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12022Involvement Theory with Market Segmentation: Effect of False Functional Food Advertising on Purchase IntentionWu, I-Hsuan; CHAOYUN LIANG ; Ip, Ching YinFoods (Basel, Switzerland)11
22022Would customers of social enterprises become social entrepreneurs?Ching Yin Ip; CHAOYUN LIANG Managerial and Decision Economics00
32022Determinants of Purchase Intentions for Social Enterprise Products: Online Consumers’ Perceptions of Two Agricultural Social Enterprises in TaiwanChing Yin Ip; CHAOYUN LIANG ; Chih-Ping ChouJournal of Social Entrepreneurship00
42022Urban–Rural Comparison of the Association between Unsupportive Relationships, Perceived Stress, Authentic Self-Presentation, and Loneliness among Young Adults in TaiwanYUTING SUN; CHAOYUN LIANG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health11
52022Tenacity in design entrepreneurship: how to stimulate entrepreneurial intentionCHAOYUN LIANG ; Liang, Chao-Tung; Ip, Ching YinInternational Journal of Technology and Design Education22
62021How Headline Strategies and News Sources Affect Number of User Clicks on WeChatSun Y; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Journalism Practice00
72021Exploring Fact-Checking Behavior: A Case Study on Food Safety MessageXiao H.-C; Liang C; Yen J.-H; Sun Y.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences00
82021In Search of Keys to Unlock Young Design EntrepreneurshipIp C.Y; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Design Journal11
92021Impact of purchase preference, perceived value, and marketing mix on purchase intention and willingness to pay for porkKung M.-L; Wang J.-H; Chaoyun Liang ; JIUN-HAO WANG Foods76
102021Cross-domain Identity Transformation of Rural Elites through the Pandemic: Gift Exchange as an Enabling Medium [鄉村英在疫情期間的身分轉化:以物交換為促能媒介的視角*]Sun Y; Zhou Y; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Mass Communication Research00
112021How journalism experience translates to social entrepreneurship: An intentioformation study of the art yard at dadaocheng in TaiwanLiu H.-C; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation22
122021Empowering entrepreneurial intention through entrepreneurial self-efficacy: comparison of farmers with and without entrepreneurial experience in TaiwanLiang C; Chen C.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Asia Pacific Business Review98
132021Determinants of social entrepreneurial intention: An alternative model based on social cognitive career theoryIp C.Y; Liang C; Lai H.J; Chang Y.J.; Chaoyun Liang Nonprofit Management and Leadership2321
142020Online social construction of Taiwan's rural image: Comparison between Taiwanese self-representation and Chinese perceptionChang, Chi Cheng; Sun, Yuting; Chaoyun Liang; Sun, Yuting; Chaoyun Liang; Chang, Chi Cheng; Chaoyun Liang Tourism Management2218
152020Direct or indirect effects from “perceived characteristic of innovation” to “intention to pay”: mediation of continuance intention to use e-learningChang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Computers in Education1815
162020養殖水產品屬性與消費者購買動機對其消費意願的影響葉哲愷(Chekai Yeh); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Liang); 林玉偉(Yu-Wei Lin); Chaoyun Liang 農民組織學刊0
172020影響青年農民接受物聯網科技的關鍵因素及其效果林玉偉(Yu-Wei Lin); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Liang); 葉哲愷(Chekai Yeh); Chaoyun Liang 農民組織學刊0
182020消費者獲悉農業假訊息後對其消費意願的影響顏榮宏(Jung-Hung Yen); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); 林福容(Fu-Jung Lin); Chaoyun Liang 台灣農學會報0
192020關於本期林珊如; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang ; SHAN-JU LIN CHANG 教育傳播與科技研究0
202020關於本期楊接期; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育傳播與科技研究0
212020關於本期崔夢萍; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育傳播與科技研究0
222020一頁文章動筆難:探究散文創作家的想像力根源與培養羊敏丹(Ming-Dang Yang); 廖凱弘(Kai-Hung Liao); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 應用心理研究0
232020Effects of determinants of dried fruit purchase intention and the related consumer segmentation on e-commerce in ChinaSun, Y.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang British Food Journal32
