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12022Using inhibitors to trade greenhouse gas emission for ammonia losses in paddy soil: A zero-sum gameYU-PIN LIN ; Ansari, Andrianto; Ngoc-Dan Cao, Thanh; YO-JIN SHIAU ; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Muzaffar, Adnan; Wunderlich, Rainer Ferdinand; Mukhtar, HussnainEnvironmental Technology and Innovation32
22022Monitoring canopy micrometeorology in diverse climates to improve the prediction of heat-induced spikelet sterility in rice under climate change (vol 316, 108860, 2022)Yoshimoto, M; Fukuoka, M; Tsujimoto, Y; Matsui, T; Kobayasi, K; Saito, K; van Oort, PAJ; Inusah, BIY; Vijayalakshmi, C; Vijayalakshmi, D; Weerakoon, WMW; Silva, LC; Myint, TT; Phyo, ZC; Tian, XH; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Yang, CM; Tarpley, L; Manigbas, NL; Hasegawa, TAGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY01
32022Monitoring canopy micrometeorology in diverse climates to improve the prediction of heat-induced spikelet sterility in rice under climate changeYoshimoto, M; Fukuoka, M; Tsujimoto, Y; Matsui, T; Kobayasi, K; Saito, K; van Oort, PAJ; Inusah, BIY; Vijayalakshmi, C; Vijayalakshmi, D; Weerakoon, WMW; Silva, LC; Myint, TT; Phyo, ZC; Tian, XH; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Yang, CM; Tarpley, L; Manigbas, NL; Hasegawa, TAGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY56
42022Assessing the influence of environmental niche segregation in ammonia oxidizers on N2O fluxes from soil and sedimentsYU-PIN LIN ; Ansari, Andrianto; Wunderlich, Rainer Ferdinand; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Ngoc-Dan Cao, Thanh; Mukhtar, HussnainChemosphere66
52021Evaluating and adapting climate change impacts on rice production in indonesia: A case study of the keduang subwatershed, Central JavaAnsari, Andrianto; YU-PIN LIN ; HUU-SHENG LUR Environments - MDPI167
62021From lab to farm: Elucidating the beneficial roles of photosynthetic bacteria in sustainable agricultureLee S.-K; Lur H.-S; HUU-SHENG LUR ; CHI-TE LIU Microorganisms1614
72021The Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris Strain PS3 Exerts Plant Growth-Promoting Effects by Stimulating Nitrogen Uptake and Elevating Auxin Levels in Expanding LeavesHsu S.-H; Shen M.-W; Chen J.-C; Lur H.-S; CHI-TE LIU ; HUU-SHENG LUR Frontiers in Plant Science2423
82020Life cycle assessment of leafy vegetable consumption in urban taipei, taiwanYao M.-H; Lur H.-S; Huang C.-H.; HUU-SHENG LUR WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment10
92019Thermotolerance evaluation of Taiwan Japonica type rice cultivars at the seedling stageHsuan, T.-P.; Jhuang, P.-R.; Wu, W.-C.; Lur, H.-S.; HUU-SHENG LUR Botanical Studies75
1020192019年臺灣油茶產業技術移轉現況謝靜敏; 盧虎生; 邱祈榮; 柯淑惠; 徐光平; HUU-SHENG LUR 林業研究專訊
112019米穀預拌粉與米食製品中米含量檢驗技術之開發嚴韶鈺(Shao-Yu Yen); 胡凱康(Kae Kang Hwu) ; 盧虎生(Huu Sheng Lur) ; 張孟基(Men Chi Chang) 作物、環境與生物資訊0
122018客座總編輯-2025年,臺灣農業轉捩點盧虎生; HUU-SHENG LUR 豐年雜誌0
132018油茶籽儲藏條件對壓榨油品質之影響謝靜敏(Ching-Ming Hsieh); 楊正釧(Jeng-Chuann Yang); 盧虎生(Huu-Sheng Lur); 莊曜駿(Yao-Chun Chuang); 徐光平(Kuang-Ping Hsu); 李雅琳(Ya-Lin Lee); HUU-SHENG LUR 台灣農業研究0
142017Oryzomicrobium terrae gen. Nov., sp. nov., of the family rhodocyclaceae isolated from paddy soilLiu C.-T.; Lin S.-Y.; Hameed A.; Liu Y.-C.; Hsu Y.-H.; Wong W.-T.; Tseng C.-H.; Lur H.-S.; CHI-TE LIU ; Lur HS International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology77
152017利用根圈益生菌提升台梗九號水稻秧苗對鹽逆境的耐受性邱莉文(Li-Wen Chiu); 黃紹綺(Shao-Chi Huang); 李淑君(Sook-Kuan Lee); 郭志鴻(Chih-Horng Kuo); 盧虎生(Huu-Sheng Lur) ; 劉啟德(Chi-Te Liu)台灣農學會報0
