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12020Simplified risk assessment for a spatially variable undrained long slopeLee, S.-W.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article00
22020Statistical determination of multivariate characteristic values for Eurocode 7Ching, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Chen, K.-F.; Orr, T.L.L.; Schneider, H.R.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article00
32019Constructing site-specific multivariate probability distribution model using Bayesian machine learningChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article54
42019Multivariate probability distribution for some intact rock propertiesChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Li, K.-H.; Weng, M.-C.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article13
52019Discretization error in the random finite element method for spatially variable undrained shear strengthTabarroki, M.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article11
62019Identification of sample path smoothness in soil spatial variabilityChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Stuedlein, A.W.; Jaksa, M.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article00
72019Impact of autocorrelation function model on the probability of failureChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article40
82019A novel simplified geotechnical reliability analysis methodYang, Z.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article10
92018Estimating horizontal scale of fluctuation with limited CPT soundingsChing, J.; Wu, T.-J.; Stuedlein, A.W.; Bong, T.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article108
102018Effective Young's modulus of a spatially variable soil mass under a footingChing, J.; Hu, Y.-G.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article11
112018Generic transformation models for some intact rock propertiesChing, J.; Li, K.-H.; Phoon, K.-K.; Weng, M.-C.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article44
122017Worst case scale of fluctuation in basal heave analysis involving spatially variable claysJIAN-YE CHING journal article1110
132017On characterizing spatially variable soil Young��s modulus using spatial averageJIAN-YE CHING journal article54
142017Identifiability of geotechnical site-specific trend functionsChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Beck, J.L.; Huang, Y.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article1210
152017Can a Spatially Variable Field Be Converted into a Homogeneous Spatial Average over an Influence Zone?Hu, Y.-G.; Ching, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
162017Characterizing Unknown Trend Using Sparse Bayesian LearningJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
172017Discussion of "Transitional Markov chain Monte Carlo: Observations and Improvements" by Wolfgang Betz, Iason Papaioannou, and Daniel StraubJIAN-YE CHING journal article017
182017Probabilistic transformation models for preconsolidation stress based on clay index propertiesJIAN-YE CHING journal article11
192017Transformation models for effective friction angle and relative density calibrated based on generic database of coarse-grained soilsJIAN-YE CHING journal article87
202017Correlations among some parameters of coarse-grained soils �X The multivariate probability distribution modelJIAN-YE CHING journal article43
212017Characterizing uncertain site-specific trend function by sparse bayesian learningJIAN-YE CHING journal article1814
222017Effective Young's Modulus for a Footing on a Spatially Variable Soil MassJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
232016Estimating peak flow-discharge during extreme rainfall events for the Gao-ping river, TaiwanChen, J.-C.; Yang, C.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article00
242016Semi-probabilistic reliability-based designPhoon, K.-K.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING book chapter00
252016On characterizing spatially variable soil shear strength using spatial averageJIAN-YE CHING journal article1615
262016Impact of Statistical Uncertainty on Geotechnical Reliability EstimationJIAN-YE CHING journal article2217
272016Application of the transitional Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm to probabilistic site characterizationJIAN-YE CHING journal article3230
282016Simulating a curve average in a stationary normal random field using fourier series methodJIAN-YE CHING journal article110
292016Some observations on ISO2394:2015 Annex D (Reliability of Geotechnical Structures)JIAN-YE CHING journal article3029
302016Effect of Element Size in Random Finite Element Analysis for Effective Young’s ModulusJIAN-YE CHING journal article32
312016New sampling method and procedures for estimating failure probabilityJIAN-YE CHING journal article1111
322016Spatial correlation for transformation uncertainty and its applicationsJIAN-YE CHING journal article54
332016Robust estimation of correlation coefficients among soil parameters under the multivariate normal frameworkJIAN-YE CHING journal article79