242020消費者倫理與豬肉產銷履歷衍生之信任感和知覺品質對消費意願與願付價格之影響鄭惠如(Huei-Ju Cheng); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 台灣農學會報0
252020Evoking agriculture entrepreneurship: How younger and older farmers differChen, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Sustainability (Switzerland)43
262020Design exploration predicts designer creativity: a deep learning approachLiu, Y.-C.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Cognitive Neurodynamics22
272020Implementation of internet of things depends on intention: Young farmers' willingness to accept innovative technologyChuang, J.-H.; Wang, J.-H.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang ; JIUN-HAO WANG International Food and Agribusiness Management Review117
282020Differences in numeric, verbal, and spatial reasoning between engineering and literature students through a neurocognitive lensLiang, C.; Liu, Y.-C.; Chang, Y.; Liang, C.-T.; Chaoyun Liang Cognitive Systems Research22
292020Exploring Journalists’ Intentions to Become Social EntrepreneursLiang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Journalism Studies22
302020Optimizing Personality Traits and Entrepreneurial Creativity to Boost the Precursors of Social Entrepreneurial Intentions: Five Studies in TaiwanLiu, H.-C.; Liang, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Ip, C.Y.; Liang, C.-T.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Social Service Research2119
312020Transforming Nonprofit Organisations into Social Enterprises: An Experience-Based Follow-Up StudyChang, Y.; Peng, X.-E.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Voluntas66
322020Factors Determining Consumers’ Purchase Intentions Towards Dried FruitsSun, Y.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Fruit Science96
332020Neurocognitive evidence for different problem-solving processes between engineering and liberal arts students | Evidencias neurocognitivas para diferentes procesos de resoluci?n de problemas entre estudiantes de ingenier?a y de artes liberalesLiu, Y.-C.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Educational Psychology32
342019Effect of violation of social missions on public attitude towards a social enterprise crisis: Mediation of causal attribution and moderation of medium and framing of online articlesIp C.Y.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Journalism55
352019Kindling Social Entrepreneurial JournalismLiu H.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Liang C.-T.; Ip C.Y.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Journalism Practice1310
362019Comparison of the cerebral activities exhibited by expert and novice visual communication designers during idea incubationLiang C.; Chang C.-C.; Liu Y.-C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation1410
372019How can pictorial representations stimulate the imaginative capacity of experienced multimedia designers?Liang C.-T.; Chang Y.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation33
382019關於本期梁朝雲; 楊叔卿; Chaoyun Liang 教育傳播與科技研究00
392019關於本期梁朝雲; 張宇樑; Chaoyun Liang 教育傳播與科技研究00
402019Before Nonprofit Organisations Become Social EnterprisesPeng X.-E.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Voluntas1814
412019當消費者獲知農產品廣告違規後:廣告涉入度與法律意識對品牌形象與購買意願之影響林福容(Fu-Jung Lin); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Liang); 顏榮宏(Jung-Hung Yen); Chaoyun Liang 宜蘭大學生物資源學刊0
422019Personality traits, social capital, and entrepreneurial creativity: comparing green socioentrepreneurial intentions across Taiwan and Hong KongLiang C.; Ip C.Y.; Wu S.-C.; Law K.M.Y.; Wang J.-H.; Peng L.-P.; Chaoyun Liang ; JIUN-HAO WANG ; LI-PEI PENG Studies in Higher Education2927
432018Spontaneous analogising caused by text stimuli in design thinking: differences between higher- and lower-creativity groupsLiu Y.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Yang Y.-H.S.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Cognitive Neurodynamics1312
