chen J.-Y.; Yang C.-Y.; Yeh Y.-P.; Feng T.-Y.; Shih Y.-H.; Kokulnathan T.; Chen D.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article66
162017Preface: Environmental nanotechnolLien H.-L.; Shih Y.-H.; Yan W.; Ok Y.S.; YANG-HSIN SHIH others43
172017The influence of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) on the reactivity of Fe NPs toward decabrominated diphenyl ether: The Ni doping, temperature, pH, and anion effectsTso C.-P.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1110
182017Influence of water chemistry on the environmental behaviors of commercial ZnO nanoparticles in various water and wastewater samplesPeng Y.-H.; Tsai Y.-C.; Hsiung C.-E.; Lin Y.-H.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article4138
192017Partition uptake of a brominated diphenyl ether by the edible plant root of white radish (Raphanus sativus L.)Yang C.-Y.; Chang M.-L.; Wu S.C.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article129
202017Comparison of three analytical methods to measure the size of silver nanoparticles in real environmental water and wastewater samplesChang Y.-J.; Shih Y.-H.; Su C.-H.; Ho H.-C.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article119
212017Dye-sensitized TiO2-catalyzed photodegradation of sulfamethoxazole under blue or yellow lightLu N.; Yeh Y.-P.; Wang G.-B.; Feng T.-Y.; Shih Y.-H.; Chen D.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article108
222016Special issue on thermodynamics and kinetics of emerging contaminants in the environmentShih, Yang-Hsin; Lien, Hsing-Lung; Yan, Weile; Ok, Yong Sik; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article33
232016Sorption equilibrium of emerging and traditional organic contaminants in leafy rape, Chinese mustard, lettuce and Chinese cabbageYang C.-Y.; Chang M.-L.; Wu S.C.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article107
242016Characterization of volatile organic compound adsorption on multiwall carbon nanotubes under different levels of relative humidity using linear solvation energy relationshipLi M.-S.; Wu S.C.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1716
252016Special issue on thermodynamics and kinetics of emerging contaminants in the environmentShih Y.-H.; Lien H.-L.; Yan W.; Ok Y.S.; YANG-HSIN SHIH others33
262016Adsorption of volatile organic vapors by activated carbon derived from rice husk under various humidity conditions and its statistical evaluation by linear solvation energy relationshipsLi M.-S.; Wu S.C.; Peng Y.-H.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article3230
272016Competitive sorption of bisphenol A and phenol in soils and the contribution of black carbonOu Y.-H.; Chang Y.-J.; Lin F.-Y.; Chang M.-L.; Yang C.-Y.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1110
282016Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of the antibiotic sulfamethoxazole using TiO2/Ti photoanodeSu Y.-F.; Wang G.-B.; Kuo D.T.F.; Chang M.-L.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article5351
292016Concurrent oxidation and reduction of pentachlorophenol by bimetallic zerovalent Pd/Fe nanoparticles in an oxic waterYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article108
302016Effects of water chemistry on the destabilization and sedimentation of commercial TiO2 nanoparticles: Role of double-layer compression and charge neutralizationYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
312016Short-chain organic acids increase the reactivity of zerovalent iron nanoparticles toward polychlorinated aromatic pollutantsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1313
322015The effect of electrolytes on the aggregation kinetics of three different ZnO nanoparticles in waterYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article2322
332015Amphiphilic compounds enhance the dechlorination of pentachlorophenol with Ni/Fe bimetallic nanoparticlesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article3331
342015Biodegradation of bisphenol A with diverse microorganisms from river sedimentYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article3634
352015The reactivity of well-dispersed zerovalent iron nanoparticles toward pentachlorophenol in waterYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article2018
362014An innovative method to quickly and simply prepare TiO2 nanorod arrays and improve their performance in photo water splittingYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
372014The transformation of hexabromocyclododecane using zerovalent iron nanoparticle aggregatesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article2623
382014Degradation of polyurethane by bacterium isolated from soil and assessment of polyurethanolytic activity of a Pseudomonas putida strainNAI-CHUN LIN ; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1615
392014Effect of geochemical properties on degradation of trichloroethylene by stabilized zerovalent iron nanoparticle with Na-acrylic copolymerYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
402013Adsorption and reduction of some aromatic contaminants with nanoscale zerovalent irons and further treatmentsSu Y.-F.; Tso C.-P.; Peng Y.-H.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article30
412013Adsorption and Reduction of Some Aromatic Contaminants with Nanoscale Zerovalent Irons and Further TreatmentsYANG-HSIN SHIH book-chapter00
422013Removal of trichloroethylene by zerovalent iron/activated carbon derived from agricultural wastesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
432013Adsorption and sequential degradation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers with zerovalent ironYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
442013Sorption of selected aromatic compounds by vegetablesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
452012Microbial degradation of 4-monobrominated diphenyl ether with anaerobic sludgeYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article3731
462012Effect of particle size of titanium dioxide nanoparticle aggregates on the degradation of one azo dyeYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
472012Aggregation of stabilized TiO2 nanoparticle suspensions in the presence of inorganic ionsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
482012The effect of inorganic ions on the aggregation kinetics of lab-made TiO2 nanoparticles in waterYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
492012Sorption interactions of volatile organic compounds with organoclays under different humidities by using linear solvation energy relationshipsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
