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12023Inspection of two sophisticated models for sand based on generalized plasticity: Monotonic loading and Monte Carlo analysisYeh, Fu Hsuan; Tafili, Merita; Prada-Sarmiento, Luis Felipe; YU-NING GE ; Wichtmann, TorstenInternational Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics03
22023Effect of calcium source on sand bio-cementationJhuo, Yu Syuan; Wong, Hui Ee; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication00
32023Failure of engineering structures and associated geotechnical problems during the 2022 M <inf>L</inf> 6.8 Chihshang earthquake, TaiwanKo, Yung Yen; Tsai, Chi Chin; Hwang, Jin Hung; Hwang, Yu Wei; YU-NING GE ; Chu, Min ChienNatural Hazards33
42023Image Analyses of Liquefaction-Induced Settlements and Sand Boil in Shaking Table TestsYeh, Fu Hsuan; Wang, Hao Ching; Lee, Wen Di; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication00
52023Vertical scale of fluctuation for spatially varying soil: A case study in Taiwan Using iPDC DataZheng, Ying; Jhuo, Yu Syuan; YU-NING GE Smart Geotechnics for Smart Societies00
62023A comparative study of liquefaction simulations with two cyclic constitutive modelsYap, K. T.; Yeh, F. H.; Jhuo, Y. S.; Tsai, C. C.; Lu, C. W.; YU-NING GE Smart Geotechnics for Smart Societies00
72023A laboratory investigation of using enzyme induced calcite precipitation for soil strength improvementKennedy, A. G.R.; Jhuo, Y. S.; YU-NING GE Smart Geotechnics for Smart Societies00
82022The modified model for normalized excess pore water pressure generation curves of low-plastic soils from the northern TaiwanChu, M. C.; YU-NING GE ; Tsai, C. C.12th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, NCEE 20220
92022Influence of horizontally variable soil properties on nonlinear seismic site response and ground motion coherencyChang Y.-H; Tsai C.-C; Ge L; Park D.; YU-NING GE Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics64
102021Method of estimating the effective zone induced by rapid impact compactionCheng S.-H; Chen S.-S; Ge L.; YU-NING GE Scientific Reports44
112021Breakage behavior of gravel rock particles under impact forceZhao H; Liu C; Zhang J; Ge L.; YU-NING GE Computational Particle Mechanics88
122021Stiffness degradation of coarse and fine sand mixtures due to cyclic loadingChu M.-C; Ge L.; YU-NING GE Engineering Geology108
132020Small strain moduli of compacted silt by ultrasonic pulse velocity measurementsWeidinger, D.M.; Zhao, H.; Kwok, A.O.-L.; Kang, X.; YU-NING GE ; ON LEI KWOK ; YU-NING GE Marine Georesources and Geotechnology10
142020Implementation of a nonlinear elastoplastic model for tunneling in sandstoneYeh, F.-H.; Weng, M.-C.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE 16th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ARC 201900
152020Lateral earth pressure at rest in response to pore water pressure increases in saturated sandUeng, T.-S.; Huang, G.-L.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE 16th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ARC 20190
162020Centrifuge modeling of failure behaviors of sandy slope caused by gravity, rainfall, and base shakingHung, W.-Y.; Tran, M.-C.; Yeh, F.-H.; Lu, C.-W.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE Engineering Geology1211
172020A Mesh-Free Approach for Multiscale Modeling in Continuum-Granular SystemsWang, C.; Deng, A.; Taheri, A.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE International Journal of Computational Methods55
182020Estimation of settlement after soil liquefaction for structures built on shallow foundationsLu, C.-W.; Chu, M.-C.; Ge, L.; Peng, K.-S.; YU-NING GE Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering78
192020Permeability characteristics of poorly graded sand conditioned with foam in different conditioning statesWang S; Hu Q; Wang H; Thewes M; Ge L; Yang J; Liu P.; YU-NING GE Journal of Testing and Evaluation2012
202020Calibration of advanced constitutive model using optimization techniquesYeh, F.-H.; Chuang, T.-S.; Tsai, F.-J.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE Journal of Testing and Evaluation11
212020Packing void ratios of very dense ternary mixtures of similar ellipsoidsNg, T.-T.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE Granular Matter54
222020Shear strength and volume change behavior of binary granular mixturesJhuo, Y.-S.; Yeh, Y.-H.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE Journal of GeoEngineering00
232019Effective tensile strength of lightly cemented sandGe L. ; Hwang Y.; Sun H.; He G.; Chen R.; Kang X.Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering64