442018The moderating effect of intrinsic motivation on rural practice: A case study from TaiwanLiang C.-T.; Chang C.-C.; Peng L.-P.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang ; LI-PEI PENG Innovations in Education and Teaching International44
452018未來的社會企業家?梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); 柯志堂(Chih-Tang Ko); 陳昭雄(Jau-Shyong Chen); Chaoyun Liang 學生事務與輔導00
462018關於本期何榮桂; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育傳播與科技研究00
472018Influences of learning competency and e-learning implementation on learning outcomes of engineering studentsYueh H.-P; Liang C; Liu Y.-L.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Engineering Education0
482018從社團參與種類研析社團負責人之社會企業創業意圖梁朝雲(Chaoyun Liang); 朱朝煌(Chao-Huang Chu); 林至善(Chih-Shan Lin); 柯志堂(Chih-Tang Ko); Chaoyun Liang 學生事務與輔導00
492018Using e-portfolio for learning goal setting to facilitate self-regulated learning of high school studentsChang C.-C.; Liang C.; Chou P.-N.; Liao Y.-M.; Chaoyun Liang Behaviour and Information Technology179
502018Performance, cognitive load, and behaviour of technology-assisted English listening learning: From CALL to MALLChang C.-C.; Warden C.A.; Liang C.; Chou P.-N.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Computer Assisted Learning1313
512018Social Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students from Hong KongIp C.Y.; Wu S.-C.; Liu H.-C.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Entrepreneurship2820
522018Effects of digital game-based learning on achievement, flow and overall cognitive loadChang C.-C.; Warden C.A.; Liang C.; Lin G.-Y.; Chaoyun Liang Australasian Journal of Educational Technology4335
532018Enhancing Social Entrepreneurial Intentions through Entrepreneurial Creativity: A Comparative Study Between Taiwan and Hong KongIp C.Y.; Liang C.; Wu S.-C.; Law K.M.Y.; Liu H.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Creativity Research Journal5846
542018Determinants of public attitude towards a social enterprise crisis in the digital era: Lessons learnt from THINXIp C.Y.; Liang C.; Feng J.Y.; Chaoyun Liang Public Relations Review87
552018Effect of musical stimuli on design thinking: Differences between expert and student designersLiang C.; Liu Y.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Cogent Psychology43
562018Using ePortfolio-based learning approach to facilitate knowledge sharing and creation among college studentsChang C.-C.; Chou P.-N.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Australasian Journal of Educational Technology1612
572017Influences of organizational culture on knowledge sharing in an online virtual community: Interactive effects of trust, communication and leadershipLiang C.; Rothwell W.; Chang C.-C.; Shu K.-M.; Chaoyun Liang Organizational Culture and Behavior: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications00
582017Learning in the visual association of novice and expert designersYao S.-N.; Lin C.-T.; King J.-T.; Liu Y.-C.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Cognitive Systems Research1717
592017Is game-based learning better in flow experience and various types of cognitive load than non-game-based learning? Perspective from multimedia and media richnessChang C.-C.; Liang C.; Chou P.-N.; Lin G.-Y.; Chaoyun Liang Computers in Human Behavior12795
602017The role of intrinsic motivation in student imagination: A comparison between engineering and science majorsLiang C.-T; Zenasni F; Liu Y.-C; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Engineering Education2
612017Head-related transfer function selection using neural networksYao S.-N.; Collins T.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang Archives of Acoustics87
622017Visual attention and association: An electroencephalography study in expert designersLiang C.; Lin C.-T.; Yao S.-N.; Chang W.-S.; Liu Y.-C.; Chen S.-A.; Chaoyun Liang Design Studies3329
632017急速變動下的深.呼.吸:大學院校資源教室輔導教師的困境與突破梁朝雲; 王佳煌; 柯志堂; Chaoyun Liang 學生事務與輔導00
642017Investigating how the brain activations of visual attention differ among designers with different levels of creativityLiu Y.-C.; Liang C.; Chaoyun Liang New Developments in Visual Attention Research2
