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12022Climate change research in Taiwan: beyond following the mainstreamLee, Chia-Chi; Huang, Kuo-Ching; Kuo, Shih-Yun; Cheng, Chien-Ke; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Liu, TMEnvironmental Hazards22
22021Development of a social impact assessment for the water environment: A professional perspectiveLee C.-C; Huang K.-C; Kuo S.-Y; Cheng C.-K; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Liu T.-M.Water (Switzerland)21
32021Applying the DRCA risk template on the flood-prone disaster prevention community due to climate changeHe C.-Y; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Lin Y.-J.Sustainability (Switzerland)22
42021Assessing future rainfall intensity–duration–frequency characteristics across taiwan using the k?nearest neighbor methodChen P.-Y; Tung C.-P; Tsao J.-H; Chen C.-J.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water (Switzerland)33
52020減災與氣候變遷調適在區域治理上之融合研究-以坡地災害為例何謹余(Chin-Yu He); 童慶斌(Ching Pin Tung) ; 王涴雅(Wan-Ya Wang)農業工程學報 20
62020A generalized framework for assessing flood risk and suitable strategies under various vulnerability and adaptation scenarios: A case study for residents of Kyoto City in JapanJhong, B.-C.; Tachikawa, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Udmale, P.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water (Switzerland)56
72019Multilevel Governance to Integrate Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Policies: a Large-Scale Landslide Area in Shi-Ding District, New Taipei City as an Example | 多層級治理於氣候調適與減災融合決策上之研究-以新北市石碇區大崙山大規模崩塌潛勢區為例He, C.-Y.; Tung, C.-P.; Wang, C.-L.; Lin, Y.-J.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of Chinese Soil and Water Conservation00
82019Development of a novel climate adaptation algorithm for climate risk assessmentTung C.-P.; Tsao J.-H.; Tien Y.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Jhong B.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water (Switzerland)87
92019Spatial Assessment of Climate Risk for Investigating Climate Adaptation Strategies by Evaluating Spatial-Temporal Variability of Extreme PrecipitationJhong B.-C.; Huang J.; Tung C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water Resources Management1612
102018氣候智慧水資源核心研究童慶斌(Ching-Pin Tung); 曹榮軒(Jung-Hsuan Tsao); 彭柏文(Po-Wen Perng); 陳沛芫(Pei-Yuan Chen); 李苑華(Yuan-Hua Li); 鍾秉宸(Bing-Chen Jhong); CHING-PIN TUNG 臺灣土地研究0
112018Assessing climate change adaptations for community-scale water resources using a low-frequency weather generatorLi Y.-H.; Tung C.-P.; Li Y.-H.; Chen P.-Y.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment11
122018Stochastic competitive analysis of hydropower and water supplies within an energy–water nexusMING-CHE HU ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; HWA-LUNG YU Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment55
132018A derivation of factors influencing the successful integration of corporate volunteers into public flood disaster inquiry and notification systemsYang C.-L.; Shieh M.-C.; Huang C.-Y.; Tung C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Sustainability1810
142018Evaluating Future Joint Probability of Precipitation Extremes with a Copula-Based Assessing Approach in Climate ChangeJhong B.-C.; Tung C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water Resources Management2624
152017利用跨尺度天氣預報決定解除限水時間—以民國100年石門水庫為例黃群展(Qun-Zhan Huang); 李明旭(Ming-Hsu Li); 童慶斌(Ching-Pin Tung); 許少瑜(Shao-Yiu Hsu); CHING-PIN TUNG 農業工程學報0
162017Stormwater management toward water supply at the community scale-A case study in northern TaiwanLi Y.-H.; Tung C.-P.; Chen P.-Y.; CHING-PIN TUNG Sustainability64
