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12011Focal point tracking system for concentration solar power collectionJIA-YUSH YEN ; Yeh, Pei-Ying; Yen, Po-Ching; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Liu, Pei-Ling ; Wu, Chia-Ling ; Peng, Ching-Yujournal article77
22010Three-dimensional phononic nanocrystal composed of ordered quantum dotsCHI-KUANG SUN ; Wen, Yu-Chieh; Sun, Jia-Hong; Dais, Christian; Gr?tzmacher, Detlev; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Shi, Jin-Wei; Sun, Chi-Kuang journal article2524
32009A room temperature surface acoustic wave hydrogen sensor with Pt coated ZnO nanorodsHuang, Fu-Chun; Chen, Yung-Yu; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 9285
42009A Lamb Wave Source Based on the Resonant Cavity of Phononic-Crystal PlatesSun, Jia-Hong; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 2119
52008Directional Enhanced Acoustic Radiation Caused by A Point Cavity in A Finite-size Two-dimensional Phononic CrystalHsu, Feng-Chia; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Hsu, Jin-Chen; Sun, Jia-Hong1615
62008與CMOS製程相容之寬頻層狀表面聲波濾波器之研製與應用(3/3)吳政忠 report
720082006年全國中學生力學競賽吳政忠 report
82008二維聲子晶體平板板波頻溝之理論與實驗研究 (新制多年期第1年)吳政忠 report
92008無線射頻辨識系統用表面聲波標籤之研製 (新制多年期第1年)吳政忠 report
102008Calculations of Lamb Wave Band Gaps and Dispersions for Piezoelectric Phononic Plates Using Mindlins Theory-based Plane Wave Expansion MethodHsu, Jin-Chen; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 1210
112008Evidence of complete band gap and resonances in a plate with periodic stubbed surfaceWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Huang, Zi-Gui; Tsai, Tzu-Chin; Wu, Tzung-Chen217191
122008A high sensitivity nanomaterial based SAW humidity sensorWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Yung-Yu; Chou, Tai-Hsu6347
132007無線射頻辨識系統用表面聲波標籤之研製 (新制多年期第2年)吳政忠 report
142007前瞻優質生活環境專案深耕計畫吳政忠 report
152007Improved Frequency Responses of SAW Filters with Interdigitated Interdigital Transducers on ZnO/Diamond/Si Layered StructureLin, Chih-Ming; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Yung-Yu; Chou, Tsung-Tai07
162007Propagation of acoustic waves in phononic-crystal plates and waveguides using a finite-difference time-domain methodSun, Jia-Hong; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 141131
172007Lamb Waves in Binary Locally Resonant Phononic Plates with Two-Dimensional LatticesHsu, Jin-Chen; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 132119
182006Bleustein-Gulyaev-Shimizu Surface Acoustic Waves in Two-Dimensional Piezoelectric Phononic CrystalsHsu, Jin-Chen; Wu, Tsung-Tsong text
192006Three-dimensional phononic band gap calculations using the FDTD method and a PC cluster systemHsieh, Po-Feng; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Sun, Jia-Hong8675
202006A novel weighted method for layered SAW filters using slanted finger interdigital transducersLin, Chih-Ming; Chen, Yung-Yu; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 1212
212006Bleustein-Gulyaev-Shimizu Surface Acoustic Waves in Two-Dimensional Piezoelectric Phononic CrystalsHsu, Jin-Chen; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 4137
222006Propagation of surface acoustic waves through sharply bent two-dimensional phononic crystal waveguides using a finite-difference time-domain methodSun, Jia-Hong; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 132123
232006Efficient formulation for band-structure calculations of two-dimensional phononic-crystal platesHsu, Jin-Chen; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 149137
242006Design of a highly magnified directional acoustic source based on the resonant cavity of two-dimensional phononic crystalsWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Hsu, Chung-Hao; Sun, Jia-Hong3936
