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12019A constitutive model of sandstone considering the post peak behaviorJeng, F.S.; Weng, M.C.; Yeh, F.H.; Yang, Y.H.; Huang, T.H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article00
22018Fracture characterization using hydrogeological approaches and measures taken for groundwater inrush mitigation in shaft excavationZhan, S.-S.; Wang, T.-T.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article11
32018Analytical solution of folding behaviors of multi-layer viscous strataJeng, F.-S.; Huang, K.-P.; Chang, K.-J.; FU-SHU JENG journal article00
42015Deformation analysis of tunnel excavation in gravelly formation using the anisotropic degradation modelWeng, M.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; Chu, B.-L.; Jou, Y.-W.; Liao, C.-Y.; FU-SHU JENG journal article11
52012Mechanisms causing seismic damage of tunnels at different depthsChen, Cheng-Hsun; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Wang, Tai-Tien ; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Huang, Tsan-Hweijournal article4933
62011Can tilt tests provide correct insight regarding frictional behavior of sliding rock block under seismic excitation?Hsieh, Yo-Ming; Lee, Kuo-Chen; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Huang, Tsan-Hweijournal article76
72011Mitigating large water ingresses into the New Yungchuen Tunnel, TaiwanWang, Tai-Tien ; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Lo, Weijournal article1412
82010Profile deformation of a circular tunnel induced by ambient stress changesWang, YC; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Huang, Kuo-Pin; Wang, Tai-Tien ; Wang, HK; Chen, WS; Huang, Tsan-Hwei; Wang, TG; Jeng, Fu-Shu journal article2014
92010A simple model for geo‐materials involving shear‐induced anisotropic degradationWeng, Meng-Chia; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Tsai, Li-Sheng; Hsieh, Yo-Mingjournal article11
102010An associated elastic-viscoplastic constitutive model for sandstone involving shear-induced volumetric deformationWeng, M.C.; Tsai, L.S.; Hsieh, Y.M.; Jeng, F.S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article2119
112010A simple model for geo-materials involving shear-induced anisotropic degradationWeng, M.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; Tsai, L.-S.; Hsieh, Y.-M.; FU-SHU JENG journal article11
122010Numerical modeling of tunnel excavation in weak sandstone using a time-dependent anisotropic degradation modelWeng, M.C.; Tsai, L.S.; Liao, C.Y.; Jeng, F.S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article1714
132010Profile-image method for measuring tunnel profile - Improvements and proceduresWang, T.-T.; Jaw, J.-J.; Hsu, C.-H.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article1916
142010Buckling folds of a single layer embedded in matrix - Folding behavior revealed by numerical analysisHuang, K.-P.; Chang, K.-J.; Wang, T.-T.; Jeng, F.-S.; Huang, Kuo-Pin; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Chang, Kuo-Jen; Wang, Tai-Tien ; Jeng, Fu-Shu journal article44
152009Analysis of pyramidal block slide induced by seismic excitationChiang, T.-L.; Wang, T.-T.; Lee, K.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article22
162009Application and validation of profile-image method for measuring deformation of tunnel wallWang, T.-T.; Jaw, J.-J.; Chang, Y.-H.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article4136
172008Buckling folds of a single layer embedded in matrix – Theoretical solutions and characteristicsJeng, Fu-Shu ; Huang, K.P.journal article
182008Interpretations on how the macroscopic mechanical behavior of sandstone affected by microscopic properties – revealed by bonded-particle modelHsieh, Yo-Ming; Li, Hung-Hui; Huang, Tsan-Hwei; Jeng, Fu-Shu journal article
