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12023A Versatile Strategy to Manipulate and Probe Native Carbonic Anhydrases In Cellulo Utilizing Two-Step Ligand-Directed FunctionalizationIo, Wai-Seng; Tsung-Shing Andrew Wang ACS chemical biology00
22022A Double Photocage Strategy to Construct Light-Controllable and Spatiotemporally Trackable Cathepsin B Activity-Based ProbesHung H.-M; Wang T.A.; Tsung-Shing Andrew Wang ACS Chemical Biology22
32021Sonogenetic-Based Neuromodulation for the Amelioration of Parkinson's DiseaseFan, Ching-Hsiang; Wei, Kuo-Chen; Chiu, Nai-Hua; Liao, En-Chi; Wang, Hsien-Chu; Wu, Ruo-Yu; Ho, Yi-Ju; Chan, Hong-Lin; Wang, Tsung-Shing Andrew; Huang, Ying-Zu; Hsieh, Tsung-Hsun; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Lin, Yu-Chun; TSUNG-SHING WANG Nano Letters99
42021Reaction Tracking and High-Throughput Screening of Active Compounds in Combinatorial Chemistry by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Molecular NetworkingChung H.-H; Kao C.-Y; Wang T.-S.A ; Chu J ; Pei J; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical Chemistry10
52021Selectively Targeting and Differentiating Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus via Dual Synthetic Fluorescent ProbesWang, Tsung-Shing Andrew; Chen, Pin-Lung; Chen, Yi-Chen Sarah; Hung, Hsuan-Min; Huang, Jhih-Yi; TSUNG-SHING WANG ACS Infectious Diseases34
62021Labeling and Characterization of Phenol-Containing Glycopeptides Using Chemoselective Probes with Isotope TagsWang T.-S.A; Wu R.-Y; Hong Y; Wang Z.-C; Li T.-L; Shie J.-J; TSUNG-SHING WANG ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ChemBioChem22
72017Utilizing an iron(III)-chelation masking strategy to prepare mono- and bis-functionalized aerobactin analogues for targeting pathogenic bacteriaHo, Y.-H.; Ho, S.-Y.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Shie, J.-J.; Wang, T.-S.A. Chemical Communications 55
82017Manipulating Cellular Activities Using an Ultrasound-Chemical Hybrid ToolFan, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-S.; Huang, W.-E.; Lee, A.A.; Ho, S.-Y.; Kao, Y.-L.; Wang, C.-L.; Lian, Y.-L.; Ueno, T.; Andrew Wang, T.-S. ; Yeh, C.-K.; Lin, Y.-C.ACS Synthetic Biology 66
92017Selective Targeting of Vibrios by Fluorescent Siderophore-Based ProbesChen P.-H.C.; Ho S.-Y.; Chen P.-L.; Hung T.-C.; Liang A.-J.; Kuo T.-F.; Huang H.-C.; HSIAO-CHUN HUANG ; Wang, T.-S.A. ACS Chemical Biology88
102016The formation of a M + 2 compound in the analysis of a trimethylsilyl derivative of monocarboxylic acids by gas chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometryTien, H.-W.; Ou, Y.-M.; Hsu, R.-Y.; Wang, T.-S. ; Her, G.-R.European Journal of Mass Spectrometry 11
112016Facile and Versatile Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Enterobactin Analogues and Applications in Bacterial DetectionLee, A.A.; Chen, Y.-C.S.; Ekalestari, E.; Ho, S.-Y.; Hsu, N.-S.; Kuo, T.-F.; Wang, T.-S.A. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 1716
122016Stabilizing Protein Motifs with a Genetically Encoded Metal-Ion ChelatorLuo, X.; Wang, T.-S.A. ; Zhang, Y.; Wang, F.; Schultz, P.G.Cell Chemical Biology 1312
132014Mode of action and structure-activity relationship studies of geobacillin iGarg, N.; Oman, T.J.; rew Wang, T.-S.; De Gonzalo, C.V.G.; Walker, S.; Van Der Donk, W.A.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of Antibiotics 2122
142014An antibody with a variable-region coiled-coil "knob" domainZhang, Y.; Goswami, D.; Wang, D.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Sen, S.; Magliery, T.J.; Griffin, P.R.; Wang, F.; Schultz, P.G.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2122
152011Primer preactivation of peptidoglycan polymerasesWang, T.-S.A.; Lupoli, T.J.; Sumida, Y.; Tsukamoto, H.; Wu, Y.; Rebets, Y.; Kahne, D.E.; Walker, S.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 2525
162011Transpeptidase-mediated incorporation of d-amino acids into bacterial peptidoglycanLupoli, T.J.; Tsukamoto, H.; Doud, E.H.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Walker, S.; Kahne, D.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 10296
172011Modular synthesis of diphospholipid oligosaccharide fragments of the bacterial cell wall and their use to study the mechanism of moenomycin and other antibioticsGampe, C.M.; Tsukamoto, H.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Walker, S.; Kahne, D.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Tetrahedron 2525
182011Haloduracin α binds the peptidoglycan precursor lipid II with 2:1 stoichiometryOman, T.J.; Lupoli, T.J.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Kahne, D.; Walker, S.; Van Der Donk, W.A.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 4947
192010The role of the substrate lipid in processive glycan polymerization by the peptidoglycan glycosyltransferasesPerlstein, D.L.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Doud, E.H.; Kahne, D.; Walker, S.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 4242
202010Functional and structural analysis of a key region of the cell wall inhibitor moenomycinFuse, S.; Tsukamoto, H.; Yuan, Y.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Zhang, Y.; Bolla, M.; Walker, S.; Sliz, P.; Kahne, D.; TSUNG-SHING WANG ACS Chemical Biology 2826
212009Studying a cell division amidase using defined peptidoglycan substratesLupoli, T.J.; Taniguchi, T.; Wang, T.-S.; Perlstein, D.L.; Walker, S.; Kahne, D.E.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 2322
222008Isolated peptidoglycan glycosyltransferases from different organisms produce different glycan chain lengthsWang, T.-S.A.; Manning, S.A.; Walker, S.; Kahne, D.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 3734
232007Analysis of glycan polymers produced by peptidoglycan glycosyltransferasesBarrett, D.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Yuan, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Kahne, D.; Walker, S.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of Biological Chemistry 6961
242007The direction of glycan chain elongation by peptidoglycan glycosyltransferasesPerlstein, D.L.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, T.-S.; Kahne, D.E.; Walker, S.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 5755
252007Synthesis of heptaprenyl-lipid IV to analyze peptidoglycan glycosyltransferasesZhang, Y.; Fechter, E.J.; Wang, T.-S.A.; Barrett, D.; Walker, S.; Kahne, D.E.; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of the American Chemical Society 6559
262002Theoretical study and X-ray determination of bianthrones: Long C-C bond length and preferred gauche conformationLi, P.-C.; Wang, T.-S.; Lee, G.-H.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Chao, I.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of Organic Chemistry 1717
272002Theoretical Study and X-ray Determination of Bianthrones: Long C?C Bond Length and Preferred Gauche ConformationLi, Pai-Chi ; Wang, Tsung-Shing ; Lee, Gen-Hsian; Liu, Yi-Hong; Wang, Yu; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Chao, ItoJournal of Organic Chemistry