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12019Dual Delivery of HNF4α and Cisplatin by Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Inhibits Cancer Pluripotency and Tumorigenicity in Hepatoma-Derived CD133-Expressing Stem CellsTsai, P.-H.; Wang, M.-L.; Chang, J.-H.; Yarmishyn, A.A.; Nhi Nguyen, P.N.; Chen, W.; Chien, Y.; Huo, T.-I.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Chiou, S.-H.journal article22
22019Dicopper Dioxygenase Model Immobilized in Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Toluene Oxidation: A Mechanism to Harness Both O Atoms of O 2 for CatalysisLiu, C.-C.; Tsai, Y.-F.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Yu, S.S.-F.; Chan, S.I.journal article22
32019Diatom-Mimicking Ultrahigh-Flux Mesoporous Silica Thin Membrane with Straight-Through Channels for Selective Protein and Nanoparticle SeparationsYang, J.; Lin, G.-S.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Tung, K.-L.journal article66
42019Critical Features for Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Encapsulated into ErythrocytesChen, Z.-A.; Wu, S.-H.; Chen, P.; Chen, Y.-P.; Mou, C.-Y. journal article45
52019Codelivery of Plasmid and Curcumin with Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Promoting Neurite OutgrowthCheng, C.-S.; Liu, T.-P.; Chien, F.-C.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Wu, S.-H.; Chen, Y.-P.journal article98
62019Mesoporous silica-supported V-substituted heteropoly acid for efficient selective conversion of glycerol to formic acidYuan, D.-J.; Yang, J.; Hengne, A.M.; Lin, Y.-T.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Huang, K.-W.journal article
72019Sleeping Beauty Transposon-Mediated Asparaginase Gene Delivery by a Nanoparticle PlatformChang, J.-H.; Mou, K.Y.; Mou, C.-Y. journal article
82018Defective Mesocrystal ZnO-Supported Gold Catalysts: Facilitating CO Oxidation via Vacancy Defects in ZnOLiu M.-H.; Chen Y.-W.; Lin T.-S.; Mou C.-Y. journal article2525
92018Ordered Mesoporous Zeolite Thin Films with Perpendicular Reticular Nanochannels of Wafer Size AreaChang H.-J.; Chen T.-Y.; Zhao Z.-P.; Dai Z.-J.; Chen Y.-L.; Mou C.-Y. ; Liu Y.-H.journal article21
102018Generation of Functional Dopaminergic Neurons from Reprogramming Fibroblasts by Nonviral-based Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesChang J.-H.; Tsai P.-H.; Wang K.-Y.; Wei Y.-T.; Chiou S.-H.; Mou C.-Y. journal article1011
112018Catalytic Oxidation of Light Alkanes Mediated at Room Temperature by a Tricopper Cluster Complex Immobilized in Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesLiu C.-C.; Janmanchi D.; Wen D.-R.; Oung J.-N.; Mou C.-Y. ; Yu S.S.-F.; Chan S.I.journal article88
122018Ordered mesoporous Au/TiO 2 nanospheres for solvent-free visible-light-driven plasmonic oxidative coupling reactions of aminesYang J.; Mou C.-Y. journal article2320
132018Non-viral gene delivery by mesoporous silica nanoparticlesJen-Hsuan Chang; 張仁瑄; 牟中原指導 thesis
142018Synthesis of Au loaded Mesoporous Silica nanoparticles for catalytic applicationsYi-Tzu Lin; 林憶慈; 牟中原指導 thesis
152018Developing functional silica nanohybrid co-carrier for synergistic anticancer therapyTing-Wei Wu; 吳庭瑋; 牟中原指導 thesis
162018The Bioimaging Applications of Mesoporous Silica NanoparticlesPratiwi F.W.; Kuo C.W.; Wu S.-H.; Chen Y.-P.; Mou C.Y. ; Chen chapter
172018Generation of Functional Dopaminergic Neurons from Reprogramming Fibroblasts by Nonviral-based Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles菲比; 牟中原指導 thesis
182017Morphology-controllable templated synthesis of three-dimensionally structured graphenic materialsWen J.-R.; Mou C.-Y. journal article23
192017Dual delivery of siRNA and plasmid DNA using mesoporous silica nanoparticles to differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells into dopaminergic neuronsChang J.-H.; Tsai P.-H.; Chen W.; Chiou S.-H.; Mou C.-Y. journal article1515
202017Phototherapeutic spectrum expansion through synergistic effect of mesoporous silica trio-nanohybrids against antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteriumKuthati Y.; Kankala R.K.; Busa P.; Lin S.-X.; Deng J.-P.; Mou C.-Y. ; Lee C.-H.journal article2020
212017Molecular Elucidation of Biological Response to Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles in Vitro and in VivoChou C.-C.; Chen W.; Hung Y.; Mou C.-Y. journal article3027
222017Ultrasmall gold nanoparticles confined in zeolite Y: Preparation and activity in CO oxidationChen Y.-H.; Mou C.-Y. ; Wan B.-Z.journal article1514
