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12018Population structure and phylogenetic analysis of laboratory rabbits in Taiwan based on microsatellite markersLai F.Y.; Ding S.T.; Tu P.A.; Chen R.S.; Lin D.Y.; Lin E.C.; Wang P.H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article11
22018Survey of genetic structure of geese using novel microsatellite markersLai F.-Y.; Tu P.-A.; Ding S.-T.; Lin M.-J.; Chang S.-C.; Lin E.-C.; Lo L.-L.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article33
32018Frequency-dependent skin penetration depth of terahertz radiation determined by water sorption–desorptionYou B.; Chen C.-Y.; Yu C.-P.; Wang P.-H.; Lu J.-Y.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article00
42017Development of a recombinase polymerase amplification lateral flow dipstick (RPA-LFD) for the field diagnosis of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) infectionTu P.-A.; Shiu J.-S.; Lee S.-H.; Pang V.F.; Wang D.-C.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1616
52015Efficient SNP Discovery by Combining Microarray and Lab-on-a-Chip Data for Animal Breeding and SelectionHuang, Chao-Wei; Lin, Yu-Tsung; Ding, Shih-Torng; Lo, Ling-Ling; Wang, Pei-Hwa; Lin, En-Chung; Liu, Fang-Wei; Lu, Yen-Wen; PEI-HWA WANG journal article0
62014Polymorphisms in the promoter region of myostatin gene are associated with carcass traits in pigsTu P.-A.; Lo L.-L.; Chen Y.-C.; Hsu C.-C.; Shiau J.-W.; Lin E.-C.; Lin R.-S.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article88
72014Characterization of the Genetic Diversity and Population Structure for the Yellow Cattle in Taiwan Based on Microsatellite MarkersTu P.-A.; Lin D.-Y.; Li G.-F.; Huang J.-C.; Wang D.-C.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article34
82013Sex identification in the Collared Scops Owl (Otus bakkamoena) with novel markers generated by random amplified polymorphic DNAWang P.H.; Hsu H.A.; Chao M.C.; Chan F.T.; Wang L.M.; Lin P.I.; Tsao H.S.; Yuan H.W.; Chen C.C.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article00
92013Development of 24 new microsatellite markers in the Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela hoya)Hsu H.-H.; Ding S.-T.; Chang Y.-Y.; Chao M.-C.; Tsao H.-S.; Chan F.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; Yuan H.-W.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article21
102012Investigation of genetic relationships among taiwan black pigs and other pig breeds in Taiwan based on microsatellite markersChen Y.C.; Hsu J.T.; Chien C.C.; Leu Y.C.; Chyr C.Y.L.; Lin D.Y.; Lin E.-C.; Chen C.H.; Wang P.H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article64
112012Docosahexaenoic acid suppresses the expression of FoxO and its target genesChen Y.-J.; Chen C.-C.; Li T.-K.; Wang P.-H.; Liu L.-R.; Chang F.-Y.; Wang Y.-C.; Yu Y.-H.; Lin S.-P.; Mersmann H.J.; Ding S.-T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article2828
122012Development of microsatellite markers in an ungulate mammal, the Formosan serow (Capricornis swinhoei)Chang Y.Y.; Chao M.C.; Ding S.T.; Lin E.-C.; Tsao H.S.; Yuan H.W.; Wang P.H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article23
