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12021Portable paper-micro well device composed of agglomerated nano-hematite clusters in enzyme-hydrogel composite for beta glucan detection using smartphoneBagal-Kestwal D.R; Chiang B.H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical1212
22021Tamarindus indica seed-shell nanoparticles?silver nanoparticles-Ceratonia silique bean gum composite for copper-micro mesh grid electrode fabrication and its application for glucose detection in artificial salivary samplesBagal-Kestwal D.R; Chiang B.-H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG International Journal of Biological Macromolecules22
32021A novel phenolic formulation for treating hepatic and peripheral insulin resistance by regulating GLUT4-mediated glucose uptakeKang B.B; Chiang B.H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine88
42020Modification of curcumin-loaded liposome with edible compounds to enhance ability of crossing blood brain barrierChen, M.-H.; Chiang, B.-H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects1615
52020Oxygen vector accelerates farnesylation and redox reaction to promote the biosynthesis of 4-acetylantroquinonol B and antroquinonol during submerged fermentation of Antrodia cinnamomeaWei, Y.-Y.; Chou, K.C.-C.; Yang, S.-H.; Chiang, B.-H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Food and Bioproducts Processing99
62020Amelioration of insulin resistance using the additive effect of ferulic acid and resveratrol on vesicle trafficking for skeletal muscle glucose metabolismKang, B.-B.; Chiang, B.-H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Phytotherapy Research1214
72019Exploration of chitinous scaffold-based interfaces for glucose sensing assembliesBagal-Kestwal, D.R.; Chiang, B.-H.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Polymers129
82019Properties and applications of gelatin, pectin, and carrageenan gelsBagal-Kestwal D.R; Pan M.H; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG ; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Bio Monomers for Green Polymeric Composite Materials300
92019Processing methods for bionanocompositesBagal-Kestwal D.R; Pan M.H; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG ; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Bio Monomers for Green Polymeric Composite Materials20
1020194-Acetylantroquinonol B from antrodia cinnamomea enhances immune function of dendritic cells against liver cancer stem cellsLi T.-Y.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy1515
112019Electrochemical invertase probes with nanocomposite of microfibrillated cellulose-tragacanth gum-metal nanoparticles for direct sucrose analysis in sweetened beveragesBagal-Kestwal, D.R.; Chiang, B.-H.; Bagal-Kestwal, Dipali R.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Journal of the Electrochemical Society86
1220194-Hydroxybenzoic acid serves as an endogenous ring precursor for antroquinonol biosynthesis in Antrodia cinnamomeaChou K.C.-C.; Wu H.-L.; Lin P.-Y.; Yang S.-H.; Chang T.-L.; Sheu F.; Chen K.-H.; FUU SHEU ; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Phytochemistry1211
132019EGCG regulation of non-insulin-responsive endosomal compartments in insulin-resistant skeletal muscleKang B.-B.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Food Bioscience33
142019Platinum nanoparticle-carbon nanotubes dispersed in gum Arabic-corn flour composite-enzymes for an electrochemical sucrose sensing in commercial juiceBagal-Kestwal D.R.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Ionics2110
1520176-shogaol induces autophagic cell death then triggered apoptosis in colorectal adenocarcinoma HT-29 cellsLi T.-Y.; Chiang B.-H. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy2318
162017Biosynthesis of 4-acetylantroquinonol B in Antrodia cinnamomea via a pathway related to coenzyme Q synthesisYang S.-H.; Lin Y.-W.; Chiang B.-H. Biochemical Engineering Journal1312
172016Curcumin Induces Apoptosis of Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells by Coupling with CD44 MarkerHuang Y.-T.; Lin Y.-W.; HAN-MO CHIU ; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry4443
182015Invertase-nanogold clusters decorated plant membranes for fluorescence-based sucrose sensorBagal-Kestwal D.; Kestwal R.M.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Nanobiotechnology2722
