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12019High-throughput image analysis framework for fruit detection, localization and measurement from video streamsTA-TE LIN; Huang, Yi Hsuan; Huang, Yi Hsuan; TA-TE LIN; TA-TE LIN conference paper; conference paper00
22019A real-time imaging system for multiple honey bee tracking and activity monitoringNgo T.N.; Wu K.-C.; Yang E.-C.; Lin T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article32
32018Toward a higher yield: a wireless sensor network-based temperature monitoring and fan-circulating system for precision cultivation in plant factoriesJiang J.-A.; Liao M.-S.; Lin T.-S.; Huang C.-K.; Chou C.-Y.; Yeh S.-H.; Lin T.-T.; Fang W.; TA-TE LIN journal article53
42017An IoT-based wireless imaging and sensor node system for remote greenhouse pest monitoringRustia D.J.A.; Lin T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article50
52016An automated and continuous plant weight measurement system for plant factoryChen W.-T.; Yeh Y.-H.F.; Liu T.-Y.; Lin T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article43
62016Strawberry foliar anthracnose assessment by hyperspectral imagingYeh Y.-H.; Chung W.-C.; Liao J.-Y.; Chung C.-L.; Kuo Y.-F.; Lin T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article1815
72015Mosquito vector monitoring system based on optical wingbeat classificationOuyang, T.-H.; Yang, E.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; Lin, T.-T.; EN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; TA-TE LIN journal article88
82015A novel STFT-ranking feature of multi-channel EMG for motion pattern recognitionTsai, An-Chih; JER-JUNN LUH; Tsai, An-Chih; TA-TE LIN ; Luh, Jer-Junn; Lin, Ta-Te ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article5634
92015Quantitative analysis of floral symmetry and tube dilation in an F<inf>2</inf> cross of Sinningia speciosaHsu, H.-C.; Chen, C.-Y.; Lee, T.-K.; Weng, L.-K.; Yeh, D.-M.; Lin, T.-T.; Wang, C.-N.; Kuo, Y.-F.; YAN-FU KUO ; DER-MING YEH ; CHUN-NENG WANG ; TA-TE LIN journal article66
102014On application of a new hybrid maximum power point tracking (MPPT) based photovoltaic system to the closed plant factoryJiang J.-A.; Su Y.-L.; Shieh J.-C.; Kuo K.-C.; Lin T.-S.; Lin T.-T.; Fang W.; Chou J.-J.; Wang J.-C.; TA-TE LIN journal article3533
112014An automated growth measurement system for leafy vegetablesYeh, Y.H.F.; Lai, T.-C.; Liu, T.-Y.; Liu, C.-C.; Chung, W.-C.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article2117
122014A comparison of upper-limb motion pattern recognition using EMG signals during dynamic and isometric muscle contractionsTsai, A.-C.; Hsieh, T.-H.; Luh, J.-J.; Lin, T.-T.; JER-JUNN LUH; Lin, Ta-Te journal article2417
132013An automatic plant growth measurement system for plant factoryChen, W.-T.; Yeh, Y.-H.F.; Liu, T.-Y.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN conference paper
142013A comparison of machine learning methods on Hyperspectral plant disease assessmentsTA-TE LIN conference paper5
152013A real-time stereo vision system for obstacle recognition and motion estimationLin, T.-T.; Chuang, K.-C.; Tsai, A.-C.; Chen, Y.-S.; TA-TE LIN conference paper
