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12015A high-speed high-accuracy voltage-to-time-difference converter for time domain analog-to-digital convertersHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
22015Design and Evaluation of an Open-Loop Receiver for TWSTFT ApplicationsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article1413
32015Demosaicing using subband-based classifiersHEN-WAI TSAO journal article53
42015Color filter array demosaicking by using subband synthesis schemeHEN-WAI TSAO journal article66
52014An inductorless CMOS single-to-differential transimpedance amplifier with gain-enhanced topology and postamplifierHEN-WAI TSAO journal article21
62014A fully integrated 2.4GHz adaptive biased CMOS power amplifier for 802.11g WLAN applicationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
72014Impact of jamming excisor on the tracking loops for GPS receiversHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper90
82014Self-biased inductorless wideband LNA with interleaving feedback networkHEN-WAI TSAO journal article32
92014Memory-based two-dimensional-parallel differential matched filter correlator for global navigation satellite system code acquisitionHEN-WAI TSAO journal article43
102014Resolving single-lead ECG from EMG interference in holter recording based on EEMDHEN-WAI TSAO journal article10
112014A high isolation quasi-circulator with self-adjusting techniqueHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
122014Design and evaluate an open-loop receiver on TWSTFT applicationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
132014The novel optical system of measuring the speed of starlightHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
142014Neuronal oscillations in Golgi cells and Purkinje cells are accompanied by decreases in Shannon information entropyHEN-WAI TSAO journal article86
152013Ultra-low-power cascaded CMOS LNA with positive feedback and bias optimizationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article3118
162013Using hierarchical carrier modulations in the detection of carrier frequency offset for ofdm communicationsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
172013A gradient based edge sensing scheme for color filter array demosaickingHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
182013An analog-based GFSK demodulator for 60GHz direct-conversion receiver applicationsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
192013A method of comparing the speed of starlight and the speed of light from a terrestrial sourceHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
202013A fast-locking all-digital deskew buffer with duty-cycle correctionHEN-WAI TSAO journal article2923
212013Equal-rate QR decomposition based on MMSE technique for multi-user MIMO precodingHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
222013Effects of dopamine D2 agonist quinpirole on neuronal activity of anterior cingulate cortex and striatum in ratsHuang, J.-J.; Yen, C.-T.; Liu, T.-L.; Tsao, H.-W.; Hsu, J.-W.; Tsai, M.-L.; HEN-WAI TSAO ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article45
232012A 1.2 V 15–32 GHz low-power single-balanced gate mixer with a miniature rat-race hybridHEN-WAI TSAO ; HUEI WANG journal article00
242012Carrier frequency offset detection using hierarchical modulations for OFDM communicationsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
252012Software simulation tool for the capacity analysis of WiMAX base stationsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
262012Memory resource integration of GNSS code acquisitionHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
272012The measurement and analysis of WiMAX base station signal coverageHEN-WAI TSAO journal article70
282012A 1.2 v 15-32 GHz low-power single-balanced gate mixer with a miniature rat-race hybridHEN-WAI TSAO ; HUEI WANG journal article00
292011A 300KHz bandwidth 3.9GHz 0.18μm CMOS fractional-N synthesizer with 13dB broadband phase noise reductionHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
302011Multiple periodic output waveforms and dynamic stability in two-section distributed feedback lasersHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
312011A 2-D parallel differential matched filter (PDMF) used as correlator of GPS acquisition for low-complexity designHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
322011Carrier frequency drift estimation for high mobility hierarchical-modulated MIMO-OFDM systemsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article10
332011Adaptive content adjustment of digital power saving for display applicationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
342010Matched-filter-based low-complexity correlator for simultaneously acquiring global positioning system satellitesHEN-WAI TSAO journal article88
352010Design of a robust multi-channel timing recovery system with imperfect channel state information for 10GBASE-THEN-WAI TSAO journal article44
362010A novel sigma-delta fractional-N synthesizer architecture with fractional spur and quantization noise cancellationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
37201010Gbps wavelength converter by distributed feedback laser with Bragg wavelength detuned layerHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
382010Modeling of self-sustained pulsation based on two-section distributed feedback lasers with shift-layerHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
392010Erratum: Motion compensated deinterlacing with efficient artifact detection for digital television displays (Journal of Display Technology (2008) 4:2 (218-228))HEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
402010Performance evaluation of fault-branch detection in TDM passive optical networks by spectral analysis of interferometric signalsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
