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12023Identification of qBK2.1, a novel QTL controlling rice resistance against Fusarium fujikuroiChen, Szu Yu; Lai, Ming Hsin; Chu, Yi Ling; Wu, Dong Hong; CHIH-WEI TUNG ; Chen, Yue Jie; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Botanical Studies00
22023Investigation of Asymptomatic Infection of Phellinus noxius in Herbaceous PlantsChen, Chia-Yu; Wu, Zong-Chi; Liu, Tse-Yen; Yu, Shiang-Shiuan; Tsai, Jyh-Nong; Tsai, Yu-Chang; Tsai, Isheng J; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Phytopathology10
32022The brown root rot fungus Phellinus noxius affects microbial communities in different root-associated niches of Ficus treesLiu T.-Y; Chen C.-H; Yang Y.-L; Tsai I.J; Ho Y.-N; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Environmental Microbiology74
42021Marker-Assisted Development and Evaluation of Monogenic Lines of Rice cv. Kaohsiung 145 Carrying Blast Resistance GenesChen, Yi-Chia; Hu, Chih-Chieh; Chang, Fang-Yu; Chen, Chieh-Yi; Chen, Wei-Lun; CHIH-WEI TUNG ; WEI-CHIANG SHEN ; Wu, Chih-Wen; Cheng, An-Hsiu; Liao, Dah-Jing; Liao, Ching-Ying; LI-YU LIU ; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Plant Disease21
52021Cryptic diversity, molecular systematics, and pathogenicity of genus pestalotiopsis and allied genera causing gray blight disease of tea in Taiwan, with a description of a new pseudopestalotiopsis speciesTsai I; Chung C.-L; Lin S.-R; Hung T.-H; Shen T.-L; Hu C.-Y; Hozzein W.N; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Hiran Anjana Ariyawansa ; TANG-LONG SHEN ; TING-HSUAN HUNG Plant Disease1713
62021Stemphylium Leaf Blight of Welsh Onion (Allium fistulosum): An Emerging Disease in Sanxing, TaiwanWang C.-H; Tsai Y.-C; Tsai I; Chung C.-L; Lin Y.-C; Hung T.-H; Suwannarach N; Cheewangkoon R; Elgorban A.M; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; TING-HSUAN HUNG Plant Disease43
72021First report of neopestalotiopsis rosae causing leaf blight and crown rot on strawberry in TaiwanWu H.-Y; Tsai C.-Y; Wu Y.-M; Ariyawansa H.-A; Chung C.-L; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Hiran Anjana Ariyawansa Plant Disease99
82021First report of Xanthomonas fragariae causing angular leaf spot on strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) in TaiwanWu H.-Y; Lai Q.-J; Wu Y.-M; Chung C.-L; Chung P.-C; NAI-CHUN LIN ; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Plant Disease41
92020Soil is not a reservoir for phellinus noxiusWu, Z.-C.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Lai, Q.-J.; Lin, H.-A.; Tzean, S.-S.; RUEY-FEN LIOU ; Tsai, I.J.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Phytopathology98
102020Diversity and pathogenicity of Colletotrichum species causing strawberry anthracnose in Taiwan and description of a new species, Colletotrichum miaoliense sp. nov.Chung, P.-C.; Wu, H.-Y.; Wang, Y.-W.; Ariyawansa, H.A.; Hu, H.-P.; Hung, T.-H.; Tzean, S.-S.; Hiran Anjana Ariyawansa ; TING-HSUAN HUNG ; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Scientific Reports5136
112020Phylogenetic and population genetic analyses reveal three distinct lineages of the invasive brown root-rot pathogen, Phellinus noxius, and bioclimatic modeling predicts differences in associated climate nichesStewart, J.E.; Kim, M.-S.; Ota, Y.; Sahashi, N.; Hanna, J.W.; Akiba, M.; Ata, J.P.; Atibalentja, N.; Brooks, F.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Dann, E.K.; Mohd Farid, A.; Hattori, T.; Lee, S.S.; Otto, K.; Pegg, G.S.; Schlub, R.L.; Shuey, L.S.; Tang, A.M.C.; Tsai, J.-N.; Cannon, P.G.; Klopfenstein, N.B.European Journal of Plant Pathology7
122020栽培稻臺?8號帶抗稻熱病基因Pik-KU之探討陳儀嘉(Yi-Chia Chen); 廖大經(Dah-Jing Liao); 施昱全(Yu-Cyuan Shih); 陳杰宜(Chieh-Yi Chen); 蕭伊婷(Yi-Ting Xiao); 吳永培(Yong-Pei Wu); 沈偉強(Wei-Chiang Shen); 張為斌(Wei-Bin Chang); 鄭安秀(An-Hsiu Cheng); 鍾嘉綾(Chia-Lin Chung); CHIA-LIN CHUNG 植物醫學
132020Transcriptome Analysis of Early Defenses in Rice against Fusarium fujikuroiCheng, A.-P.; Chen, S.-Y.; Lai, M.-H.; Wu, D.-H.; Lin, S.-S.; Chen, C.-Y.; SHIH-SHUN LIN ; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Rice1410