192008Interpretations on how the macroscopic mechanical behavior of sandstone affected by microscopic properties-Revealed by bonded-particle modelHsieh, Y.-M.; Li, H.-H.; Huang, T.-H.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article63
202008A simple model for stress-induced anisotropic softening of weak sandstonesWeng, M.C.; Jeng, F.S.; Hsieh, Y.M.; Huang, T.H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article3424
212008Buckling folds of a single layer embedded in matrix - Theoretical solutions and characteristicsJeng, F.S.; Huang, K.P.; FU-SHU JENG journal article2018
222008Influences of microscopic factors on macroscopic strength and stiffness of inter-layered Rocks - Revealed by a bonded particle modelJeng, F.-S.; Wang, T.-T.; Li, H.H.; Huang, T.-H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article22
232008Time-dependent deformation behaviors of weak sandstonesTsai, L.S.; Hsieh, Y.M.; Weng, M.C.; Huang, T.H.; Jeng, F.S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article7463
242007Factors affecting transpression folding as inferred from numerical analysisJeng, Fu-Shu ; Lu, Cha-Yu; Huang, Kuo-Pingjournal article11
252007逆斷層受聚合力作用引致破裂面發展機制之研究鄭富書 report
262007逆斷層作用引致上覆土層變形行為及其對淺基礎之影響鍾春富; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 journal article
272007The deformation of overburden soil induced by thrust faulting and its impact on underground tunnelsLin, Ming-Lang ; Chung, Chun-Fu; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Yao, Ta-Chunjournal article3931
282007Inference of trishear-faulting processes from deformed pregrowth and growth strataLin, M.L.; Wang, C.P.; Chen, W.S.; Yang, C.N.; Jeng, F.S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article1616
292006逆斷層圍岩之力學特性與數值分析應用研究(2/2)鄭富書; 鄭富書 report
302006地電阻影像剖面對非均質地下實體模擬的修正與分析梅興泰; 鄭富書 ; 蔡道賜journal article
312006Deformation of overburden soil induced by thrust fault slipLin, Ming-Lang ; Chung, Chun-Fu; Jeng, Fu-Shu journal article4440
322006A study on the damage degree of shield tunnels submerged in overburden soil during the thrust fault offsetLin, M.-.L.; Jeng, F.-.S.; Huang, T.-.H.; Chung, C.-.F.; Lee, H.-.H.; FU-SHU JENG conference paper10
332005溫度影響岩石之潛變行為研究(II)鄭富書 report
342005The construction of new Yungchuen TunnelWang, Tai-Tien ; Lin, Ming-Lang; Jeng, Fu-Shu conference paper
352005松鶴地區土石流災害歷史之探討王景平; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 游明芳; 周坤賢journal article
362005Sandbox Experiments of Plate Convergence-Scale Effect and Associated Mechanisms林銘郎 ; 盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 鄭富書 ; 李崇正journal article33
372005Monitoring active fault creep as a tool in seismic hazard mitigation. Insights from creepmeter study at Chihshang, TaiwanLee, Jian-Cheng; Angelier, Jacques; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Jeng, Fu-Shu journal article2119
382005Response of soil and a submerged tunnel during a thrust fault offset based on model experiment and numerical analysisLin, Ming-Lang; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Wang, Hong-Ji; Wang, Ching-Ping; Chung, Chun-Fu; Chin, Chung-Tien; Yao, Da-Juin; Chan, Sung-Juconference paper40
392005Monitoring active fault creep as a tool in seismic hazard mitigation. Insights from creepmeter study at Chihshang, Taiwan [La surveillance du glissement asismique d'une faille active, outil de pr?vision sismique. Apport d'une ?tude extensom?trique ? Chihshang, Taiwan]Lee, J.-C.; Angelier, J.; Chu, H.-T.; Hu, J.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article2119
402005Characterizing the deformation behavior of tertiary sandstonesWeng, M.C.; Jeng, F.S.; Huang, T.H.; Lin, M.L.; FU-SHU JENG journal article3330
412005Wetting weakening of tertiary sandstones - Microscopic mechanismLin, M.L.; Jeng, F.S.; Tsai, L.S.; Huang, T.H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article7556
422004子集水區豪雨崩塌土石產生歷線製作之探討林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 張芳銘; 石秉根; 鄭傑銘conference paper