412010A novel continuous wave interference detectable adaptive notch filter for GPS receiversHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper160
422010Novel step search of block-size selection for variable block-size motion estimationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
432009Ring-Based Triple-Push VCOs With Wide Continuous Tuning RangesHEN-WAI TSAO ; HUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article1017
442009Code acquisition using subexpression eliminationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
452009Optical clock sources model based on two-section distributed feedback laser with shift-layerHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
4620093 mW V-band divide-by-2 and W-band divide-by-4 wide locking range frequency dividers in 90-nm CMOSHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper40
472009Two approaches for GPS interference annihilationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
482009Design and analysis of CMOS frequency dividers with wide input locking rangesHEN-WAI TSAO ; HUEI WANG journal article3935
492009Timing generator using dual delay-locked loopHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
502009Reduction of loop delay for digital symbol timing recovery systems using asynchronous equalizationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
512009Algorithm and architecture design of illumination changes adaptive motion estimationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
522009Performance of OFDM signal for radio-over-fiber link adopting electroabsorption modulatorHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
532009Adaptive two-stage equalisation and FEXT cancellation architecture for 10GBASE-T systemChien, Y.-R.; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Tsao, H.-W.; Mao, W.-L.journal article00
542009Dual-band CDR using a half-rate linear phase detectorHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
552009Trellis ternary line coding scheme for asynchronous optical CDMA systemsHEN-WAI TSAO ; Liu, Maw-Yang; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article10
562009Correction to novel artifact detection for motion compensated deinterlacingHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
572008Dynamic internal optical field patterns for self-pulsating two-section DFB lasersHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
582008A spread spectrum clock generator using digital modulation schemeHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
592008Motion compensated deinterlacing with efficient artifact detection for digital television displaysHEN-WAI TSAO journal article1812
602008Algorithm and architecture design of adaptive brightness correction for video applicationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article65
612008A 460MHz∼870MHz CMOS wideband low noise amplifier for DVB-THEN-WAI TSAO conference paper20
622008A novel baud-rate timing error detector design for baseband transmission system using tomlinson-harashima precoderHEN-WAI TSAO ; Chien, Ying-Ren; Mao, Wei-Lung; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article11
632008A study of far-end crosstalk cancellation architecture for 10GBASE-THEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
642008Design and experimental demonstration of a synchronous OCDMA-based 10 Gbit/s/1.25 Gbit/s EPON with a novel synchronization schemeHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
652008Q-factor monitoring of optical signal-to-noise ratio degradation in optical DPSK transmissionHEN-WAI TSAO journal article75
662008Demonstration of 16 channels 10 Gb/s WDM free space transmission over 2.16 kmHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper230
672008A novel low-complexity acquisition method for next generation GNSS signalsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
682008Novel optical performance monitoring techniques using jittered electro-optical sampling pulsesHEN-WAI TSAO ; Jong, Kuo-Chin; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Lee, San-Liangjournal article11
692008High-speed continuous time digitizer using a two-level multiphase sampling techniqueHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
702008A precise delay generator circuit using the average delay techniqueHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
712008Algorithm and architecture design of adaptive brightness correction for video applicationHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper20
722008Self-pulsation clock sources based on two-section DFB lasers with built-in shift layerHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper20
732008Design and Experimental Demonstration of a Synchronous OCDMA-Based 10Gbps/1.25Gbps EPON with a Novel Synchronization SchemeLiao, Yen-Chun; Ho, Chia-Chu; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Wu, J.journal article
742008Algorithm and Architecture Design of Adative Brightness Correction for Video ApplicationYang, Hsueh-Yen; Fan, Yu-Cheng; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
752007The application of new far-end crosstalk cancellation in 10GBASE-THEN-WAI TSAO journal article
762007Equalization and interference cancellation with MIMO THP for 10GBASE-THEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
772007Multilevel LINC system design for wireless transmittersHEN-WAI TSAO ; AN-YEU(ANDY) WU conference paper240
782007Review of quantum optical communications and future device evaluationsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
792007Acquisition of GPS software receiver using split-radix FFTHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper70
802007Tracking loop with dynamic gain controlled DPLL in software GPS receiverHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper20
812007Design of peak-finding algorithm on acquisition of weak GPS signalsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper60