162016Mitigating uncertainty and enhancing resilience to climate change in the fisheries sector in Taiwan: Policy implications for food security.Ho CH; Chen JL; Nobuyuki Y; Lur HS ; Lu HJOcean and Coastal Management 1515
172016新世紀台灣農業科技發展盧虎生 ; 蔡偉皇台灣農業學術研究與發展 
182016Evaluation of the effects of different liquid inoculant formulations on the survival and plant-growth-promoting efficiency of Rhodopseudomonas palustris strain PS3Lee S.-K.; Lur H.-S. ; Lo K.-J.; Cheng K.-C.; Chuang C.-C.; Tang S.-J.; Yang Z.-W.; CHI-TE LIU ; KUAN-CHEN CHENG Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology3730
192016Effects of field high temperature on grain yield and quality of a subtropical type japonica rice-Pon-Lai rice.Wu YC; Chang SJ; Lur HS Plant Production Science 2722
202015Water footprint analysis of bioethanol energy crops in Taiwan.Su MH, Huang CH, Li WY, Tso CT and Lur HS*; Huang CH; Li WY; Tso CT and Lur HS Journal of Cleaner Production 6257
212015A multi-years analysis of the energy balance, green gas emissions, and production costs of first and second generation bioethanol.Su MH, Huang CH, Lin WY, Tso CT and Lur HS*; Huang CH; Lin WY; Lur HS ; Tso CTInternational Journal of Green Energy 73
222015利用光合菌微生物肥料降低水耕葉菜類中的硝酸鹽含量許書華; 羅凱軍; 方煒; 盧虎生 ; 劉啟德作物、環境與生物資訊 
232014Synergistic combinations of tanshinone IIA and trans-resveratrol toward cisplatin-comparable cytotoxicity in HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsChang, Tung-Wu; Lin, Chueh-Yu; Tzeng, Yin-Jeh; HUU-SHENG LUR Anticancer research 2218
242014Promoting effects of a single Rhodopseudomonas palustris inoculant on plant growth by Brassica rapa chinensis under low fertilizer inputWong, Wai-Tak; Tseng, Ching-Han; Hsu, Shu-Hua; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Mo, Chia-Wei; Huang, Chu-Ning; Hsu, Shu-Chiung; KUNG-TA LEE ; CHI-TE LIU Microbes and environments 5552
252014A positive feedback loop between HEAT SHOCK PROTEIN101 and HEAT STRESS-ASSOCIATED 32-KD PROTEIN modulates long-term acquired thermotolerance illustrating diverse heat stress responses in rice varietiesLin, Meng-yi; Chai, Kuo-hsing; Ko, Swee-suak; Kuang, Lin-yun; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Charng, Yee-yungPlant physiology 10897
262014Diversity of global rice markets and the science required for consumer-targeted rice breedingCalingacion M; Laborte A; Nelson A; Resurreccion A; Concepcion JC; Daygon VD; Mumm R; Reinke R; Dipti S; Bassinello PZ; Manful J; Sophany S; Lara KC; Bao J; Xie L; Loaiza K; El-hissewy A; Gayin J; Sharma N; Rajeswari S; Manonmani S; Rani NS; Kota S; Indrasari SD; Habibi F; Hosseini M; Tavasoli F; Suzuki K; Umemoto T; Boualaphanh C; Lee HH; Hung YP; Ramli A; Aung PP; Ahmad R; Wattoo JI; Bandonill E; Romero M; Brites CM; Hafeel R; Lur HS ; Cheaupun K; Jongdee S; Blanco P; Bryant R; Thi Lang N; Hall RD; Fitzgerald MPLoS ONE209186
272013Association of water depth and aquatic-plant competition in conservation of Isoetes taiwanensis in the Menghuan Pond wetland in TaiwanYu, Ya Ting; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Chang, Wen-LianPaddy and Water Environment88
282013Development of climate smart rice cropping system in TaiwanHuu-Sheng Lur International Workshop on Strategic Approach to Integrate Practical Technologies for Climate-Smart Crop Production 
292013Accumulation of arsenic in rice plant: a study of an arsenic-contaminated site in TaiwanLin S.-C.; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Shyu G.-S.; WEN-DAR HUANG Paddy and Water Environment2521
302013高溫對水稻產量及品質之影響:從生理層次到田間環境之探討莊豐鳴; 盧虎生 作物、環境與生物資訊 
