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12020規劃亞洲城市大計:回顧故宮南院落腳嘉義太保的規劃足跡黃舒楣 journal article00
22019Difficult heritage diplomacy? Re-articulating places of pain and shame as world heritage in northeast AsiaHuang, S.-M.; Lee, H.-K.; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article10
32018書評:Jayde Lin Roberts. Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and Nation among the Sino-Burmese, Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press, 2016黃舒楣 journal article00
42018Urban Farming as a Transformative Planning Practice: The Contested New Territories in Hong KongSHU-MEI HUANG; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article00
52018Understanding disaster (in)justice: Spatializing the production of vulnerabilities of indigenous people in TaiwanShu-Mei Huang; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article00
62018Liminoid space and place-fixing in urban activismHuang, S.-M.; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article00
72018Heritage and Postdisaster Recovery: Indigenous Community ResilienceHuang, S.-M.; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article22
82017Planning pedagogy and practices in transition: Taiwan's young planners and their challenges of finding purpose in planningJou, S.-C.; Huang, S.-M.; SHU-MEI HUANG book chapter00
92017Ethics of heritage: locating the punitive state in the historical penal landscape of TaipeiHuang, S.-M.; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article65
102016Ethics of heritage: locating the punitive state in the historical penal landscape of TaipeiShu-Mei Huang; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article65
112016Can Travelling Mothers Ever Arrive? Articulating Internal and International Migration within a Transnational Perspective of CareHuang, S.-M.; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article44
122016外流城市改寫香港灣仔舊區地景的服務式住宅生產黃舒楣; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article00
132016不只是文化資產保存:由華光社區文化資產保存運動探討如何賦形規劃理論黃舒楣(Shu-Mei Huang); SHU-MEI HUANG journal article00
142015撐起雨傘的非常城市:預見他者的閾限空間黃舒楣; 伊恩; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article00
152014監禁的記憶:殖民監獄博物館中的展/禁空間SHU-MEI HUANG; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article
162014何謂/為何六本木?評論《交錯六本木:東京夜店區的消亡與全球城市再造》SHU-MEI HUANG; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article
172014穿梭「旅館」的美國城市歷史SHU-MEI HUANG; SHU-MEI HUANG journal article
182009On the development of RFID tags in TFT technologyChen, Y.-J.E.; Lee, Y.-J.; Yu, E.-H.; Huang, S.-M.; Chen, Yi-Jan Emery ; YI-JAN EMERY CHEN ; Lee, Yuan-Jiang; Yu, Yueh-Hua; Huang, Shu-Mei conference paper50
192008Transposon Mutagenesis Reveals Differential Pathogenesis of Ralstonia solanacearum on Tomato and ArabidopsisLin, Yu-Mei; Chou, I-Chun; Wang, Jaw-Fen; Ho, Fang-I; Chu, Yu-Ju; Huang, Pei-Cheng; Lu, Der-Kang; Shen, Hwei-Ling; Elbaz, Mounira; Huang, Shu-Mei ; Cheng, Chiu-Ping journal article2826
202007Development and Implementation of Performance Evaluation System for a Water Treatment Plant: Case Study of Taipei Water Treatment PlantChang, E.-E.; Chiang, Pen-Chi ; Huang, Shu-Mei ; Lin, Yi-Lijournal article
212004生活風格的創製:民宿狂潮中的意義生產與想像漂流SHU-MEI HUANG; SHU-MEI HUANG dissertation