142020Invasion and colonization pattern of fusarium fujikuroi in riceChen C.-Y; CHIA-LIN CHUNG et al. Phytopathology44
152020A novel variation in the Frizzle panicle (FZP) gene promoter improves grain number and yield in riceWang, S.-S.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; KAI-YI CHEN ; Chen, R.-K.Genetics1311
162019Genome-wide association mapping of gene loci affecting disease resistance in the rice-Fusarium fujikuroi pathosystemChen, Szu-Yu; Lai, Ming-Hsin; TUNG, CHIH-WEI ; Wu, Dong-Hong; Chang, Fang-Yu; Lin, Tsung-Chun; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; CHIH-WEI TUNG Rice129
172019Counting bacterial colony on agar plates using deep convolutional neural networkChen, Szu Yu; YAN-FU KUO ; Lin, Hong Ye; Hong-Ye Lin; Szu-Yu Chen; Chia-Lin Chung; CHIA-LIN CHUNG 2019 ASABE Annual International Meeting20
182019First report of anthracnose crown rot of strawberry caused by Colletotrichum siamense in TaiwanChung P.-C.; Wu H.-Y.; Ariyawansa H.A.; Tzean S.-S.; Chung C.-L.; Ariyawansa, H. A.; Chung, P. C.; Hsin-Yi Wu; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Hiran Anjana Ariyawansa Plant Disease1111
192019Evidence of Extensive Intraspecific Noncoding Reshuffling in a 169-kb Mitochondrial Genome of a Basidiomycetous FungusLee, H.-H.; Ke, H.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.I.; Lee, T.J.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Tsai, I.J.; Stajich, J.Genome biology and evolution
202019In vitro and in planta evaluation of trichoderma asperellum TA as a biocontrol agent against phellinus noxius, the cause of brown root rot disease of treesChou, H.; Xiao, Y.-T.; Tsai, J.-N.; Li, T.-T.; Wu, H.-Y.; LI-YU LIU ; Tzeng, D.-S.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Plant Disease1716
212019恆溫圈環形核酸增幅偵測技術於水稻徒長病菌篩檢之適用性探討李婉均(Wan-chun Lee); 余冠毅(Guan-yi Yu); 陳思聿(Szu-yu Chen); 梁瑀婕(Yu-jie Liang); 鍾嘉綾(Chia-lin Chung); 楊爵因(Jiue-in Yang); CHIA-LIN CHUNG 植物醫學
222018Identification of a strawberry NPR-like gene involved in negative regulation of the salicylic acid-mediated defense pathwayShu L.-J.; Liao J.-Y.; Lin N.-C.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; NAI-CHUN LIN PLoS ONE1514
232018Genome-wide association study of rice genes and loci conferring resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae isolates from TaiwanLin H.-A.; Chen S.-Y.; Chang F.-Y.; CHIH-WEI TUNG ; Chen Y.-C.; WEI-CHIANG SHEN ; Chen R.-S.; Wu C.-W.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Botanical Studies1613
242017Determinants of virulence and in-vitro development colocalize on a genetic map of Setosphaeria turcicaSantiago Xavier Mideros; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Tyr Wiesner-Hanks; Jesse Poland; Dongliang Wu; Ariel A Fialko; Gillian Turgeon; Rebecca NelsonPhytopathology
252017Identification of blast resistance gene Piz-t in a rice cultivar Taikeng 14CHIA-LIN CHUNG Journal of Plant Medicine
262017Genetic mapping of the qSBN7 locus, a QTL controlling secondary branch number per panicle in riceSheng-Shan Wang; Rong-Kuen Chen; Kai-Yi Chen ; Chu-Yin Liu; Shu-Min Kao; CHIA-LIN CHUNG Breeding Science1210
272017栽培稻台?14號帶抗稻熱病基因Piz-t之探討施昱全(Shih, Y.-C.); 廖大經(Liao, D.-J.); 吳永培(Wu, Y.-P.); 沈偉強(Shen, W.-C.); 張為斌(Chang, W.-B.); 陳杰宜(Chen, C.-Y.); 鍾嘉綾(Chung, C.-L.); CHIA-LIN CHUNG 植物醫學
282016Response of rice varieties ‘LTH’ monogenic lines and ‘CO 39’ near-isogenic lines to rice blast (水稻‘LTH’單基因系與‘CO39’近同源系對台灣稻熱病菌之反應)CHIA-LIN CHUNG Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Research
292016Detecting Bakanae disease in rice seedlings by machine visionCHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Kai-Jyun Huang; Szu-Yu Chen; Ming-Hsing Lai; Yu-Chia Chen; YAN-FU KUO Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
302016A remorin gene is implicated in quantitative disease resistance in maizeTiffany M. Jamann; Xingyu Luo; Laura Morales; Judith M. Kolkman; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Rebecca J. NelsonTheoretical and Applied Genetics
312016High-resolution phenotyping for investigating the genotype-phenotype association in rice grainsKuo T.-Y.; Chen S.-Y.; Lin H.-A.; Chung C.-L.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; YAN-FU KUO 2016 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting00