652017Imagining future success: Imaginative capacity on the perceived performance of potential agrisocio entrepreneursLiang C.; Chang C.-C.; Liang C.-T.; Liu Y.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Thinking Skills and Creativity2020
662017How young adults imagine their future? The role of temperamental traitsRizzo A.; Chaoyun L.; Chaoyun Liang European Journal of Futures Research21
672016The contribution of self-efficacy to the relationship between personality traits and entrepreneurial intentionJIUN-HAO WANG ; Chaoyun Liang ; Wang, J.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Yao, S.-N.; Liang, C.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; Chaoyun Liang Higher Education 123102
682016Imagining Garage Start-Ups: Interactive Effects of Imaginative Capacities on Entrepreneurial IntentionChaoyun Liang ; Chang, C.-C.; Yao, S.-N.; Chen, S.-A.; King, J.-T.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Creativity Research Journal 914
692016In search of the journalistic imaginationChaoyun Liang ; Liao, K.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Liang, C.-T.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Thinking Skills and Creativity 21
702016Stimulating the imaginative capacities of agricultural extension studentsLiang, C.; Chang, W.-S.; Yao, S.-N.; King, J.-T.; Chen, S.-A.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 44
712016從人口變項和學校屬性探究學務組織學習對工作效能之影響梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); 李育枝(Yu-Chi Lee); 陳新霖(Hsin-Lin Chen); Chaoyun Liang 學生事務與輔導00
722016Employee perceptions and expectations of online marketing service quality: An investigation of farmers' associations in TaiwanChaoyun Liang ; Chen, C.-C.; Yueh, H.-P.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 6
732016Influences of organizational culture on knowledge sharing in an online virtual community: Interactive effects of trust, communication and leadershipLiang C.; Chang C.-C.; Rothwell W.; Shu K.-M.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Organizational and End User Computing1516
742016驗證圖像觸發想像力:一個腦波儀與質性的整合研究Chaoyun Liang ; 賈千慶; 劉諭承; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 資訊傳播研究 00
752016Does using e-portfolios for reflective writing enhance high school students’ self-regulated learning?Chang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Shu, K.-M.; Tseng, K.-H.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chaoyun Liang Technology, Pedagogy and Education 137
762015Key successful factors of knowledge management for university students using e-portfolios: Approach of Fuzzy Delphi and Fuzzy AHPChang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Shu, K.-M.; Tsai, C.-W.; Chaoyun Liang Computer Applications in Engineering Education 87
772015Online reflective writing mechanisms and its effects on self-regulated learning: a case of web-based portfolio assessment systemChaoyun Liang ; Liang, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Shu, K.-M.; Tseng, J.-S.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chaoyun Liang Interactive Learning Environments 96
782015Predicting the creativity of design majors based on the interaction of diverse personality traitsChang, C.-C.; Peng, L.-P.; Lin, J.-S.; Liang, C.; LI-PEI PENG ; Chaoyun Liang ; JU-SEN LIN Innovations in Education and Teaching International 1819
792015Relation between personality traits and imaginative capability of engineering studentsLin, J.-S.; Liang, C.-T.; Chang, W.-S.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Engineering Education 7
802015The effects of creative personality and psychological influences on imaginationHsu, Y.; Chang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Innovations in Education and Teaching International 30
812015Empowerment through intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy: How personality traits influence rural practice in agricultural students?Wang, J.-H.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Personality Traits and Types: Perceptions, Gender Differences and Impact on Behavior 
