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12021Microplastic constituent identification from admixtures by Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy: The use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylon (NY) as the model constituentsFan C; Huang Y.-Z; Lin J.-N; Li J.; CHIHHAO FAN Environmental Technology and Innovation65
22021The effect of porosity change in bentonite caused by decay heat on radionuclide transport through buffer materialLiang S.-Y; Lin W.-S; Lin G.-F; Liu C.-W; Fan C.; CHIHHAO FAN Applied Sciences (Switzerland)00
32021Anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural wastes toward circular bioeconomyPan S.-Y; Tsai C.-Y; Liu C.-W; Wang S.-W; Kim H; Fan C.; CHIHHAO FAN iScience75
42021Model-based carrying capacity investigation and its application to total maximum daily load (TMDL) establishment for river water quality management: A case study in TaiwanFan C; Chen K.-H; Huang Y.-Z.; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Cleaner Production64
52021Total-organic-carbon-based quantitative estimation of microplastics in sewageHong Y; Oh J; Lee I; Fan C; Pan S.-Y; Jang M; Park Y.-K; Kim H.; CHIHHAO FAN Chemical Engineering Journal5
62021Non-conventional water reuse in agriculture: A circular water economyChen C.-Y; Wang S.-W; Kim H; Pan S.-Y; Fan C; Lin Y.J.; CHIHHAO FAN Water Research13
72021Impact of Copper-containing Effluent on Irrigation Water Quality in TaiwanWang S.W; Fan C.; CHIHHAO FAN Taiwan Water Conservancy0
82020Effects of light and autotoxicity on the reproduction of Bidens pilosa l.: From laboratory to the fieldHsueh M.-T; Fan C; Lo H.-F; Chang W.-L.; CHIHHAO FAN Agriculture (Switzerland)0
92020攝食米食之砷、鎘、鉛、銅暴露健康風險評估-以桃園、彰化、台中稻米樣本為例黃耀輝(YAW-HUEI HWANG); 范致豪(CHIHHAO FAN); 顏筠庭(YUN-TING YEN); 周宜蓁(YI-CHEN CHOU); 賴思齊(SZU-CHI LAI); CHIHHAO FAN 台灣公共衛生雜誌0
102020彰化柳仔溝左岸支線農業灌溉水質污染模式評估與因應對策許寧君(Ning-Jin Kok); 王聖瑋(Sheng-Wei Wang); 范致豪(Chihhao Fan); 陳豐文(Feng-Wen Chen); 洪銘德(Ming-De Hong); 謝勝信(Sheng-Hsin Hsieh); CHIHHAO FAN 農業工程學報0
112020Composition-oriented estimation of biogas production from major culinary wastes in an anaerobic bioreactor and its associated CO2 reduction potentialPan, S.-Y.; Li, C.-W.; Huang, Y.-Z.; Fan, C.; Tai, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHIHHAO FAN Bioresource Technology54
122020Mechanistic exploration of the catalytic modification by co-dissolved organic molecules for micropollutant degradation during fenton processLee, Y.-Y.; Fan, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Chemosphere3
132020Copper concentration simulation in a river by SWAT-WASP integration and its application to assessing the impacts of climate change and various remediation strategiesChueh, Y.-Y.; Fan, C.; Huang, Y.-Z.; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Environmental Management0
142020Distribution of residual agricultural pesticides and their impact assessment on the survival of an endangered speciesLiao, J.-Y.; Fan, C.; Huang, Y.-Z.; Pei, K.J.-C.; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Hazardous Materials8
152020Allelopathic effects of bidens pilosa l. Var. radiata sch. bip. on the tuber sprouting and seedling growth of cyperus rotundus l.Hsueh, M.-T.; Fan, C.; Chang, W.-L.; CHIHHAO FAN Plants4
162020Quality improvement of netted melon (Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus) through precise nitrogen and potassium management in a hydroponic systemYam, R.S.W.; Fan, Y.-T.; Lin, J.-T.; Fan, C.; Lo, H.-F.; SAU-WAI YAM ; HSIAO-FENG LO ; CHIHHAO FAN Agronomy2
172020Application of waste lemon extract to toxic metal removal through gravitational soil flushing and composting stabilizationZhang, P.-W.; Huang, Y.-Z.; Fan, C.; Chang, T.-K.; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; CHIHHAO FAN Sustainability (Switzerland)1
182019看見我們與水汙染的距離-為環境與食安找新解方范致豪; 林毓雯; 李宜映; 林媛玉; CHIHHAO FAN 豐年雜誌0
192019透過厭氧消化技術將有機廢棄物轉製生質沼氣:回顧與展望潘述元(Shu-Yuan Pan); 范致豪(Chihhao Fan); CHIHHAO FAN 燃燒季刊
202019Empirical framework for a relative sustainability evaluation of urbanization on the water–energy–food nexus using simultaneous equation analysisCHIHHAO FAN ; Fan, C.; Lin, C.-Y.; Hu, M.-C.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health36
