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12018Opsin gene expression regulated by testosterone level in a sexually dimorphic lizardTseng W.-H.; Lin J.-W.; Lou C.-H.; Lee K.-H.; Wu L.-S.; Wang T.-Y.; Wang F.-Y.; Irschick D.J.; Lin S.-M.; LEANG-SHIN WU journal article11
22017Increasing Dietary Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Ratio Mitigates High-fat Diet-Induced Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis by Regulating AutophagyWang, Mu-En; Singh, Brijesh K; Hsu, Meng-Chieh; Huang, Chien; Yen, Paul M; LEANG-SHIN WU ; DE-SHIEN JONG ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article88
32015Kisspeptin expression in mouse Leydig cells correlates with ageWang, Jyun-Yuan; Hsu, Meng-Chieh; Tseng, Tai-Hsiang; LEANG-SHIN WU ; Yang, Kuo-Tai; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article107
42015Astaxanthin protects steroidogenesis from hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in mouse Leydig cellsWang, Jyun-Yuan; Lee, Yue-Jia; Chou, Mei-Chia; Chang, Renin; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU ; Liang, Yao-Jen; LEANG-SHIN WU journal article2116
52015Kisspeptin expression in mouse Leydig cells correlates with ageLEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article87
62015Astaxanthin protects steroidogenesis from hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in mouse Leydig cellsLEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article2016
72014Calcineurin and CRTC2 mediate FSH and TGFβ1 upregulation of Cyp19a1 and Nr5a in ovary granulosa cellsLEANG-SHIN WU journal article1011
82013Ovarian granulosa cells utilize scavenger receptor SR-BI to evade cellular cholesterol homeostatic control for steroid synthesisLEANG-SHIN WU journal article108
92012Cantharidin and norcantharidin inhibit caprine luteal cell steroidogenesis in vitroTwu, Nae-Fang; Srinivasan, Ramanujam; CHUNG-HSI CHOU ; LEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article77
102012Molecular Mechanism of Isocupressic Acid Supresses MA-10 Cell SteroidogenesisTsui, Kuan-Hao; Wang, Jyun-Yuan; LEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article85
112012Cantharidin and norcantharidin inhibit caprine luteal cell steroidogenesis in vitroCHUNG-HSI CHOU ; LEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article77
122012Molecular mechanism of isocupressic acid supresses MA-10 cell steroidogenesisLEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article85
132012CREB coactivator CRTC2/TORC2 and its regulator calcineurin crucially mediate follicle-stimulating hormone and transforming growth factor β1 upregulation of steroidogenesisLEANG-SHIN WU ; Fang, Wei-Ling; Lee, Ming-Ting; Wu, Leang-Shin ; Chen, Yun-Ju; Mason, Jian; Ke, Ferng-Chun; Hwang, Jiuan-Jiuanjournal article1514
142011林仁壽教授生平事略LEANG-SHIN WU journal article
152010Acupuncture effects on cardiac functions measured by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in a feline modelWEN-YIH TSENG ; LEANG-SHIN WU journal article1616
162010Inhibitory effects of epidermal growth factor on progesterone production of ovarian granulosa cells in tsaiya duck (anas platyrhynchos var. domestica)ANDREW C. Y. FEI ; LEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article65
172009新獸醫針灸學楊清容; 林仁壽; 吳兩新 ; 簡基憲; 吳應寧book
