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12022Crop Switching and Farm Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from Multinomial Treatment-Effect ModelingLuh Y.-H; Chang Y.-C; Ho S.-T.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Sustainability (Switzerland)
22021Choice of modern food distribution channels and its welfare effects: Empirical evidence from taiwanChang Y.-C; Wei M.-F; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agriculture (Switzerland)
32021Young generation’s mobile payment adoption behavior: Analysis based on an extended utaut modelWei M.-F; Luh Y.-H; Huang Y.-H; Chang Y.-C.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research
42021Factors determining rice farm households’ adoption of organic farming in TaiwanTsai M.-H; Chang Y.-C; Yang T.-Y; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agronomy
52021Effect of climate change on staple food production: Empirical evidence from a structural ricardian analysisLuh Y.-H; Chang Y.-C.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agronomy
62020Inclusiveness of contract farming along the modern food supply chain: Empirical evidence from TaiwanLuh, Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agriculture (Switzerland)
72020Do first-movers in the organic market stand to gain? Implications for promoting cleaner production alternativesLuh, Y.-H.; Tsai, M.-H.; Fang, C.-L.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Cleaner Production
82019Distributional effect of the farmer pension program in Taiwan: A regression-based decomposition analysisLuh Y.-H.; Wei M.-F.; YIR-HUEIH LUH China Agricultural Economic Review
92018Grandparents' health and family fertility choice: Evidence from TaiwanZhang Y.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH China Economic Review
112018Does higher food safety assurance bring higher returns? Evidence from TaiwanJiang W.-J.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Agricultural Economics (Czech Republic)
122017Gender digital divide in a patriarchal society: what can we learn from Blinder–Oaxaca decomposition?Jiang W.-J.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Quality and Quantity
132016Trade-related spillovers and industrial competitiveness: Exploring the linkages for OECD countriesLuh Y.-H.; Jiang W.-J.; Huang S.-C.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Economic Modelling
142014Adoption of genetically-modified seeds in Taiwan: The role of information acquisition and knowledge accumulationLuh Y.-H.; Jiang W.-J.; Chien Y.-N.; YIR-HUEIH LUH China Agricultural Economic Review
152012Unemployment information and wives' labor supply responses to husbands' job loss in TaiwanHuang F.-M.; Luh Y.-H.; Huang F.-Y.; YIR-HUEIH LUH China Economic Review
162012Organizational learning differences in healthcare services: The case of medical centres in TaiwanLuh Y.-H.; Huang F.-M.; Chien Y.-N.; Lo C.-C.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Applied Economics
172010創新技術採用之影響因素研究-以香蕉生產者之知識累積與資訊取得為例陸怡蕙 ; 黃芳玫 ; 張竣翔; 簡毓寧農業經濟叢刊
182009解析無形資本累積與東亞農業成長之關連陸怡蕙 ; 黃芳玫 ; 張靜貞; 李淑媛農業經濟叢刊
192008強制汽車責任保險理賠風險分析-Malmquist 指數之應用張靜貞; 陸怡蕙 ; 徐世勳 ; 王雪屏; 謝聰敏經濟論文
202008Efficiency Improvements and Energy Demand – A Qualitative Analysis Based on the Dynamic Production ModelLuh, Yir-Hueih 農業經濟叢刊
212008Efficiency change and productivity growth in agriculture: A comparative analysis for selected East Asian economiesLuh Y.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Huang F.-M.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Asian Economics
222007農業技術變動偏向之研究:一個整合方法的應用陸怡蕙 ; 陸怡蕙 
242006International Spillovers and East Asian Growth: The Experience of Japan, Korea and TaiwanLuh, Yir-Hueih ; Shih, Kuo-ChenApplied Economics Letters 
252005台灣食品加工業對外投資與產業空洞化之分析張靜貞; 楊謹綸; 陸怡蕙 農業經濟叢刊
262004學習機能考量下之適應性加速調整行為陸怡蕙 ; 范光中農業經濟叢刊 
272001An econometric assessment of the productivity consequences of low-input farmingLuh Y.-H.; Liao Z.-N.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Applied Economics Letters
281999Efficiency change and growth in productivity: The Asian growth experienceChang C.-C.; Luh Y.-H.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Asian Economics
291997Building the dynamic linkages between R & D and productivity growthLuh, Y.-H.; Chang, S.-K.; Luh, Yir-Hueih ; Chang, Sheng-Kai Journal of Asian Economics 
301996Estimating dynamic dual models under nonstatic expectationsLuh Y.-H.; Stefanou S.E.; YIR-HUEIH LUH American Journal of Agricultural Economics
311993Learning-by-doing and the sources of productivity growth: A dynamic model with application to U.S. agricultureLuh Y.-H.; Stefanou S.E.; YIR-HUEIH LUH Journal of Productivity Analysis
321991Productivity growth in U.S. agriculture under dynamic adjustmentLuh Y.-H.; Stefanou S.E.; YIR-HUEIH LUH American Journal of Agricultural Economics