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12018Characterization of phosphorus in a toposequence of subtropical perhumid forest soils facing a subalpine lakeShiau Y.-J.; Pai C.-W.; Tsai J.-W.; Liu W.-C.; Yam R.S.W.; Chang S.-C.; Tang S.-L.; Chiu C.-Y.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article33
22016Importance of macrophyte quality in determining life-history traits of the apple snails pomacea canaliculata: Implications for bottom-up management of an invasive herbivorous pest in constructed wetlandsYam R.S.W.; Fan Y.-T.; Wang T.-T.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article73
32016Functional morphology of the feeding and associated appendages of the detritivore-collector atyid shrimps, caridina cantonensis and caridina trifasciata-a scanning electron microscopy studyYam R.S.W.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article11
42015An ecosystem-service approach to evaluate the role of non-native species in urbanized wetlandsYam R.S.W.; Huang K.-P.; Hsieh H.-L.; Lin H.-J.; Huang S.-C.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article75
52015First record of the genus Prosopistoma Latreille, 1833 (Ephemeroptera, Prosopistomatidae) in TaiwanYam R.S.W.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article11
62013A preliminary investigation of wastewater treatment efficiency and economic cost of subsurface flow Oyster-Shell-Bedded constructed wetland systemsYam R.S.W.; Hsu C.-C.; Chang T.-J.; Chang W.-L.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article77
72013Lagrangian modeling of the particle residence time in indoor environmentChang T.-J.; Kao H.-M.; Yam R.S.W.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article108
82012Nature conservation - A new dimension in open access publishing bridging science and applicationHenle K.; Bell S.; Brotons L.; Clobert J.; Evans D.; G?rg C.; Grodzinska-Jurczak M.; Gruber B.; Haila Y.; Henry P.-Y.; Huth A.; Julliard R.; Keil P.; Kleyer M.; Johan Kotze D.; Kunin W.; Lengyel S.; Lin Y.-P.; Loyau A.; Luck G.W.; Magnusson W.; Margules C.; Matsinos Y.; May P.; Sousa-Pinto I.; Possingham H.; Potts S.; Ring I.; Pryke J.S.; Samways M.J.; Saunders D.; Schmeller D.; Simil? J.; Sommer S.; Steffan-Dewenter I.; Stoev P.; Sykes M.T.; T?thm?r?sz B.; Tzanopoulos J.; Yam R.; Penev L.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article54
92012Water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) from Baishih River drainage in Northern Taiwan, with description of two new speciesPe?i? V.; Yam R.S.W.; Chan B.K.K.; Chatterjee T.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article70
102011New records of water mites of the family Torrenticolidae (Acari, Hydrachnidia) with descriptions of two new species from Nanshih River system in Taiwan and redescription of Torrenticola ussuriensis (Sokolow, 1940) from the Russian Far EastPe?i? V.; Semenchenko K.A.; Chatterjee T.; Yam R.S.W.; Chan B.K.K.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article108
112006Production dynamics and growth of atyid shrimps (Decapoda:Caridina spp.) in 4 Hong Kong streams: The effects of site, season, and speciesYam R.S.W.; Dudgeon D.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article1716
122005Inter- and intraspecific differences in the life history and growth of Caridina spp. (Decapoda: Atyidae) in Hong Kong streamsYam R.S.W.; Dudgeon D.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article1719
132005Stable isotope investigation of food use by Caridina spp. (Decapoda:Atyidae) in Hong Kong streamsYam R.S.W.; Dudgeon D.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article28
142005Genetic differentiation of Caridina cantonensis (Decapoda:Atyidae) in Hong Kong streamsYam R.S.W.; Dudgeon D.; SAU-WAI YAM journal article109