132012The association of genetic variations in the promoter region of myostatin gene with growth traits in Duroc pigsTu P.-A.; Shiau J.-W.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Wu M.-C.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1111
142011Application of CHD1 Gene and EE0.6 Sequences to Identify Sexes of Several Protected Bird Species in Taiwan林恩仲 ; 許欣安; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 王齡敏; 曹先紹; 張志華; ?佩羿; 王寶榮; 袁孝維 ; 丁詩同 ; 王佩華 journal article4
152011Application of CHD1 gene and EE0.6 sequences to identify sexes of several protected bird species in TaiwanLin E.-C.; Hsu H.-A.; Chao M.-C.; Chan F.-T.; Wang L.-M.; Tsao H.-S.; Chang C.-H.; Lin P.-Y.; Wang B.-J.; Yuan H.-W.; Ding S.-T.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article
162011Review: Bioengineering approaches for guided peripheralWang P.-H.; Tseng I.-L.; Hsu S.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1819
172010Porcine peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor {delta} mediates the lipolytic effects of dietary fish oil to reduce body fat depositionYu Y.H.; Wang P.H.; Cheng W.T.K.; Mersmann H.J.; Wu S.C.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article87
182010Regulation of the expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 by polyunsaturated fatty acids in porcine adipocytesTseng Y.W.; Wang P.H.; Lee H.S.; Liu B.H.; Mersmann H.J.; Lin E.C.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article33
192010Visfatin regulates genes related to lipid metabolism in porcine adipocytesYang C.C.; Deng S.J.; Hsu C.C.; Liu B.H.; Lin E.C.; Cheng W.T.K.; Wang P.H.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1616
20200998年度酪農經營管理班課程講義-「乳牛之動物行為與福利」王佩華 book
212009以粒線體細胞色素 b 基因序列探討臺灣區域大冠鷲之遺傳結構許芯芯; 丁詩同 ; 許欣安; 林恩仲 ; 王怡惠; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 林佩羿; 王齡敏; 曹先紹; 張志華; 王佩華 conference paper
222009利用 AFLP 指紋分析進行大冠鷲性別特異片段選殖許芯芯; 丁詩同 ; 林恩仲 ; 陳怡蓁; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 王齡敏; 張岳隆; 曹先紹; 張志華; 林佩羿; 王佩華 conference paper
232009Use of random amplified polymorphic DNA to identify several novel markers for sex identification in the crested serpent eagle and crested goshawkHsu H.A.; Wang P.H.; Chao M.C.; Chan F.T.; Wang L.M.; Lin P.I.; Chang C.H.; Yuan H.W.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article53
242009Abundantly expressed hepatic genes and their differential expression in liver of prelaying and laying geeseYen C.F.; Lin E.C.; Wang Y.H.; Wang P.H.; Lin H.W.; Hsu J.C.; Wu L.S.; Jiang Y.N.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article77
252009Docosahexaenoic acid enhances hepatic serum amyloid A expression via protein kinase A-dependent mechanismTai C.C.; Chen C.Y.; Lee H.S.; Wang Y.C.; Li T.K.; Mersamm H.J.; Ding S.T.; Wang P.H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1817
262009The effect of feed restriction on expression of hepatic lipogenic genes in broiler chickens and the function of SREBP1Wang P.H.; Ko Y.H.; Chin H.J.; Hsu C.; Ding S.T.; Chen C.Y.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article2425