192015Fenugreek hydrogel-agarose composite entrapped gold nanoparticles for acetylcholinesterase based biosensor for carbamates detectionKestwal R.M.; Bagal-Kestwal D.; Chiang B.-H. Analytica Chimica Acta4035
202015Curcumin-loaded polymeric nanoparticles for enhanced anti-colorectal cancer applicationsUdompornmongkol P.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Biomaterials Applications7062
212014A well-refined in vitro model derived from human embryonic stem cell for screening phytochemicals with midbrain dopaminergic differentiation-boosting potential for improving Parkinson's diseaseHsieh W.-T.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry98
222014Skin permeation of d-limonene-based nanoemulsions as a transdermal carrier prepared by ultrasonic emulsificationLu W.-C.; Chiang B.-H. ; Huang D.-W.; Li P.-H.Ultrasonics Sonochemistry6458
232014Chitosan-guar gum-silver nanoparticles hybrid matrix with immobilized enzymes for fabrication of beta-glucan and glucose sensing photometric flow injection systemBagal-Kestwal D.R.; Kestwal R.M.; Hsieh W.-T.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis2420
242014Concentration Variation and Molecular Characteristics of Soluble (1,3;1,6)-beta-D-Glucans in Submerged Cultivation Products of Ganoderma lucidum MyceliumWang, Chung-Huang; Hsieh, Shu-Chen; Wang, Huei-Ju; Chen, Miaw-Ling; Lin, Bi-Fong; Chiang, Been-Huang; SHU-CHEN HSIEH ; BI-FONG LIN ; HUEI WANG ; Chiang B.-H. ; Lu T.-J. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry3330
252013Antihepatoma and liver protective potentials of ganoderma lucidum (Ling Zhi) fermented in a medium containing black soybean (Hēi Dòu) and astragalus membranaceus (Shēng Huáng Qí)Su Z.-Y.; Hwang L.; Chiang B.-H. ; Sheen L.-Y. Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine60
262013Processing characteristics of submerged fermentation of Antrodia cinnamomea in airlift bioreactorChiang C.-C.; Chiang B.-H. Biochemical Engineering Journal77
272013Enhancement of 4-acetylantroquinonol B production by supplementation of its precursor during submerged fermentation of antrodia cinnamomeaChiang C.-C.; Huang T.-N.; Lin Y.-W.; Chen K.-H.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry2625
282012Analysis and Enhancement of Nutritional and Antioxidant Properties of Vigna aconitifolia SproutsKestwal R.M.; Bagal-Kestwal D.; Chiang B.-H. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition1311
292012Hematopoietic and myeloprotective activities of an acidic Angelica sinensis polysaccharide on human CD34 + stem cellsLee J.-G.; Hsieh W.-T.; SHEE-UAN CHEN ; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG Journal of Ethnopharmacology5347
302012In vitro neuropeptide y mRNA expressing model for screening essences that may affect appetite using rolf B1.T cellsChen S.-W.; Wu P.-J.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry55
312012Process optimization and stability of d-limonene-in-water nanoemulsions prepared by ultrasonic emulsification using response surface methodologyLi P.-H.; Chiang B.-H. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry184174
322012The elicited two-stage submerged cultivation of Antrodia cinnamomea for enhancing triterpenoids production and antitumor activityLiu C.-J.; Chiang C.-C.; Chiang B.-H. Biochemical Engineering Journal2323
332012Anti-diabetic effect of a traditional Chinese medicine formulaWang H.-J.; Chiang B.-H. Food and Function3532
342011Effect of fermentation time on antioxidative activities of Ganoderma lucidum broth using leguminous plants as part of the liquid fermentation mediumChien Y.L.; Ho C.T.; Chiang B.H. ; Hwang L.S.Food Chemistry2820
352011Glucosinolates fortification of cruciferous sprouts by sulphur supplementation during cultivation to enhance anti-cancer activityKestwal R.M.; Lin J.C.; Bagal-Kestwal D.; Chiang B.H. Food Chemistry4135
3620114-acetylantroquinonol B isolated from antrodia cinnamomea arrests proliferation of human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cell by affecting p53, p21 and p27 levelsLin Y.-W.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry4237
372011New and bioactive sesquiterpenes from Schisandra sphenantheraMendbayar K.; Lo I.-W.; Liaw C.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Fazary A.E.; Kuo Y.-C.; Wang H.-J.; Chiang B.H. ; Liou S.-S.; Shen Y.-C.Helvetica Chimica Acta1010
3820111,3-£]-Glucanase from Vigna aconitifolia and its possible use in enzyme bioreactor fabricationKestwal R.M.; Bagal-Kestwal D.; Chiang B.H. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules77
