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12019Classification and Prediction of Dripping Drop Size for a Wide Range of Nozzles by Wetting DiameterTsai, Pei-Hsun; AN-BANG WANG journal article
22015A photo-sensitive piezoelectric composite material of poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) and titanium oxide phthalocyanineAN-BANG WANG ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
32015Numerical study of nozzle design for the hybrid synthetic jet actuatorAN-BANG WANG journal article
42014Development of a photoresponsive and electrostrictive material from P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) and TiOPc compositeAN-BANG WANG ; CHIH-TING LIN conference paper
52014Western blotting by thin-film direct coatingSHIH-CHUNG CHANG ; AN-BANG WANG journal article
62014Development of a novel pattern-coating technology -"Air-Bubble Coating"-for the manufacture of OLED devicesAN-BANG WANG conference paper
72014Laminar vortex shedding behind a cooled circular cylinderAN-BANG WANG journal article
82013Photoconductive piezoelectric polymer made from a composite of P(VDF-TrFE) and TiOPcAN-BANG WANG ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
92013Comparison of double-acting and single-acting synthetic jetsAN-BANG WANG journal article
102013Holographic-interferometric and thermoanemometric study of a thermoacoustic prime moverAN-BANG WANG journal article
112013Do we understand the bubble formation by a single drop impacting upon liquid surface?AN-BANG WANG journal article
122012The onset of oblique vortex shedding behind a heated circular cylinder in laminar wake regimeAN-BANG WANG journal article
132012Unveiling the missing transport mechanism inside the valveless micropumpAN-BANG WANG journal article
142012Temporal and spatial temperature distribution in the glabrous skin of rats induced by short-pulse CO2 laserAN-BANG WANG ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
152012Development of a photoconductive piezoelectronic material from composite of P(VDF-TrFE) and TiOPcAN-BANG WANG ; CHIH-TING LIN conference paper
162012On normal modes of vibrating 1-D mechanical systems with discontinuous propertiesAN-BANG WANG journal article
172012Student evaluation of teaching effectiveness of a nationwide innovative education program on image display technologyAN-BANG WANG journal article
182012The performance of hexagonally arranged hybrid synthetic jetsAN-BANG WANG journal article
192011Effective pressure and bubble generation in a microfluidic T-junctionWang, An-Bang ; AN-BANG WANG ; Lin, I-Chun; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Hsieh, Yu-Wen; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Wu, Guan-Weijournal article
202011Investigation of the resonant phenomenon of flow around a vibrating cylinder in a subcritical regimeAN-BANG WANG ; Chen, Shih-Sheng; Yen, Ruey-Hor; Wang, An-Bang journal article
212011On the effective temperature and Reynolds number concept for a heated circular cylinder: Commentary of the article by Baranyi et alAN-BANG WANG journal article
222011Integrating single-point vibrometer and full-field electronic speckle pattern interferometer to evaluate a micro-speakerAN-BANG WANG conference paper
232011A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process and its application in DNA recombinationCHII-WANN LIN ; Wang, An-Bang ; Cheng, Chia-Wei; AN-BANG WANG ; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Lin, I-Chun; Lu, Fei-Yau; Tsai, Huai-Jen; Lin, Chiu-Chun; Yang, Chun-Hui; Pan, Po-Ting; Kuan, Chen-Chi; Chen, Yen-Chih; Lin, Yi-Wei; Chang, Chih-Ning; Wu, Yi-Hung; Kurniawan, Tetuko; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Wo, Andrew M.; Chen, Lin-Chi journal article
242010Multichannel development for the air-bubble coatingLin, I-Chun; Wang, An-Bang ; Wu, Guan-Wei; Shih, Wen-Pin conference paper
252010Development of a capillary coating technology with on-line detecting system and its application for silver conductive circuit patterningAN-BANG WANG conference paper
262009The optical viscometer based on the vibrating fiber partially submerged in fluidAN-BANG WANG journal article
272009Thickness dependence of nanofilm elastic modulusAN-BANG WANG journal article
282008微型複動式合成噴流致動裝置之研究(2/3)王安邦 report
292008跨領域科技教育平台-影像顯示及光機電科技子計畫王安邦 report
302008新式微型光學式黏度計之分析設計 (新制多年期第1年)王安邦 report
312008On the forced vibration of the fiber partially immersed in fluidFedorchenko, AI; AN-BANG WANG ; Stachiv, I; Joe, N; Ho, A.; Wang, Bang; Wang, W. Chihjournal article
322008Optical viscosity sensor based on the partially immersed fiber vibrationsAN-BANG WANG conference paper
332008Fundamental frequencies of mechanical systems with N-piecewise constant propertiesAN-BANG WANG journal article
342007微型複動式合成噴流致動裝置之研究(3/3)王安邦 report
352007新式微型光學式黏度計之分析設計 (新制多年期第2年)王安邦 report
362007跨領域科技教育平台計畫-跨領域科技教育平台計畫 - 影像顯示及光機電科技教育平台(3/4)王安邦 report
372007Micro-viscometer based on electrowetting on dielectricLin, Yan-You; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Wang, An-Bang journal article
382007On the transitional wake behind a heated circular cylinderAN-BANG WANG journal article
392007Strain on wrinkled bilayer thin filmAN-BANG WANG journal article
402007Non-equilibrium solidification of the molten metal droplets impacting on a solid surfaceFedorchenko, A.I.; Wang, An-Bang 
412007On the effective temperature concept in the problem of laminar vortex shedding behind a heated circular cylinderAN-BANG WANG journal article
422006Strain-induced wrinkling on SiGe free standing filmFedorchenko, Alexander I.; Wang, An-Bang ; Mashanov, Vladimir I.; Huang, Wu-Ping; Cheng, Henry H.