272008藍瑞斯母豬SLA-DQB基因多態性與產仔數相關性之研究苗雨蒔; 凃柏安; 陳祐祥; 陳怡蓁; 林恩仲 ; 丁詩同 ; 王佩華 conference paper
282008IGF-I intron 1微衛星標幟基因型在台灣各品種豬隻屠體性狀及肌肉化學組成差異之研究張怡穎; 曾伊聆; 簡執中; 陳怡蓁; 林恩仲 ; 駱秋英; 凃柏安; 王旭昌; 黃存后; 王佩華 
292008肌肉調控因子基因家族對肌肉組織生長發育及豬屠體性狀之影響陳怡蓁; 王佩華 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
302008The expression of genes related to egg production in the liver of Taiwan Country chickensDing S.T.; Ko Y.H.; Ou B.R.; Wang P.H.; Chen C.L.; Huang M.C.; Lee Y.P.; Lin E.C.; Chen C.F.; Lin H.W.; Cheng W.T.K.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article77
312008Docosahexaenoic acid regulates adipogenic genes in myoblasts via porcine peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor {gamma}Yu Y.H.; Lin E.C.; Wu S.C.; Cheng W.T.K.; Mersmann H.J.; Wang P.H.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article2117
322008Fasting regulates the expression of adiponectin receptors in young growing pigsLiu B.H.; Wang P.H.; Wang Y.C.; Cheng W.M.; Mersmann H.J.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article2017
332008Biostability and biocompatibility of poly(ether)urethane containing gold or silver nanoparticles in a porcine modelChou C.-W.; Hsu S.-H.; Wang P.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article4238
342007分子資訊與超音波技術於豬隻遺傳評估計畫標準作業程序(Ver. 1.0)羅玲玲; 林恩仲 ; 黃木秋; 王佩華 ; 林榮信; 黃三元; 林慧生; 黃存后book
352007血清澱粉狀蛋白A對於豬之脂肪代謝相關基因表現的調控徐浩軒; 陳佳宏; 王佩華 ; 劉秉勳; Mersmann, H. J.; 丁詩同 conference paper
362007PCR技術在黑天鵝、綠簑鴿和大冠鷲性別鑑定之應用許欣安; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 王齡敏; 曹先紹; 張志華; 林佩羿; 王寶榮; 王佩華 ; 丁詩同 conference paper
372007豬隻早期胚特異表現之基因陳祐祥; 黃聖慈; 陳璽全; 劉秉勳; 游玉祥; 劉重威; 王佩華 ; 林恩仲 ; 鄭登貴; 丁詩同 conference paper
382007The differential expression of hepatic genes between prelaying and laying geeseDing S.T.; Yen C.F.; Wang P.H.; Lin H.W.; Hsu J.C.; Shen T.F.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1111
392004臺灣本地小耳種與外國種豬血型之研究王佩華 ; 黃添美; 宋永義; 姜延年journal article
402004臺灣本地小耳種蘭嶼豬及李宋系豬粒線體 DNA 分切型之研究王佩華 ; 劉英修; 宋永義; 鄭位明; 姜延年journal article
412004The expression of porcine adiponectin and stearoyl coenzyme a desaturase genes in differentiating adipocytesWang P.H.; Ko Y.H.; Liu B.H.; Peng H.M.; Lee M.Y.; Chen C.Y.; Li Y.C.; Ding S.T.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1516
422004Effects of aqueous extracts of "betel quid" and its constituents on testosterone production by dispersed mouse interstitial cellsYang N.-Y.J.; Kaphle K.; Wang P.-H.; Jong D.-S.; Wu L.-S.; Lin J.-H.; PEI-HWA WANG journal article1616
432001小耳種李宋系與外國種豬Leptin基因多態性之研究沈伊湞; 王佩華 ; 姜延年; 張直; 丁詩同 conference paper
441998小耳種李宋系迷你豬緊迫敏感基因之篩選王佩華 ; 宋永義; 張直; 鄭位明journal article
451994鹵乙烷測試之緊迫敏感豬發生頻度及其繁殖性能張直; 宋永義; 姜延年; 王佩華 ; 王旭昌; 張直; 宋永義; 姜延年; 王旭昌journal article
461993應用乾濾紙血片藉聚合脢連鎖反應(PCR)偵測緊迫敏感豬宋永義; 姜延年; 張直; 王佩華 ; 楊文彬; 宋永義; 張直; 楊文彬journal article
471993不同緊迫敏感基因型豬對假性狂犬病毒之抗病性試驗宋永義; 許翠英; 姜延年; 王佩華 ; 廖明輝; 張直; 張清華; 宋永義; 姜延年; 廖明輝; 張直; 張清華journal article
481993本省山羊血型之分析宋永義; 姜延年; 張直; 王佩華 ; 劉紀宗; 吳東益; 宋永義; 姜延年; 張直; 劉紀宗; 吳東益journal article
491993不同緊迫源對緊迫敏感與耐緊迫藍瑞斯豬中磷酸肌酸激??, 乳酸去氫?吨峖敹}含量之影響張直; 王佩華 ; 周雲平; 鄭位明; 宋永義journal article
501985餵飼SK64與乳中體細胞數之關係宋永義; 王佩華 ; 陳坤照; 鄭位明; 王治華; 佐佐木省一; 鄭位明; 佐佐木省一journal article