242019Assessment of Direct Tension Tests on Compacted Sand-Clay MixturesJhuo, Y.-S.; Guan, Y.; Ge, L.; Xia, Z.; Kang, X.; YU-NING GE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering00
252019The system stiffness and wall displacement of a deep excavation strengthened with cross walls in soft clayHsieh, H.-S.; Wang, Z.-Y.; Lin, T.-M.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE Journal of GeoEngineering10
262019Investigation into mechanical behaviour of loess-wheat straw mixturesCheng, W.-C.; Jin, X.; Wang, L.; Xue, Z.-F.; Ge, L.; Zhou, A.; YU-NING GE 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils, AP-UNSAT 201900
282019Developing a flow pump apparatus for soil-water characteristics curve measurementGe, L.; Cheng, W.-C.; Lu, C.-W.; YU-NING GE 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils, AP-UNSAT 20190
292018Effect of Foreshocks of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes on the Aso-Bridge SlopeHung, C.-H.; Hsiung B.; Yang K.; Ge L. Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering00
302018Assessment of strength development of slag cement stabilized kaoliniteLouis Ge ; Chien-Chih Wang; Chen-Wei Hung; WEN-CHENG LIAO ; Honghua ZhaoConstruction and Building Materials2726
312018Changes of Atterberg limits and electrochemical behaviors of clays with dispersants as conditioning agents for EPB shield tunnellingPengfei Liu; Shuying Wang; Louis Ge ; Markus Thewes; Junsheng Yang; Yimin XiaTunnelling and Underground Space Technology6546
322018Effect of Foreshocks of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes on the Aso-Bridge SlopeHung, C.; Hsiung, B.-C.B.; Yang, K.-H.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering00
332018The critical state and steady state of sand: A literature reviewKang, X.; Xia, Z.; Chen, R.; Ge, L.; YU-NING GE ; Louis Ge Marine Georesources and Geotechnology2120
342018Evaluation of the wall deflections of a deep excavation in Central Jakarta using three-dimensional modelingHsiung, B.-C.B.; Yang, K.-H.; Aila, W.; KUO-HSIN YANG ; Ge, L. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology4529
352018Modeling Slope Topography Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Image TechniqueYeh, F.-H.; Huang, C.-J.; JEN-YU HAN ; YU-NING GE MATEC Web of Conferences170
362018Liquefaction-induced settlement of structures on shallow foundationLu, C.W.; Ge, L. ; Chu, M.C.; Chin, C.T.Geotechnical Engineering10
372017Laboratory tests for permeability of sand during liquefactionUeng T.; Wang Z.; Chu M.; Ge L. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering2923
382017On the system stiffness of deep excavation in soft clayHsieh H.; Huang Y.; Hsu, W.-W.; Ge L. Journal of GeoEngineering140
392017Influences of stiffness ratio, friction coefficient and strength ratio on the macro behavior of cemented sand based on DEMZhao H.; Sang Y.; Deng A.; Ge L. Springer Proceedings in Physics10
402017Energy based pore water pressure formulation in a cyclic plasticity model for sandTsai, E.; Ge, L. ; Ueng, T.-S.; Kwok, O.-L.A.19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering0
412016Special issue on experimental and computational geomechanics for unsaturated soilsMuraleetharan K.; Hoyos L.; Ge L. International Journal of Geomechanics33
422016Maximum and minimum void ratios for sand-silt mixturesChang C.; Wang J.; Ge L. Engineering Geology4337
432016Effects of Cyclic Triaxial Loading Rates on Liquefaction Behavior of Fine-Grained SoilsYa-Han Hsu; Louis Ge ; Meng-Heng ChiangGeotechnical Hazards from Large Earthquakes and Heavy Rainfalls 00
442016Assessment of concrete maturity and overturning mechanism of primary diaphragm walls in very soft clay during cold winterNi, J.C.; Cheng, W.-C.; YU-NING GE KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering31
452016Cement hydration-based micromechanics modeling of the time-dependent small-strain stiffness of fly ash-stabilized soilsKang, X.; YU-NING GE ; WEN-CHENG LIAO International Journal of Geomechanics2828
462016Evaluation of the scale of fluctuation of geotechnical parameters by autocorrelation function and semivariogram functionOnyejekwe, S.; Kang, X.; Ge, L. Engineering Geology5752
472016Strain-controlled cyclic simple shear tests on sand with radial strain measurementsKang, X.; YU-NING GE ; Chang, K.-T.; ON LEI KWOK Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering2726
482016Variation of Slurry Pipe Jacking Force in Coarse and Fine SoilsNi, J.C.; Ge, L. ; Cheng, W.-C.Geotechnical Special Publication10