212019Urban metabolic analysis of a food-water-energy system for sustainable resources managementCHIHHAO FAN ; Hu, M.-C.; Fan, C.; Huang, T.; Wang, C.-F.; Chen, Y.-H.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health617
222019Development and deployment of green technologies for sustainable environmentPan, S.-Y.; Fan, C.; Lin, Y.-P.; YU-PIN LIN ; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHIHHAO FAN Environments - MDPI77
232018Issues and countermeasures on the safety of agriculture production environment in taiwan – using wasp model in the dayuan district taoyuan cityHsu S.-C; Huang P.-H; Fan C.-H; Chang Y.-L; Ho Y.-F; Hsieh S.-H.; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering
242018氮肥及鉻對水稻幼苗生長與反射光譜之影響歐陽志翔(Chih-Hsiang Ou Yang); 李宗翰(Tzung-Han Lee); 范致豪(Chihhao Fan); 謝勝信(Sheng-Hsin Hsieh); 洪銘德(Ming-Der Hong); 廖珮妤(Pei-Yu Liao); 黃文達(Wen-Dar Huang); CHIHHAO FAN 中華民國雜草學會會刊0
252018臺灣農業生產環境安全問題與對策-利用WASP模式以桃園大園區為例許適棋(Shih-Chi Hsu); 黃寶萱(Pao-Hsuan Huang); 范致豪(Chih-hao Fan); 張郁麟(Yu-Lin Chang); 何逸?(Yi-Fong Ho); 謝勝信(Sheng-Hsin Hsieh); CHIHHAO FAN 農業工程學報0
262018Field experiment for determining lead accumulation in rice grains of different genotypes and correlation with iron oxides deposited on rhizosphere soilCHIHHAO FAN ; Lai, Y.-C.; Syu, C.-H.; Wang, P.-J.; Lee, D.-Y.; Fan, C.; Juang, K.-W.Science of the Total Environment1521
272018Degradation investigation of selected taste and odor compounds by a UV/chlorine advanced oxidation processCHIHHAO FAN ; Fang, J.; Liu, J.; Shang, C.; Fan, C.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health129
282018Taiwan's legal framework for marine pollution control and responses to marine oil spills and its implementation on T.S. Taipei cargo shipwreck salvageCHIHHAO FAN ; Fan, C.; Hsu, C.-J.; Lin, J.-Y.; Kuan, Y.-K.; Yang, C.-C.; Liu, J.-H.; Yeh, J.-H.Marine Pollution Bulletin36
292018Oxidation of iron sulfide and surface-bound iron to regenerate granular ferric hydroxide for in-situ hydrogen sulfide control by persulfate, chlorine and peroxideCHIHHAO FAN ; Yin, R.; Fan, C.; Sun, J.; Shang, C.Chemical Engineering Journal1925
302018Modeling computer recycling in Taiwan using system dynamicsCHIHHAO FAN ; Fan, C.; Fan, S.-K.S.; Wang, C.-S.; Tsai, W.-P.Resources, Conservation and Recycling1318
312017Applications of Information and Communication Technology for Improvements of Water and Soil Monitoring and Assessments in Agricultural AreasA Case Study in the Taoyuan Irrigation DistrictLin, Yu-Pin; Chang, Tsun-Kuo; Fan, Chihhao; Anthony, Johnathen; Petway, Joy R.; Lien, Wan-Yu; Liang, Chiu-Ping; Ho, Yi-Fong; CHIHHAO FAN Environments84
322017Enhancing river patrol team management through stakeholder discussion facilitated by World Caf? methodology – A case study in TaiwanCHIHHAO FAN ; Horng, C.-Y.; Fan, C.; Chen, S.-C.; Tsai, Y.-S.; Lin, C.-Y.; Wu, C.-C.; Yeh, J.-H.Journal of Cleaner Production24
332017重金屬鎘對水稻幼苗生長及反射光譜之影響林盈茹(Ying-Ru Lin); 范致豪(Chihhao Fan); 張郁麟(Yu-Lin Chang); 何逸?(Yi-Fong Ho); 謝勝信(Sheng-Hsin Hsieh); 黃文達(Wen-Dar Huang); CHIHHAO FAN 中華民國雜草學會會刊0
342017Quantitative characterization of organic diffusion using an analytical diffusion-reaction model and its application to assessing BOD removal when treating municipal wastewater in a plug flow reactorCHIHHAO FAN ; Fan, C.; Kao, C.-F.; Liu, Y.-H.Water Research36
352017A Fe(II)/citrate/UV/PMS process for carbamazepine degradation at a very low Fe(II)/PMS ratio and neutral pH: The mechanismsCHIHHAO FAN ; Ling, L.; Zhang, D.; Fan, C.; Shang, C.Water Research4984
362017A novel Fe(II)/citrate/UV/peroxymonosulfate process for micropollutant degradation: Optimization by response surface methodology and effects of water matricesCHIHHAO FAN ; Ling, L.; Zhang, D.; Fang, J.; Fan, C.; Shang, C.Chemosphere1319
372017Co-metabolic enhancement of organic removal from waste water in the presence of high levels of alkyl paraben constituents of cosmetic and personal care productsCHIHHAO FAN ; Fan, C.; Wang, S.-C.Chemosphere37
382017Bromate formation from the oxidation of bromide in the UV/chlorine process with low pressure and medium pressure UV lampsCHIHHAO FAN ; Fang, J.; Zhao, Q.; Fan, C.; Shang, C.; Fu, Y.; Zhang, X.Chemosphere3755