182009Immunohistochemical study of steroidogenesis, proliferation, and hypoxia-related proteins in caprine corpora lutea during the estrous cycleChiu, C. H.; Srinivasan, R.; Tseng, T. H.; Chuang, R. F.; LEANG-SHIN WU 00
192009山羊於動情周期間黃體孕酮生成能力之探討邱智賢(Chih-Hsien Chiu) ; 曾泰祥(Tai-Hsiang Tseng); 莊叡豐(Ruei-Feng Chuang); 陸玉玲(Yu-Ling Lu); 吳兩新(Leang-Shin Wu) journal article00
202009Abundantly expressed hepatic genes and their differential expression in liver of prelaying and laying geeseYen, C.F.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; LEANG-SHIN WU ; Lin, E.C.; Wang, Y.H.; Wang, P.H.; Lin, H.W.; Hsu, J.C.; Wu, L.S.; Jiang, Y.N.; Ding, S.T.journal article77
212009Immunohistochemical study of steroidogenesis, proliferation, and hypoxia-related proteins in caprine corpora lutea during the estrous cycleLEANG-SHIN WU journal article0
222008Characterization of a stable steroidogenic caprine luteal cell line transformed by a temperature-sensitive simian virus 40CHIH-HSIEN CHIU ; Guo, Ing-Chen; Lin, Jen-Hson; LEANG-SHIN WU journal article44
232008家禽卵巢濾泡細胞類固醇生成之研究進展邱智賢 ; 費軫尹; 陶若蘭; 吳兩新 journal article
242008Production and application of a polyclonal peptide antiserum for universal detection of StAR proteinChin, Chih-Hsien; LEANG-SHIN WU ; DE-SHIEN JONG journal article97
252008Ginkgo biloba extract enhances male copulatory behavior and reduces serum prolactin levels in ratsLEANG-SHIN WU ; Yeh, K. Y.; H. F. Pu; K. Kaphle; S. F. Lin; Wu, L. S.; J. H. Lin; Y. F. Tsaijournal article3429
262008Generation and utilization of P450 cholesterol side-chain cleavage enzyme and 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase antibodies for universal detectionChiu, C.H; HEN-WEI WEI ; Wei, H.W.; LEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU ; Wu, L.S.journal article98
272008來亨蛋雞KiSS-1 mRNA 之選殖與組織特異性表現林致均; 曾泰祥; 吳兩新 ; 邱智賢 ; 鍾德憲 
282008薑黃素對硫代乙醯胺(TAA)所誘導肝臟纖維化損傷之作用王沐恩; 莊叡豐; 鍾德憲 ; 吳兩新 ; 邱智賢 
292008應用肝纖維化小鼠動物模式評估白藜蘆醇之保肝功效莊仁傑; 莊叡豐; 鍾德憲 ; 吳兩新 ; 邱智賢 
302008選殖藍胸鶉KiSS-1基因與探討其組織特異性表現史家莉; 曾泰祥; 鍾德憲 ; 邱智賢 ; 吳兩新 
312008Generation and utilization of P450 cholesterol side-chain cleavage enzyme and 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase antibodies for universal detectionCHIH-HSIEN CHIU ; HEN-WEI WEI ; LEANG-SHIN WU journal article98
322008Characterization of a stable steroidogenic caprine luteal cell line transformed by a temperature-sensitive simian virus 40Chiu, C.-H.; Guo, I.-C.; Lin, J.-H.; Wu, L.-S. journal article4
332008Production and application of a polyclonal peptide antiserum for universal detection of StAR proteinChiu, C.-H.; Wu, L.-S. ; Jong, D.-S.journal article9
342007黃體在生殖生理學研究之進展邱智賢 ; 吳兩新 journal article
352007雌二醇與睪固酮對山羊黃體細胞分泌孕酮的抑制作用邱智賢 ; 鍾德憲 ; 王?宣; 林政緯; 吳兩新 journal article
362007菜鴨濾泡類固醇生成與酵素及相關蛋白之表現邱智賢(Chih-Hsien Chiu) ; 林政緯(Cheng-Wei Lin); 鍾德憲(De-Shien Jong); 郭文旺(Wen-Wang Kuo); 林依亭(I-Ting Lin); 吳兩新(Leang-Shin Wu) journal article
372007中醫藥在台灣的現狀及展望柯飛; 吳兩新 ; 楊乃彥; 林仁壽journal article
382006Establishment and application of enzyme immunoassay for saliva cortisol in Taiwanese contextChen, Han-Lin; LEANG-SHIN WU ; Che, Yung-Liang; Wu, Leang-Shin ; Kaphle, Krishna; Lin, Jen-Hsoujournal article44
392006Herbal medicine research in TaiwanLEANG-SHIN WU journal article2525
402005保存條件對山羊與牛血液樣品孕酮及若干生化值之影響邱智賢 ; 楊健仁; 林仁壽; 鍾德憲 ; 吳兩新 journal article