162013Effect of cooling rate and cryoprotectant concentration on intracellular ice formation of small abalone (Haliotis diversicolor) eggsYang, C.-Y.; Yeh, Y.H.F.; Lee, P.-T.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article97
172013Fusion of image and laser-scanning data in a large-scale 3D virtual environmentTA-TE LIN conference paper50
182013Reconstruction of 3D natural field scenes based on SLAM robotTA-TE LIN conference paper1
192013Quantitative evaluation of the floral shape variation in Sinningia speciosa domesticationTA-TE LIN conference paper
202012A wearable walking monitoring system for gait analysisHsieh T.-H.; Tsai A.-C.; Chang C.-W.; Ho K.-H.; Hsu W.-L.; Lin T.-T.; TA-TE LIN conference paper70
212012A modified multi-channel EMG feature for upper limb motion pattern recognitionTsai, An-Chih; Luh, Jer-Junn; Lin, Ta-Te; TA-TE LIN journal article50
222012A real-time stereo vision system for obstacle detection and recognitionTA-TE LIN conference paper
232012Road environment recognition method in complex traffic situations based on stereo visionTA-TE LIN conference paper20
242012Cryopreservation of germinal vesicle stage porcine oocytes based on intracellular ice formation assessmentTA-TE LIN journal article1
252012An imaging system for monitoring the in-and-out activity of honey beesChen, C.; Yang, E.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; Lin, T.-T.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; EN-CHENG YANG ; TA-TE LIN journal article2620
262012A modified multi-channel EMG feature for upper limb motion pattern recognitionJER-JUNN LUH; TA-TE LIN conference paper50
272012應用熱電致冷低溫顯微鏡探討九孔卵與胚胎之細胞內凍結特性TA-TE LIN journal article
282012A wearable walking monitoring system for gait analysisHsieh, T.-H.; Tsai, A.-C.; Chang, C.-W.; Ho, K.-H.; Hsu, W.-L.; Lin, T.-T.; WEI-LI HSU; TA-TE LIN journal article70
292011Spatial-temporal analyses of lycopene and sugar contents in tomatoes during ripening using chemical shift imagingTA-TE LIN journal article1211
302011Robust ellipse detection based on hierarchical image pyramid and Hough transformTA-TE LIN journal article2218
312011Detecting deterioration in royal palm (roystonea regia) using ultrasonic tomographic and resistance microdrilling techniquesTA-TE LIN journal article12
322011A simple and effective digital imaging approach for tuna fish length measurement compatible with fishing operationsHsieh, C.-L.; Chang, H.-Y.; Chen, F.-H.; Liou, J.-H.; Chang, S.-K.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article3017
332011An infrared range camera-based approach for three-dimensional locomotion tracking and pose reconstruction in a rodentOu-Yang, T.-H.; Tsai, M.-L.; Yen, C.-T.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article2522
342011Automatic X-ray quarantine scanner and pest infestation detector for agricultural productsChuang, C.-L.; Ouyang, C.-S.; Lin, T.-T.; Yang, M.-M.; Yang, E.-C.; Huang, T.-W.; Kuei, C.-F.; Luke, A.; Jiang, J.-A.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; EN-CHENG YANG ; TA-TE LIN journal article1611