822015Alteration of influencing factors of e-learning continued intention for different degrees of online participationChang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Shu, K.-M.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Chaoyun Liang International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning 
832015Impact of distance teaching implementation, online material guidance, and teaching effectiveness on learning outcomesChaoyun Liang ; Yueh, H.-P.; Liu, Y.-L.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Engineering Education 
842015Imaginative capability in relation to five-factor personality traits and creative personalityChang, Y.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Psychology and Education 
852015綜整學生、教師與教學情境考量的遠距教學預測模型岳修平; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育資料與圖書館學 20
862014Developing and Testing the Psychological Variable, Rural Practice, and Entrepreneurial Intention ScalesJiun-Hao Wang; Li-Pei Peng; Chao-Yun Liang; Chaoyun Liang 農業推廣學報 
872014The effects of imagination between psychological factors and academic performance: The differences between science and engineering majorsYeh, H.-T.; Lin, W.-S.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Engineering Education 
882014The mediator effects of conceiving imagination on academic performance of design studentsLin, W.-S.; Hsu, Y.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Technology and Design Education 2625
892014Predicting scientific imagination from the joint influences of intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, agreeableness, and extraversionChaoyun Liang ; Liang, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Learning and Individual Differences 1611
902014Using e-portfolios to elevate knowledge amassment among university studentsChang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Tseng, K.-H.; Tseng, J.-S.; Chaoyun Liang Computers and Education 1213
912014Discovering the imaginative capability of technology writers: Its indicators, roots, and cultivationLiao, K.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Lin, J.-S.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang ; JU-SEN LIN Thinking Skills and Creativity 33
922014Is Reflection Performance Correlated to the Learning Effect in a Web-Based Portfolio Assessment Environment for Middle School Students?Chang, C.-C.; Tseng, K.-H.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Asia-Pacific Education Researcher 55
932014The mediating effects of generative cognition on imagination stimulationHsu, Y.; Liang, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Innovations in Education and Teaching International 109
942014The mediator effects of imagination between learning environment and academic performance: a comparison between science and engineering majorsHsu, M.-C.; Chiang, C.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Technology and Design Education 63
952014探討內在動機與自我效能為中介預測科學想像力的學習模式許育齡; 梁朝雲; 許盛貴; Chaoyun Liang 科學教育學刊 00
962014從年齡和年資差異初探大學學務組織學習對工作效能之影響梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 學生事務與輔導 00
972014從性別差異談大學學務組織學習對工作效能的影響Chaoyun Liang ; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 學生事務與輔導 00
982014遠距教育實施與數位教材輔助對工程學習者成效之中介效果影響岳修平; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育傳播與科技研究 00
992014Is blended e-learning as measured by an achievement test and self-assessment better than traditional classroom learning for vocational high school students?Chaoyun Liang ; Chang, C.-C.; Shu, K.-M.; Liang, C.; Tseng, J.-S.; Hsu, Y.-S.; Chaoyun Liang International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning 210
1002014Reliability, Validity, and Factor Structure of the Imaginative Capability ScaleLiang, C.; Chia, T.-L.; Chaoyun Liang Creativity Research Journal 2424
1012014Curvilinear effects of openness and agreeableness on the imaginative capability of student designersChang, C.-C.; Wang, J.-H.; Liang, C.-T.; Liang, C.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; Chaoyun Liang Thinking Skills and Creativity 117