312013Sulfated polysaccharides of Armillariella mellea and their anti-inflammatory activities via NF-kappa B suppressionChang CW; Lur, HS ; Cheng JJFOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 3830
322012Adaptation Strategies with Mitigation Potential for Food and Water SecurityHuu-Sheng Lur 2012 APEC Symposium on Climate Change 
332012Forage yield, chemical contents, and silage quality of manure soybeanChang SR; Lu CH; Lur HS ; Hsu FHAgronomy Journal 88
342012Impact of abiotic-stresses on reproductive phase of paddyHuu-Sheng Lur Plants Abiotic stress Management and Experimental Design Workship 
352012MINCERnet – A global research alliance to support the fight against heat stress in riceYoshimoto M; Fukuoka M; Hasegawa T; Matsui T; Tian X; Vijayalakshmi C; Singh MP; Tin Tin Myint Daw; Weerakoon; WMW; Lafarge T; Lur HS ; and Tarpley LJournal of Agricultural Meteorology 
362012Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed rice actin depolymerizing factor gene family and heterologous overexpression of OsADF3 confers Arabidopsis Thaliana drought toleranceHuang, Ya-Chen; Huang, Wen-Lii; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Lur, Hur-Shen ; MEN-CHI CHANG Rice3739
372011Authentication of domestic Taiwan rice based on fingerprinting analysis of microsatellite DNA makersChuang HY; Lur HS ; Hwu KK; Chang MCBotanicle Atudies 
382010Influence of high temperature during grain filling on the accumulation of storage proteins and grain quality in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Lin, Chin-Ju; Li, Chia-Yu; Lin, Shao-Kai; Yang, Fan-Hsuan; Huang, Ji-Jwo; Liu, Yun-Hua; HUU-SHENG LUR Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 149123
392010Recovery of heat shock-triggered released apoplastic Ca2+ accompanied by pectin methylesterase activity is required for thermotolerance in soybean seedlings.Wu, Hui-Chen; Hsu, Shih-Feng; Luo, Dan-Li; Chen, Shiang-Jiuun ; Huang, Wen-Dar ; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Jinn, Tsung-Luo Journal of Experimental Botany 3432
402010Identifying high temperature-sensitive processes during grain filling of riceHuu-Sheng Lur AACC 2010 annual meeting 
412009Magnetic resonance imaging and analyses of tempering processes in rice kernelsHwang, S.-S.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Chang, C.; Lur, H.-S.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN ; Lur, Huu-Sheng Journal of Cereal Science 5131
422009Characterization and biological functions of sulfated polysaccharides from sulfated-salt treatment of Antrodia cinnamomeaCheng, Jing-Jy; Huang, Nai-Kuei; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Kuo, Chung-Io; Lu, Mei-KuangProcess Biochemistry 3833
432009Changes in Temperature, Cultivation Timing and Grain Quality of Rice in Taiwan in Recent YearsLur, Huu-Sheng ; Hsu, Chia-Ling; Wu, Chih-Wen; Lee, Chia-Yu; Lao, Chia-Ling; Wu, Yi-Chien; Chang, Su-Jein; Wang, Chang-Ying; Kondo, Motohiko作物、環境與生物資訊
442009Multiresidue method for high-performance liquid chromatography determination of carbamate pesticides residues in tea samplesWu, Chia-Chang; Chu, Chun; Wang, Yei-Shung; Lur, Huu-Sheng Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B 1816
452009台湾の稲作における気象変動の影響と研究の現状近藤始彦; 盧虎生 農業および園芸
462009Exploring the potential of biopharmaceutical production by Rigidoporus ulmarius: Cultivation, chemistry, and bioactivity studiesCheng, Jing-Jy; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Huang, Nai-Kuei; Chen, Hsuan-Pei; Lin, Cha-Yui; Lu, Mei-KuangProcess Biochemistry 54
472008減緩高溫對臺灣稻米品質形成之影響 - 氮素與根溫調節的生理效應 (新制多年期第1年)盧虎生 