502012The effect of electrolytes on the aggregation kinetics of titanium dioxide nanoparticle aggregatesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
512012Fast Decolorization of Azo-Dye Congo Red with Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles and Sequential Mineralization with a Fenton ReactionYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
522012Distinctive sorption mechanisms of 4-chlorophenol with black carbons as elucidated by different pHYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
532012Effects of various ions on the dechlorination kinetics of hexachlorobenzene by nanoscale zero-valent ironYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
542012Aggregation of stabilized TiO 2 nanoparticle suspensions in the presence of inorganic ionsShih Y.-H.; Liu W.-S.; Su Y.-F.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article4038
552012Sorption interactions of volatile organic compounds with organoclays under different humidities by using linear solvation energy relationshipsPeng Y.-H.; Chou S.-M.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH conference paper88
562012Synergistic effect of microscale zerovalent iron particles combined with anaerobic sludges on the degradation of decabromodiphenyl etherYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article3632
572012The effect of cations on the aggregation of commercial ZnO nanoparticle suspensionYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
582011A novel postoperative seizure classification for long-term mortality of patients with intractable epilepsy: Comparison with the engel systemHorng-Huei Liou; HSIU-HSI CHEN ; SHIH, YANG-HSIN ; YEN, AMY MING-FANG; YEN, DER-JEN; HUNG, LING-PIN; CHEN, TONY HSIU-HSI; LIOU, HORNG- HUEIjournal article22
592011Reduction of hexachlorobenzene by nanoscale zero-valent iron: Kinetics, pH effect, and degradation mechanismYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
602011Linear Solvation Energy Relationships Used To Evaluate Sorption Mechanisms of Volatile Organic Compounds with One Organomontmorillonite under Different HumiditiesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
612011Pentachlorophenol reduction by Pd/Fe bimetallic nanoparticles: Effects of copper, nickel, and ferric cationsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article8174
622010Microbial degradation of 4-monobrominated diphenyl ether in an aerobic sludge and the DGGE analysis of diversityChen C.-Y.; Wang C.-K.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article3328
632010Reaction of decabrominated diphenyl ether by zerovalent iron nanoparticlesShih Y.-h.; Tai Y.-t.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article147138
642010Characterization of adsorption mechanisms of volatile organic compounds with montmorillonite at different levels of relative humidity via a linear solvation energy relationship approachShih Y.-H.; Chou S.-M.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article78
652010Effect of cations on degradation of pentachlorophenol by Pd/Fe bimetallic nanoparticlesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article
662010Stability of metal oxide nanoparticles in aqueous solutionsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
672010Rapid degradation of methyl orange with nanoscale zerovalent iron particlesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article
682010Reaction of decabrominated diphenyl ether by zerovalent iron nanoplarticlesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
692009Photolytic degradation of polybromodiphenyl ethers under UV-lamp and solar irradiationsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
702009Dechlorination of hexachlorobenzene by using nanoscale Fe and nanoscale Pd/Fe bimetallic particlesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
712009Evaluating Activated Carbon-Water Sorption Coefficients of Organic Compounds Using a Linear Solvation Energy Relationship Approach and Sorbate Chemical ActivitiesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
722008Sorption kinetics and thermodynamics of trichloroethylene in humic acidYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
732008Adsorption of selected volatile organic vapors on multiwall carbon nanotubesYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
742007Linear solvation energy relationship applied to quantify the sorption role of selected volatile organic chemicals on carbon multiwall nanotubesLi M.-S.; Shih Y.-H.; YANG-HSIN SHIH conference paper0
752007Sorption of trichloroethylene in humic acid studied by experimental investigations and molecular dynamics simulationsYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article00
762006Sorption Kinetics of Toluene in Humic Acid: A Computational ApproachShih, Yang-Hsin ; Wu, Shian-Chee; Lin, Jyh-Shing; Lee, Lien-Fengjournal article
772006Molecular dynamic simulations of the sorption of toluene in a dry humic acid model: A preliminary studyYANG-HSIN SHIH ; Shih, Yang-hsin ; Lin, Jyh-shing; Wu, Shian-chee; Lee, Lien-fengjournal article109
782006Adsorption coefficients of organic compounds to activated carbon from water: Can we understand the sorption isotherms and estimate these via linear solvation energy relationships?YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article0
792005Distinctive Sorption Mechanisms of Soil Organic Matter and Mineral Components as Elucidated by Organic Vapor Uptake KineticsShih, Yang-Hsin ; Wu, Shian-Cheejournal article
802005Black carbon in the environment: How should we model its sorption of hydrophobic organic compounds?YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article0
812004Kinetics of toluene sorption and desorption in Ca- and Cu-montmorillonites investigated with fourier transform infrared spectroscopy under two different levels of humidityShih Y.-H.; Wu S.-C.; YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article1616
822004Kinetics of Toluene Sorption and Desorption in Ca- and Cu- Montmorillonites Investigated with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy under Two Different Levels of HumidityShih, Yang-Hsin ; Wu, Shian-Cheejournal article
832002Sorption kinetics of selected volatile organic compounds in huminYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article120
842002Sorption kinetics of toluene in humin under two different levels of relative humidityYANG-HSIN SHIH journal article24
852001Slow sorption and desorption kinetics of volatile organic contaminants in soil.YANG-HSIN SHIH journal article