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12019Temperature-induced embryonic diapause in blue-breasted quail (Coturnix chinensis) correlates with decreased mitochondrial-respiratory network and increased stress-response networkJia-Huei Cai; TING-FENG YEH ; HEN-WEI WEI ; I-HSUAN LIU 00
22015Proteomics investigation reveals cell death-associated proteins of basidiomycete fungus Trametes versicolor treated with ferruginolSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH ; FANG-HUA CHU journal article33
32015Profiling the chemical composition and growth strain of giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro)TING-FENG YEH journal article10
42014Mechanism of decay resistance of heartwood extracts from Acacia confusa against the brown rot fungus Laetiporus sulphureusSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article66
52014臺灣扁柏葉子抽出物抗氧化活性之初探-最佳萃取條件TING-FENG YEH journal article
62014Comparison of dilute acid and sulfite pretreatments on acacia confusa for biofuel application and the influence of its extractivesTING-FENG YEH journal article99
72014A potential low-coumarin cinnamon substitute: Cinnamomum osmophloeum leavesSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article1313
82013Chemical composition and immunohistological variations of a growing bamboo shootSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article1411
92013相思樹心材抽出物含浸實木耐久性之改善功效TING-FENG YEH journal article
102013The Amborella genome and the evolution of flowering plantsTING-FENG YEH journal article352333
112013Ptr-miR397a is a negative regulator of laccase genes affecting lignin content in Populus trichocarpaTING-FENG YEH journal article147146
122012Potential source of S -(+)-Linalool from cinnamomum osmophloeum ct. linalool leaf: Essential oil profile and enantiomeric puritySHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article1512
132012Immunohistological study of mannan polysaccharides in poplar stemTING-FENG YEH journal article6
142011Chemical characterization of different partitions during the isolation of cellulolytic enzyme lignin from Acacia confusa Merr. HeartwoodTING-FENG YEH conference paper0
152011Immunohistology of poplar stem reveals that mannan polysaccharides are accumulated during xylem developmentTING-FENG YEH conference paper0
162008Characterizing the conservation effect of clear coatings on photodegradation of woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article3031
172007A novel O-methyl transferase-like gene with a drastic ectopic expression in response to tension wood formation in Populus trichocarpaTING-FENG YEH journal article1
182006Rapid analysis of transgenic trees using transmittance near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR)TING-FENG YEH other3539
192006Morphological and chemical variations between juvenile wood, mature wood, and compression wood of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)TING-FENG YEH other5052
202006Elucidation of the structure of cellulolytic enzyme ligninTING-FENG YEH other104105
212006Utilization of polar metabolite profiling in the comparison of juvenile wood and compression wood in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda)TING-FENG YEH journal article1714
222005Rapid analysis of transgenic trees using near infrared spectroscopyTING-FENG YEH conference paper
232005Rapid screening of wood chemical component variations using transmittance near-infrared spectroscopyTING-FENG YEH journal article8477
242005Comparison of morphological and chemical properties between juvenile wood and compression wood of loblolly pineTING-FENG YEH other3434
252005Chemical properties in CAD-deficient pine and their effect on pulpingTING-FENG YEH conference paper
262005New insights into the similarities between juvenile wood and compression wood in loblolly pineTING-FENG YEH conference paper1
272004Rapid Prediction of Solid Wood Lignin Content Using Transmittance Near-Infrared SpectroscopyTING-FENG YEH journal article9386
282002孟宗竹材之低毒性保綠加工處理及其保綠機制TING-FENG YEH journal article
292002Comparisons of chemical characteristic variations for photodegraded softwood and hardwood with/without polyurethane clear coatingsSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article3535
302002Reaction characteristics on the green surface of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel) treated with chromated phosphateSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH other99
312002Effects of chromated-phosphate treatment process on the green color protection of ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus)SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article88
322001Mechanisms for the surface colour protection of bamboo treated with chromated phosphateSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article10
332001Protection and fastness of green color of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel) treated with chromium-based reagentsSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article1615
342000Effects of alkali pretreatment on surface properties and green color conservation of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel)SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH other1513
351997超音波法快速萃取及定量葉綠素TING-FENG YEH journal article