432005噴滴印刷快速固化成型之新技術研究(3/3)王安邦 report
442005Wrinkling of a debonded initially compressed Si1-xGex filmAN-BANG WANG journal article
452005Effect of capillary and viscous forces on spreading of a liquid drop impinging on a solid surfaceFedorchenko, Alexander I.; Wang, An-Bang ; Wang, Yi-Hua
462005Enhancement of synthetic jets by means of an integrated valve-less pump: Part II. Numerical and experimental studiesTr?vn??ek, Zden?k; Tesa?, V?clav; Wang, An-Bang 
472005雙偏極化干涉術-生物分子奈米量測林雲漢; 陳吉良; 王裕銘; 王安邦; 黃榮山; 李世光; 林世明; 林雲漢; 陳吉良; 王裕銘; 王安邦 ; 黃榮山; 李世光
482005Enhancement of synthetic jets by means of an integrated valve-less pump: Part I. Design of the actuatorTr?vn??ek, Zden?k; Fedorchenko, Alexander I.; Wang, An-Bang 
492005Pattern analysis of a single droplet impinging onto a heated plateAN-BANG WANG journal article
502004噴滴印刷快速固化成型之新技術研究(2/3)王安邦 report
512004On some common features of drop impact on liquid surfacesFedorchenko, Alexander I.; Wang, An-Bang 
522004The formation and dynamics of a blob on free and wall sheets induced by a drop impact on surfacesFedorchenko, Alexander I.; Wang, An-Bang 
532004Study about the taboo of rotation timing for the flapping wingAN-BANG WANG journal article
542004Withdrawal of a conical pin from a pool of liquidAN-BANG WANG journal article
552004From an integrated biochip detection system to a defensive weapon against the SARS-CoV virus: OBMorphAN-BANG WANG conference paper
562004Withdrawal of a Conical Pin from a Pool of LiquidWang, A.-B.; Chen, Y.-S.; Wu, Y.-J.; Sung, J.-Y.; Yarin, A. L.; WangAB 
572004Experimental and numerical study of the separation angle for flow around a circular cylinder at low Reynolds numberWu, Ming-Hsun; Wen, Chin-Yung; Yen, Ruey-Hor; Weng, Ming-Cheng; Wang, An-Bang 
582003熱鈍體之尾流控制與物理機制分析(3/3)王安邦 report
592003噴滴印刷快速固化成型之新技術研究(1/3)王安邦 report
602002液滴與液體介面交互作用之模態分析王安邦 report
612002熱鈍體之尾流控制與物理機制分析(2/3)王安邦 report
622001熱鈍體尾流之控制與物理機制分析(I)王安邦 report
632001液滴撞擊液體介面之模態分析王安邦 report
642001On the linear heat transfer correlation of a heated circular cylinder in laminar crossflow using a new representative temperature conceptWang, An-Bang ; Tr?vn??ek, Zden?k
652000液滴撞擊液膜之模態控制與分析王安邦 report
662000鈍體分離尾流之回饋控制(III)王安邦 report
672000Effects of unequal injections on a laminar swirling flow in a pipe with dual-tangential-entriesAN-BANG WANG journal article
682000On the relationship of effective Reynolds number and Strouhal number for the laminar vortex shedding of a heated circular cylinderAN-BANG WANG journal article
692000The critical temperature of dry impact for tiny droplet impinging on a heated surfaceAN-BANG WANG journal article
702000Splashing impact of a single drop onto very thin liquid filmsAN-BANG WANG journal article
711999微小液滴撞擊加熱平板之模態分析王安邦 report
721999分離流引致之非穩定性與控制─子計畫二:鈍體分離尾流之回饋控制(2/3)王安邦 report
731998抑制圓柱中渦漩剝離現象之寬頻元素法模擬分析周明德; 顏瑞和; 王安邦 journal article
741998分離流引致之非穩定性與控制(I)─子計畫二:鈍體分離尾流之回饋控制王安邦 report
751998高精密機械定位平台─子計畫三:回饋控制空氣軸承(III)王安邦 report
