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12019八種植物種子油氧化穩定性之探討詹文君(Wen-Chun Chan); 邱翊(Yi Chiu); 張惠婷(Hui-Ting Chang); 汪澤宏(Liang-Jong Wang); 許富蘭(Fu-Lan Hsu); HUI-TING CHANG 林產工業0
22018加熱時間對苦茶油品質與氧化穩定性之影響邱翊(Yi Chiu); 詹文君(Wen-Chun Chan); 楊甯喻(Ning-Yu Yang); 蘇南維(Nan-Wei Su); 張惠婷(Hui-Ting Chang); 許富蘭(Fu-Lan Hsu); HUI-TING CHANG 林產工業0
32018Xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity and thermostability of cinnamaldehyde-chemotype leaf oil of cinnamomum osmophloeum microencapsulated with �]-cyclodextrinHuang C.-Y.; Yeh T.-F.; Hsu F.-L.; Lin C.-Y.; Chang S.-T.; Chang H.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Molecules23
42017肉桂酸類衍生物抗黴菌活性之評估周珊沂(Shan-Yi Chou); 許富蘭(Fu-Lan Hsu); 張上鎮(Shang-Tzen Chang); 陳育涵(Yu-Han Chen); 張惠婷(Hui-Ting Chang); HUI-TING CHANG 中華林學季刊
52016Correction: Chan, Y.-Y., et al. The Constituents of Michelia compressa var. formosana and Their Bioactivities. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2014, 15, 10926-10935Chan, Yu-Yi; Juang, Shin-Hun; Huang, Guan-Jhong; Liao, Yu-Ren; Chen, Yu-Fon; Wu, Chia-Che; Chang, Hui-Ting; Wu, Tian-Shung; HUI-TING CHANG International Journal of Molecular Sciences00
62015Profiling the chemical composition and growth strain of giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro)Chang H.-T.; Yeh T.-F.; Hsu F.-L.; Kuo-Huang L.-L.; Lee C.-M.; Huang Y.-S.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG BioResources10
72014The constituents of Michelia compressa var. Formosana and their bioactivitiesChan Y.-Y.; Juang S.-H.; Huang G.-J.; Liao Y.-R.; Chen Y.-F.; Wu C.-C.; Chang H.-T.; Wu T.-S.; HUI-TING CHANG International Journal of Molecular Sciences58
82014?H, ??C and ??N backbone and side-chain resonance assignments of a family 36 carbohydrate binding module of xylanase from Paenibacillus campinasensisWang, Yu-Sheng; Ko, Chun-Han; Chang, Hao-Ting; Yang, Kai-Jay; Chen, Yu-Jen; Huang, Shing-Jong; Fang, Pei-Ju; Chang, Chi-Fon; Tzou, Der-Lii M.; HUI-TING CHANG Biomolecular NMR assignments00
92012EFFECT OF ABIES KAWAKAMII LEAF EXTRACTS ON LIFE SPAN EXTENSION IN DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTERChang, Hui-Ting ; Chu, Jui-Hua; Ting, Chau-Ti ; Fang, Shu; Hsu, Li-Sheng; Chang, Shang-Tzen Pharmaceutical Biology 
102012Antifungal activity of liriodenine from Michelia formosana heartwood against wood-rotting fungiWu C.-C.; Wu C.-L.; Huang S.-L.; Chang H.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Wood Science and Technology1111
112010Loss of Cofilin 1 Disturbs Actin Dynamics, Adhesion between Enveloping and Deep Cell Layers and Cell Movements during Gastrulation in ZebrafishLin, Chun-Wei; Yen, Shuo-Ting; Chang, Hui-Ting ; Chen, Shiang-Jiuun ; Lai, Shih-Lei; Liu, Yi-Ching; Chan, Tun-Hao; Liao, Wen-Lian; Lee, Shyh-Jye ; Riley, BrucePLoS ONE 1411
122010Stabilizing effect of extractives on the photo-oxidation of Acacia confusa woodChang T.-C.; Chang H.-T.; Wu C.-L.; Lin H.-Y.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Polymer Degradation and Stability3438
132010Influences of extractives on the photodegradation of woodChang T.-C.; Chang H.-T.; Wu C.-L.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Polymer Degradation and Stability6172
142009Effects of alkyl chain length of gallates on their antifungal property and potency as an environmentally benign preservative against wood-decay fungiHsu F.-L.; Chen P.-S.; Chang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation3436
152009Insecticidal activities of leaf and twig essential oils from Clausena excavata against Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus larvaeCheng S.-S.; Chang H.-T.; Lin C.-Y.; Chen P.-S.; Huang C.-G.; Chen W.-J.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Pest Management Science5864
162008Antioxidant activity of the ethanolic extract from the bark of Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosanaMarimuthu P.; Wu C.-L.; Chang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture4035
172008Isolation of antibacterial diterpenoids from Cryptomeria japonica barkLi W.-H.; Chang S.-T.; Chang S.-C.; Chang H.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Natural Product Research4349
182008Antifungal properties of ethanolic extract and its active compounds from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana (Florin) heartwoodYen T.-B.; Chang H.-T.; Hsieh C.-C.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology4243
192008Characterizing the conservation effect of clear coatings on photodegradation of woodChou P.-L.; Chang H.-T.; Yeh T.-F.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology3134
202008Antifungal activity of essential oil and its constituents from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana Florin leaf against plant pathogenic fungiChang H.-T.; Cheng Y.-H.; Wu C.-L.; Chang S.-T.; Chang T.-T.; Su Y.-C.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology100103
212007Anti-termitic activities of essential oils from coniferous trees against Coptotermes formosanusCheng S.-S.; Chang H.-T.; Wu C.-L.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology7469
222007Evaluation of antifungal properties of octyl gallate and its synergy with cinnamaldehydeHsu F.-L.; Chang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology3635
232006Modification of wood with isopropyl glycidyl ether and its effects on decay resistance and light stabilityChang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology4142
242006Studies on photostability of butyrylated, milled wood lignin using spectroscopic analysesChang H.-T.; Su Y.-C.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Polymer Degradation and Stability2525
252004Antitermitic and antifungal activities of essential oil of Calocedrus formosana leaf and its compositionCheng S.-S.; Wu C.-L.; Chang H.-T.; Kao Y.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Journal of Chemical Ecology9487
262003Bioactivity of selected plant essential oils against the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti larvaeCheng S.-S.; Chang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; Tsai K.-H.; Chen W.-J.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology177175
272003Improvements in dimensional stability and lightfastness of wood by butyrylation using microwave heatingChang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Journal of Wood Science1518
282002Comparisons of chemical characteristic variations for photodegraded softwood and hardwood with/without polyurethane clear coatingsChang H.-T.; Yeh T.-F.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Polymer Degradation and Stability3740
292002Moisture excluding efficiency and dimensional stability of wood improved by acylationChang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Bioresource Technology4748
302002Photostabilzing effects of wood treated with acid anhydridesChang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG American Chemical Society, Polymer Preprints, Division of Polymer Chemistry2
312001Comparisons of the photostability of esterified woodChang S.-T.; Chang H.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Polymer Degradation and Stability102109
322001Inhibition of the photodiscoloration of wood by butyrylationChang S.-T.; Chang H.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Holzforschung2225
332001Correlation between softwood discoloration induced by accelerated lightfastness testing and by indoor exposureChang H.-T.; Chang S.-T.; HUI-TING CHANG Polymer Degradation and Stability2424
342000Effects of chemical modification reagents on acoustic properties of woodChang S.-T.; Chang H.-T.; Huang Y.-S.; Hsu F.-L.; HUI-TING CHANG Holzforschung1413