232017Lectin-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles for endoscopic detection of premalignant colonic lesionsChen N.-T.; Souris J.S.; Cheng S.-H.; Chu C.-H.; Wang Y.-C.; Konda V.; Dougherty U.; Bissonnette M.; Mou C.-Y. ; Chen C.-T.; Lo L.-W.journal article1211
242017Mechanistic study for the selective oxidation of benzene and toluene catalyzed by Fe(ClO4)2 in an H2O2-H2O-CH3CN systemRamu R.; Wanna W.H., Janmanchi D.; Tsai Y.-F.; Liu C.-C.; Mou C.-Y. ; Yu S.S.-F.journal article1110
252017Strategy for selective oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons by metal catalyst incorporated into mesoporous silica nanoparticleJung-Kun Fang; 方榮坤; 牟中原指導 thesis
262016Defect-Mediated Gold Substitution Doping in ZnO Mesocrystals and Catalysis in CO OxidationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article2726
272016Dipole field driven morphology evolution in biomimetic vateriteGreer H.F.; Liu M.-H.; Mou C.-Y. ; Zhou W.journal article77
282016Oriented chiral DNA-silica film guided by a natural mica substrateCao Y.; Kao K.; Mou C. ; Han L.; Che S.journal article1213
292016Approach to Deliver Two Antioxidant Enzymes with Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles into CellsLin Y.-H.; Chen Y.-P.; Liu T.-P.; Chien F.-C.; Chou C.-M.; Chen C.-T.; Mou C.-Y. journal article260
302016Heterogeneous formulation of the tricopper complex for efficient catalytic conversion of methane into methanol at ambient temperature and pressureLiu C.-C.; Mou C.-Y. ; Yu S.S.-F.; Chan S.I.journal article3939
312016Chemistry in confined space: A strategy for selective oxidation of hydrocarbons with high catalytic efficiencies and conversion yields under ambient conditionsLiu C.-C.; Ramu R.; Chan S.I.; Mou C.-Y. ; Yu S.S.-F.journal article99
322016Large-Scale Uniform Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles Templated from Mesoporous Silica Film for Surface-Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyWang Y.-W.; Kao K.-C.; Wang J.-K.; Mou C.-Y. journal article2623
332015Attenuating HIV Tat/TAR-mediated protein expression by exploring the side chain length of positively charged residuesWu, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-P.; Liu, S.-L.; Chien, F.-C.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Cheng, R.P. journal article33
342015Nanoparticles array assembly in mesoporous silica materials王怡雯; 牟中原指導 thesis
352015銅錯合物固定於功能性中孔洞二氧化矽奈米粒子應用在芳香族化合物氧化反應傅正安; Fu, Cheng-An; 牟中原指導 thesis
362015孔洞材料及其在催化和吸附的應用洪辰諭; Hong, Chen-Yu; 牟中原指導 thesis
372015Synthesis of curtain-like crumpled boehmite and γ-alumina nanosheetsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
382015Attenuating HIV Tat/TAR-mediated protein expression by exploring the side chain length of positively charged residuesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
392015Killing cancer cells by delivering a nanoreactor for inhibition of catalase and catalytically enhancing intracellular levels of ROSCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
402015Encapsulation of palladium porphyrin photosensitizer in layered metal oxide nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy against skin melanomaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
412015Wang et al. ReplyCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
422015Formation of hollow silica nanospheres by reverse microemulsionCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
432015Layered double hydroxide nanoparticles to enhance organ-specific targeting and the anti-proliferative effect of cisplatinCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
442015A room temperature catalyst for toluene aliphatic C-H bond oxidation: Tripodal tridentate copper complex immobilized in mesoporous silicaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
452015Density of hydrophobically confined deeply cooled water investigated by small angle X-ray scatteringCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
462015Local pH tracking in living cellsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
472015A gold surface plasmon enhanced mesoporous titanium dioxide photoelectrode for the plastic-based flexible dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, H.-W.; Hong, C.-Y.; Kung, C.-W.; Mou, C.-Y.; Wu, K.C.-W.; Ho, K.-C.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article
482015Preparation and characterization of ion-irradiated nanodiamonds as photoacoustic contrast agentsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