761997分離流引致振動之抑制機構研究(II)王安邦 report
771996高效能低價位之廢氣半乾式脫硫技術開發研究王安邦 report
781996迴饋控制空氣軸承(I)王安邦 ; 張培仁 report
791995分離流引致之振動與控制─分離流引致之振動與控制-子計畫三:分離流引致振動之抑制機構研究王安邦 report
801994Low-Turbulence Closed-Return Wind-Tunnel:Design and Model Test王安邦 ; Chen, H. P.; Wang, An-Bang ; Chen, H. P.conference paper
811994Design and Arrangement of Turning Vanes in the Corner of Low Speed Wind-Tunnels王安邦 ; Chen, H. P.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
821994入口紊流強度對燃燒室噴霧流場之效應研究王安邦 report
831994燃燒室內高效率混合機構之實驗與數值研究王安邦 report
841994Experimental and Numerical Investigations of High Efficient Mixing Mechanism in a Combustion ChamberWang, An-Bang report
851994New Mechanism of Swirl Generation in Combustion ChamberWang, An-Bang report
861994Investigations of Flow-Field for Sudden-Expansion Pipe with Transverse Side-Flows王安邦 ; Jow, S. P.; Lin, C. C.; Wang, An-Bang ; Jow, S. P.conference paper
871993Experimental Investigations of Axisymmetric Sudden-Expansion Pipe Flow with Thermal Perturbations王安邦 ; Lin, C. C.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
881993Flow-Field of Sudden-Expansion Pipe with Transverse Side-Flows.王安邦 ; Jow, S. P.; Lin, C. C.; Wang, An-Bang ; Jow, S. P.; Lin, C. C.conference paper
891993On the Reattachment Length of Turbulent Pipe Flows with Ring-Typed ObstacleDurst, F.; 王安邦 ; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
901993Selection of Velocity Scale and Effects of Reynolds Number on Axisymmetric Sudden-Expansion FlowsWang, An-Bang ; Durst, F.
911993Turning Vanes for Low Speed Wind Tunnels:Design and ComputationsWo, A. M.; Wang, An-Bang ; Liou, S. C.
921993Flow Separation in a Combustion Chamber with and without Perturbation.Wang, An-Bang report
931992Experimental Investigations of Pipe Jet with and without Transverse Perturbation王安邦 ; Lin, C. C.; Wang, An-Bang ; Lin, C. C.conference paper
941992Selection of Velocity Scale and Effects of Reynolds Number in Axisymmetric Sudden-Expansion Flows王安邦 ; Durst, F.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
951992Turning Vanes for Low Speed Wind Tunnels:Design and ComputationsWo, A. M.; Liou, S. C.; 王安邦 ; Wo, A. M.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
961989Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Axisymmetric, Turbulent Pipe Flow Over a Wall-Mounted Thin ObstacleDurst, F.; 王安邦 ; Durst, F.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
971989Similarity Phenomena and Computations of the Flow Through an Axisymmetric Ring-Type Obstacle Attached to a Pipe WallDurst, F.; 王安邦 ; Founti, M.; Durst, F.; Wang, An-Bang ; Founti, M.conference paper
981988Turbulent Flow Over Two-Dimensional, Surface-Mounted Obstacles:Plane an Axisymmetric GeometriesDimazcek, G.; Tropea, C.; 王安邦 ; Tropea, C.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper
991987Experimental Investigation of the Flow Through an Axisymmetric ConstrictionDurst, F.; Founti, M.; 王安邦 ; Founti, M.; Wang, An-Bang conference paper