342016Undrained strength for a 3D spatially variable clay column subjected to compression or shearJIAN-YE CHING journal article118
352015Effective Young's modulus for a spatially variable soil mass subjected to a simple stress stateJIAN-YE CHING journal article76
362015Role of redundancy in simplified geotechnical reliability-based design - A quantile value method perspectiveJIAN-YE CHING journal article65
372015Cone penetration test (CPT)-based stratigraphic profiling using the wavelet transform modulus maxima methodJIAN-YE CHING journal article2218
382015Impact of spatial variability in undrained shear strength on active lateral force in clayJIAN-YE CHING journal article1814
392015A New Procedure for Simulating Active Lateral Force in Spatially Variable Clay Modeled by Anisotropic Random FieldJIAN-YE CHING journal article00
402015Reducing the transformation uncertainty for the mobilized undrained shear strength of claysJIAN-YE CHING journal article94
412015Simplified reliability-based design of wall displacements for excavations in soft clay considering cross wallsJIAN-YE CHING journal article00
422015Can the effect of shear strength spatial variability be summarized as the pure spatial average?JIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
432015On the use of spatially averaged shear strength for the bearing capacity of a shallow foundationJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
442015Statistical characterization of random field parameters using frequentist and Bayesian approachesJIAN-YE CHING journal article4234
452014Probabilistic observational method for estimating wall displacements in excavationsJIAN-YE CHING journal article65
462014Transformations and correlations among some clay parameters - The global databaseJIAN-YE CHING journal article3525
472014Statistics for the calculated safety factors of undrained failure slopesJIAN-YE CHING journal article1412
482014Mobilized shear strength of soils with constrained slip curvesJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
492014Reply to the discussion by mesri on "Multivariate distribution for undrained shear strengths under various test procedures"1JIAN-YE CHING journal article00
502014Probability distribution for mobilized shear strengths of saturated undrained clays modeled by 2-D stationary gaussian random field - A 1-D stochastic process viewJIAN-YE CHING journal article24
512014The critical scale of fluctuation for active lateral forces in spatially variable undrained claysJIAN-YE CHING journal article22
522014Simplified reliability-based design for axial capacity of footings in cohesionless soils - Application of the quantile value methodJIAN-YE CHING journal article00
532014Linking site investigation efforts to final design savings with simplified reliability-based design methodsJIAN-YE CHING journal article2510
542014Modeling piezocone cone penetration (CPTU) parameters of clays as a multivariate normal distributionJIAN-YE CHING journal article2924
552014Mean and variance of mobilized shear strength for spatially variable soils under uniform stress statesJIAN-YE CHING journal article2722
562014Cost-effective framework for simplified geotechnical Reliability-Based DesignJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
572014Calibration of model uncertainties in base heave stability for wide excavations in clayJIAN-YE CHING journal article75
582014Correlations among some clay parameters - The multivariate distributionJIAN-YE CHING journal article3935
592014Reliability-Based Design for the serviceability state design of an excavation with cross walls in claysJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
602014Reply to the discussion by mesri on "Multivariate distribution for undrained shear strengths under various test procedures"1Ching, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING others00
612014Quantile Value Method for Geotechnical Reliability Code CalibrationChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
622013Multivariate Model for Soil Parameters Based on Johnson DistributionsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
632013Simplified reliability method for spatially variable undrained engineered slopesJIAN-YE CHING journal article2723
642013Simplified procedure for estimation of liquefaction-induced settlement and site-specific probabilistic settlement exceedance curve using cone penetration test (CPT)JIAN-YE CHING journal article2927
652013Probability distribution for mobilised shear strengths of spatially variable soils under uniform stress statesJIAN-YE CHING journal article400
662013Performance of reliability-based design code formats for foundations in layered soilsJIAN-YE CHING journal article96
672013Quantile value method versus design value method for calibration of reliability-based geotechnical codesJIAN-YE CHING journal article1912
682013Predicting wall displacements for excavations with cross walls in soft clayJIAN-YE CHING journal article2420