492015A General Method for Growing Large Area Mesoporous Silica Thin Films on Flat Substrates with Perpendicular NanochannelsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
502015Relaxation dynamics of surface-adsorbed water molecules in nanoporous silica probed by terahertz spectroscopyCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; CHI-KUANG SUN journal article
512015Pore-size dependent THz absorption of nano-confined waterCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; CHI-KUANG SUN journal article
522015雙功能中孔洞奈米藥物載體於治療神經退化性疾病之設計鄭丞勛; Zheng, Cheng-Shun; 牟中原指導 thesis
532015沸石晶種自組裝合成中孔洞二氧化矽奈米材料之結構鑑定及催化應用陳姿穎; Chen, Tzu-Ying; 牟中原指導 thesis
542015常溫反應之仿生觸媒應用於脂肪族碳-氫鍵的氧化: 銅(II)錯合物固定於功能性中孔洞二氧化矽奈米材料劉之誠; Liu, Chih-Cheng; 牟中原指導 thesis
552014Promotional effect of Pd single atoms on Au nanoparticles supported on silica for the selective hydrogenation of acetylene in excess ethyleneCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article6467
562014New developments in the growth of 4 Angstrom carbon nanotubes in linear channels of zeolite templateCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article87
572014Hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles with tunable shell thickness and pore size distribution for application as broad-ranging pH nanosensorCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article2323
582014Efficient and durable Au alloyed Pd single-atom catalyst for the Ullmann reaction of aryl chlorides in waterCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article127128
592014Two-dimensional crystals of mesoporous silica SBA-15 nanosheets with perpendicular and open channelsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article33
602014Mesoporous silica nanoparticles: A potential platform for generation of induced pluripotent stem cells?CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article44
612014Mesostructured arrays of nanometer-spaced gold nanoparticles for ultrahigh number density of SERS hot spotsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article3938
622014Boson peak in deeply cooled confined water: A possible way to explore the existence of the liquid-to-liquid transition in waterCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article2222
632014Structural and catalytic properties of supported Ni-Ir alloy catalysts for H2 generation via hydrous hydrazine decompositionCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article8182
642014Enhanced activity and stability of lysozyme by immobilization in the matching nanochannels of mesoporous silica nanoparticlesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article5250
652014Enzyme encapsulated hollow silica nanospheres for intracellular biocatalysisCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article6867
662014Efficient spin-light emitting diodes based on InGaN/GaN quantum disks at room temperature: A new self-polarized paradigmSHI-WEI CHU ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; YANG-FANG CHEN journal article1414
672014Enhanced plasmonic resonance energy transfer in mesoporous silica-encased gold nanorod for two-photon-activated photodynamic therapyCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article
682014Intracellular implantation of enzymes in hollow silica Nanospheres for protein therapy: Cascade System of Superoxide Dismutase and CatalaseCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
692014The stimulated emission depletion properties of spiro-BTACHUNG-YUAN MOU conference paper
702014Mesoporous silica supported cobalt catalysts for hydrogen generation and growth of single-walled carbon nanotubesYi-Chia Luo; 羅苡嘉; 牟中原指導 thesis
712014Mesostructured silica nanoparticles: biological applicationsFeng-Peng Chang; 張豐鵬; 牟中原指導 thesis
722014Intracellular imaging of reactive oxygen species with enzyme encapsulated hollow silica nanospheres陳欣宜; 牟中原指導 thesis
732014奈米粒子負載及輸送超氧化物歧化酶及谷胱甘肽過氧化物酶林郁萱; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; 牟中原指導 thesis
742014新穎奈米鑽石之開發與性質探討及其生物應用方嘉謚; Fang, Chia-Yi; 牟中原指導 thesis
752014應用修飾螢光分子之中孔洞二氧化矽奈米粒子進行癌細胞內酸鹼值偵測與三維空間即時追蹤鄒劼叡; Tsou, Chieh-Jui; 牟中原指導 thesis
762013Controllable orientation of assembled gold nanorods on unstructured substratesCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; YANG-FANG CHEN journal article
772013Enhanced non-endocytotic uptake of mesoporous silica nanoparticles by shortening the peptide transporter arginine side ChainWu, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-P.; Wu, S.-H.; Hung, Y.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Cheng, R.P. journal article