502008盤固草A254(Digitaria decumbens)細胞懸浮培養與植株再生施意敏; 廖成康; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞中華農學會報
512008Magnetic resonance imaging and analyses of tempering process in rice kernelsHwang, Shyh-Shin; Cheng, Yu-Che; Chang, Chen; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Lin, Ta-Te Journal of Cereal Science 
522008IPCC第二工作分組之第四次評估報告:影響、調適與脆弱性 第五章 全球暖化對糧食、漁業及森林產業之影響盧虎生 全球變遷通訊雜誌
532008Properties and biological functions of polysaccharides and ethanolic extracts isolated from medicinal fungus, Fomitopsis pinicolaCheng, Jing-Jy; Lin, Cha-Yui; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chen, Hsuan-Pei; Lu, Mei-KuangProcess Biochemistry 5244
542007臺灣野生稻農藝生育性狀及親緣性分析吳志文; 盧虎生 作物、環境與生物資訊
552007Dissipation of carbofuran and carbaryl on Oolong tea during tea bushes, manufacturing and roasting processesWu, Chia-Chang; Chu, Chun; Wang, Yei-Shung; Lur, Huu-Sheng Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B 1110
562006關渡平原2004年空氣品質及氣象因子影響SPOT衛星遙測水稻生長之灰關聯分析許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 陳建璋; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明作物、環境與生物資訊
572006北投垃圾焚化廠運轉後空氣品質及氣象因子影響SPOT衛星遙測關渡平原水稻生長之灰關聯分析許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 陳建璋; 楊佳豪; 黃盟元; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明中華農學會報
582006臺灣優質水稻栽培之環境挑戰與因應措施盧虎生 ; 劉韻華; 中央氣象局第三組農業氣象科作物、環境與生物資訊
592006A novel function of abscisic acid in the regulation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) root growth and developmentChen C.-W.; Yang Y.-W.; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Tsai Y.-G.; MEN-CHI CHANG Plant and Cell Physiology127109
612005栽培環境對稻米品質影響之蛋白質體研究:溫度調節性蛋白 質之功能分析(1/3)盧虎生 
622005北投垃圾焚化廠運轉前後關渡平原水稻產量之分析黃文達 ; 許明晃; 楊志維; 楊佳豪; 陳建璋; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明科學農業
632005關渡平原2004年爆發大規模水稻病蟲害與黑穗過程與原因之調查許明晃; 黃文達 ; 楊志維; 陳建璋; 楊佳豪; 吳志文; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明科學農業
642005運用衛星遙測資料比較北投垃圾焚化廠運轉前後關渡平原水稻之生長狀況黃文達 ; 許明晃; 陳建璋; 楊志維; 楊佳豪; 彭雲明; 盧虎生 ; 楊棋明科學農業
652005Proteomic analysis of the expression of proteins related to rice quality during caryopsis development and the effect of high temperature on expressionLin S.-K.; Chang M.-C.; Tsai Y.-G.; Lur H.-S.; HUU-SHENG LUR Proteomics136120
662004水稻穀粒發育之研究:穀粒蛋白質表現、功能與栽培溫度之 關係﹝3/3﹞盧虎生 
682003溫室氣體通量測定及減量對策楊盛行; 盧虎生 et al. ; 楊盛行; 盧虎生 et al. 全球變遷通訊雜誌
692003大氣臭氧濃度及其對水稻生長之影響楊盛行; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 楊盛行; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 全球變遷通訊雜誌
702003米飯質地特性與白米鹼溶性及醇溶性蛋白質間相關之研究洪梅珠; 盧虎生 ; 簡珮如臺中區農業改良場研究彙報
712002水稻榖粒發育之研究: 榖粒蛋白質表現、功能與栽培溫度之關係盧虎生 
722002台中地區1960-1999年間之溫度及降雨分析姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 蔡金川中華農業研究00
732002SEED PHYSIOLOGY, PRODUCTION & TECHNOLOGY-Conjugated and Free Polyamine Levels in Normal and Aborting Maize KernelsLiang, Yu-Ling; Lur, Huu-Sheng Crop Science 
752001Effects of abscisic acid on ozone tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlingsLin, Dai-Ing; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, ChunPlant Growth Regulation 2320
762000整合型總計畫名稱:溫度逆境下植物基因產物 蛋白質的分子研究 本計畫名稱:水稻低溫耐性基因構造與功能之研究朱鈞; 盧虎生 ; 陳勝利
772000米飯食味特性與白米醇溶性及鹼溶性蛋白質間相關之研究洪梅珠; 簡珮如; 盧虎生 臺中區農業改良場研究彙報
782000DSSAT模式在預測水稻產量及氣候變遷衝擊評估之通用性探討姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 蔡金川中華農業研究00
791999A Novel Means of Analyzing the Soluble Acidity of Rice GrainsLii, Lai-Jiu; Wang, Chang-Ying; Lur, Huu-Sheng Crop Science 22
811998氣候變遷與農業生產之影響姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞中華農藝學會簡訊 
831998水稻之概念型(ideotype):IRRI新概念型與台灣品種之討論黃曉菊; 陳秀惠; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業 