692013Simulating spatial averages of stationary random field using the fourier series methodJIAN-YE CHING journal article3728
702013Multivariate model for soil parameters based on Johnson distributionsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper20
712013Effect of element sizes in random field finite element simulations of soil shear strengthJIAN-YE CHING journal article3532
722013Robustness of constant load and resistance factor design factors for drilled shafts in multiple strataJIAN-YE CHING journal article118
732013Estimation of rock pressure during an excavation/cut in sedimentary rocks with inclined bedding planesJIAN-YE CHING journal article97
742013Beyond coefficient of variation for statistical characterization of geotechnical parametersJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
752013Determining the factors of safety of spatially variable slopes modeled by random fieldsJIAN-YE CHING journal article1613
762013Mobilized shear strength of spatially variable soils under simple stress statesJIAN-YE CHING journal article4338
772013Multivariate distribution for undrained shear strengths under various test proceduresJIAN-YE CHING journal article3531
782013Assessing SPT-based probabilistic models for liquefaction potential evaluation: a 10-year updateJIAN-YE CHING journal article140
792013A spatial variability view of freeway-3 dip slope failure in TaiwanJIAN-YE CHING journal article50
802013Reply to the discussion by mesri on “Multivariate distribution for undrained shear strengths under various test procedures”Ching, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING others00
812013Multivariate model for soil parameters based on Johnson distributionsPhoon, K.-K.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article130
822012Modeling parameters of structured clays as a multivariate normal distribution (vol 49, pg 522, 2012)Ching, Jianye; Phoon, Kok-Kwang; JIAN-YE CHING journal article4
832012Predicting rainfall-induced landslide potential along a mountain road in TaiwanChing, J.; Liao, H.-J.; Lee, J.-Y.; JIAN-YE CHING others00
842012Value of geotechnical site investigation in reliability-based designChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING conference paper98
852012Overall Shear Strength of Soil Mass With Spatial VariabilityJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
862012New models for probability of liquefaction using standard penetration tests based on an updated database of case historiesJuang, C.Hsein; Yang, Tse-Yen; JIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, Jianye; Hsu, Ling-I; Luo, Zhe; Chiu, Allen W.; Ku, Chih-Sheng; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; Wang, Sheng-Hsin; Liao, Ya-Tang; Wu, Meei-Maan; Wang, Yuan-Hung; Chang, Chin-Hao; Lee, Te-Chang; Chen, Chien-Jen; 陳建仁; 蒲永孝 ; 張晉豪journal article3327
872012Unified CPTu-based probabilistic model for assessing probability of liquefaction of sand and clayJIAN-YE CHING journal article99
882012Reliability-Based Design for Basal Heave Stability of Deep Excavations in Spatially Varying SoilsWu, Shih-Hsuan; JIAN-YE CHING ; Ou, Chang-Yu; Ching, Jianye; Juang, C.Hseinjournal article2922
892012Modeling parameters of structured clays as a multivariate normal distributionJIAN-YE CHING journal article5044
902012Probabilistic model for overall shear strengths of spatially variable soil massesJIAN-YE CHING conference paper20
912012Probabilistic version of the robertson and wride method for liquefaction evaluation: Development and applicationJIAN-YE CHING journal article2525
922012Value of geotechnical site investigation in reliability-based designJIAN-YE CHING journal article98
932012Examination of multivariate dependency structure in soil parametersJIAN-YE CHING conference paper50
942012Establishment of generic transformations for geotechnical design parametersChing, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, Kok-Kwangjournal article2015
952012Predicting rainfall-induced landslide potential along a mountain road in TaiwanJIAN-YE CHING journal article00
962011Practical Monte Carlo Based Reliability Analysis and Design Methods for Geotechnical ProblemsJIAN-YE CHING other00
972011Constructing joint distributions of multivariate geotechnical dataJIAN-YE CHING conference paper30
982011Effective shear strengths of isotropic spatially variable soil massesJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
992011Quantile framework for simplified geotechnical reliability-based designJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1002011Reliability-based design for allowable bearing capacity of footings on rock masses by considering angle of distortionChing, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Hu, Yu-Gang; Yang, Zon-Yee; Shiau, Jang-Quang; Chen, Jeng-Cheung; Li, Yi-Sanjournal article1011
1012011Predicting rainfall-induced landslide potential along a mountain road in TaiwanJIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, J.; Chen, Pei-Min; Liao, H.-J.; Lee, J.-Y.journal article1413