392011Development of dip-strip sucrose sensors: Application of plant invertase immobilized in chitosan-guar gum, gelatin and poly-acrylamide filmsBagal-Kestwal D.; Kestwal R.M.; Chiang B.H. ; Karve M.S.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical1213
402010Hematopoietic effect of water-soluble polysaccharides from Angelica sinensis on mice with acute blood lossLiu P.-J.; Hsieh W.-T.; Huang S.-H.; Liao H.-F.; Chiang B.-H. Experimental Hematology5651
412010如何推動學生學習成效評量:以臺灣大學為例邱于真 ; 蔣丙煌 評鑑雙月刊00
422010Antihepatocarcinoma activity of lactic acid bacteria fermented Panax notoginsengLin Y.-W.; Mou Y.-C.; Su C.-C.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry2625
432010Electrochemical β(1→3)-d-glucan biosensors fabricated by immobilization of enzymes with gold nanoparticles on platinum electrodeBagal-Kestwal D.; Kestwal R.M.; Hsieh B.-C. ; Chen R.L.C. ; TZONG-JIH CHENG ; Chiang B.-H. Biosensors and Bioelectronics1918
442010Dietary effect of Antrodia camphorate extracts on immune responses in WEHI-3 leukemia BALB/c miceLin, Shuw-Yuan; Sheen, Lee-Yan ; Chiang, Been-Huang et al. Nutrition and Cancer 1819
452009Production of high degree polymerized chitooligosaccharides in a membrane reactor using purified chitosanase from Bacillus cereus.Lin, Y. W.; Yi-Chien Hsiao; Chiang B.-H. Food Research International 2922
462009Fabrication of photometric dip-strip test systems for detection of £](1 ¡÷ 3)-d-glucan using crude £](1 ¡÷ 3)-d-glucanase from sprouts of Vigna aconitifoliaBagal-Kestwal D.; Kestwal R.M.; Chiang B.H. Biosensors and Bioelectronics1011
472009Stimulating effects of Bacillus subtilis natto-fermented Radix astragali on hyaluronic acid production in human skin cellsHsu M.-F.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Ethnopharmacology4430
482009Bioactive peptide production by hydrolysis of porcine blood proteins in a continuous enzymatic membrane reactorWei J.-T.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture5047
492009Stimulating effects of Bacillus subtilis natto – fermented Radix astragali on hyaluronic acid production in human skin cellsHsu, Mei-Fang; Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Ethnopharmacology 
502009Effect of Bacillus subtilis natto-fermented Radix astragali on collagen production in human skin fibroblastsHsu M.-F.; Chiang B.-H. Process Biochemistry2724
512009Cytotoxic activities of 9,11-dehydroergosterol peroxide and ergosterol peroxide from the fermentation mycelia of Ganoderma lucidum cultivated in the medium containing leguminous plants on Hep 3B cellsChen, Yu-Kuo; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Chiang, Been-Huang ; Lo, Jir-Mehng; LEE-YAN SHEEN Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 640
522008Antioxidant and flavor properties of Angelica sinensis extracts as affected by processing.Huang S. H.; Chen C. C.; Lin C. M.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 1819
532008Protective effects of Angelica sinensis extract on amyloid β-peptide induced neurotoxicity.Huang, S. H.; Lin, C. M.; Chiang B.-H. Phytomedicine 9282
542008Antioxidant Activity of Tartary (Fagopyrum tataricum (L.) Gaertn.) and Common (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) Buckwheat Sprouts.Liu, C. L.; Chen, Y. S.; Yang, J. H.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 133109
552008Ethanolic extracts of Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia fermented at varied times and scales have differential effects on hepatoma cells and normal primary hepatocytes.Chen, Y. S.; Pan, J. H.; Chiang, B. H.; Lu, F. J.; Chiang B.-H. ; Sheen L.-Y. J. Food Sci 118
562008Improving the antioxidant activity of buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricm Gaertn) sprout with trace element water.Hsu, C. K.; Chiang, B. H.; Chen, Y. S.; Yang, J. H.; Chiang B.-H. Food Chemistry 7369
572008Anti-tumor activity of the fermentation broth of Cordyceps militaris cultured in the medium of Radix Astragali.Lin, Y. W.; Chiang B.-H. Process Biochemistry 7267
592008天然素材發酵產品之皮膚保健研究 (新制多年期第2年)蔣丙煌 
602008Effects of blanching, drying and extraction processes on the antioxidant activity of yam (Dioscorea alata)Chung Y.-C.; Chiang B.-H. ; Wei J.-H.; Wang C.-K.; Chen P.-C.; Hsu C.-K.International Journal of Food Science and Technology2920