492015Modeling of minimum void ratio for sand–silt mixturesChing S. Chang; Jia-Yi Wang; Louis Ge Engineering Geology8069
502015Enhanced series-parallel model for estimating the time-dependent thermal conductivity of fly ash soil mixturesXin Kang; Louis Ge Granular Matter1818
512015Laboratory investigation of the strength, stiffness, and thermal conductivity of fly ash and lime kiln dust stabilised clay subgrade materialsKang, X.; Ge, L. ; Kang, G.-C.; Mathews, C.Road Materials and Pavement Design6249
522015Radial strain behaviors and stress state interpretation of soil under direct simple shearKang, X.; Cheng, Y.; Ge, L. Journal of Testing and Evaluation1512
532015Chemically stabilized soft clays for road-base constructionKang, X.; Kang, G.-C.; Chang, K.-T.; Ge, L. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering8577
542015Assessment of empirical equations for the compression index of fine-grained soils in MissouriOnyejekwe, S.; Kang, X.; Ge, L. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment4239
552015Mechanical properties of gravel deposits evaluated by nonconventional methodsChang, K.-T.; Kang, Y.-M.; Ge, L. ; Cheng, M.-C.Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering117
562015A Case Study on Silty Sand Liquefaction—2010 Hsin Hwa Liquefaction in TaiwanWei F. Lee; C. C. Chen; M. H. Chang; Louis Y. N. Ge Perspectives on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering20
572014PrefaceChan Y.; Lin Y.; Huang, C.-P.; Liu, K.-K.; Ge Y. ; Liu T.Geotechnical Special Publication0
582014Slope creep behavior: observations and simulationsKuang-Tsung Chang; Louis Ge ; Hsi-Hung LinEnvironmental Earth Sciences3227
592014PrefaceGe, L.; Ni, J.C.; Correia, A.G.; Bai, M.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication0
602014PrefaceGe, L.; Ni, J.C.; Correia, A.G.; Bai, M.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication0
612014Characterization of shear wave velocity and its anisotropy in uniform granular materialsKang, X.; Bate, B.; Ge, L. Geotechnical Special Publication60
622014Investigation on the shear moduli and damping ratios of silica gelZhao, H.; Ge, L. Granular Matter3630
632014Effects of chemical stabilizers on an expansive clayZhao, H.; Ge, L. ; Petry, T.M.; Sun, Y.-Z.KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering6451
642014PrefaceGe, L. ; Ni, J.C.; Correia, A.G.; Bai, M.Geotechnical Special Publication0
652013Centrifuge modeling and mitigation of manhole uplift due to liquefactionKang G.; Tobita T.; Iai S.; Ge L.; Ge, L. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering190
662013Tensile Strength of Lightly Cemented Sand through Indentation TestsGe L. ; Yang K.18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering: Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics2
672013Implementation of numerical optimization techniques in constitutive model calibrationGe L. ; Zhao H.; Bate B.Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering1
682013Implementation of LRFD methods to quantify value of site characterization activitiesLoehr J.; Bowders J.; Rosenblad B.; Luna R.; Maerz N.; Stephenson R.; Likos W.; Ge L. 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering: Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics, ICSMGE 20134
692013Modified Time of Setting Test for Fly Ash Paste and Fly Ash–Soil MixturesXin Kang; Gi-Chun Kang; Louis Ge J. Mater. Civ. Eng.2627
702013Constitutive, physical, and numerical modeling in transportation geotechnicsQiu, T.; YU-NING GE ; Chen, Dar-HaoInternational Journal of Geomechanics11
712013A simple data reduction method for pumping tests with tidal, partial penetration, and storage effectsNi, J.C.; Cheng, W.-C.; Ge, L. Soils and Foundations3233
722012Factors Influencing Crack-Induced Tensile Strength of Compacted SoilKim T.; Kim T.; Kang G.; Ge L. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering6455
732012Effect of parallel gradations on crushed rock-concrete interface behaviorsKang X.; Cambio D.; Ge L. Journal of Testing and Evaluation19
742012Cyclic behaviors of railroad ballast within the parallel gradation scaling frameworkSevi, A.; Ge, L. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering4740
752011Correction factors for an analytical method of pile foundation response subjected to horizontal dynamic vibrationsCambio, D.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication00
762011Evaluation of pre-consolidation stress determination methodsConte, O.; Rust, S.; YU-NING GE ; Stephenson, RichardGeotechnical Special Publication00