172017Procedure for selecting GCM datasets for climate risk assessmentLin C.-Y.; Tung C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences2019
182017Low impact development planning and adaptation decision-making under climate change for a xommunity against pluvial floodingChen P.-Y.; Tung C.-P.; Li Y.-H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water209
192017Study on the Climate adaption planning for an industrial company with regional risk of the water supply system-A case in TaiwanChen P.-Y.; Huang S.-J.; Yu C.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; Liu T.-M.; CHING-PIN TUNG ; PEN-CHI CHIANG Water31
202017Assessing water resources vulnerability and resilience of southern Taiwan to climate changeLi M.-H.; Tseng K.-J.; Tung C.-P.; Shih D.-S.; Liu T.-M.; CHING-PIN TUNG Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences107
212016Climate change impacts on streamflow in Taiwan catchments based on statistical downscaling dataChen Y.-J.; Chu J.-L.; Tung C.-P.; Yeh K.C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences44
222016Spatial optimization procedure for land-use arrangement in a community based on a human comfort perspectiveChen, P.-Y.; Tung, C.-P.; Lin, W.-C.; Li, Y.-H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 55
232016Assessing Climate Change Impact on Gilgel Abbay and Gumara Watershed Hydrology, the Upper Blue Nile Basin, EthiopiaAyele, Hailu Sheferaw; Li, Ming-Hsu; Tung, Ching-Pin; Liu, Tzu-Ming; CHING-PIN TUNG Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences013
242016Impact of climate change on runoff in the Gilgel Abbay watershed, the upper Blue Nile Basin, EthiopiaAyele, H.S.; Li, M.-H.; Tung, C.-P.; Liu, T.-M.; CHING-PIN TUNG Water 2315
252015Toward the practicability of a heat transfer model for green roofsChen, P.-Y.; Li, Y.-H.; Lo, W.-H.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Ecological Engineering 1514
262015Development of metrology to estimate energy requirement for water supply systemsLin, C.-Y.; Tung, C.-P.; Hu, M.-C.; Tan, C.-C.; Liao, W.-T.; Chou, C.-H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Taiwan Water Conservancy 0
272015Toward an innovative interdisciplinary method for vulnerability assessments: The case of TaiwanLee, C.-C.; Tung, C.-P.; Liu, T.-M.; Tsao, J.-H.; Liu, G.-R.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Huang, K.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of Water and Climate Change 21
282014Analysis of space-time patterns of rainfall events during 1996-2008 in Yilan County (Taiwan)HWA-LUNG YU ; Chen, Bo-Lin; Chiu, Chuan-Hung; LU MONG-MING ; CHING-PIN TUNG Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment56
292014The development of stream temperature model in a mountainous river of TaiwanTung, C.-P.; Lee, T.-Y.; Huang, J.-C.; Perng, P.-W.; Kao, S.-J.; Liao, L.-Y.; JR-CHUAN HUANG ; CHING-PIN TUNG Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 45
302014單元 9.氣候變遷對臺灣環境脆弱度之風險評估─童慶斌、陳亮全童慶斌; 陳亮全; CHING-PIN TUNG 台灣開放式課程聯盟 00
312013Flood frequency analysis of the lanyang river under climate changeChen, Y.-C.; Kuo, J.-J.; Tung, C.-P.; Kao, S.-P.; Cheng, Y.-F.; CHING-PIN TUNG Taiwan Water Conservancy 0
322013The study of electricity consumption of tap water supply systems in taiwanLin, C.-Y.; Tung, C.-P.; Hu, M.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Taiwan Water Conservancy 0
332013Establish methods to evaluate the projection ability of general circulation modelsLien, W.-Y.; Tung, C.-P.; Ho, Y.-H.; Tai, C.-H.; Chuang, L.-H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering 1