252006Numerical simulation and experimental study of Parallel Seismic test for pilesLiao, Shu-Tao; Tong, Jian-Hua; Chen, Cheng-Hao; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 3625
262006Establishing a K-12 Nanotechnology Program for Teacher Professional DevelopmentLee, Chih-Kuan; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Liu, Pei-Ling ; Hsu, S.1416
272005航空、太空學門研究發展及推動小組(3/3)吳政忠 report
282005微型週期性結構聲波頻溝理論分析與微機電實驗(2/2)吳政忠 report
292005與CMOS製程相容之寬頻層狀表面聲波濾波器之研製與應用(1/3)吳政忠 report
302005Band gaps and the electromechanical coupling coefficient of a surface acoustic wave in a two-dimensional piezoelectric phononic crystalWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Hsu, Zin-Chen; Huang, Zi-Gui9284
312005Analyses of mode coupling in joined parallel phononic crystal waveguidesSun, Jia-Hong; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 7169
322005Surface acoustic wave band gaps in micro-machined air/silicon phononic structures-theoretical calculation and experimentWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Huang, Zi-Gui; Liu, Shih-Yang
332005Frequency Response of a Focused SAW Device Based on Concentric Wave Surfaces: Simulation and ExperimentWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Tang, He-Tai; Chen, Yung-Yu108
342005Temperature effect on the bandgaps of surface and bulk acoustic waves in two-dimensional phononic crystalsHuang, Zi-Gui; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 5045
352005Evaluation of elastic properties of submicrometer thin films using slanted finger interdigital transducersWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Yung-Yu; Huang, Guo-Tsai; Chang, Pei-Zen 98
362005Actuating and detecting of microdroplet using slanted finger interdigital transducersWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chang, I-Hsiang3631
372005Analysis and Design of Focused Interdigital TransducersWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Tang, He-Tai; Chen, Yung-Yu; Liu, Pei-Ling 3836
382004Tunable phononic band gaps of surface and bulk acoustic waves in two-dimensional phononic crystalsWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Huang, Zi-Guitext00
392004層狀表面聲波濾波器之分析與製造(Ⅲ)吳政忠 report
402004微型週期性結構聲波頻溝理論分析與微機電實驗(1/2)吳政忠 report
412004Surface and bulk acoustic waves in two-dimensional phononic crystal consisting of materials with general anisotropyWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Huang, Zi-Gui; Lin, S. 253233
422004A Novel Method for Evaluating the Thickness of Silicon Membrane Using a Micromachined Acoustic Wave SensorLee, Chi-Yuan; Cheng, Ying-Chou ; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Yung-Yu; Chen, Wen-Jong; Pao, Shih-Yung; Chang, Pei-Zen ; Chen, Ping-Hei ; Yen, Kai-Hsiang; Xiao, Fu-Yuanjournal article1
432004In-situ Monitoring of Silicon Membrane Thickness during Wet Etching Using a SAW SensorLee, Chi-Yuan; Cheng, Ying-Chou ; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Yung-Yu; Chen, Wen-Jong; Pao, Shih-Yung; Chang, Pei-Zen ; Chen, Ping-Hei journal article
442004Analysis of the frequency response of a dispersive IDT/ZnO/sapphire SAW filter using effective permittivity and the coupling of modes modelChen, Yung-Yu; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chou, Tsung-Tai2118
452004An experimental study on the ZnO/Sapphire layered surface acoustic wave deviceWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Wang, Wei-Shan4339
462004Level repulsions of bulk acoustic waves in composite materialsWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Huang, Zi-Gui4238
