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12016Parasitoid aggregation and interference in host-parasitoid dynamicsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
22015Egg limitation in host-parasitoid dynamics: an individual-based perspectiveTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
32015Demographic stochasticity alters the outcome of exploitation competitionTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
42015Development of insects under fluctuating temperature: a review and case studyTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
52015Metabolic responses to predation risk in a jumping spiderTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
62015Optimal foraging behavior with an explicit consideration of within-individual behavioral variation: an example of predationTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
72014On the estimation of temperature-dependent development rateTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
82014Hidden burrow plugs and their function in the tiger beetle, Cosmodela batesi (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae)TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
92013Consequences of variation in foraging success among predators on numerical responseTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
102013On selection of functional response models: Holling’s models and moreTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
112013Larval competition within and between insecticide resistant and susceptible individuals in the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalisTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
122013Evolutionarily stable relocation strategy in an antlion larvaTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
132012Flexible components of functional responsesTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
142012A likelihood approach for functional response modelsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
152012Adaptive and variable intraguild predators facilitate local coexistence in an intraguild predation moduleTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
162012Foraging strategy switching in an antlion larvaTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
172012Behavioral states of predators stabilize predator--prey dynamicsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
182012Model-based, response-surface approaches to quantifying indirect interactionsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA book-chapter
192011Individual variation in prey choice in a predator-prey community.Okuyama, Toshinori journal article44
202011Biphasic activity of a jumping spiderOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
212011Using automated monitoring systems to uncover pest population dynamics in agricultural fieldsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
222011Solutions for functional response experimentsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
232011Individual variation in prey choice in a predator-prey communityTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
242011Fitness costs of an insecticide resistance and their population dynamical consequences in the oriental fruit flyTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
252010Prey density-dependent handling time in a predator-prey modelTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
262009Local interactions between predators and prey call into question commonly used functional responsesTOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Okuyama, Toshinori journal article
272009Intraguild predation in biological control: consideration of multiple resource speciesTOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Okuyama, Toshinori journal article
282008Individual behavioral variation in predator–prey modelsOkuyama, Toshinori journal article
292008Network structural properties mediate the stability of mutualistic communitiesOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Holland, J. Nathanieljournal article
302008Growth of a jumping spider on nitrogen enriched preyOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
312008Intraguild predation with spatially structured interactionsOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
322008Individual behavioral variation in predator-prey modelsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
332008Do mutualistic networks follow power distributions?TOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Okuyama, Toshinori journal article
342007Incorporating multiple mixed stocks in mixed stock analysis: `Many-to-Many’ analysisBolker, Benjamin M.; Okuyama, Toshinori ; Bjorndal, Karen A.; Bolten, Alan B.journal article
352007Incorporating multiple mixed stocks in mixed stock analysis:‘many-to-many’analysesTOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
362007Prey of two species of jumping spiders in the fieldOkuyama, T. ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
372007On quantitative measures of indirect interactionsOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Bolker, Benjamin M.journal article
382006Comment on “Asymmetric Coevolutionary Networks Facilitate Biodiversity Maintenance”Holland, J. Nathaniel; Okuyama, Toshinori ; DeAngelis, Donald L.journal article
392006Comment on "Asymmetric Coevolutionary Networks Facilitate Biodiversity Maintenance"TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article
402005Combining genetic and ecological data to estimate sea turtle originsOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Bolker, Benjamin M.journal article
412002Some differences in the rates of convergence of the sample covariance and covariation functionsGallagher, Colin M.; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA ; Okuyama, Toshinori journal article
422002The role of antipredator behavior in an experimental community of jumping spiders with intraguild predationOkuyama, Toshinori ; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA journal article