1022014How does human aggregate moderate the effect of inspiration through action on the imagination of engineering majorsYueh, H.-P.; Jiang, B.C.; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Engineering Education 4
1032014The influences of personality traits on academic performance through imaginative capability: The differences between engineering and scienceChaoyun Liang ; Liang, C.; Yeh, H.-T.; Chaoyun Liang Engineering Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Didactic Aspects 10
1042014Differential effects of personality traits and environmental predictors on reproductive and creative imaginationLiang, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Hsu, Y.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Creative Behavior 85
1052013天生設計師?學生人格特質透過想像力的中介以預測創造力梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育研究月刊 
1062013The Predictive Model of Imagination Stimulation梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 科技與工程教育學刊 00
1072013Using e-portfolios to facilitate university students' knowledge management performance: E-portfolio vs. non-portfolioChaoyun Liang ; Chang, C.-C.; Tseng, K.-H.; Liang, C.; Chen, T.-Y.; Chaoyun Liang Computers and Education 2125
1082013Constructing and evaluating online goal-setting mechanisms in web-based portfolio assessment system for facilitating self-regulated learningChang, C.-C.; Tseng, K.-H.; Liang, C.; Liao, Y.-M.; Chaoyun Liang Computers and Education 2527
1092013The Impact of College Students' Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Continuance Intention to Use English Mobile Learning SystemsChaoyun Liang ; Chang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Yan, C.-F.; Tseng, J.-S.; Chaoyun Liang Asia-Pacific Education Researcher 5239
1102013In search of an index of imagination for virtual experience designersLiang, C.; Hsu, Y.; Chang, C.-C.; Lin, L.-J.; Chaoyun Liang International Journal of Technology and Design Education 3826
1112013Intrinsic motivation as a mediator on imaginative capability developmentLiang, C.; Hsu, Y.; Chang, C.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Thinking Skills and Creativity 2322
1122013What stimulates web design students' imagination? The mediator effect of inspiration through actionChaoyun Liang ; Liang, C.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Educational Media and Library Science 00
1132013當消費者獲知農產品廣告違規後:廣告涉入度與法律意識對品牌形象與購買意願之影響林福容(Fu-Jung Lin); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Liang); 顏榮宏(Jung-Hung Yen); Chaoyun Liang 宜蘭大學生物資源學刊00
1142013引動媒體設計學生創造思考的預測模型游亮輝(Leong-Fei Yew); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 課程與教學 
1152013The influence of perceived convenience and curiosity on continuance intention in mobile English learning for high school students using PDAsChang, C.-C.; Tseng, K.-H.; Liang, C.; Yan, C.-F.; Chaoyun Liang Technology, Pedagogy and Education 3325
1162013Were knowledge management abilities of university students enhanced after creating personal blog-based portfolios?Chang, C.-C; Liang, C; Tseng, K.-H; Tseng, J.-S; Chen, T.-Y.; Chaoyun Liang Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 6
1172013Is learner self-assessment reliable and valid in a Web-based portfolio environment for high school students?Chang, C.-C.; Liang, C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chaoyun Liang Computers and Education 3026
1182013The influences of individual psychology and school environment on the teachers' imaginative capability of instructional designHsu, Y.; Liang, C.; Lin, C.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly 70
1192013Are there differences between science and engineering majors regarding the imagination-mediated model?Yueh H.-P.; Chang C.-C.; Chaoyun Liang ; HSIU-PING YUEH Thinking Skills and Creativity1110
1202013Personality and psychological factors predict imagination: Evidence from TaiwanLiang, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Hsu, Y.; Chaoyun Liang Learning and Individual Differences 1916