322016Genotypic and Pathotypic Diversity of Xanthomonas oryzae pv.?oryzae Strains in TaiwanDeng W.-L.; Lin H.-A.; Shih Y.-C.; Kuo C.-C.; Tzeng J.-Y.; Liu L.D.; Huang S.-T.; Huang C.-M.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; LI-YU LIU Journal of Phytopathology33
332016Strawberry foliar anthracnose assessment by hyperspectral imagingYeh Y.-H.; Chung W.-C.; Liao J.-Y.; Chung C.-L. ; Kuo Y.-F. ; TA-TE LIN Computers and Electronics in Agriculture3429
342016Cyclone-based spore trapping, quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and high resolution melting analysis for monitoring airborne inoculum of Magnaporthe oryzaeHuang C.-M., Liao D.-J., Wu H.-S., Shen W.-C., Chung C.-L.; D.-J. Liao; H.-S. Wu; W.-C. Shen; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; WEI-CHIANG SHEN Annals of Applied Biology77
352016Identifying rice grains using image analysis and sparse-representation-based classificationKuo, T.-Y.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Chen, S.-Y.; Lin, H.-A.; YAN-FU KUO Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
362015Analysis of blast resistance genes and molecular markers development for the improvement of Taiwan high-quality rice varieties (應用於臺灣良質米品種改良之抗稻熱病基因座分析與分子標誌開發)CHIA-LIN CHUNG Plant Pathology Bulletin=植物病理學會刊
372015Three modified methods for evaluation of bakanae disease resistance in rice seedlings (以三種改良之評估方法判定水稻幼苗對徒長病之抗感病性)CHIA-LIN CHUNG Plant Pathology Bulletin=植物病理學會刊
382015Genetic diversity of Phellinus noxius from Taipei and Yilan of Taiwan (臺灣臺北及宜蘭地區褐根病菌之遺傳變異分析)CHIA-LIN CHUNG Plant Pathology Bulletin=植物病理學會刊
392015The genetic structure of Phellinus noxius and dissemination pattern of brown root rot disease in TaiwanChung, C.-L.; RUEY-FEN LIOU et al. ; CHIA-LIN CHUNG PLoS ONE2828
402015Identifying rice grains of various cultivars using machine visionKuo T.-Y.; Chen S.-Y.; Lin H.-A.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Kuo Y.-F.American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2015
412014Investigation of rice bakanae disease in central Taiwan: occurrence, pathogen identification, and fungicide resistance assay (中部地區水稻徒長病發病情形、病原檢測與抗藥性分析)CHIA-LIN CHUNG Research Bulletin of Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station
422014Mechanisms Relevant to the Enhanced Virulence of a Dihydroxynaphthalene-Melanin Metabolically Engineered EntomopathogenMin-Nan Tseng; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Shean-Shong TzeanPLoS ONE
432011Analysis of quantitative disease resistance to southern leaf blight and of multiple disease resistance in maize, using near-isogenic linesAraby R. Belcher; John C. Zwonitzer; Jose Santa Cruz; Mathew D. Krakowsky; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Rebecca Nelson; Consuelo Arellano; Peter J. Balint-KurtiTheoretical and Applied Genetics
442011Targeted discovery of quantitative trait loci for resistance to northern leaf blight and other diseases of maizeCHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Jesse Poland; Kristen Kump; Jacqueline Benson; Joy Longfellow; Ellie Walsh; Peter Balint-Kurti; Rebecca NelsonTheoretical and Applied Genetics
452010Characterization and fine-mapping of a resistance locus for northern leaf blight in maize bin 8.06CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Tiffany Jamann; Joy Longfellow; Rebecca NelsonTheoretical and Applied Genetics
462010Resistance loci affecting distinct stages of fungal pathogenesis: use of introgression lines for QTL mapping and characterization in the maize - Setosphaeria turcica pathosystemCHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Joy M. Longfellow; Ellie K. Walsh; Zura Kerdieh; George Van Esbroeck; Peter Balint-Kurti; Rebecca J. NelsonBMC Plant Biology
472000Colocalization of prostacyclin synthase with prostaglandin H synthase-1 (PGHS-1) but not phorbol ester-induced PGHS-2 in cultured endothelial cellsLiou J.-Y.; Shyue S.-K.; Tsai M.-J.; CHIA-LIN CHUNG ; Chu K.-Y.; Wu K.K.Journal of Biological Chemistry