782013Altering the Tat-derived peptide bioactivity landscape by changing the arginine side chain lengthWu, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-P.; Mou, C.-Y. ; Cheng, R.P. journal article
792013Multifunctional mesoporous silica nanocomposite nanoparticles for theranostic applications陳乃慈; 牟中原指導 thesis
802013Synthesis of crumpled boehmite nanosheets and templated-synthesis of grapheneJe-Ruei Wen; 溫哲睿; 牟中原指導 thesis
812013Protein encapsulated hollow silica nanospheres templated by reverse microemulsion張仁瑄; 牟中原指導 thesis
822013Biomedical application of mesoporous silica nanoparticles : enzymes delivery and target therapy陳奕平; 牟中原指導 thesis
832013Zno mesocrystals and au-based nanoparticles劉明翰; 牟中原指導 thesis
842013酵素固定化於中孔洞二氧化矽奈米材料: 限制空間對於酵素之位向、結構與催化活性之影響 Enzyme immobilized in mesoporous silica nanoparticles : Effect of confinement on orientation conformation and catalytic activityKun-Che Kao; 高琨哲; 牟中原指導 thesis
852013Manganese-enhanced MRI of rat brain based on slow cerebral delivery of manganese(II) with silica-encapsulated MnxFe1-xO nanoparticlesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
862013Mesoporous silica supported cobalt catalysts for hydrogen generation in hydrolysis of ammonia boraneCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
872013Synthesis of Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles supported on silica gel via galvanic replacement reactionCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
882013Enhanced non-endocytotic uptake of mesoporous silica nanoparticles by shortening the peptide transporter arginine side ChainCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
892013Selective hydrogenation of acetylene over SBA-15 supported Au-Cu bimetallic catalystsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
902013Protection of HeLa cells against ROS stress by CuZnSOD mimic systemCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
912013Understanding the synergistic effects of gold bimetallic catalystsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
922013Synthesis of mesoporous silica nanoparticlesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
932013Functionalization of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeting, biocompatibility, combined cancer therapies and theragnosisCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
942013Theranostic applications of mesoporous silica nanoparticles and their organic/inorganic hybridsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
952013A simple plant gene delivery system using mesoporous silica nanoparticles as carriersCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
962013Density and anomalous thermal expansion of deeply cooled water confined in mesoporous silica investigated by synchrotron X-ray diffractionCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
972013Nonviral cell labeling and differentiation agent for induced pluripotent stem cells based on mesoporous silica nanoparticlesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
982013Catalysis by gold: New insights into the support effectCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
992013Interplay of formation kinetics for highly oriented and mesostructured silicate-surfactant films at the air-water interfaceCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1002013Pore-expanded mesoporous silica nanoparticles with alkanes/ethanol as pore expanding agentCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1012013High payload Gd(III) encapsulated in hollow silica nanospheres for high resolution magnetic resonance imagingCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1022013Compartmentalized hollow silica nanospheres templated from nanoemulsionsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1032013A broad range fluorescent pH sensor based on hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles, utilising the surface curvature effectCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1042013A fluorescent organic nanotube assembled from novel p -phenylene ethynylene-based dicationic amphiphilesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1052013A new strategy for intracellular delivery of enzyme using mesoporous silica nanoparticles: Superoxide dismutaseCHAO-TSEN CHEN ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1062013A Palladium Bipyridyl Complex Grafted onto Nanosized MCM-41 as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Negishi CouplingCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1072013Altering the Tat-derived