1212012The Development of Indicators of Competence in University Extracurricular Learning: An Action Research ApproachLiang, Chaoyun Chaucer; Chaoyun Liang 臺東大學教育學報 
1222012The exploration of indicators of imaginationLian, C.; Chang, C.-C.; Chang, Y.; Lin, L.-J.; Chaoyun Liang Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology 
1232012Awaken Imagination: Effects of Learning Environment and Individual Psychology梁朝雲; 陳聖智; 黃英修; Chaoyun Liang 資訊傳播研究 00
1242012探究想像力的意涵與特徵—探索性與驗證性因素分析之發現許育齡; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 教育心理學報 00
1252012大學校院學生事務教育同仁之組織學習與工作效能Chaoyun Liang ; 李育枝; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 學生事務 
1262012影視學生的想像力與其學習環境的關聯性周怡均(Yi-Chun Chou); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 廣播與電視00
1272012How learning environments can stimulate student imaginationLiang, C.; Hsu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Chen, S.-C.; Chaoyun Liang Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology 6
1282011影響設計領域學習者想像之學習心理因素探析許育齡(Yu-Ling Hsu); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 臺中教育大學學報:人文藝術類00
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1302011資訊傳播學術研究趨勢分析-從領域的共識定義回應資訊傳播研究的主題、重點,與發展趨勢梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 資訊傳播研究 00
1312011不同產品設計階段中促發學生想像的心理因素探究許育齡(Yu-Ling Hsu); 黃英修(Ying-Hsiu Huang); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 藝術學報00
1322011環境促發了我的領導力:以社會改變模式探討大學校園環境對社團幹部領導力發展的影響梁朝雲; 陳新霖; Chaoyun Liang 學生事務 
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1362011促發想像之環境因素的評測工具-以跨域設計教育為例的初探性研究梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); 許育齡(Yu-Ling Hsu); 劉育東(Yu-Tung Liu); 李元榮(Yuan-Zong Lee); Chaoyun Liang 設計學報00
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1382011轉化虛無-試論想像力評測指標Chaoyun Liang ; 梁朝雲; 許育齡; Chaoyun Liang 資訊傳播研究 00
1392010大學院校社團經營認知與學習成效調查研究 :以元智大學陳新霖; 游淑惠; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 學生事務 
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1522009從內容提供商的角度探討國內數位學習的市場需求梁朝雲(Liang, Chao-Yun); 呂紹瑋(Lu, Shao-Wei); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
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1632006電子遊戲玩性因素與數位學習參與性和持續性之關聯研究梁朝雲(Liang, Chaucer Chao-Yun); 鄭時雨(Cheng, Shih-Yu); 楊郁芬(Yang, Yu-Feng); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
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1652005線上遊戲沉浸玩家的轉換行為研究Chaoyun Liang ; 李冠佑(Li, Kuan-Yu); 梁朝雲(Liang, Chaucer Chao-Yun); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
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1722003以知識管理體系探討教學上迷思概念之產生與因應-以國民小學自然科之電路學為例徐凡凡(Fan-Fan Hsu); 陳偉如(Wei-Ju Chen); 梁朝雲(Chao-Yun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 課程與教學 
1732003線上學習內容提供業者的經營風險與因應策略黃繼弘(Huang, Ji-Hong); 梁朝雲(Liang, Chao-Yun Chaucer); 李其瑋(Lee, Chi-Wei); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
1742003從設計管理的角度來探討台灣動畫産業製作主管之決策考量Chaoyun Liang ; 周頡(Chou, Jade); 梁朝雲(Liang, Chao-Yun Chaucer); 許明潔(Hsu, Ming-Chieh); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
1752003資深數位媒體設計業界製作主管的專業實務及其決策考量張文山; 梁朝雲; Chaoyun Liang 資訊傳播與圖書館學 
1762003育樂多媒體的興起與發展曾玉慧(Yu-Hui Tseng); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Chaucer Liang); Chaoyun Liang 視聽教育雙月刊 
1772002應用虛擬觸覺力回饋於數位媒體之創作莊啟祥(Chung, Chi-Shang); 梁朝雲(Liang, Chao-Yun Chaucer); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
1782002網路成癮及其研究需求Chaoyun Liang ; 楊蘊哲(Yun-Che Yang); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Chaucer Liang); Chaoyun Liang 視聽教育雙月刊 
1792002從網路遊戲的盛行與網咖的發展談國高中學校教育政策曾玉慧(Yu-Hui Tseng); 梁朝雲(Chaoyun Chaucer Liang); Chaoyun Liang 視聽教育雙月刊 
1802002從産業環境與人力資源管理之整合觀點談數位媒體設計與傳播之人才育成與管理梁朝雲(Liang, Chao-Yun Chaucer); 楊蘊哲(Yang, Yun-Che); Chaoyun Liang 教學科技與媒體 
1812001Guidelines for distance education: A case study in TaiwanLiang C.C.; Chaoyun Liang Journal of Computer Assisted Learning11
1822000網路虛擬實境博物館之互動展示設計研究Chaoyun Liang ; 沈義訓(Shen, E-Shin); 梁朝雲(Liang, Chaucer Chao-Yun); Chaoyun Liang 教育資料與圖書館學 
1832000我國國民小學資訊教育政策執行研究─以台北市執行「擴大內需方案」為例黃裕程(Yu-Cheng Huang); 梁朝雲(Chaucer-Chaoyun Liang); Chaoyun Liang 課程與教學 
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