392017Synthesis of a SnO2/TNT Heterojunction Nanocomposite as a High-Performance PhotocatalystCHIHHAO FAN ; Tsai, Cheng-Yen; Liu, Chen-Wuing; Fan, Chihhao; Hsi, Hsing-Cheng; Chang, Ting-YuJournal of Physical Chemistry C032
402016Rainfall Threshold Assessment Corresponding to the Maximum Allowable Turbidity for Source WaterFan S.-K.S.; Kuan W.-H.; Fan C.; Chen C.-Y.; CHIHHAO FAN Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation22
412016Oxidative degradation of N-Nitrosopyrrolidine by the ozone/UV process: Kinetics and pathwaysChen, Z.; Fang, J.; Fan, C.; Shang, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Chemosphere 2317
422014Establishment of turbidity forecasting model and early-warning system for source water turbidity management using back-propagation artificial neural network algorithm and probability analysisYang, T.-M.; Fan, S.-K.; Fan, C.; Hsu, N.-S.; CHIHHAO FAN Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 1312
432014Impact of tidal effects on water quality simulation of rivers running through urban area - A case study in northern TaiwanFan, C.; Wang, W.-S.; Liao, M.-C.; CHIHHAO FAN 6th International Conference on Environmental Informatics0
442014A trust region-based approach to optimize triple response systemsFan, S.-K.S.; Fan, C.; Huang, C.-F.; CHIHHAO FAN Engineering Optimization 22
452014Structural characterization of bagasse-derived composts with different maturities and their solubility enhancing effect on PCE and tolueneFan, C.; Tsai, M.; Tsui, L.; CHIHHAO FAN Chemosphere 12
462013Microbial community and treatment ability investigation in AOAO process for the optoelectronic wastewater treatment using PCR-DGGE biotechnologyChen, H.-J.; Lin, Y.-Z.; Fanjiang, J.-M.; Fan, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Biodegradation 1512
472013Incorporating the LCIA concept into fuzzy risk assessment as a tool for environmental impact assessmentLiu, K.F.-R.; Ko, C.-Y.; Fan, C.; Chen, C.-W.; CHIHHAO FAN Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 1312
482013Structural characterization of natural organic matter and its impact on methomyl removal efficiency in Fenton processFan, C.; Horng, C.-Y.; Li, S.-J.; CHIHHAO FAN Chemosphere 1622
492013Disassembly and recycling cost analysis of waste notebook and the efficiency improvement by re-design processFan, S.-K.S.; Fan, C.; Yang, J.-H.; Liu, K.F.-R.; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Cleaner Production 2828
502012Economical analysis and performance evaluation for municipal wastewater treatment by an aerobic biofilm reactor using recycle materials as the contact mediaFan, C.; Wang, W.-C.; Cheng, S.-T.; CHIHHAO FAN Sustainable Environment Research 
512012Economic and environmental analysis of using constructed riparian wetlands to support urbanized municipal wastewater treatmentTeng, C.-J.; Leu, S.-Y.; Ko, C.-H.; Fan, C.; Sheu, Y.-S.; Hu, H.-Y.; CHIHHAO FAN ; CHUN-HAN KO Ecological Engineering 68
522012Sensitivity Analysis and Water Quality Modeling of a Tidal River Using a Modified Streeter-Phelps Equation with HEC-RAS-Calculated Hydraulic CharacteristicsFan, C.; Wang, W.-S.; Liu, K.F.-R.; Yang, T.-M.; CHIHHAO FAN Environmental Modeling and Assessment 1216
532012Combining risk assessment, life cycle assessment, and multi-criteria decision analysis to estimate environmental aspects in environmental management systemLiu, K.F.-R.; Ko, C.-Y.; Fan, C.; Chen, C.-W.; CHIHHAO FAN International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 2635
542011Parathion degradation and its intermediate formation by Fenton process in neutral environmentFan, C.; Tsui, L.; Liao, M.-C.; CHIHHAO FAN Chemosphere 3934
552011Performance evaluation and phylogenic analysis of a full-scale subsurface cobble-bed biofilm systemFan, C.; Hu, H.-Y.; Hsue, Y.-S.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, H.-J.; CHIHHAO FAN Ecological Engineering 43
562011Reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethene by two compost samples with different maturityTsui, L.; Fan, C.; Chung, Y.; Lin, S.; CHIHHAO FAN Bioresource Technology 53