612008High degree polymerized chitooligosaccharides synthesis by chitosanase in the bulk aqueous system and reversed micellar microreactorsHsiao Y.-C.; Lin Y.-W.; Su C.-K.; Chiang B.-H. Process Biochemistry2219
622007Trace element water improves the antioxidant activity of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) sprouts.Liu, C. L.; Dhen, Y. S.; Yang, J. H.; Chiang, B. H.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 1715
632007Modified atmosphere and humidity packages for conservation of paper antiques.Hsieh, C. M.; Lin, L. D.; BEEN-HUANG CHIANG ; MING-JER TSAI Journal of Wood Science 44
642007天然素材發酵產品之皮膚保健研究 (新制多年期第1年)蔣丙煌 
662007利用超過濾與冷凍-解凍循環分離靈芝菌絲液態培養物中具分支之(1,3)-b-D-葡萄聚醣王鐘凰; 王惠珠; 蔣丙煌 ; 呂廷璋 台灣保健食品學會第九次年會 
672007Effect of storage on the gel-forming properties of yam-containing surimi gelsChung Y.-C.; Chiang B.-H. ; Chen P.-C.; Huang P.-C.; Hsu C.-K.International Journal of Food Science and Technology10
682006Partitioning and purification of lysozyme from chicken egg white using aqueous two-phase system.Su, C. K.; Chiang B.H. Process Biochemistry 10698
692006Effects of storage temperatures on the antioxidative activity and composition of yam.Chou, S. T.; Chiang, B. H.; Chung, Y. C.; Chen, P. C.; Chiang B.-H. Food Chem 2616
702006Optimization of reversed micellar extraction of chitosanases produced by Bacillus Cereus.Chen, Y. L.; Su, C. K.; Chiang B.-H. Process Biochem 3734
722005Inhibitory effects of a rice hull constituent on tumor necrosis factor £\, prostaglandin E2, and cyclooxygenase-2 production in lipopolysaccharide-activated mouse macrophagesHuang S.-T.; Chen C.-T.; Chieng K.-T.; Huang S.-H.; Chiang B.-H. ; Wang L.-F.; Kuo H.-S.; Lin C.-M.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences3934
732005Yam affects the antioxidative and gel-forming properties of surimi gelsChiang B.-H. ; Chou S.-T.; Hsu C.-K.Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture97
752003Extraction of immunoglobulin-G from colostral whey by reverse micellesSu C.-K.; Chiang B.H. Journal of Dairy Science2421
762002Optimization of the enzymic process for manufacturing low-lactose milk containing oligosaccharidesChen, C.-S.; Hsu, C.-K.; Chiang B.-H. Process Biochemistry 4946
772002Effects of water, oil, starch, calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide on the colour and texture of threadfin and hairtail surimi gelsHsu, C.-K.; Chiang B.-H. International Journal of Food Science & Technology 4939
802001Dephytinisation of rice bran and manufacturing a new food ingredientFuh, W.-S.; Chiang B.H. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2320
812001Separation of γ-globulins from porcine plasma by reversed micellar extractionYang, T.H.; Yet, M.G.; Hsu, C.K.; Chiang B.H. Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering 60
822001Optimum blends of different grades of surimi determined by non-linear programmingHsu, C.-K.; Chiang B.-H. Fisheries Science 75
851999Formulations of controlled atmosphere agents for packaged foodsHuang, W.-H.; Hsu, C.-K.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 44
871999Cream formation in a semifermented teaChao Y.C.; Chiang B.H. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture34
881999The roles of catechins and caffeine in cream formation in a semi-fermented teaChao Y.C.; Chiang B.H. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture19
891999Immobilization of £\-amylase on a zirconium dynamic membraneJen Tien C.; Chiang B.H. Process Biochemistry430
901998Reversed micellar extraction of hen egg lysozymeChou, S.-T.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Food Science 1111
911998Formation and characteristics of zirconium ultrafiltration dynamic membranes of various pore sizesChen, C.C.; Chiang B.H. Journal of Membrane Science 2926
921996Antimicrobial and physicochemical properties of methylcellulose and chitosan films containing a preservativeChen, M.-C.; Yeh, G.H.-C.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 208199
931996A Modified Procedure for Caseinophosphopeptide AnalysisLin Jr. H.; Chiang B.-H. Journal of Chromatographic Science52
941994Desalting and Recovery of Flavor Compounds from Salted Shrimp Processing Waste Water by Membrane Processes.Chiang, Been-Huang International Journal of Food Science and Technology 
951993利用電透析法將百香果汁脫酸之研究蔣丙煌 食品科學 
961993Desalting and recovery of flavour compounds from salted shrimp processing waste water by membrane processesLIN C.Y.; Chiang B.H. International Journal of Food Science & Technology280