412005表皮生長因子對菜鴨卵巢粒性細胞類固醇生成調控之研究吳兩新 report
422005糞尿做為類固醇內泌素檢測之探討:以臺北動物園為例楊健仁; 吳兩新 ; 陳玉燕; 陳寶忠; 林仁壽journal article
432005Exogenous Steroids Enhance the Copper Resistance of Tilapia Larvae (Oreochromis mossambicus)Wu, Su-Mei; Deng, Am-Ni; Chou, Yi-Ying; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article3
442004菜鴨卵巢濾泡細胞生長及類固醇生成調控機制之研究(2/2)吳兩新 report
452004葉酸對產蛋雞卵巢濾泡生長,類固醇生成,產蛋性能和蛋品質之影響(2/2)吳兩新 report
462004Effects of aqueous extracts of "betel quid" and its constituents on testosterone production by dispersed mouse interstitial cellsDE-SHIEN JONG ; LEANG-SHIN WU journal article1616
472004Monitoring the reproductive status of dairy cows by urinary pregnanediol glucuronideLEANG-SHIN WU journal article22
482003葉酸對產蛋雞卵巢濾泡生長,類固醇生成,產蛋性能和蛋品質之影響(1/2)吳兩新 report
492003菜鴨卵巢濾泡細胞生長及類固醇生成調控機制之研究(1/2)吳兩新 report
502003Sustainable veterinary medicine for the new eraLEANG-SHIN WU journal article2219
512003Urinary estrone sulfate for monitoring pregnancy of dairy cowsLEANG-SHIN WU journal article54
522002Aquapuncture therapy of repeat breeding in dairy cattleLEANG-SHIN WU journal article127
532002Isocupressic acid blocks progesterone production from bovine luteal cells.Chih-Hsien Chiu ; Wu, L.S. ; Chen, J.C.; Sheu, S.Y.; Huang, C.C.; Kuo, Y.H.; Chiu, C.H.; Lian, W.X.; Yang, C.J.; Lin, J.H.journal article98
542002The use of plasma progesterone profiles to predict the reproductive status of anestrous gilts and sowsLEANG-SHIN WU journal article119
552002Luteotropic roles of prolactin in early pregnant hamstersLEANG-SHIN WU journal article35
562001Differential inhibition of progesterone synthesis in bovine luteal cells by estrogens and androgensLEANG-SHIN WU journal article2523
572001Acupuncture for General Veterinary PracticeLEANG-SHIN WU journal article2420
582001山羊卵巢濾泡發育與閉鎖調控機制之研究吳兩新 report
592000內泌素對山羊黃體細胞株細胞凋亡及類固醇生成調控之研究吳兩新 report
602000Ginseng Flowers Stimulate Progesterone Production from Bovine Luteal CellsLEANG-SHIN WU journal article5
611999山羊黃體細胞凋亡之研究吳兩新 report
621998Variations of prostaglandin E2 receptors in hamster's ovary and endometrium during estrous cycleLEANG-SHIN WU journal article00
631998Comparison of substance P concentration in acupuncture points in different tissues in dogsLEANG-SHIN WU journal article24
641997Pregnancy Diagnosis in Sows by Using an On-Farm Blood Progesterone TestLEANG-SHIN WU journal article67
651996應用對溫度敏感之SV-40病毒建立山羊黃體細胞株(II)吳兩新 report
661995應用對溫度敏感之SV-40病毒建立山羊黃體細胞株吳兩新 report
671995應用陰道內助孕素釋出裝置改善母牛之受孕率吳兩新 report
681995Effects of ginseng on the blood chemistry profile of dexamethasone-treated male rats.LEANG-SHIN WU journal article99
691994捲尾食蟻獸之糞便中性類固醇濃度變化張希賢; 邱若君; 李素蘭; 陳玉燕; 趙明杰; 楊健仁; 陳寶忠; 林仁壽; 吳兩新 ; 邱若君; 李素蘭; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
701994雌性臺灣黑熊糞孕酮濃度變化之初步報告張希賢; 李素蘭; 陳玉燕; 趙明杰; 楊健仁; 陳寶忠; 林仁壽; 吳兩新 ; 李素蘭; 陳玉燕; 趙明杰; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
711994雌性動物糞使中性類固醇的奧妙彭松鶴; 吳兩新 ; 楊健仁; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin ; 楊健仁journal article
721994緊迫與動物之關係吳兩新 journal article
731994Pituitary Responsiveness to Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone in Gilts Treated with ElectroacupunctureLin, J. H.; 吳兩新 ; Dzang, S. H.; Liu, S. H.; Chan, W. W.; Wu, Leang-Shin ; Liu, S. H.; Chan, W. W.journal article