572010Enhanced chemical oxygen demand removal and flux reduction in pulp and paper wastewater treatment using laccase-polymerized membrane filtrationKo, C.-H.; Fan, C.; CHUN-HAN KO ; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Hazardous Materials 2216
582010Nitrogenous disinfection byproducts formation and nitrogen origin exploration during chloramination of nitrogenous organic compoundsYang, X.; Fan, C.; Shang, C.; Zhao, Q.; CHIHHAO FAN Water Research 129126
592010Comparative study of multimedia models applied to the risk assessment of soil and groundwater contamination sites in TaiwanFan, C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Ma, H.-W.; Wang, G.-S.; GEN-SHUH WANG; CHIHHAO FAN ; HWONG-WEN MA ; FAN, CHIHHAO ; CHEN, YEN-CHUAN; MA, HWONG-WEN ; WANG, GEN-SHUHJournal of Hazardous Materials 2018
602010Removal of Orange II dye in water by visible light assisted photocatalytic ozonation using Bi2O3 and Au/Bi2O3 nanorodsAn; an, S.; Lee, G.-J.; Chen, P.-K.; Fan, C.; Wu, J.J.; CHIHHAO FAN Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 105119
612010Screening of dioxin biotransformation bacteria from the contaminated soilChen, H.-J.; Fan, C.; Lee, M.-S.; Gong, H.-C.; Fanchiang, J.-M.; Dyi-Hwa, T.; CHIHHAO FAN 2010 4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering10
622010Characteristic analysis of occupational accidents at small construction enterprisesCheng, C.-W.; Leu, S.-S.; Lin, C.-C.; Fan, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Safety Science 122156
632009Urban pollutant removal by a constructed riparian wetland before typhoon damage and after reconstructionFan, C.; Chang, F.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; Sheu, Y.-S.; Teng, C.-J.; Chang, T.-C.; CHUN-HAN KO ; CHIHHAO FAN Ecological Engineering 1413
642009Risk assessment of exposure to volatile organic compounds in groundwater in TaiwanCHIHHAO FAN ; Wang, G.-S.; Chen, Y.-C.; CHUN-HAN KO Science of the Total Environment 4941
652009The mechanistic and oxidative study of methomyl and parathion degradation by Fenton processCHIHHAO FAN World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 5
662009Treatment of septic tank effluents by a full-scale capillary seepage soil biofiltration systemCHIHHAO FAN Journal of Environmental Health 6
672009An innovative modeling approach using Qual2K and HEC-RAS integration to assess the impact of tidal effect on River Water quality simulationFan, C.; Ko, C.-H.; Wang, W.-S.; CHUN-HAN KO ; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Environmental Management 7479
682008Influence of biological oxygen demand degradation patterns on water-quality modeling for rivers running through urban areasFan, C.; Wang, W.-S.; CHIHHAO FAN Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 63
692008Correlations between organic matter properties and DBP formation during chloraminationYang, X.; Shang, C.; Lee, W.; Westerhoff, P.; Fan, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Water Research 102112
702008Adsorption of hydrophobic organic compounds on natural porous media with low organic fractionCHIHHAO FAN IAHS-AISH Publication 0
712007Development of Run-To-Run (R2R) controller for the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system using fuzzy control theoriesFan, S.-K.S.; Fan, C.; Kung, P.; Wang, C.-Y.; CHIHHAO FAN International Journal of Production Research 32
722007p-Nitrophenol, phenol and aniline sorption by organo-claysKo, C.H.; Fan, C.; Chiang, P.N.; Wang, M.K.; Lin, K.C.; CHUN-HAN KO ; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Hazardous Materials 8479
732006Application of streeter-and-phelps equation to the aquatic environment management - A case study based on water quality monitoring data of Keelung River, TaiwanCHIHHAO FAN 5th International Conference on Environmental Informatics, ISEIS 2006 2
742006礫間接觸氧化法對有機污染物去除之回顧與探討范致豪\; 王惟申; CHIHHAO FAN 環境保護 
752006Factors affecting bromate removal capacity of zerovalent iron packed columnsFan, C.; Chan, C.H.; Xie, L.; Shang, C.; CHIHHAO FAN Water Science and Technology: Water Supply 50
761997Margules equations applied to PAH solubilities in alcohol-water mixturesFan, C.; Jafvert, C.T.; CHIHHAO FAN Environmental Science and Technology 3332