342013Temporal variation of nitrate and phosphate transport in headwater catchments: The hydrological controls and land use alterationLee, T.-Y.; Huang, J.-C.; Kao, S.-J.; Tung, C.-P.; JR-CHUAN HUANG ; CHING-PIN TUNG Biogeosciences 2420
352013Producing daily and embedded hourly rainfall data using a novel weather generatorTung, C.-P.; Lien, W.-Y.; Liao, W.-T.; CHING-PIN TUNG Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 00
362013Improvement of a drainage system for flood management with assessment of the potential effects of climate change [Am?lioration des syst?mes de drainage pour la gestion des crues, avec ?valuation de l'effet de diff?rents sc?narios de changement climatique]Chang, H.-K. ; Tan, Y.-C. ; Lai, J.-S.; Pan, T.-Y. ; Liu, T.-M.; CHING-PIN TUNG Hydrological Sciences Journal3628
372013The study of integrated assessment of regional water supply capacity under climate changeTung, C.-P.; Liu, T.-M.; Li, M.-H.; Hong, N.-M.; Sung, R.-T.; Lin, C.-Y.; Tsao, J.-H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Taiwan Water Conservancy 1
382013Integrated water resources system dynamics modeling and indicators for sustainable rural communityLi, Y.-H.; Chen, P.-Y.; Lo, W.-H.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 1413
392013Impact of climate change on Taiwanese power market determined using linear complementarity modelTung, C.-P.; Tseng, T.-C.; Huang, A.-L.; Liu, T.-M.; Hu, M.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG ; MING-CHE HU Applied Energy 1616
402013A procedure to estimate cover coefficient and parameters of soil moisture stress function using soil moisture monitoring dataHong, N.-M.; Tung, C.-P.; Chen, C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 22
412012The impacts of climate change on the feitsui reservoir capability of water supply and hydropower generationTung, C.-P.; Lien, W.-Y.; Tai, C.-H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Taiwan Water Conservancy 0
422012Climate change impact assessment for sustainable water quality managementTung, C.-P.; Lee, T.-C.; Liao, W.-T.; Chen, Y.-J.; CHING-PIN TUNG Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 65
432012Runoff peak under climate change and associated flood management in TaiwanHsieh, L.-S.; Jang, J.-H.; Tung, C.-P.; Liu, W.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering 1
442012Modeling the effects of riparian planting strategies on stream temperature: Increasing suitable habitat for endangered Formosan Landlocked Salmon in Shei-Pa National Park, TaiwanLee, T.Y.; Huang, J.C.; Kao, S.J.; Liao, L.Y.; Tzeng, C.S.; Yang, C.H.; Kalita, P.K.; Tung, C.P.; JR-CHUAN HUANG ; CHING-PIN TUNG Hydrological Processes 88
472009Application and development of a decision-support system for assessing water shortage and allocation with climate changeLiu, T.-M.; Tung, C.P.; Ke, K.Y. ; Chuang, L.H.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment3126
482009Assessing the impact of climate change on the land hydrology in TaiwanLi, M.-H.; Tien, W.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 2422
492009Application of genetic programming to project climate change impacts on the population of Formosan Landlocked SalmonTung, C.-P.; Lee, T.-Y.; Yang, Y.-C.E.; Chen, Y.-J.Tung, Ching-Pin; Lee, Tsung-Yu; Yang, Yi-Chen E.; Chen, Yun-Ju; Tung, Ching-Pin ; CHING-PIN TUNG Environmental Modelling and Software 1613
502009Interval number fuzzy linear programming for climate change impact assessments of reservoir active storageTung, C.-P.; Hong, N.-M.; Li, M.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 42