peptide bioactivity landscape by changing the arginine side chain lengthCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1082012Surface charge effect in intracellular localization of mesoporous silica nanoparticles as probed by fluorescent ratiometric pH imagingCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1092012Strong metal-support interactions between gold nanoparticles and ZnO nanorods in CO oxidationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1102012Room temperature O 2 plasma treatment of SiO 2 supported Au catalysts for selective hydrogenation of acetylene in the presence of large excess of ethyleneCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1112012Corneal repair by human corneal keratocyte-reprogrammed iPSCs and amphiphatic carboxymethyl-hexanoyl chitosan hydrogelCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1122012Temperature dependence of structure and density for D 2O confined in MCM-41-SCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1132012Highly ordered mesoporous silica films with perpendicular mesochannels by a simple stöber-solution growth approachCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1142012Bimetallic Au-Pd alloy catalysts for N 2O decomposition: Effects of surface structures on catalytic activityCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1152012Biomimetic ZnO plate twin-crystals periodical arraysCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; YANG-FANG CHEN journal article
1162012Recent advances in nanoparticle-based förster resonance energy transfer for biosensing, molecular imaging and drug release profilingCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1172012The origin of ZnO twin crystals in bio-inspired synthesisCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1182012Collapsed (kippah) hollow silica nanoparticlesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1192012Dipole field guided orientated attachment of nanocrystals to twin-brush ZnO mesocrystalsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1202012Selective hydrogenation of acetylene in excess ethylene over SiO 2 supported Au-Ag bimetallic catalystCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1212012Probing the Dynamics of Doxorubicin-DNA Intercalation during the Initial Activation of Apoptosis by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1222012限制空間中的水:密度特異性質及相變化研究劉高翔; Liu, Kao-Hsiang; 牟中原指導 thesis
1232012二氧化矽空心球在核磁共振顯影上之應用黃鈺茹; Huang, Yu-Ru; 牟中原指導 thesis
1242012負載雙核錯合物至中孔洞性奈米粒子以模擬超氧歧化酵素之活性盧柏全; Lu, Bo-Cyuan; 牟中原指導 thesis
1252012比率計數螢光法偵測pH值與追蹤癌細胞內單一粒子朱佳音; Chu, Jia-Yin; 牟中原指導 thesis
1262011Integrated nanophotonic hubs based on ZnO-Tb (OH) 3/SiO 2 nanocompositesLin, Hsia Yu; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Cheng, Chung Liang; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Lin, Yu Shen; Hung, Yann; Mou, Chung Yuan; Chen, Yang Fang journal article
1272011Bioinspired design of a Cu-Zn-imidazolate mesoporous silica catalyst system for superoxide dismutationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1282011Catalytic nano-rattle of Au@hollow silica: Towards a poison-resistant nanocatalystWu, Si-Han; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Tseng, Chih-Ta; Lin, Yu-Shen; Lin, Cheng-Han; Hung, Yann; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1292011PtRuP nanoparticles supported on mesoporous carbon thin film as highly active anode materials for direct methanol fuel cellLin, Meng-Liang; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lo, Man-Yin; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1302011Site-specific immobilization of cytochrome c on mesoporous silica through metal affinity adsorption to enhance activity and stabilityCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Cheng, Shih-Hsun; Kao, Kun-Che; Liao, Wei-Neng; Chen, Li-Ming; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Lee, Chia-Hungjournal article
1312011Mesoporous silica nanoparticles as nanocarriersWu, Si-Han; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Hung, Yann; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1322011PEGylated silica nanoparticles encapsulating multiple magnetite nanocrystals for high-performance microscopic magnetic resonance angiographyWu, Si-Han; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lin, Chien-Yuan; Hung, Yann; Chen, Wei; Chang, Chen; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1332011Corking and uncorking a catalytic yolk-shell nanoreactor: Stable gold catalyst in hollow silica nanosphereCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lin, Chen-Han; Liu, Xiaoyan; Wu, Si-Han; Liu, Kao-Hsiang; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1342011Well-defined mesoporous nanostructure modulates three-dimensional interface energy transfer for two-photon activated photodynamic therapyCheng, Shih-Hsun; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; PI-TAI CHOU ; Hsieh, Cheng-Chih; Chen, Nai-Tzu; Chu, Chia-Hui; Huang, Ching-Mao; Chou, Pi-Tai ; Tseng, Fan-Gang; Yang, Chung-Shi; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Lo, Leu-Weijournal article