352011Stress wave tomography for the quantification of artificial hole detection in camphor trees (Cinnamomum camphora)TA-TE LIN journal article8
362010Photo-based approach as an alternative method for collection of albacore (Thunnus alalunga) length frequency from longline vesselsTA-TE LIN journal article66
372010Chemical shift imaging of spatial-temporal changes of lycopene in tomatoes during ripeningTA-TE LIN conference paper2
382010香蕉後熟期間醣類變化之磁振化學位移影像分析TA-TE LIN journal article
392009A post-processing method for correction and enhancement of chemical shift imagesWang, Tsu-Tsuen; Lin, Ta-Te; Cheng, Yu-Che; Chen, Jyh-Horng; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; TA-TE LIN journal article22
402009How to collect verifiable length data on tuna from photographs: An approach for sample vesselsTA-TE LIN ; Chang, Shui-Kai; Lin, Ta-Te ; Lin, Ghung-Hui; Chang, Hsiang-Yun; Hsieh, Ching-Lujournal article88
412009A simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm for field robots based on laser range sensor and stereo visionTA-TE LIN conference paper1
422009微波輔助農藥殘留自動化檢驗系統之研製TA-TE LIN journal article
432009Magnetic resonance imaging and analyses of tempering processes in rice kernelsHwang, S.-S.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Chang, C.; Lur, H.-S.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN ; Hwang, Shyh-Shin; Cheng, Yu-Che; Chang, Chen; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Lin, Ta-Te ; TA-TE LIN ; Lur, Huu-Sheng journal article3925
442008「感應式線圈測速設備技術規範研擬」委辦計畫期末成果報告書林達德 ; 葉仲基 ; 黃振康 book
452008高效能檢疫檢測及處理技術之研發(2/2)楊曼妙; 林達德 ; 廖玲秀; 楊恩誠 ; 江昭皚 book
462008Application of an ultrasonic tomographic technique for detecting defects in standing treesLin, C.-J.; Kao, Y.-C.; Lin, T.-T.; Tsai, M.-J.; Wang, S.-Y.; Lin, L.-D.; Wang, Y.-N.; Chan, M.-H.; TA-TE LIN journal article3325
472008Design and implementation of an intelligent robotic fishHung, S.-C.; Liu, C.-C.; Tsai, A.-C.; Lin, T.-T.; TA-TE LIN conference paper20
482008Development of a virtual reality GIS using stereo visionLin, T.-T.; Hsiung, Y.-K.; Hong, G.-L.; Chang, H.-K.; Lu, F.-M.; TA-TE LIN ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Hsiung, Yuan-Kai; Hong, Guo-Long; Chang, Hung-Kuo; Lu, Fu-Mingjournal article2716
492008Magnetic resonance imaging and analyses of tempering process in rice kernelsHwang, Shyh-Shin; Cheng, Yu-Che; Chang, Chen; Lur, Huu-Sheng ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article
502008X-ray computed tomography analysis of internal injuries of selected fruitsTA-TE LIN conference paper
512008Physico-Chemical analysis of internal bruise of selected fruits using chemical shift imagingTA-TE LIN conference paper0
522008An adaptive image segmentation algorithm for X-ray quarantine inspection of selected fruitsJiang, J.-A.; Chang, H.-Y.; Wu, K.-H.; Ouyang, C.-S.; Yang, M.-M.; Yang, E.-C.; Chen, T.-W.; Lin, T.-T.; EN-CHENG YANG ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; TA-TE LIN journal article4840
532007應用超高磁場磁振影像技術分析稻穀之水份遷移 (新制多年期第2年)林達德 report
542007高效能檢疫檢測及處理技術之研發(1/2)楊曼妙; 林達德 ; 廖玲秀; 楊恩誠 ; 江昭皚 book
552007Simulation and validation of thin layer models for peanut dryingTA-TE LIN ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Yang, C.-Y.; Fon, D.-S.journal article1510