512009櫻花鈎吻鮭棲地之水溫現況及遭遇氣候變遷下之可能衝擊李宗祐(Lee, Tsung-Yu); 彭柏文(Perng, Po-Wen); 童慶斌(Tung, Ching-Pin); CHING-PIN TUNG 國立臺灣博物館學刊 
522008氣候變遷對災害防治衝擊調適與因應策略整合研究-子計畫:水庫系統在變遷氣候中之脆弱度評估與支援決策技術發展(II)童慶斌 ; 范正成 ; 李明旭; 葉欣誠
532008強化區域水資源永續利用與因應氣候變遷之調適能力(2/2)童慶斌 ; 游保杉; 張良正; 李明旭; 洪念民
562008永續環境政策之規劃與設計-永續環境管理機制與支援決策工具之發展-流域尺度、水資源面向(I)童慶斌 ; 廖述良
572008氣候變遷對災害防治衝擊調適與因應策略整合研究-子計畫:水庫系統在變遷氣候中之脆弱度評估與支援決策技術發展(I)童慶斌 ; 張倉榮 
592008強化櫻花鈎吻鮭棲地氣候變遷衝擊評估與季節性預警系統─水溫、水質與極端降雨逕流 (新制多年期第2年)童慶斌 
602008建立氣候變遷對環境與生態永續性衝擊預警指標與機制童慶斌 ; 戴昌鳳 ; 李培芬 ; 曾昭衡
612008Reply to comment on 'C.-P. Tung, N.-M. Hong, C.-H. Chen, and Y.-C. Tan. 2004. Regional daily baseflow prediction. Hydrological Processes 18: 2147-2164'Hong, N.-M.; Chen, C.-H.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG ; CHING-PIN TUNG Hydrological Processes00
622008氣候變遷對台北地下水補注之衝擊譚仲哲; 童慶斌; CHING-PIN TUNG 農業工程學報 
632008PAWEES 2008 international conference on benefit of paddy to sustainable development: First announcementTung, Ching-Pin; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Tung, Ching-Pin Paddy and Water Environment 00
642008An integrated optimization algorithm for parameter structure identification in groundwater modelingTan, C.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Chen, C.-H.; Yeh, W.W.-G.Advances in Water Resources 2418
662008Applying zonation methods and Tabu search to improve the ground-water modelingTan, C.-C.; Tung, C.-P.; Tsai, F.T.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of the American Water Resources Association 107
682007強化區域水資源永續利用與因應氣候變遷之調適能力(1/2)童慶斌 ; 游保杉; 李明旭
712007氣候變遷對災害防治衝擊調適與因應策略整合研究-子計畫:水庫系統在變遷氣候中之脆弱度評估與支援決策技術發展(II)童慶斌 ; 張倉榮 
722007強化櫻花鈎吻鮭棲地氣候變遷衝擊評估與季節性預警系統─水溫、水質與極端降雨逕流 (新制多年期第1年)童慶斌 
732007Modification of a stream temperature model with Beer's law and application to GaoShan Creek in TaiwanTung, C.-P.; Yang, Y.-C.E.; Lee, T.-Y.; Li, M.-H.; Tung, Ching-Pin ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Yang, Yi-Chen E.; Lee, Tsung-Yu; Li, Ming-HsuEcological Modelling 1110
742007Reply to comment on ‘Regional daily baseflow prediction’ by D. Rupp and R. WoodsHong, N. M.; C. P. Tung; C. H. Chen; Y. C. Tan; CHING-PIN TUNG Hydrological Processes 
752007氣候變遷對災害防治衝擊調適與因應策略整合研究-子計畫:水庫系統在變遷氣候中之脆弱度評估與支援決策技術發展(I)童慶斌 ; 范正成 ; 李明旭; 葉欣誠
762007New criteria for sustainable water quality managementChen, Y.-J.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of the American Water Resources Association 32
782006環境永續性評價與管理:環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究-子計畫三:水資源面向環境承載力.累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究(II)童慶斌 ; 廖述良; 葉欣誠; 林裕彬 ; 陳慶和
802006Sustainability Appraisal of Taipei Municipal Water Supply SystemTung*, C. P.; Chen Y. J.; Chen S. W.; Liu T. M.; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of the Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering 
812006建立氣候變遷對環境與生態永續性衝擊預警指標與機制-總計畫暨子計畫一:建立氣候變遷對河川涵容能力永續性衝擊預警指標與機制童慶斌 ; 吳明進; 李明旭; 洪念明
822006氣候變遷對櫻花?吻鮭適當棲地之衝擊童慶斌 ; 楊奕岑農業工程學報 
832006應用季節性氣候預報於水庫蓄水量預測童慶斌; 劉子明; 李明旭; CHING-PIN TUNG 中國農業工程學報 
842006Modelling climate-change impacts on stream temperature of Formosan landlocked salmon habitatTung, C.-P.; Lee, T.-Y.; Yang, Y.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Hydrological Processes 4440
852006Estimating Seasonal Basin Rainfall Using Tabu SearchCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; Ching-Pin Tung Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 65
872005環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究---總計畫暨子計畫三:水資源面向環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究(I)童慶斌 ; 廖述良; 葉欣誠; 陳慶和; 林裕彬 
882005氣候變遷對我國之衝擊影響與調適策略研究─總計畫暨子計畫一:氣候變遷對河川與空氣涵容能力衝擊與調適策略童慶斌 ; 吳明進; 李明旭; 曾昭衡; 洪念明