1352011Recent advances in dynamic monitoring of drug release of nanoparticle using Förster resonance energy transfer and fluorescence lifetime imagingCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1362011Observation of slow relaxation on nano-confined water in nanoporous MCM-41 by terahertz spectroscopyCHUNG-YUAN MOU conference paper
1372011Au-Cu alloy nanoparticles supported on silica gel as catalyst for CO oxidation: Effects of Au/Cu ratiosCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Liu, Xiaoyan; Wang, Aiqin; Zhang, Tao; Su, Dang-Sheng; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1382011Highly efficient and regioselective halogenation over well dispersed rhenium-promoted mesoporous zirconiaCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Chen, Ai-Jan; Wong, She-Tin; Hwang, Chi-Chau; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1392011Mesoporous silica SBA-15 sheet with perpendicular nanochannelsYeh, Yi-Qi; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lin, Hong-Ping; Tang, Chih-Yuan; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1402011Structural changes of Au-Cu bimetallic catalysts in CO oxidation: In situ XRD, EPR, XANES, and FT-IR characterizationsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
1412011具有垂直性孔道的薄片狀SBA-15的形成機制研究葉奕琪; Yeh, Yi-Qi; 牟中原指導 thesis
1422011具垂直通道之中孔洞氧化矽薄膜製備於基板與其性質研究賴映竹; Lai, Ying-Chu; 牟中原指導 thesis
1432011二氧化矽空心球包覆金奈米粒子的材料合成與催化應用林政翰; Lin, Cheng-Han; 牟中原指導 thesis
1442011多功能磁共振顯影劑在生物上之應用陳緯; Chen, Wei; 牟中原指導 thesis
1452011仿生酵素 : 銅鋅錯合物系列模擬超氧歧化酵素的合成及其鑑定方雅貞; Fang, Ya-Cheng; 牟中原指導 thesis
1462011中孔洞氧化矽奈米粒子的修飾及生物醫學上之應用蘇怡帆; Su, Yi-Fan; 牟中原指導 
1472011IV delivery of induced pluripotent stem cells attenuates endotoxin-induced acute lung injury in miceCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Yang, Kuang-Yao; Shih, Hsin-Chin; How, Chorng-Kuang; Chen, Cheng-Yu; Hsu, Han-Shin; Yang, Ching-Wen; Lee, Yu-Chin; Perng, Reury-Perng; Peng, Chi-Hsien; Li, Hsin-Yang; Chang, Chia-Ming; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Chiou, Shih-Hwajournal article
1482010Formulation of novel lipid-coated magnetic nanoparticles as the probe for in vivo imagingHuang, Huey-Chung; JYH-HORNG CHENet al. ; Huang, Huey-Chung; Chang, Po-Yuan ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; CHUNG-WU LIN; Chang, Karen; Chen, Chao-Yu; Lin, Chung-Wu; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Chang, Zee-Fen ; Chang, Fu-Hsiungjournal article
1492010Morphology control of single-walled carbon nanotubes(SWCNTs) by utilizing modified catalysts林宜樺; 牟中原指導 thesis
1502010Cytochrome c covalently immobilized on mesoporous silicas as a peroxidase: Orientation effectKao, Kun-Che; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lee, Chia-Hung; Lin, Tien-Sung; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article
1512010Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings: PrefaceCHUNG-YUAN MOU conference paper
1522010Sonogashira reaction of aryl and heteroaryl halides with terminal alkynes catalyzed by a highly efficient and recyclable nanosized MCM-41 anchored palladium bipyridyl complexCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lin, Bo-Nan; Huang, Shao-Hsien; Wu, Wei-Yi; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Tsai, Fu-Yujournal article
1532010Image contrast enhancement of optical coherence tomography with Au Nanorod-induced localized surface plasmon resonanceCHUNG-YUAN MOU conference paper
1542010Image contrast enhancement of optical coherence tomography with Au nanorod-induced localized surface plasmon resonanceCHUNG-YUAN MOU conference paper
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2752005Evaluation of the feasibility of orangeII as a tooth staining and bleaching indicator黃士豪; 牟中原共同指導 thesis
