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12020Analysis of the habitat fragmentation of ecosystems in belize using landscape metricsFlowers, B.; Huang, K.-T.; Aldana, G.O.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Sustainability (Switzerland)1514
22020Application of random forest and ICON models combined with weather forecasts to predict soil temperature and water content in a greenhouseTsai, Y.-Z.; Hsu, K.-S.; Wu, H.-Y.; Lin, S.-I.; Yu, H.-L.; Huang, K.-T.; Hu, M.-C.; Hsu, S.-Y.; HWA-LUNG YU ; KUO-TSANG HUANG ; MING-CHE HU ; SHAO-YIU HSU ; SHU-I LIN Water (Switzerland)43
32020Identifying a suitable hourly solar diffuse fraction model to generate the typical meteorological year for building energy simulation applicationHuang, K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Renewable Energy1211
42020Performance-rating-based approach to formulate a new envelope index for commercial buildings in perspective of energy efficiency and thermal comfortHwang, R.-L.; Shih, W.-M.; Huang, K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Energy1110
52019Identifying suitable general circulation model for future building cooling energy analysisKUO-TSANG HUANG; Weng, Yu Teng; Hwang, Ruey Lung; KUO-TSANG HUANG; Hwang, Ruey Lung; Weng, Yu Teng; KUO-TSANG HUANG E3S Web of Conferences10
62019Sensitivity analysis of envelope design on the summer thermal comfort of naturally ventilated classrooms in TaiwanChen, Y.H.; Hwang, R.L.; Huang, K.T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering10
72019Generating hourly local weather data with high spatially resolution and the applications in bioclimatic performanceLin F.-Y.; Huang K.-T.; Lin T.-P.; Hwang R.-L.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Science of the Total Environment1010
82019Using the fuzzy Delphi method to study the construction needs of an elementary campus and achieve sustainabilityWang, J.C.; Huang, K.-T.; Ko, M.Y.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Sustainability (Switzerland)53
92018Simplification and adjustment of the energy consumption indices of office building envelopes in response to climate changeHwang R.-L.; Shih W.-M.; Lin T.-P.; Huang K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Energy1815
102018Identifying outdoor thermal risk areas and evaluation of future thermal comfort concerning shading orientation in a traditional settlementHuang K.-T.; Yang S.-R.; Matzarakis A.; Lin T.-P.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Science of the Total Environment2021
112017In-situ measurement analysis of indoor thermal comfort of a natural ventilated residence in TaiwanChang L; Chiu Y.-L; Hwang R.-L; Huang K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Proceedings of 33rd PLEA International Conference: Design to Thrive, PLEA 2017
122017Spatial and temporal analysis of urban heat island and global warming on residential thermal comfort and cooling energy in TaiwanHwang, R.-L.; Lin, C.-Y.; Huang, K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Energy and Buildings 2927
132017Impact of street canyon typology on building's peak cooling energy demand: A parametric analysis using orthogonal experimentHuang, K.-T.; Li, Y.-J.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Energy and Buildings 3430
142016Future trends of residential building cooling energy and passive adaptation measures to counteract climate change: The case of TaiwanHuang, K.-T.; Hwang, R.-L.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Energy 8275
152015Parametric study on energy and thermal performance of school buildings with natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation and air conditioningK.-T. Huang; R.-L. Hwang; KUO-TSANG HUANG Indoor and Built Environment 1317
162015Analysis and benchmarking of greenhouse gas emissions of luxury hotelsKUO-TSANG HUANG; KUO-TSANG HUANG International Journal of Hospitality Management 2222
172015Design and energy performance of a buoyancy driven exterior shading device for building application in TaiwanHuang, K.-T.; Liu, K.F.-R.; Liang, H.-H.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Energies 76
182015Investigating thermal comfort and user behaviors in outdoor spaces: A seasonal and spatial perspectiveHuang, K.-T.; Lin, T.-P.; Lien, H.-C.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Advances in Meteorology 4037
192015Implementation of green building specification credits for better thermal conditions in naturally ventilated school buildingsHuang, K.-T.; Huang, W.-P.; Lin, T.-P.; Hwang, R.-L.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Building and Environment 3734
202015Greenhouse gas emissions of tourism-based leisure farms in TaiwanHuang, Kuo-Tsang; Wang, Jen Chun; KUO-TSANG HUANG Sustainability 66
212013Energy consumption characteristics of hotel's marketing preference for guests from regions perspectiveWang, J.C.; Huang, K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Energy 2727
222012降低建築溫室氣體排放之因應策略吳桂陽; 孫國勛; 黃國倉; KUO-TSANG HUANG 建築學報 
232011Performance of outdoor thermal comfort and indoor heat flux of rooftop lawn greening in the subtropical climateKUO-TSANG HUANG PLEA 2011 - Architecture and Sustainable Development, Conference Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture 0
242011Using modified sandia method in developing typical solar radiation year for photovoltaic electricity generation projectionHuang, K.-T.; Ou, W.-S.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
252011Global radiation for solar architecture design of TaiwanOu, W.S.; Huang, K.T.; Liao, C.C.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials 10
262011Study on rooftop outdoor thermal environment and slab insulation performance of grass planted roofLiang, Han-Hsi; Huang, Kuo-Tsang; KUO-TSANG HUANG International Journal of the Physical Sciences 
272011Using modified sandia method in developing typical solar radiation year for photovoltaic electricity generation projectionHuang K.-T.; Ou W.-S.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Applied Mechanics and Materials10
282010Establishing a typical solar radiation year time series for the application of building integrated photovoltaic systems in TaiwanHuang, K.-T.; Ou, W.-S.; KUO-TSANG HUANG IET Conference Publications 00
292010Improvement in fire prevention performance of cork-gypsum decorative materials by applying porous wasteKUO-TSANG HUANG International Journal of the Physical Sciences 5
302010A comparative study on the thermal environment of green roof garden under black veil shading versus bare slabHuang, K.-T.; Lin, T.-P.; Tsai, J.-J.; Han, Y.-H.; KUO-TSANG HUANG IET Conference Publications 00
312010Passenger thermal perceptions, thermal comfort requirements, and adaptations in short- and long-haul vehiclesLin, T.-P.; Hwang, R.-L.; Huang, K.-T.; Sun, C.-Y.; Huang, Y.-C.; KUO-TSANG HUANG International Journal of Biometeorology 2319
322008Multiple videos broadcasting scheme for near video-on-demand servicesChen Y.-W.; Huang K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG the 4th International Conference on Signal Image Technology and Internet Based Systems70
332007Development of simplified estimation method of chiller energy use for office buildings in TaiwanHuang, K.-T.; Lin, H.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG ASHRAE Transactions 4
342006辦公建築全年空調耗能量簡易預測法之研究黃國倉; 林憲德; KUO-TSANG HUANG 建築學報 
352005台灣TMY2標準氣象年之研究與應用林憲德; 黃國倉; KUO-TSANG HUANG 建築學報 
362005Design standard of energy conservation for building hvac system - a simplified method of chiller capacity estimation based on building envelope energy conservation index in taiwanHuang, K.-T.; Lin, H.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG International Building Performance Simulation Association 2005 2