841997荷爾蒙對Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L.景天酸代謝之調節:光與荷爾蒙調節之影響朱鈞; 盧虎生 
851997稻米儲藏性蛋白質性質與品質改進簡珮如; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業
871997差異表現法(differential display)在植物基因表現研究上的應用陳勝利; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業
881997Role of abscisic acid in chilling tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings.: II. Modulation of free polyamine levelsLee, Tse-Min; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, ChunPlant Science 117103
891996Physiological and biochemical changes related to methyl jasmonate-induced chilling tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlingsLee T.-M.; Lur H.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; HUU-SHENG LUR ; Lur, H.-S. Plant, Cell and Environment6863
901996酸雨對作物的影響楊政國; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業
911996植物荷爾蒙調節低溫耐性基因表現之研究林秋榮; 朱鈞; 盧虎生 
921995乾燥土壤下離層酸為根部發出的訊號以控制氣孔關閉陳季呈; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業 
931995早期胚乳發育調控之研究: 基因選殖, 表現, 荷爾蒙分佈與調控盧虎生 
941995Sucrose-starvation induced changes in polyamine and abscisic acid levels of suspension-cultured rice cellsSung, Hung-I; Liu, Li-Fei; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Kao, Ching-HueiBotanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica
951995RP-高效能液相分析儀(HPLC)在玉米醇溶性蛋白質分析及品種檢定上之利用黃裕昌; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業 
961994Role of Abscisic Acid, Ethylene and Polyamines in Flooding Promoted Senescence of Tobacco LeavesHurng, W. P.; 盧虎生 ; Liao, C. K.; 高景輝; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Kao, Ching-HueiJournal of Plant Physiology 2221
971994大陸水稻生產概況與技術改進盧虎生 ; 朱鈞農政與農情 
981994不同地區臺南白玉米貯藏性蛋白質(Zein)之含量與變異盧虎生 ; 黃懿秦; Chu, Yuan-Nan 中華農藝 
991994玉米早期胚乳發育調控之研究 : 基因選殖表現與賀爾蒙之分佈盧虎生 
1001994大陸糧食作物生產之研究與發展(下)盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 陳文德; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; 陳文德農政與農情 
1011994大陸地區訪問記要:四川省的作物生產與研究盧虎生 ; 朱鈞中華農藝學會簡訊 
1031994大陸糧食作物生產之研究與發展(上)盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; 陳文德; Lur, Huu-Sheng 農政與農情 
1041994Role of Auxin in Maize Endosperm Development-Timing of Nuclear DNA Endoreduplication, Zein Expression, and Cytokinin盧虎生 ; Setter, T. L.; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Setter, T. L.Plant Physiology 158141
1051994Levels of abscisic acid in anoxia- or ethylene-treated rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlingsLee, Tse-Min; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Shieh, Yuh-Jang; Chu, ChunPlant Science 128
1061993Role of Abscisic Acid in Chilling Tolerance of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Seedlings:I.Endogenous Abscisic Acid LevelsLee, T. M.; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, ChunPlant, Cell and Environment 7468
1071993Amelioration of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) Seedling to Chilling Stress by Abscisic Acid盧虎生 ; Chu, ChunPlant Physiology
1081993Endosperm Development of Maize Defective Kernel (Dek) Mutants-Auxin and Cytokinin Levels盧虎生 ; Setter, T. L.; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Setter, T. L.Annals of Botany 4340
1091992Effects of Abscisic Acid on the Expression of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L.Liao, C. K.; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Chu, ChunPlant Physiology
1111992高等植物冷馴化之分子遺傳高小玲; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞科學農業 
1121992離層酸與誘0導景天酸代謝之關係廖成康; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng 科學農業 
1131992高等植物細胞之鈣離子通道姚銘輝; 盧虎生 ; 朱鈞; Lur, Huu-Sheng 科學農業 
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