472004In Situ Monitoring of Silicon Membrane Thickness during Wet Etching using a Surface Acoustic Wave SensorLee, Chi-Yuan; Cheng, Ying-Chou; Chen, Yung-Yu; Chang, Pei-Zen ; Wu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Ping-Hei; Chen, Wen-Jong; Pao, Shih-Yung21
482004航空、太空學門研究發展及推動小組(2/3)吳政忠 report
492003航空、太空學門研究發展及推動小組(1/3)吳政忠 report
502003微型週期性結構表面聲波頻溝理論分析與微機電實驗初探吳政忠 report
512003層狀表面聲波濾波器之分析與製造(Ⅱ)吳政忠 report
5220032003 年全國中學生力學競賽吳政忠 report
532002層狀表面聲波濾波器之分析與製造(I)吳政忠 report
542002高頻壓電振盪濾波器之分析與量測吳政忠 report
552002二00二全國中學生力學競賽吳政忠 report
562002Exact analysis of dispersive SAW devices on ZnO/Diamond/Si layered structuresWu, Tsung-Tsong ; Chen, Yung-Yu
572001表面聲波感測系統研製及生醫液體粘滯性量測吳政忠 report
582001引擎葉片高溫絕熱塗層之雷射超音波非破壞檢測吳政忠 report
592001國科會北區微機電系統研究中心結案報告吳政忠 report
602001Scan of surface-opening cracks in reinforced concrete using transient elastic wavesLiu, P. -L.; Lee, K. -H.; Wu, T. -T.; Kuo, M. -K.; LiuPL ; LeeKHWuTT ; KuoMK 2222
612001國科會北區微機電系統研究中心(Ⅱ)吳政忠 report
622000表面聲波感測系統研製及生醫液體粘滯性量測吳政忠 report
632000表面鍍層非破壞檢測技術研發吳政忠 report
642000震災後混凝土結構檢測技術之開發總計畫吳政忠 report
652000On the study of elastic wave scattering and Rayleigh wave velocity measurement of concrete with steel barWu, T. -T.; Sun, J. -H.; Tong, J. -H.; WuTT 107
661999表面聲波感測系統研製及生醫液體粘滯性量測吳政忠 report
671999震災後混凝土結構檢測技術之開發子計畫:鋼筋混凝土樑品質與損傷非破壞檢測吳政忠 report
681999Inverse determinations of thickness and elastic properties of a bonding layer using laser-generated surface wavesWu, T. -T.; Liu, Y. -H.; WuTT 5857
691999表面鍍層非破壞檢測技術研發吳政忠 report
701998Advancement on the nondestructive evaluation of concrete using transient elastic wavesWu, T. -T.; Liu, P. -L.; WuTT 1410
711998第五屆力學教學研討會-力學教學與現代科技吳政忠 report
721998鋼筋混凝土結構非破壞檢測─鋼筋混凝圭結構非破壞檢測吳政忠 report
731998表面鍍層非破壞檢測技術研發吳政忠 report
741997八十五年度國科會環發計畫成果發表會吳政忠 report
751996波動非破壞檢測技術在混凝土結構之應用-裂縫偵測─波動非破壞檢測技術在混凝土結構之應用-裂縫偵測─混凝土波動量測系統之研製及裂縫偵測吳政忠 report
761996Dispersion of laser generated surface waves in an epoxy-bonded layered mediumWu, T. -T.; Chen, Y. -C.; WuTT ; LiuPL 1919
771996Imaging of surface-breaking concrete cracks using transient elastic wavesLiu, Pei-Ling ; Tsai, Chong-Dao; Wu, Tsung-Tsong 37
781996震測影像處理及類神經網路在混凝土裂縫偵測之應用吳政忠 ; 劉佩玲 report
791996雷射超音波在層狀介質非破壞檢測之研究吳政忠 report
801995─波動非破壞檢測技術在混凝土結構裂縫偵測之應用(I)-子計畫一:混凝土波動量測系統之研製及裂縫吳政忠 report
811995SAE 4130鋼板銲接殘留應力之非破壞評估吳政忠 report
821995波動理論之正算與反算於混凝土裂縫偵測之應用(I)吳政忠 ; 郭茂坤 report
831994On the Measurement of Concrete Elastic Constants Using Transient Elastic Waves吳政忠 ; Fang, J. S.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Fang, J. S.conference paper
841994Nondestructive Evaluation of Surface-Breaking Cracks in Concrete Using Transient Elastic Waves吳政忠 ; Fang, J. S.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Fang, J. S.conference paper
851994Measurement of Acoustic Velocity of Liquid Using the Secondary Oscillation of V(z) Curve in Acoustic Microscopy吳政忠 ; Chai, J. F.; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper
861994Proceedings of the 1994 Far East Conference on Nondestructive TestingChen, W. H.; 吳政忠 ; 吳光鐘 ; Chen, W. H.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Wu, Kuang-Chong conference paper
871994非等向材料和壓電晶體之表面波傳 : 理論與實驗吳政忠 report
881993暫態彈性波在非破壞檢測之發展與應用馬劍清 ; 吳政忠 report
891993非破壞檢測人才培育及大學教材編訂研究馬劍清 ; 陳文咸; 吳政忠 ; 章明; 王仲宇; 朱時梁; 李家駒; 章明; 朱時梁; 李家駒report
901993波傳反算震測法之研究鮑亦興; 劉佩玲 ; 王乾盈; 吳政忠 ; 張建成; Liu, Pei-Ling ; 王乾盈report
911993腿骨之超音波影像掃描及波速量測吳政忠 ; 柴駿甫; 詹永嬌; 詹永嬌conference paper
921993Determinations of Anisotropic Elastic Constants Using Laser Generated Surface Waves吳政忠 ; Chai, J. F.; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper
931993Transient Elastic Waves in a Bimaterial Anisotropic Plate吳政忠 ; Kuo, C. L.; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper
941993Evaluation of Welding Residual Stresses in a Thin Steel Plate Using Ultrasonic Technique吳政忠 ; Fang, J. S.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Fang, J. S.
