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12017Application of morlet wavelet in the diagnosis of noise signal characteristics of a wind turbine blade in abnormal operationWang, C.-N.; Tang, Y.-C.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article0
22014The assessment of noise estimation and noise control workChiu, M.-C.; Prasad, M.G.; Chen, K.T.; Wang, C.-N.; Rdzanek, W.P.; CHAO-NAN WANG others0
32014The Assessment of Noise Estimation and Noise Control WorkChiu, Min-Chie; Prasad, M. G.; Chen, K. T.; Wang, Chao-Nan; Rdzanek, Wojciech P.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article0
42013Flow induced aerodynamic noise analysis of perforated tube mufflersWang, C.-N.; Tse, C.-C.; Chen, S.-C.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article4
52012Application of fast multipole method for parallel mufflersWu, C.-H.; Wang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article0
62011Attenuation for the simple expansion chamber muffler with a right angle inletWu, C.-H.; Wang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article4
72010Numerical Analysis of Parallel Perforated Single-Inlet and Double-Outlet Mufflers Using the Transfer FunctionWu, Chien-Ho; Wang, Chao-Nan journal article11
82009Study of the interaction of two acoustical fields and one FRP structure with FEM-BEM coupling analysisKuo, Y.-M.; Lin, H.-J.; Wang, C.-N.; Wang, W.-C.; Chang, C.-L.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article1
92009An application of fast multipole method in analyzing acoustic filtersWu, C.-H.; Wang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article1
102009A network approach for analysis of silencers with/without absorbent materialWang, C.-N.; Wu, C.-H.; Wu, T.-D.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article7
112008Effects of compression on the sound absorption of porous materials with an elastic frameWang, C.-N.; Kuo, Y.-M.; Chen, S.-K.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article19
122008Sound transmission across orthotropic laminates with a 3D modelKuo, Y.-M.; Lin, H.-J.; Wang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article8
132007非等向性材料波傳特性與隔音性能之研究 (新制多年期第2年)王昭男 report
142007Estimating the elastic modulus through the thickness direction of a uni-direction lamina which possesses transverse isotropic propertyKuo, Y.-M.; Lin, H.-J.; Wang, C.-N.; Liao, C.-I.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article3
152007On analysis of passive underwater acoustic damping materialsWang, C.; Tse, C.; Chen, S.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article0
162007Sound transmission loss across specially orthotropic laminatesLin, H.-J.; Wang, C.-N.; Kuo, Y.-M.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article12
172007Characterizing the sound insulation of a specially orthotropic multi-layered mediumLin, H.-J.; Wang, C.-N.; Kuo, Y.-M.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article1
182005Sound field of a baffled sound source covered by an anisotropic rigid-porous materialWang, C.-N.; Cho, H.-M.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article0
192004潛艦關鍵性技術之基礎研究子計畫八:潛艦覆蓋材水中吸音特性之理論分析(2/3)王昭男 report
202003潛艦關鍵性技術之基礎研究子計畫八:潛艦覆蓋材水中吸音特性之理論分析(1/3)王昭男 report
212002多孔質吸音材與隔音障板組合之吸音與隔音特性研究王昭男 report
222001覆蓋多孔質吸音材之活塞音源聲場分析王昭男 report
232001The application of boundary element evaluation on a silencer in the presence of a linear temperature gradientWang, C.-N.; Chen, Y.-N.; Tsai, J.-Y.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article7
242001Experimental study of the absorption characteristics of some porous fibrous materialsWang, C.-N.; Torng, J.-H.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article90
252000多孔質吸音材之吸音特性研究王昭男 report
262000A boundary element analysis for simple expansion silencers with mean flowWang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article6
271999甲醇燃料在汽油引擎上之應用王昭男 report
281999A numerical analysis for perforated muffler components with mean flowWang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article9
291999Numerical decoupling analysis of a resonator with absorbent materialWang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article17
301998具有平均流速之消音器性能分析王昭男 report
311998Boundary integral equation method for evaluating the performance of straight-through resonator with mean flowWang, C.-N.; Liao, C.-Y.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article13
321997船舶水下噪音之分析與消音技術之研究(Ⅲ)─子計畫三:聲波入射至彈性浮體之散射聲場分析王昭男 report
331997A study of active noise cancellation in ductsWang, C.-N.; Tse, C.-C.; Wen, C.-W.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article5
341996有限長度隔音牆性能之探討王昭男 report
351996Boundary element evaluation on the performance of sound absorbing wedges for anechoic chambersWang, C.-N.; Tang, M.-K.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article9
361995A numerical scheme for the analysis of perforated intruding tube muffler componentsWang, C.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article10
371994木材與木質材料之音響性質(二):透過損失之測定與分析王昭男 ; 莊純合; 陳載永; 陳國在; Wang, Chao-Nan ; 莊純合; 陳載永journal article
381994雙互換邊界元素法在內域荷姆茲方程式分析之應用王昭男 report
391994圓形導管中聲波衰減之研究王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋conference paper
401993三維荷姆茲方程式問題之分析:雙互換邊界元素法王昭男 conference paper
411993Analysis of Three Dimensional Muffler with Boundary Element Method王昭男 ; Chen, Yih-Nanjournal article1914
421993A boundary element analysis of a concentric-tube resonatorWang, C.-N.; Tse, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-N.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article16
431992槽孔延伸管型消音器之分析王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 陳義男journal article
441992環形管道系統聲音傳播之研究王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 李仁傑; 王昭男 report
451992單向槽孔延伸管型消音器之分析王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 陳義男conference paper
461992Theoretical prediction of sound propagation in an annular ductWang, C.-N.; Chen, Y.-N.; Tse, C.-C.; CHAO-NAN WANG journal article0
471991Comparison Between Theoretical and Experimental Results for the Partially Perforated Intruding Tube MufflersLuo, H.; 王昭男 ; Luo, H.; Wang, Chao-Nan ; Wang, Chao-Nan conference paper
481991複合材料結構音場偶合分析王昭男 ; 李雅榮; 林輝政; 王昭男 ; 李雅榮report
491990木材與木質材料之音響性質:隔音性之測定與分析陳國在; 莊純合; 陳載永; 王昭男 ; Wang, Chao-Nan journal article
501990圓形導管中聲波衰減之研究王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 陳義男journal article
511990Theoretical Prediction of Sound Propagation in Annular Duct王昭男 ; Tse, Chuan-Chengjournal article
521990直通式反應型消音器傳輸損失之探討(二)王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 羅浩; 廖建義; 王昭男 ; 陳義男; 羅浩report
531988邊界元素法於單膨脹管傳輸損失分析之應用王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋conference paper
541988直通式反應型消音器傳輸損失之探討(一)王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 羅浩; 廖建義; 羅浩; 廖建義report
551988圓形導管中聲波衰減之研究王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 王昭男 report
561987變截面環形管道聲音傳播之研究王昭男 ; 陳義男; 謝傳璋; 李仁傑; 王昭男 report