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12015Finite element modeling of electrically rectified piezoelectric energy harvestersYI-CHUNG SHU journal article2522
22015Wideband energy harvesting by multiple piezoelectric oscillators with An Sece interfaceYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper20
32014Design of rectified piezoelectric power generators by finite element methodsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper00
42014Finite element modeling of piezoelectric energy harvestersYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper10
52013Strain actuation of barium titanate single crystals under electromechanical loading in the non-polar [110] directionYI-CHUNG SHU journal article22
62013Phase-field modeling of martensitic microstructure with inhomogeneous elasticityYI-CHUNG SHU journal article43
72013Piezoelectric array of oscillators with respective electrical rectificationYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper50
82013Analysis of an array of piezoelectric energy harvesters connected in seriesYI-CHUNG SHU journal article5148
92012Strain actuation behavior of barium titanate single crystal loaded electromechanically in non-variant [110] directionYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper00
102012Series connection of multiple piezoelectric oscillatorsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper20
112012A sharp interface model of compatible twin patterns in shape memory alloysYI-CHUNG SHU journal article46
122012Unconventional phase field simulations of transforming materials with evolving microstructuresYI-CHUNG SHU journal article1716
132012Array of piezoelectric energy harvesting by the equivalent impedance approachYI-CHUNG SHU journal article8375
142012Multiple piezoelectric energy harvesters connected to different interface circuitsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper30
152011Investigation of nanodomain pattern and piezoelectric behavior of mixed phases in epitaxial BiFeO3 filmsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article88
162011Phase-field simulation of magnetoelastic couplings in ferromagnetic shape memory alloysYI-CHUNG SHU journal article4038
172011A model of compatible twin patterns in shape memory alloysYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper1
182011Array of piezoelectric energy harvestersYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper130
192010Revisit of series-SSHI with comparisons to other interfacing circuits in piezoelectric energy harvestingYI-CHUNG SHU ; Lien, I.C.; Shu, Y.C.; Wu, W.J.; Shiu, S.M.; Lin, H.C.journal article110100
202010Continuum theory and phase-field simulation of magnetoelectric effects in multiferroic bismuth ferriteYI-CHUNG SHU journal article3028
212010Austenite-martensite interface in shape memory alloysYI-CHUNG SHU journal article3533
222010Domain pattern and piezoelectric response across polymorphic phase transition in strained bismuth ferrite filmsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article1514
232009Performance evaluation of vibration-based piezoelectric energy scavengersYI-CHUNG SHU book160
242009Hysteresis behaviors of barium titanate single crystals based on the operation of multiple 90° switching systemsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article1718
252009Comparisons between parallel- and series-SSHI interfaces adopted by piezoelectric energy harvesting systemsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper40
262009A temperature-dependent study on the polarization-free straining of barium titanate single crystalsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article33
272008壓電元件振動能量擷取之分析研究 (新制多年期第1年)舒貽忠 report
282008新的形狀記憶合金之研究-子計畫四:以微力學模擬新的形狀記憶合金特性之研究(3/3)舒貽忠 report
292008A study of electromechanical switching in ferroelectric single crystalsYI-CHUNG SHU ; Yen, J. H.; Shu, Y. C.; Shieh, J.; Yeh, J. H.journal article4134
302008The magnetoelectric domains and cross-field switching in multiferroic BiFeO3YI-CHUNG SHU journal article3130
312008Magnetoelastic domains and magnetic field-induced strains in ferromagnetic shape memory alloys by phase-field simulationYI-CHUNG SHU journal article3127
322008Constrained modeling of domain patterns in rhombohedral ferroelectricsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article4237
332008Polarization-free straining of barium titanate single crystalsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper10
342008Novel phase-field simulation of microstructure in martensitic materialsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper00
352008Constrained Modeling of Domain Patterns in Rhombohedral FerroelectricsShu, Y. C.; Yen, J. H.; Chen, H. Z.; Li, J. Y.; Li, L. J.; ShuYC 4237
362008Multivariant model of martensitic microstructure in thin filmsShu, Y. C.; Yen, J. H.; ShuYC 3333
372007磁致伸縮材料微磁學數值模擬之研究(2/2)舒貽忠 report
382007新的形狀記憶合金之研究-以微力學模擬新的形狀記憶合金特性之研究(2/3)舒貽忠 report
392007Pattern Formation in Martensitic Thin FilmsShu, Y. C.; Yen, J. H.; ShuYC 2121
402007An improved analysis of the SSHI interface in piezoelectric energy harvestingShu, Y. C.; Lien, I. C.; Wu, W. J.; ShuYC 243219
412007Operation of multiple 90° switching systems in barium titanate single crystals under electromechanical loadingYI-CHUNG SHU journal article1818
422007Pattern formation in martensitic thin filmsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article2121
432007A comparison between the standard and SSHI interfaces used in piezoelectric power harvestingYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper40
442007An improved analysis of the SSHI interface in piezoelectric energy harvestingYI-CHUNG SHU journal article243219
452007Effect of depolarization and coercivity on actuation strains due to domain switching in barium titanateShu, Y. C.; YI-CHUNG SHU ; Yen, J. H.; Hsieh, J.; Yeh, J. H.journal article2221
462006Analysis of Power Output for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting SystemsShu, Y. C.; Lien, I. C.; ShuYC 553471
472006Efficiency of Energy Conversion for a Piezoelectric Power Harvesting SystemShu, Y. C.; Lien, I. C.; ShuYC 247212
482006Efficiency of energy conversion for a piezoelectric power harvesting systemYI-CHUNG SHU journal article247212
492006Steady state response of a piezoelectric power harvesting systemYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper00
502006Efficiency of a piezoelectric power harvesting systemYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper0
512006Analysis of power output for piezoelectric energy harvesting systemsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article553471
522006Hysteresis behaviors of barium titanate single crystals under stress and electric fieldYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper0
532005形狀記憶微泵的模型、特性與製程之開發研究(3/3)舒貽忠 report
542004Micromagnetic modeling of magnetostrictive materials under intrinsic stressShu, Y. C.; Lin, M. P.; Wu, K. C.; ShuYC ; WuKC 6664
552004形狀記憶合金驅動之微形幫浦舒貽忠 report
562003形狀記憶微泵的模型、特性與製程之開發研究(1/3)舒貽忠 report
572002合金薄膜形態變化之穩定分析舒貽忠 report
582002強鐵性材料大應變之開發研究 (2/2)舒貽忠 report
592002Strain relaxation in an alloy film with a rough free surfaceYI-CHUNG SHU journal article44
602002Shape-memory micropumpsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article2622
612002Pressurized shape-memory micropumpsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper00
622002Strain Relaxation in an Alloy Film with a Rough Free SurfaceShu, Y. C.; ShuYC 44
632001Domain patterns and macroscopic behaviour of ferroelectric materialsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article181157
642001Domain Patterns and Macroscopic Behavior of Ferroelectric MaterialsShu, Y. C.; Bhattacharya, K.; ShuYC 
652001強鐵性材料大應變之開發研究(1/2)舒貽忠 report
662000Heterogeneous thin films of martensitic materialsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article6160
672000Heterogeneous thin films of martensitic materials with application to large strain microactuatorsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper0
682000Heterogeneous Thin Films of Martensitic MaterialsShu, Y. C.; ShuYC 6160
691998The influence of texture on the shape-memory effect in polycrystalsYI-CHUNG SHU journal article145134
701993On a class of conservation laws for linearized and nonlinear elastic dielectricsYI-CHUNG SHU conference paper2