1022011Updating uncertainties in friction angles of clean sandsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1032011Reliability based design of base heave stability in wide excavationsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper30
1042011A quantile-based approach for calibrating reliability-based partial factorsChing, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, Kok-Kwangjournal article3019
1052011Model uncertainties for basal heave stability of excavations in claysJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1062011Challenges in limit equilibrium based slope reliability problemsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1072011Reliability-based design for allowable bearing capacity by considering differential settlement on highly fractured rock massesJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1082011Calibrating resistance factors of single bored piles based on incomplete load test resultsChing, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Lin, Horn-Da; Yen, Ming-Tsojournal article44
1092011Liquefaction probability by probabilistic version of Robertson and Wride modelJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1102011Updating uncertainties in friction angles of clean sandsJIAN-YE CHING journal article3127
1112011Selection among CPTu-based liquefaction modelsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1122010Reliability-based design for basal heave in an excavation considering spatial variabilityJIAN-YE CHING conference paper70
1132010Calibrating resistance factors of single bored piles based on incomplete load test informationJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1142010Complexity of limit equilibrium based slope reliability problemsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper10
1152010Predicting displacement of augered cast-in-place piles based on load test databaseJIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, Jianye; Chen, Jie-Rujournal article88
1162010Observations on limit equilibrium-based slope reliability problems with inclined weak seamsChing, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, Kok-Kwang; Hu, Yu-Gangjournal article1917
1172010Evaluating small failure probabilities of multiple limit states by parallel subset simulationHsu, Wei-Chih; JIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, Jianye; Chen, I-Mingjournal article1913
1182010Reliability-Based Design for External Stability of Narrow Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls: Calibration from Centrifuge TestsYang, Kuo-Hsin ; JIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, Jianye; Zornberg, Jorge G.journal article97
1192010Reducing shear strength uncertainties in clays by multivariate correlationsChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, K.-K.; Chen, Y.-C.journal article6451
1202010Converting reliability constraints by adaptive quantile estimationChing, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Hsu, Wei-Chihjournal article00
1212010Updating uncertainties in undrained shear strengths by multivariate correlationsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1222009Propagating uncertainties for loss estimation in performance-based earthquake engineering using moment matchingChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Porter, K.A.; Beck, J.L.journal article129
1232009Model selection issue in calibrating reliability-based resistance factors based on geotechnical in-situ test dataJIAN-YE CHING journal article33
1242009Equivalence between reliability and factor of safetyJIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, J.journal article1917
1252009Updating real-time reliability of instrumented systems with stochastic simulationJIAN-YE CHING journal article118
1262009Updating future reliability of nonlinear systems with low dimensional monitoring data using short-cut simulationJIAN-YE CHING journal article22
1272009Efficient evaluation of reliability for slopes with circular slip surfaces using importance samplingChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, K.K.; Hu, Y.G.journal article8873
1282009Bayesian updating of reliability of civil infrastructure facilities based on condition-state data and fault-tree modelChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Leu, S.-S.journal article2718
1292009Approximate reliability-based design with general geotechnical models by stochastic simulationChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Chen, W.-Y.journal article00
1302009Observations in reliability analysis of A 1-D consolidation problemChing, J.; 張玲慧; JIAN-YE CHING ; 毛慧芬 ; Hsieh, Y.H.; 姚開屏 ; 趙靄儀; 王劼; CHANG, LING-HUI; MAO, HUI-FEN; YAO, KAI-PING GRACE ; CHIO, OI-I; WANG, JYEjournal article10
1312009Reliability-based code calibration for axial ultimate bearing capacities of single bored piles in Taipei basinJIAN-YE CHING journal article31
1322009Approximation of reliability constraints by estimating quantile functionsJIAN-YE CHING journal article11
1332008Approximate optimization of systems with high-dimensional uncertainties and multiple reliability constraintsJIAN-YE CHING journal article53