892005氣候變遷對台灣地區衝擊與調適策略研析─總計畫暨子計畫一:氣候變遷對台灣地區衝擊與調適策略研析-公衛、生態、水資源、與防災面向童慶斌 ; 何興亞; 李芝珊; 李培芬 
902005環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究-總計畫暨子計畫三:水資源面向環境承載力、累積性衝擊評量及政策環評與總量管制之相關性研究(I)童慶斌 ; 廖述良; 葉欣誠; 林裕彬 ; 陳慶和
922005氣候衝擊 抗旱防洪拉長戰線童慶斌 ; 蔡宜霖; 劉子明營建知訊
962005An optimal procedure for identifying parameter structure and application to a confined aquiferTung, C.-P.; Tan, C.-C.; Tung, Ching-Pin; Tan, Chung-Che; CHING-PIN TUNG Environmental Geology 1210
992004Regional daily baseflow predictionTung, C.-P.; Hong, N.-M.; Chen, C.-H.; Tan, Y.-C.; Tung, Ching-pin ; YIH-CHI TAN ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Hong, Nien-ming; Chen, Chu-hui; Tan, Yih-chi Hydrological Processes 87
1002004Sustainability indicator for water and land resourcesTung, C.-P.; Hong, N.-M.; CHING-PIN TUNG Watershed Management and Operations Management 2000 00
1012004Application to reservoir operation rule-curvesHsu, S.Y.; Tung, C.P.; Chen, C.J.; Wang, C.F.; CHING-PIN TUNG the 2004 World Water and Environmetal Resources Congress: Critical Transitions in Water and Environmetal Resources Management 1
1032004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:環境永續性評估、管理程序與方法之建立─子計畫二:環境承載力、總量管制與政策環評之研究─水資源面向 (III)童慶斌 
1042004Application of simulated annealing to groundwater parameter zonationTung, C.-P.; Chou, C.-C.; Hsu, S.-Y.; Hong, N.-M.; Li, J.-S.; SHAO-YIU HSU ; CHING-PIN TUNG the World Water and Environmental Resources Congress 200100
1052004氣候變遷對台灣河川生態之衝擊童慶斌; 楊奕岑; CHING-PIN TUNG ; 童慶斌 ; 楊奕岑全球變遷通訊雜誌 
1062004氣候變遷對台灣水文環境之衝擊童慶斌; 楊奕岑; CHING-PIN TUNG ; 童慶斌 ; 楊奕岑全球變遷通訊雜誌 
1072004The Relationship between Boussinesq Equation and Non-linear Storage of Baseflow SimulationTung, C.-P.; Hong, N.-M.; Chen, C.-H.; Tan, Y.-C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Watershed Management Symposium 0
1082004Establishing a drought warning system based on long-lead climate forecastingLiu, T.M.; Tung, C.P.; Chen, C.J.; Chen, S.W.; CHING-PIN TUNG the 2004 World Water and Environmetal Resources Congress: Critical Transitions in Water and Environmetal Resources Management 0
1092004Pattern classification using tabu search to identify the spatial distribution of groundwater pumpingTung, C.-P.; Chou, C.-A.; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Tung, Ching-Pin ; Chou, Chun-AnHydrogeology Journal 2421
1112004氣候變遷對大漢溪及新店溪流域防洪系統潛在衝擊影響之研究謝龍生; 柳文成; 童慶斌 ; 謝龍生; 柳文成; 童慶斌 農業工程學報 
1132003應用遺傳規劃法建立櫻花鉤吻鮭魚群數量對環境之反應函數童慶斌 ; 李宗祐中國農業工程學報 
1142003Optimal balance between land development and groundwater conservation in an uncertain coastal environmentYeh, S. C.; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Tung, Ching-Pin Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems 42
1152003大甲溪下游蓄水池容量設計與風險分析之研究童慶斌 ; 陳韻如; 陳主惠; 譚義績 中國農業工程學報 
1162003Application of the genetic algorithm for optimizing operation rules of the LiYuTan Reservoir in TaiwanTung, C.-P.; Hsu, S.-Y.; Liu, C.-M.; SHAO-YIU HSU ; CHING-PIN TUNG Journal of the American Water Resources Association 3628
1192003氣候變化綱要公約國家通訊衝擊調適資料建置 ─ 氣候、水文、生態部分(二)童慶斌 
1202003累積性環境影響評估審查基準與地理資訊系統之整合研究(二)童慶斌 ; 徐貴新; 魏敏裕; 張尊國
1212003Improving groundwater-flow modeling using optimal zoning methodsTung, C.-P.; Tang, C.-C.; Lin, Y.-P.; YU-PIN LIN ; Tung, Ching-Pin ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Tang, Chung-Che; Lin, Yu-Pin Environmental Geology 1312
1222003壹、永續發展與政策環境影響評估CHING-PIN TUNG ; YUN-RU CHEN ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; 童慶斌 ; YUN-RU CHEN 全球變遷通訊雜誌 
1232002累積性環境影響評估審查基準與地理資訊系統之整合研究(一)童慶斌 ; 徐貴新; 魏敏裕; 張尊國
1242002氣候變化綱要公約國家通訊衝擊調適資料建置 ─ 氣候、水文、生態部分(一)童慶斌 
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