562007以磁振影像探討單粒稻穀之水份分佈Shyh-Shin Hwang; Ta-Te Lin; Jie-Hao Lee; 黃世欣; 林達德; 李杰浩; TA-TE LIN journal article
572006老鼠腦皮層多頻道神經訊號分析方法與數學模式之建立 (新制多年期第2年)林達德 report
582006老鼠腦皮層多頻道神經訊號分析方法與數學模式之建立 (新制多年期第1年)林達德 report
592006應用超高磁場磁振影像技術分析稻穀之水份遷移 (新制多年期第1年)林達德 report
602006Machine vision systems for plant growth measurement and modelingLin T.-T.; Chien C.-F.; Liao W.-C.; Chung K.-C.; Chang J.-M.; TA-TE LIN conference paper40
612006Non-Destructive Quarantine Technique ? Potential Application of Using X-Ray Images to Detect Early Infestations Caused by Oriental Fruit Fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) (Diptera: Tephritidae) in FruitYang,En-Cheng ; Yang, Man-Miao; Liao, Ling-Hsiu; Wu, Wen-Yen; Chen, Tse-Wei; Chen, Dung-Ming; Lin, Ta-Te ; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article
622006Machine vision systems for plant growth measurement and modelingTA-TE LIN journal article
632005打造現代諾亞方舟林達德 book
642005建立整合機器視覺與影像資料庫之地理資訊技術(2/3)林達德 report
652005X光自動化檢疫系統之研發與應用楊曼妙; 楊恩誠 ; 林達德 ; 江昭皚 ; 陳子偉journal article
662005九十四年度農漁牧產業及檢疫自動化計畫執行成效評估報告書陳世銘 ; 林宗賢 ; 林達德 ; 李國添; 盛中德; 朱元南 ; 姜延年; 雷鵬魁; 周楚洋 book
672005多路徑超音波斷面影像技術評估柳杉人造孔洞之研究TA-TE LIN journal article
682005桃子與李子磁振影像中損傷區域之影像分割方法TA-TE LIN ; 鄭宇哲; 余仁方; 林達德 journal article
692005水果磁振影像內部損傷區域自動分割方法之研究TA-TE LIN journal article
702004應用核磁共振影像探討蔬果內部之物化性質﹝3/3﹞林達德 report
712004建立整合機器視覺與影像資料庫之地理資訊技術(1/3)林達德 report
722004Chemical shift magnetic resonance imaging for spectroscopic analysis of biological tissuesTA-TE LIN conference paper
732004Analysis of moisture distribution in rice kernels using magnetic resonance imagingTA-TE LIN conference paper1
742004應用影像處理技術輔助植物葉片之幾何模擬郭彥甫 ; 林達德 ; 王嘉銳; TA-TE LIN ; 郭彥甫 journal article
752003以機器視覺與計算機繪圖學為基礎的虛擬植物系統之建構(3/3)林達德 report
762003應用核磁共振影像探討蔬果內部之物化性質﹝2/3﹞林達德 report
772003Leaf shape modeling and analysis using geometric descriptors derived from Bezier curvesLin, Ta-Te ; Chien, C.-F.; Chi, Y.-T.journal article00
782003離子態氨、福明頓及硫酸銅對新鮮及冷凍牡蠣 (Crassostrea gigas) 與藤壺 (Tetraclita squamosa) 幼生之活存率的影響趙乃賢; 林達德 ; 陳孟仙; 何惠玫; 許慧文journal article
792002應用核磁共振影像探討蔬果內部之物化性質﹝1/3﹞林達德 report
802002以機器視覺與計算機繪圖學為基礎的虛擬植物系統之建構(2/3)林達德 report
812002精準農業作物產量分佈圖偵測系統之開發盧福明; 林達德 ; 蔡致榮; 黃國祥; 張福祥; 林連雄book
822002應用於水稻精準農業體系之知識與技術盧福明; 蔡致榮; 張福祥; 黃國祥; 林連雄; 林達德 book
832002Machine vision approaches for vegetable seedling growth measurementLin T.-T.; Chien C.-F.; Liao W.-C.; TA-TE LIN conference paper20
842002Optimization of lily microbulb multiplication operationHsieh, Ching-Lu; Lin, Ta-Te journal article11
852002Leaf area measurement of selected vegetable seedlings based on elliptical Hough transformLin, Ta-Te ; Chien, C.-F.journal article
862002Leaf area measurement of selected vegetable seedlings using elliptical Hough transformTA-TE LIN journal article15
872002Machine vision approaches for vegetable seedling growth measurementTA-TE LIN book
882001以機器視覺與計算機繪圖學為基礎的虛擬植物系統之建構(1/3)林達德 report
892001應用核磁共振技術分析穀物、豆類與水果之物化特性﹝2/2﹞林達德 report
902001應用脈動式核磁共振量測醣類水溶液及果汁之可溶性固形物含量郭彥甫 ; 林達德 journal article
912001草花種苗移植機之研製TA-TE LIN journal article