432004水刀等功率下之壓力、流量鑽切岩石行為探討鄭品聰; 黃燦輝; 鄭富書 conference paper
442004生態工法的省思與建議鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 林世偉conference paper
452004台灣西部北港高區周圍的河流遷移與新構造運動盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 蔡立盛; 鄭富書 ; 朱傚祖; 李建成; 胡植慶 conference paper
462004台灣之土石流災害-以新中橫公路為例林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 conference paper
472004溫度影響岩石之潛變行為研究(I)鄭富書 report
482004A hyperelastic model for the elastic behaviour of sandstone.Tsai, Li-Sheng; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Lin, Ming-Lang ; Weng, Meng-Chiaconference paper
492004Influence of petrographic parameters on geotechnical properties of tertiary sandstones from TaiwanJeng, F.S.; Weng, M.C.; Lin, M.L.; Huang, T.H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article8074
502004Analysis of the kinematic stability of pyramidal blocksJeng, F.S.; Chiang, T.L.; Lin, M.L.; FU-SHU JENG journal article60
512003澎湖之地質與自然生態保育探討 - 與會報導蔡立盛; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 journal article
522003Active fault creep variations at Chihshang, Taiwan, revealed by creep meter monitoring, 1998–2001Lee, Jian-Cheng; Angelier, Jacques; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Rau, Ruey-Juinjournal article
532003西部麓山帶砂岩潛變特性研究鄭富書 report
542003土石流流況數值分析-以溪頭為例吳政貞; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 conference paper
552003鋼纖維噴凝土韌性指標之研析與建議袁士哲; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 傅子仁journal article
562003軟弱砂岩力學行為與微觀機制研究(I)鄭富書 ; 翁孟嘉; 林銘郎 ; 黃燦輝journal article
572003溪頭桃芝颱風土石流記述吳政貞; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 張振生journal article
582002台灣特殊地質隧道之評估、調查、研判與因應―以擠壓性地盤為例王泰典 ; 黃燦輝; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 蔣序元conference paper
592002木山層砂岩不同應力路徑下之潛變行為蔡立盛; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 曾建貴conference paper
602002台灣地區特殊地質隧道之評估、調查、研判與因應—以擠壓性地盤為例王泰典 ; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 黃燦輝; 蔣序元conference paper
612002坡地災害之發生機制:以溪頭集水區為例─子計畫:坡地災害之邊坡穩定機制研究鄭富書 report
6220023S應用於地震豪雨引致山崩之研究陳嬑璇; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 朱聖心conference paper
632002應用地理資訊系統於地震豪雨引致山崩之研究陳嬑璇; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 朱聖心journal article
642002加砂水刀鑽切岩石行為探討鄭品聰; 黃燦輝; 鄭富書 journal article
652002脆性材料之裂面形態及機制初探鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 林鴻州journal article
662002斷層泥分類之探討林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 翁作新; 黃文昭journal article
672002Characteristics of seismic energy release of subduction zones-examples from TaiwanJeng, F.S.; Lin, M.L.; Lu, C.Y.; Huang, K.P.; FU-SHU JENG journal article22
682002Influence of strain rate on buckle folding of an elasto-viscous single layerJeng, F.S.; Lin, M.L.; Lai, Y.C.; Teng, M.H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article2019
692002Deformational characteristics of weak sandstone and impact to tunnel deformationJeng, F.-S.; Weng, M.-C.; Huang, T.-H.; Lin, M.-L.; FU-SHU JENG journal article4134
702002Performance of toughness indices for steel fiber reinforced shotcreteJeng, F.; Lin, M.-L.; Yuan, S.-C.; FU-SHU JENG journal article2119
712001不同應力路下木山層砂岩之變形行為探討蔡立盛; 鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 conference paper
722001岩石邊坡之破壞與防治鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 journal article
732001一江橋地區同震變形徑為初探王景平; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 黃國品; 盛仲達conference paper
742001軟弱砂岩力學行為與微觀機制研究(II)鄭富書 report
752001Continuous monitoring of an active fault in a plate suture zone: A creepmeter study of the Chihshang fault, eastern TaiwanLee, J.-C.; Angelier, J.; Chu, H.-T.; Hu, J.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; FU-SHU JENG journal article5757
762000Wetting Deterioration of soft sandstone-microscopic insights.Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Lin, Ming-Lang; Huang, Tsang-Hweiconference paper