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2772005Well-ordered mesoporous silica nanoparticles as cell markersCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2782005One-step grafting of Al2O3 onto acid-made mesoporous silicaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2792005Evolution of catalytic activity of Au-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles on mesoporous support for CO oxidationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2802005Pyrene-assisted synthesis of size-controlled gold nanoparticles in sodium dodecyl sulfate micellesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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2822005Utilization of polarized electron spin of organic molecules in quantum computingCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2832005Pressure dependence of fragile-to-strong transition and a possible second critical point in supercooled confined waterCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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2852005中孔材料覆載奈米金屬粒子之氣相催化閻君皖; Yen, Chun-wan; 牟中原指導 thesis
2862005中孔洞分子篩內限制空間的化學反應李佳洪; Lee, Chia-Hung; 牟中原指導 thesis
2872005螢光界面活性劑的合成及其在孔洞材料上的應用涂熊林; Tu, Hsiung-Lin; 牟中原指導 thesis
2882005區塊共聚合物之自組裝行為研究洪伸錡; Hung, Sen-Chi; 牟中原指導 thesis
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2912004Synthesis of SBA-1 mesoporous silica crystals with tunable pore size using sodium silicate and alkyltrimethylammonium surfactantsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2922004Al- and Ga-promoted WO3/ZrO2 strong solid acid catalysts and their catalytic activities in n-butane isomerizationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2932004Instantaneous normal mode analysis of orientational motions in liquid water: Local structural effectsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2942004Comparison of the promoting effects of gallium and aluminium on the n-butane isomerization actvity of sulfated zirconiaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2952004Visualization of topological microstructures of mesoporous silicate hollow sphere with confocal microscopyCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2962004Electropolymerization of Starburst Triarylamines and Their Application to Electrochromism and ElectroluminescenceCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2972004Fabrication of Tunable Superhydrophobic Surfaces by Nanosphere LithographyCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2982004Strongly acidic mesoporous aluminosilicates prepared from zeolite seeds: Acylation of anisole with octanyl chlorideCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
2992004Mesoporous silica platelets with perpendicular nanochannels via a ternary surfactant systemCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3002004Controlling the morphology and mesostructural orderness of the mesoporous silica nanoparticlesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3012004Direct Method for Surface Silyl Functionalization of Mesoporous SilicaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3022004Visualization of Topological Microstructures of Mesoporous Silicate Hollow Sphere with Confocal MicroscopyMou, Chung-Yuan; Yang, Te-Chen; Lin, Hong-ping; Kao, Fu-Jen; MouChungYuan journal article
3032004N-Pentane isomerization over platinum-promoted W/Zr mixed oxides supported on mesoporous silicaSOO-FIN CHENG ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3042004修飾於孔洞材料中鈀錯合物之催化與聚合反應的研究吳振麟; Wu, Chen-Lin; 牟中原指導 thesis
3052004Gadolinium(III)-incorporated nanosized mesoporous silica as potential magnetic resonance imaging contrast agentsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3062004Preparation and characterization of MCM-41-supported hydroxo-bridged dicupric-phenanthroline complexCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3072004Fragile-to-strong liquid transition in deeply supercooled confined waterCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3082004Slow dynamics of supercooled water confined in nanoporous silica materialsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3092004n-Pentane isomerization over promoted SZ/MCM-41 catalystsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3102004科學札根活動-發現科學的心與眼---你我同行牟中原 report
3112004含金薄膜中孔洞材料的製備及催化研究江嘉雯; Chiang, Chia-Wen; 牟中原指導 thesis
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3142004Fabrication of super water-repellent surfaces by nanosphere lithographyCHUNG-YUAN MOU conference paper
3152004A Simple Synthesis of Well-Ordered Super-Microporous AluminosilicateLin, Yu-Shen; Lin, Hong-Ping; 牟中原 ; Lin, Hong-Ping; Mou, Chung-Yuan journal article