772011Characterization of crushed rock-concrete interface behavior through the parallel gradation techniqueCambio, D.; Kang, X.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication00
782011Modeling unbound granular materials under complex stress pathsChen, C.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication00
792011Influence of geotechnical dataset on the range of influence of undrained shear strengthOnyejekwe, S.; Ge, L. Geotechnical Special Publication00
802011Variability analysis of undrained shear strength for reliability-based designOnyejekwe, S.; Kang, X.; Ge, L. ; Stephenson, R.Geotechnical Special Publication00
812011Effectiveness of objective functions in soil model calibration through numerical optimizationDeng, M.; Ge, L. Geotechnical Special Publication10
822011Spatial variation and correlation between undrained shear strength and plasticity indexKang, X.; Onyejekwe, S.; Ge, L. ; Stephenson, R.Geotechnical Special Publication60
832011Special Section on Advanced Modeling and Numerical Simulations in Geomechanics IntroductionYU-NING GE ; Chen, Dar-Hao; Tarefder, Rafiqul AlamInternational Journal of Geomechanics20
842011A case history of field pumping tests in a deep gravel formation in the Taipei Basin, TaiwanJames C. Ni; Wen-Chieh Cheng; Louis Ge Engineering Geology5151
852010Geotechnical properties of silica gelsIskander M.; Sadek S.; Ge L. Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering30
862010Finite element modeling of a field-scale shored mechanically stabilized earth wallChen C.; Ge L. ; Zhang J.Geotechnical Special Publication0
872010Modeling permanent deformation of unbound granular materials under repeated loadsChen C.; Ge L. ; Zhang J.International Journal of Geomechanics2624
882010Investigation of the thermal conductivity of compacted silts and its correlation to the elastic modulusHotz R.; Ge L. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering1510
892010Special issue on modeling in geotechnical engineering for design and materialsTarefder, R.A.; Chen, D.H.; YU-NING GE ; YU-NING GE International Journal of Geomechanics00
902010Evaluation of the Stiffness and Volumetric Behaviors of Medium Dense Sand under Principal Stress RotationsM. R. Mitchell; R. E. Link; Kuang-Tsung Chang; Louis Ge ; Stein StureJournal of Testing and Evaluation32
912010Low Viscosity Pore Fluid to Manufacture Transparent SoilL. D. Suits; T. C. Sheahan; Honghua Zhao; Louis Ge ; Ronaldo LunaGeotech. Test. J.380
922010Seismic centrifuge modelling of earth damsGe, L. ; Bao, Y.; Ni, C.-K.; Ko, H.-Y.Geomechanics and Geoengineering20
932010Evaluation of Compacted Silt Characteristics by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity TestingDesislava Z. Slavova; David M. Weidinger; Adam F. Sevi; Louis Ge GeoFlorida 201030
942009Laboratory evaluation of the briaud compaction deviceWeidinger D.; Ge L. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering87
952009Front MatterLouis Ge ; Jinyuan Liu; James -C. Ni; Zhaoyi HeSlope Stability, Retaining Walls, and Foundations 00
962009Front MatterLouis Ge ; Boming Tang; Weihong Wei; Renpeng ChenSoils and Rock Instrumentation, Behavior, and Modeling 00
972009Ultrasonic pulse velocity tests on compacted soilWeidinger, D.M.; YU-NING GE ; Stephenson, Richard W.Geotechnical Special Publication100
982009A large-scale triaxial apparatus for prototype railroad ballast testingSevi, A.F.; Ge, L. ; Take, W.A.Geotechnical Testing Journal22
992009Modeling resilient modulus of unbound granular materials under repeated loadingChen, C.; Ge, L. ; Zhang, J.S.Geotechnical Special Publication00
1002008Settlement characteristic of beach sands and its evaluationKim T.; Nam J.; Ge L. ; Lee K.Marine Georesources and Geotechnology55
1012008Camera Calibration Using Neural Network for Image-Based Soil Deformation Measurement SystemsL. D. Suits; T. C. Sheahan; Honghua Zhao; Louis Ge Geotechnical Testing Journal100
1022007Dynamic Properties of Transparent SoilHonghua Zhao; Louis Ge Dynamic Response and Soil Properties40
1032007Effects of parallel gradation on strength properties of ballast materialsCambio, D.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication50
1042007Calibration of soil moisture probes in saline conditionsCarr, L.; Sevi, A.; YU-NING GE Geotechnical Special Publication20
1052005Numerical modeling of cyclic mobility in saturated soilBao, Y.; Ge, Y.-N. ; Sture, S.; Ko, H.-Y.Poromechanics III1
1062005Unconstrained optimization and calibration of a kinematic-cyclic plasticity modelBao, Y.; Ge, Y.-N. ; Sture, S.Geotechnical Special Publication3