922000Optimization of lily microbulb scale separation operationTA-TE LIN ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Hsieh, C.-L.; Su, P.-Y.; Chen, W.-H.journal article
932000Leaf boundary extraction and geometric modeling of vegetable seedlingsTA-TE LIN conference paper
942000應用核磁共振法測定穀物含水率之研究楊宜芳; 林達德 journal article
952000Non-destructive measurement of vegetable seedling leaf area using elliptical hough transformTA-TE LIN conference paper3
962000花卉軟盆自動上盆機之研製TA-TE LIN journal article
972000花生與芝麻含油量之核磁共振測定法研究林蘭東; 林達德 ; TA-TE LIN journal article
982000應用橢圓霍氏轉換量測重疊葉片面積之影像處理方法錢中方; 林達德 ; TA-TE LIN journal article
991999不同品種牡蠣卵與胚體低溫保存程序之比較研究(三)林達德 report
1001999應用核磁共振技術分析穀物、豆類與水果之物化特性林達德 report
1011999Factors affecting survival of cryopreserved oyster (Crassostrea gigas) embryosTA-TE LIN ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Chao, Nai-Hsien; Tung, Hsiao-Tsueijournal article3633
1021999類神經網路與貝式分類法應用於影像分割之比較研究張仁明; 林達德 journal article
1031998蔬菜種苗生長之動態量測與數學模式建立林達德 report
1041998不同品種牡蠣卵與胚體低溫保存程序之比較研究(二)林達德 report
1051998百合小鱗球組織培養增殖作業之模擬與分析謝清祿; 陳文輝; 蔡瑜卿; 林達德 ; 謝清祿; 陳文輝; 蔡瑜卿; 林達德 journal article
1061998百合小鱗球組織培養人工增殖作業之模擬與分析TA-TE LIN journal article
1071997應用機器視覺於種苗生長之量測與分析林達德 report
1081997不同品種牡蠣卵與胚體低溫保存程序之比較研究(I)林達德 report
1091997Cryopreservation of late embryos and early larvae in the oyster and hard clamChao N.-H.; Lin T.-T.; Chen Y.-J.; Hsu H.-W.; Liao I.-C.; TA-TE LIN conference paper5759
1101997Cryopreservation of late embryos and early larvae in the oyster and hard clamChao, N.-H.; Lin, T.-T.; Chen, Y.-J.; Hsu, H.-W.; Liao, I.-C.; TA-TE LIN journal article5759
1111997Cryopreservation of early larvae and embryos in oyster and hard clamChao, Nai-Hsien; Lin, Ta-Te ; Chen, Yun-Ju; Hsu, Hui-Wen; Liao, I-Chiujournal article
1121997應用影像紋理分析及類神經網路辨識甘藍種苗之生長階段謝清祿; 鄭聖夫; 林達德 ; 謝清祿; 鄭聖夫; 林達德 journal article
1131997甘藍種苗之生長量測與模式分析:(二)生長模式的建立與分析TA-TE LIN journal article
1141997甘藍種苗之生長量測與模式分析:(一)自動量測系統的建立TA-TE LIN journal article
1151997鴨舍動態熱環境模擬與控制策略之研究仇立偉; 林達德 ; TA-TE LIN journal article
1161996海水貝類卯與胚體之低溫保存研究--保存程序之最佳化(II)林達德 report
1171996種苗移植作業夾持具之設計與性能分析TA-TE LIN journal article
1181996穴盤種苗移植手端之路徑規劃與分析錢中方; 林達德 ; TA-TE LIN journal article
1191995共用中型儀器: 可程式冷凍解凍儀及儲存系統林達德 report
1201995海水貝類卵與胚體之低溫保存研究:保存程序之最佳化(I)林達德 report
1211994海水貝類卵之冷凍保存研究:理論模式之建立與應用(3/3)林達德 report
1221994Toxicity tolerance of oyster embryos to selected cryoprotectants [?tude de la tol?rance d'embryons d'hu?tre ? la toxicit? de cryoprotecteurs]Chao N.-H.; Chiang C.-P.; Hsu H.-W.; Tsai C.-T.; Lin T.-T.; TA-TE LIN journal article3736
1231994Toxicity tolerance of oyster embryos to selected cryoprotectantsNai-Hsien Chao, Chi-Ping Chiang, Hui-Wen Hsu, Chia-Tzao Tsai, Ta-Te Lin; TA-TE LIN 0
1241994育苗箱種苗影像特性與背景雜訊之去除林達德 ; 黃俊誠; Lin, Ta-Te ; 黃俊誠journal article
1251994Development of automatic rice checker for measuring moisture content and milling yieldTA-TE LIN journal article
1261994Toxicity tolerance of oyster embryos to selected cryoprotectantsChao, Nai-Hsien; TA-TE LIN ; Chiang, Chi-Ping; Hsu, Hui-Wen; Tsai, Chia-Tzao; Lin, Ta-Te journal article
1271994Cryopreservation of Selected Shellfish Embryos林達德 ; Tung, H. T.; Chao, N. H.; Lin, Ta-Te ; Tung, H. T.journal article
1281994方向式低溫顯微鏡系統之研製與應用TA-TE LIN ; 龍侃; 林達德 journal article