971993Egg White Lysozyme Pruification by Ultrafltration and Affinity Chromatography.Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
981993利用高分子聚合微過濾澄清醬油之研究蔣丙煌 食品科學 
991993Egg White Lysozyme Purification by Ultrafiltration and Affinity ChromatographyChiang B.H. ; SU C.K.; TSAI G.J.; TSAO G.T.Journal of Food Science2922
1001992Production of Clear Quava NectarChiang, Been-Huang International Journal of Food Science and Technology 
1011992Deacidification of Passion Fruit Juice by ElectrodialysisChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
1021992The manufacture of cysteine using an electrochemical membrane reactorWang T.S.; Chang W.H.; Chiang B.H. Journal of Food Engineering10
1031992Production of clear guava nectarCHAN W.?Y.; Chiang B.H. International Journal of Food Science & Technology220
1041992Filtration of Soy Sauce by Ceramic MembraneTIEN C.JEN.; Chiang B.H. Journal of Food Science50
1051991以共沉澱及超過濾膜濾洗方法分離全牛乳蛋白質及其功能性測定蔣丙煌 食品科學 
1061991The Manufacture of Cystein Using an Elctrochemical Membrane Reactor蔣丙煌 ; Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Engineering 
1071990Deacidification of Passion Fruit Juice by Ultrafiltration and Ion Exchange ProcessesChiang, Been-Huang Briticsh Interantional Journal of Food Science and Technology 
1081990Purification of Steviosides by Membrane and Ion Exchange ProcessesFUH W.?S.; Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science3730
1091989Purification of Perilla Anthocyanins from Spent Brine by Diafiltration and ElectrodialysisChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Engineering 
1101989Modelling of Hollow-Fiber Ultrafiltration of Skim Milk Under Mass- Transfer Limiting ConditionsChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Engineering 
1111989Membrane Separation Technology and Its Application in Food ProcessionChiang, Been-Huang National Science Council 
1121989利用擠壓技術製造脆米蔣丙煌 ; 呂政義食品科學 
1131989冷凍全脂牛乳安定性之研究蔣丙煌 ; 陳秀蓮; Chiang, Been-Huang 食品科學 
1141989Recovery of perilla anthocyanins from spent brine by diafiltration and electrodialysisLin S.S.; Chiang B.H. ; Hwang L.S.Journal of Food Engineering60
1151989Deacidification of passion fruit juice by ultrafiltration and ion?exchange processesLUE S.J.; Chiang B.H. International Journal of Food Science & Technology250
1161988Desalination of the Spent Brine from Pickled Prunes Processing by ElectrodialysisPAN W.D.; Chiang B.H. ; PEN-CHI CHIANG Journal of Food Science1811
1171987使用電化學膜反應槽由胱胺酸製備半胱胺酸鹽之研究張為憲; 蔣丙煌 ; 王崇旭; Chiang, Been-Huang ; 王崇旭中國農業化學第二十五屆會員大會
1181987Fouling and Flux Restoration of Ultrafiltration of Passion Fruit JuiceChiang B.H. ; YU Z.R.Journal of Food Science2118
1191987Recovery of Glutamic Acid from Fermentation Broth by Membrane ProcessingKUO W.S.; Chiang B.H. Journal of Food Science1210
1201987Modelling of hollow-fibre ultrafiltration of skimmilk under mass-transfer limiting conditionsChiang B.H. ; Cheryan M.Journal of Food Engineering170
1211987Recovery of Glutamic Acid from Fermentation Broth by Membrane ProcessesChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
1221987A Pilot Scale Study for Banana Starch ProductionChiang B.H. ; Chu W.C.; Chu C.L.Starch1613
1231986Mushroom Blanch Water Concentration by Membrane ProcessesChiang B.H. ; CHU C.L.; HWANG L.S.Journal of Food Science22
1241986Concentration of Perilla Anthocyanins by UltrafiltrationChung, Mei-Yuh; Hwang, Lucy-Sun; Chiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 1813
1251986Retention of Passion Fruit Juice Compounds by UltrafiltrationYu, Zer-Ran; Chiang, Been-Huang ; Hwang, Lucy SunJournal of Food Science 3228
1261986Passion Fruit Juice Concentration by Ultrafiltration and EvaporationYU Z.R.; CHIANG, BEEN HUANG Journal of Food Science3528
1271986Mushroom Blanch Water Concentration by Membrance ProcessesChiang, Been-Huang ; Chu, Chung-Liang; Hwang, Lucy SunJournal of Food Science 
1281986Rentention of Passion Fruit Juice Compounds by UltrafiltrationChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
1291986Ultrafiltration of Skim Milk in Hollow FibersChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
1301986Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis of the Waste Water from Sweet Potato Starch ProcessChiang B.H. ; PAN W.D.Journal of Food Science67
1311986Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis of the Waste Water from Sweet Potato Starch ProocessChiang, Been-Huang Journal of Food Science 
1321986由新鮮蛋黃製造鹹蛋黃可行性之探討蔣丙煌 食品科學