1342008Updating uncertainties in soil shear strength parameters with multivariate in-situ and laboratory test dataJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1352008Damage localization with modeling errors and uncertaintiesJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1362008Calibration of reliability-based resistance factors for flush drilled soil anchors in Taipei BasinJIAN-YE CHING journal article75
1372008Transforming reliability limit-state constraints into deterministic limit-state constraintsJIAN-YE CHING journal article2420
1382008Developement of a hidden markov chain model for analyzing and simulating wind speed dataJIAN-YE CHING journal article
1392008以隱藏式馬可夫鏈分析並模擬風速資料JIAN-YE CHING journal article
1402007Approximate reliability-based design with general geotechnical models by stochastic simulationJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1412007Local estimation of failure probability function and its confidence interval with maximum entropy principleJIAN-YE CHING journal article6651
1422007Real-time reliability estimation for serviceability limit states in structures with uncertain dynamic excitation and incomplete output dataJIAN-YE CHING journal article3125
1432007Approximate reliability-based optimization using a three-step approach based on subset simulationJIAN-YE CHING journal article2622
1442007Reliability-based failure probability and resistance factor for flush-drilled anchors in Taipei basinJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1452007A versatile stochastic simulation method for Bayesian model updating and model class selectionJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1462007Transitional Markov chain Monte Carlo method for Bayesian model updating, model class selection, and model averagingChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Chen, Y.-C.journal article318247
1472007Updating reliability of a geotechnical system using monitoring dataJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1482007An efficient method for evaluating origin-destination connectivity reliability of real-world lifeline networksJIAN-YE CHING journal article2016
1492007Updating spatial variability uncertainties with in-situ test dataJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1502007Application of subset simulation methods to reliability benchmark problemsJIAN-YE CHING ; Au, S.-K.; Ching, J.; Beck, J.Ljournal article150117
1512007Rainfall-induced landslide risk analysis along mountain roads in central TaiwanJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1522007Local estimation of failure probability function with direct Monte Carlo simulationJIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, Kok-Kwang; Fenton, Gordon A.; Glynn, Edward F.; Juang, C. Hsein; Griffiths, D. V.; Wolff, Thomas F.; Zhang, Liminconference paper00
1532006Reducing performance uncertainties with monitoring dataJIAN-YE CHING conference paper00
1542006Updating reliability of instrumented geotechnical systems via simple Monte Carlo simulationJIAN-YE CHING journal article40
1552006Structural model updating and health monitoring with incomplete modal data using Gibbs samplerJIAN-YE CHING journal article9683
1562006Smarter structures: Real-time loss estimation for instrumented buildingsJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1572006Bayesian state estimation method for nonlinear systems and its application to recorded seismic responseJIAN-YE CHING journal article6153
1582006Bayesian state and parameter estimation of uncertain dynamical systemsJIAN-YE CHING journal article153132
1592005Hybrid Subset Simulation method for reliability estimation of dynamical systems subject to stochastic excitationJIAN-YE CHING journal article7958
1602005Reliability estimation for dynamical systems subject to stochastic excitation using subset simulation with splittingJIAN-YE CHING journal article9376
1612004Bayesian analysis of the Phase II IASC-ASCE structural health monitoring experimental benchmark dataChing, J.; Beck, J. L.; JIAN-YE CHING journal article62
1622004Bayesian analysis of the Phase II IASC-ASCE Structural Health Monitoring experimetnal benchmark dataJIAN-YE CHING journal article00
1632004Microseismic source deconvolution: Wiener filter versus minimax, Fourier versus wavelets, and linear versus nonlinearJIAN-YE CHING journal article99
1642004New Bayesian model updating algorithm applied to a structural health monitoring benchmarkJIAN-YE CHING journal article5245
1652003Identification of soil degradation during earthquake excitations by Bayesian inferenceJIAN-YE CHING journal article1411
1662003Tracking rapidly changing dynamical systems using a non-parametric statistical method based on waveletsJIAN-YE CHING journal article116
1672001ID time-domain solution for seismic ground motion predictionJIAN-YE CHING journal article2317
1682000Time domain moment tensor inversion technique and its verificationJIAN-YE CHING conference paper
1691995軟弱岩石承載行研究卿建業 ; 鄭富書conference paper