741994母山羊於動情周期與懷孕早期血漿中生殖內泌素及蛋白質含量之變化黃政齊; 吳兩新 ; 徐國雄; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin ; 徐國雄journal article
751994促素調節類固醇合成作用之機制郭應誠; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 鍾邦柱; 郭應誠; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
761994黃體細胞之生理學吳兩新 ; 袁華興; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin ; 袁華興journal article
771994應用母長項鹿糞中孕酮濃度變化於其生殖狀況之探討李素蘭; 張希賢; 陳玉燕; 趙明杰; 楊健仁; 陳寶忠; 林仁壽; 吳兩新 ; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
781993高水準維生素D3 對雛土番鴨生長性能的影響吳春利; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽journal article
791992非洲象糞孕酮濃度與其生殖階段間之關係陳玉燕; 李素蘭; 吳杰; 趙明杰; 楊健仁; 陳寶忠; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 李素蘭; 吳杰; 趙明杰; 楊健仁; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
801992臺灣季節對乳牛腎上腺皮質功能之影響吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 季培元journal article
811992Progesterone in Feces and Plasma of Goats During the Oestrous Cycle and PregnancyLin, J. H.; 吳兩新 ; Yuan, H. H.; Kuo, J. Y.; Hsu, K. S.; Chang, S. S.; Chen, Y. Y.; Bamberg, E.; Wu, Leang-Shin ; Chen, Y. Y.conference paper
821992內分泌系統白火城; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin conference paper
831992乳汁驗孕技術吳兩新 ; 張希賢; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin conference paper
841992生殖系統吳兩新 ; 白火城; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin ; 白火城conference paper
851992發情期與懷孕早期間乳牛腎上腺皮質功能之研究季培元; 林仁壽; 吳兩新 report
861992Cortisol content of eggs and larvae of teleostsWu, S. M.; Wu, Leang-Shin ; Hwang, P.-P.; Lin, J.-H.journal article107102
871992日光燈燈光對童子雞維生素D需要量之影響吳春利; 林美峰 ; 楊清白; 吳兩新 journal article
881991影響乳牛腎上腺皮質功能之因素吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 季培元journal article
891991抗助孕酮單株抗體之製備郭應誠; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 孟慶樑; 郭應誠; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
901991Treatment of Iatrogenic Cushing's Syndrome in Dogs With Electroacupuncture Stimulation of Stomach 36Lin, J. H.; Su, H. L.; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article63
911990荷蘭乳牛血漿糖皮素濃度之一日節律性變化吳兩新 ; 季培元; 林仁壽journal article
921990乳牛與早期懷孕診斷吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 黃森源; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
931989牛乳中助孕素酵素免疫微滴盤法之建立吳兩新 ; 王惠玲; 方世偉; 莊榮輝 ; 章淑貞; 黃森源; 林仁壽; Wu, Leang-Shin ; 王惠玲; Juang, Rong-Huay ; 章淑貞journal article
941989本省季節對於乳牛腎上腺皮質功能之影響季培元; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽report
951988Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in Sows by Progesterone Assay with Blood Paper MethodLin, J. H.; Hwang, S. Y.; Lin Y. C.; Wang, H. L.; 吳兩新 ; Hsu, T. T.; Chang, S. C.; Ho, L. T.; Lin, J. H.; Hwang, S. Y.; Lin Y. C.; Wu, Leang-Shin ; Hsu, T. T.journal article45
961988Effects of electroacupuncture and gonadotropin-releasing hormone treatments on hormonal changes in anoestrous sowsLEANG-SHIN WU journal article16
971987禽畜生長及發育的調節張覺前; 吳兩新 ; 張覺前; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
981985血與尿中可體醇之競爭性蛋白質結合分折法倪婉貞; 吳兩新 ; 林仁壽; 倪婉貞; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
991985The Adrenocortical Function of Alloxan-Inducded Diabetic RatsLin, Jen-Hsou; Shieh, Meei-Haw; 吳兩新 ; Wu, Leang-Shin journal article
1001985The adrenocortical function of alloxan-induced diabetic rats.LEANG-SHIN WU journal article0