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3172004Design of a high-performance catalyst for CO oxidation: Au nanoparticles confined in mesoporous aluminosilicateCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Liu, Jun-Hong; Chi, Yu-Shan; Lin, Hong-Ping; Mou, Chung-Yuan ; Wan, Ben-Zujournal article
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3202003Translational and rotational dynamics of water in mesoporous silica materials: MCM-41-S and MCM-48-SCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3212003Structural isomers and binding sites of guanine-rich quadruplexes investigated by induced circular dichroism of thionin: Loops and tailsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3222003Hydroisomerization of n -hexane over gallium-promoted sulfated zirconiaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3232003Aluminum-promoted tungstated zirconia catalyst in n-butane isomerization reactionSOO-FIN CHENG ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3282003電子自旋共振光譜與限制空間內的化學(中美國合計畫)(2/3)牟中原 report
3292003第八章:從教育共識的建立談教育政策的概念系統吳英璋; 林來福; 陳正然; 林曼麗; 牟中原 ; 吳靜吉; 黃炳煌; 詹志禹; 楊深坑
3302003金、銀、鈀及其合金之奈米顆粒的合成與應用劉俊鴻; 牟中原指導 thesis
3312003Ga-promoted tungstated zirconia catalyst for n-butane isomerizationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3322003Dynamics of supercooled water in mesoporous silica matrix MCM-48-SCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3332003Biomimetic formation of porous single-crystalline CaCO3 via nanocrystal aggregationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3342003Dynamic behavior and sensitivity of skeleton thermokinetic model for acetaldehyde oxidationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3352003(VO)2+ ions immobilized on functionalized surface of mesoporous silica and their activity toward the hydroxylation of benzeneCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3382002From metal cluster to metal nanowire: A topological analysis of electrondensity and band structure calculationCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3392002Reducing surfactants-silica interactions for high-coverage silane-modification of MCM-41 and MCM-48 silicasCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3462002Nanoporous SiO2 films prepared by surfactant templating method - A novel antireflective coating technologyCHUNG-YUAN MOU book
3472002Roles of pore size and Al content on the catalytic performance of Al-MCM-41 during hydrocracking reactionCHUNG-YUAN MOU book
3482002電子自旋共振光譜與限制空間內的化學(中美國合計畫)(1/3)牟中原 report
3492002含金奈米顆粒之中孔洞觸煤的合成及應用紀育珊; 牟中原指導 thesis
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3522002The early stage of a β-hairpin folding: The role of water moleculesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3552002Salt effect in post-synthesis hydrothermal treatment of MCM-41CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3572002Well-dispersed gallium-promoted sulfated zirconia on mesoporous MCM-41 silicaSOO-FIN CHENG ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3612001Direct synthesis of MCM-41 mesoporous aluminosilicates containing Au nanoparticles in aqueous solutionCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3622001Synthesis of elastic macrospheres of silica-surfactant nanocompositesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3632001Counterion and alcohol effect in the formation of mesoporous silicaCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3642001Post-synthesis treatment of acid-made mesoporous silica materials by ammonia hydrothermal processCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3662001Hollow spheres of MCM-41 aluminosilicate with pinholesCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
3672001Sulfated zirconia catalyst supported on MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieveSOO-FIN CHENG ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3732001嵌合化合物之固態化學(3/3)牟中原 report
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3772000Counterion effect in acid synthesis of mesoporous silica materialsCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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3822000無機及物理化學研究發展及推動小組牟中原 report
3832000參加第一屆中加雙邊尖端材料研討會議牟中原 report
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4281996自然處化學研究推動中心業務經費牟中原 report
4291996台灣大學牟中原教授赴美參加1996戈登研究會議牟中原 report
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4351996Incorporation of C60 in Layered Double HydroxideCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article
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