1291993海水貝類卵之冷凍保存研究-理論模式之建立與應用(II)林達德 report
1301993濕榖收購計價管理系統方煒; 林達德 ; 周瑞仁book
1311993Development of Automatic Rice Checker for Measuring Moisture Content and Milling Yield盧福明; 林達德 ; Lee, Y. C.; 陳貽倫; Lee, Y. C.; Chen, Yi-Luenconference paper
1321993農產收購計價管理系統軟體設計與應用馮丁樹; 方煒; 林達德 conference paper
1331993農業機械化與自動化資訊之建立與流通林達德 ; 何恆毅; Lin, Ta-Te ; 何恆毅journal article
1341993Selection of Stepwise Program Parameters to Cryopreserve Oyster EmbryosChao, N. H.; Tsai, C. T.; Hsu, H. W.; 林達德 ; Chao, N. H.; Tsai, C. T.; Hsu, H. W.; Lin, Ta-Te journal article
1351993Osmometric Characteristics of Hard Clam Eggs林達德 ; Tung, H. T.; Chao, N. H.; Lin, Ta-Te journal article
1361993Osmometric Characteristics of Small Abalone Eggs林達德 ; Chen, F. L.; Chao, N. H.; Lin, Ta-Te ; Chen, F. L.; Chao, N. H.journal article
1371992塑膠布溫室栽培自動化技術手冊陳加忠; 林達德 ; 馮丁樹; 陳世銘 book
1381992家禽飼養管理之機械化與自動化林達德 journal article
1391992乾燥中心濕穀收購計價管理系統林達德 ; 方煒conference paper
1401992農漁牧生產自動化文獻摘要選粹林達德 ; 馮丁樹; 陳世銘 ; 林達德 ; 馮丁樹; Chen, Suming book
1411992農漁牧產業自動化專輯第二輯林達德 ; 馮丁樹; 陳世銘 ; 馮丁樹; Chen, Suming book
1421992Toxicity Tolerance of Oyster Embryos and Vitrification characteristics of Selected CryoprotectantsChao, N. H.; Chiang, C. P.; 林達德 ; Chao, N. H.; Lin, Ta-Te conference paper
1431992Measurement of Omsotic Response of Small Abalone Eggs to Permeating and Nonpermeating Solutes林達德 ; Chen, F. L.; Chao, N. H.; Lin, Ta-Te ; Chen, F. L.; Chao, N. H.conference paper
1441992生物細胞內凍結現象之機率模式與分析TA-TE LIN journal article
1451992對流式低溫顯微鏡冷凍台與溫控系統之設計王建勝; 林達德 ; TA-TE LIN journal article
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1691984自動回饋控制低溫顯微鏡系統之開發與性能分析林達德 report
170-脈衝式低解析度核磁共振儀對水果糖度量測之應用郭彥甫 ; 林達德 presentation
171-iif characteristics of oyster embryos and eggs determined by aLin, Ta-Te ; Lung, Kenpresentation
172-modeling and analyses of evaporative cooling efficiency for mistLin, Ta-Te ; Chang, Yi-Chungpresentation
173-cryopreservation of selected shellfish embryos and eggsLin, Ta-Te ; Chao, Nai-Hsienpresentation
174-gps和gis整合在精準農業上的應用陳韋戎; 林達德 ; 盧福明presentation
175-Leaf boundary extraction and geometric modeling of vegetable seedlingsLin, Ta-Te ; Chi, Yud-Tse; Liao, Wen-Chipresentation
176-Non-destructive growth measurement of selected vegetable seedlings machine versionLin, Ta-Te ; Cheng, Sheng-Fu; Lin, Tzu-Hsiu; Tsai, Meng-Rupresentation
177-Non-destructive measurement of vegetable seedling leaf area using elliptical hough transformChien, Chung-Fang; Lin, Ta-Te presentation
178-mechanization of lily microbulbLin, Ta-Te ; Hsieh, Ching-Lupresentation
179-image composer進階應用林達德 presentation
180-蔬菜種苗葉片之型態分析與辨識季育澤; 林達德 presentation
181-立體視覺系統於距離量測上之應用陳韋戎; 盧福明; 林達德 presentation
182-自然光下彩色種苗影像的張仁明; 林達德 presentation
183-蔬菜種苗三維結構之影像重建廖文棋; 張仁明; 林達德 presentation
184-熱電致冷晶片溫度控制系統之研製與分析江衍樹; 林達德 presentation
185-於不同光照下甘藍種苗生長鍾國基; 林達德 presentation
186-機器視覺在精準農業的應用林達德 presentation
187-農業資訊系統林達德 presentation
188-類神經網路與貝氏方類法應用於影像分割之比較研究張仁明; 林達德 presentation
189-vegetable seedling feature extraction using stereo color imagingLin, Ta-Te ; Chang, Jeng-Mingpresentation
190-網路的世界林達德 presentation
191-核磁共振影像技術應用於農產品內部損傷檢測之初步探討鄭宇哲; 林達德 presentation
192-虛擬植物系統林達德 other