951992Calibration of Conical Transducers in Seismic Model Tests劉佩玲 ; Song, T. H.; 吳政忠 ; Liu, Pei-Ling ; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper
961992以超音波量測陶瓷材料孔隙比之初步研究吳政忠 ; 柴駿甫; 莊東漢 ; 柴駿甫; Chuang, Tung-Han conference paper
971992非等向體表面波傳之理論與實驗分析吳政忠 ; 柴駿甫; 柴駿甫conference paper
981992Determination of Principal Shear Wave Polarization and Ultrasonic Stress Measurement吳政忠 ; Fang, J. S.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Fang, J. S.conference paper
991992Vibration Arthrography of the Knee吳政忠 ; Jiang, C. C.; Liu Y. R.; Liu, C. S.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Jiang, C. C.conference paper
1001992Surface Waves in Anisotropic Solids:Theoretical Calculation and Experiment吳政忠 ; Chai, J. F.; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper
1011992金屬薄板之超音波極圖吳政忠 ; 程廣財conference paper
1021992On the Application of Transient Elastic Waves in the NDE of Materials吳政忠 ; Gong, J. H.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Gong, J. H.conference paper
1031992Acoustic Emission Waves in Heterogeneous Media and Its Applications to the NDE Problems吳政忠 ; Gong, J. H.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Gong, J. H.
1041992Calibration of Conical Transducers in Seismic Model Tests吳政忠 ; 劉佩玲 ; Song, T. H.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Liu, Pei-Ling 
1051991以反射震測法偵測深層地下孔穴之可行性分析鮑亦興; 劉佩玲 ; 郭茂坤 ; 吳政忠 ; 張建成(Chang, Chien-Cheng); Liu, Pei-Ling ; Kuo, Mao-Kuen report
1061991吸收型邊界條件在彈性波傳之運用吳政忠 ; 龔俊宏conference paper
1071991以超音波與量測銲接殘留應力吳政忠 ; 方金壽; 方金壽conference paper
1081991橫向剪力波在複材薄板內的傳播吳政忠 ; 柴駿甫; 黃鼎貴; 柴駿甫conference paper
1091991音射實驗語音射波源之反算吳政忠 ; 劉季宇; 郭茂坤 ; Kuo, Mao-Kuen conference paper
1101991Evaluation of Inhomogeneous Plane Stress Fields Using Ultrasonic Techique吳政忠 ; Zran, L. A.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Zran, L. A.conference paper
1111991複材層板之超聲波非破壞評估吳政忠 report
1121991Ultrasonic Testing of Intrinsic Defects in Ceramics韋文誠 ; Chang, L. S.; Chuang, T. H.; 吳政忠 ; Wei, Wen-Cheng ; Chuang, T. H.; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper
1131991Ultrasonic Measurement of Slight Anisotropy in Cold-Rolled Aluminum Plate吳政忠 ; Ho, Z. H.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Ho, Z. H.
1141990Acoustoelasticity and Its Application to Measurement of Residual Stress吳政忠 ; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Pao, Yih-Hsingconference paper
1151990A Study of Acoustic Emission Waves in Double-Layered Composite Plates吳政忠 ; Kou, C. L.; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Kou, C. L.conference paper
1161989材料行質之超聲波非破壞性評估吳政忠 ; 何榮煌; 何榮煌conference paper
1171989非等向性平板之彈性波傳:兩種數值方法之比較吳政忠 ; 李永春conference paper
1181989塑性變形體之聲彈性效應研究吳政忠 ; 林志明conference paper
1191988A Study of Formulations of Incremental Deformation of Continuous Body吳政忠 ; Wu, Tsang-Tsong; Pao, Yih-Hsingconference paper
1201988A New Ultrasonic Velocity Measuring System Using the Digital-Peak-Recovering Technique吳政忠 ; Lin, B. W.; Wu, Tsang-Tsongconference paper