772000軟弱砂岩力學行為與微觀機制研究(I)鄭富書 report
782000中橫公路東勢至德基段易坍段之山崩潛感研究林銘郎 ; 陳凱榮; 李錫堤; 鄭富書 ; 林偉雄conference paper
792000木山層砂岩之變形特性探討翁孟嘉; 蔡立盛; 鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝conference paper
802000台灣隧道工程老問題之新探討-軟岩之力學特性鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝; 林銘郎 journal article
812000台灣斷層泥之特性及斷層泥力學評估的新發展林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 洪如江; 翁作新journal article
822000天塹可以飛渡、崩山足以斷流(草嶺順向坡滑動)洪如江; 李錫堤; 林美聆 ; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 陳正興 journal article
832000高壓水刀穿透岩石能力探討鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝; 呂揚中; 賀陳弘journal article
842000台灣西部之新地體構造,造山機制與地震災害盧佳遇 ; 鄭富書 ; 張國楨journal article
852000地電阻影像剖面對非均質地下實體模擬的修正與分析梅興泰; 鄭富書 ; 蔡道賜journal article
862000高壓水刀穿透岩石門檻條件探討鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝; 呂揚中; 賀陳弘journal article
872000炸震夯實技術及成效探討鄭富書 ; 余昌學; 趙基盛; 陳福勝; 何泰源journal article
882000A rod-type creepmeter for measurement of displacement in active fault zoneLee, J.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; Chu, H.-T.; Angelier, J.; Hu, J.-C.; FU-SHU JENG journal article1414
892000Characteristics of hazards induced by extremely heavy rainfall in Central Taiwan -- typhoon herbLin, M.L, Jeng, F.S; FU-SHU JENG journal article7967
901999水刀對岩石穿深預測模式之探討鄭富書 ; 鄭品聰; 黃燦輝; 賀陳弘conference paper
911999水刀科技在隧道維修補強之應用鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝; 鄭品聰conference paper
921999軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(V)─子計畫三:軟岩隧道改善工法研究(Ⅱ)鄭富書 report
931999水刀科技在大地工程之應用鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝journal article
941999The holding mechanism of under-reamed rockbolts in soft rockJeng, F.-S.; Huang, T.-H.; FU-SHU JENG journal article98
951998水刀破裂岩石能力之探討鄭富書 ; 鄭品聰; 呂揚中; 黃燦輝conference paper
961998水刀科技在台灣岩石工程之應用研究鄭富書 ; 黃燦輝; 鄭品聰conference paper
971998台灣隧道之擠壓現象黃燦輝; 王泰典 ; 鄭富書 conference paper
981998軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(I)─軟岩隧道改善工法研究(I)鄭富書 report
991998Impact of Basement High on the Structure and Kinematics of the Western Taiwan Thrust Wedge: Insights from Sandbox Models盧佳遇 ; 鄭富書 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜journal article
1001997水刀應用於軟岩開挖之探討鄭富書 ; 吳澤成conference paper
1011997利用砂盒模型分析台灣西部的新構造運動盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜; 鄭富書 conference paper
1021997台灣西部的新構造運動-砂盒模型分析的啟示盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜; 鄭富書 conference paper
1031997台灣西部的新構造運動與地震間之關係-砂盒模型分析的啟示盧佳遇 ; 張國楨; 簡文鏜; 鄭富書 conference paper
1041997公共工程科技:地下開挖與維生系統整合型研究(II)─子計畫一水刀輔助開挖工法研究鄭富書 report
1051997軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(Ⅲ)─子計畫二:軟弱岩石隧道力學行為研究鄭富書 report
1061996北部地區軟弱岩隧道天然障礙之探討鄭富書 ; 林銘郎 ; 黃燦輝conference paper
1071996軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(II)─軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(Ⅱ)--子計畫(二):軟弱岩石隧道力學行為研究(Ⅱ)鄭富書 report
1081996地下開挖與維生系統─地下開挖與維生系統-子計畫一:軟弱岩石隧道施工障礙及解決方案之研究鄭富書 report
1091996軟弱岩石隧道力學行為研究(I)黃燦輝; 王玉琳; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書; 王玉琳; Jeng, Fu-Shu report
1101996軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(I)-子計畫(二)軟弱岩石隧道力學行為研究(I)黃燦輝; 洪如江; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書; Jeng, Fu-Shu report
1111996Superconducting and calorimetric properties of ThPt2B2C and the anomalous T-c variation for nonmagnetic RPt(2)B(2)C systems (R=Y,Th,La)Jeng, F. S.; You, Y. B.; Ku, H. C.; Ho, J. C.; FU-SHU JENG journal article8
1121995軟弱岩石隧道問題研究─軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(I)-子計畫(二):軟弱岩石隧道力學行為研究鄭富書 report
1131995軟弱岩石隧道問題研究(I)-子計畫(三)承載式岩栓於軟弱岩石隧道之應用黃燦輝; 洪如江; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書; 林銘郎 ; Jeng, Fu-Shu report
1141995軟弱岩盤承載行為研究(II)鄭富書 report
1151994台灣一些軟弱岩石的工程性質鄭富書 ; 朱家德; 黃燦輝conference paper
1161994軟弱岩盤沈載行為研究(Ⅰ)鄭富書 report
1171991Model Experiments for Propellant Embedded Rock AnchorsEinstein, Hh; Jeng, Fs; FU-SHU JENG journal article2