822007The effects of I/Q imbalance and complex filter mismatch on GPS/Galileo systemHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
832007New acquisition method in GPS software receiver with split-radix FFT techniqueHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper40
842007A dual pyramid watermarking for JPEG-2000HEN-WAI TSAO journal article70
852007Performance analysis for all-optical label swapping routers based on two-stage wavelength conversionHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
862007A multi-channel symbol timing recovery architecture for 10GBASE-T systemHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper10
872007Continuous time digitizer utilizing multiphase sampling techniqueHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
882007A 24-GHz divide-by-4 injection-locked frequency divider in 0.13-μm CMOS technologyHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper180
892007The new application of relaxed look-ahead pipelined adaptive canceller in anti-jamming GPS receiverHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
902006Analysis and selection of optimum driving current combinations for tunable wavelength laserLee, Yang-Han; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Yang, Chun-Liang; Chuang, Ming-Hsueh; Tseng, Hsien-Wei; Chou, Yung-Shan; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Lee, San-Liangjournal article10
912006A novel transmitter-side-based far-end crosstalk cancellation for 10GBASE-THEN-WAI TSAO conference paper20
922006DSP engine design for LINC wireless transmitter systemsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
932005Polar transmitter for wireless communication systemChen, Chung-Chun; Ko, Hung-Yang; Wang, Yi-Chiuan; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Jheng, Kai-Yuan; Wu, An-Yeu conference paper00
942005Hardware-efficient architecture design of wavelet-based adaptive visible watermarkingFan, Yu-Cheng; Van, Lan-Da; Huang, Chun-Ming; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper00
952005A 15mW 69dB 2Gsamples/s CMOS analog front-end for low-band UWB applicationsLee, Hua-Chin; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Lin, Chien-Chih; SHEN-IUAN LIU ; Wu, Chia-Hsin; Liu, Shen-Iuan ; Wang, Chorng-Kuang; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper40
962005Intelligent intra-field interpolation for motion compensated deinterlacingHEN-WAI TSAO ; Fan, Yu-Cheng; Lin, Hung-Shih; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Kuo, Ching-Chihconference paper90
972005Design of relaxed look-ahead pipelined adaptive canceller in anti-jamming GPS receiverHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
982005Performance evaluation of feedback type WDM optical routers under asynchronous and variable packet length self-similar trafficHEN-WAI TSAO journal article21
992005A dual pyramid watermarking for JPEG-2000HEN-WAI TSAO conference paper30
1002005A 110-MHz 84-dB CMOS programmable gain amplifier with integrated RSSI functionHEN-WAI TSAO journal article6047
1012005Experimental investigation of self pulsation in two-section DFB lasersHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
1022005An efficient void filling algorithm for WDM optical packet switches operating under variable-packet-length self-similar trafficHEN-WAI TSAO journal article113
1032005Spectral amplitude-coding optical CDMA system using Mach-Zehnder interferometersHEN-WAI TSAO journal article3221
1042005Simulation of 4 × 4 light coupling to a single-mode fiberHEN-WAI TSAO journal article34
1052005Iterative tri-stage decoding for turbo codes in partial response channelsTsai, Meng-Guang; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Hou, Kuen-Suey; Tsao, Hen-Weiconference paper00
1062005Generalized variance-based markovian fitting for self-similar traffic modellingHEN-WAI TSAO journal article206
1072005A 110 MHz 84-dB CMOS Programmable Gain Amplifier With Integrated RSSI FunctionWu, Chun-Pang; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1082005Simulation of 4 ? 4 light coupling to a single-mode fiberTsao, Hen-Wai ; Cheng, Wen-Ming; Tsao, Shyh-Linjournal article
1092004A 100 MHz timing generator for impulse radio applicationsWu, Chun-Pang; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1102004Direct access test scheme for IP core protectionFan, Yu-Cheng; Yang, Hsueh-Yen; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper00
1112004Design and simulation of array lens for coupling of a 4/spl times/4 nano-scale VCSEL array to a single mode fiberCheng, Wen-Ming; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Tsao, Shyh-Linjournal article00
1122004A new Fuzzy Bandwidth Carrier Recovery System in GPS for Robust Phase TrackingMao, Wei-Lung; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Chang, Fan-Renjournal article116
1132004Performance analysis of feedback type WDM optical routers under asynchronous and variable packet length self-similar trafficShao, Shou-Kuo; Tsai, Meng-Guang; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Sreedevi, Paruvelli; Wu, Jingshownconference paper00
1142004A wide-range and fast-locking clock synthesizer IP based on delay-locked loopHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper00
1152004Simultaneous Channel and OSNR Monitoring Using a Polarization-Selective Modulator and an LEDYang, Chun-Liang; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Lee, San-Liang; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Wu, Jingshownjournal article21
1162004A high-precision time-to-digital converter using a two-level conversion schemeHEN-WAI TSAO ; Hwang, Chorng-Sii; Chen, Poki; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article6259
1172004Intelligent GPS receiver for bust carrier phase tracking in kinematic environmentsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article3120
1182004Jitter performance analysis of SOCDMA-based EPON using perfect difference codesHEN-WAI TSAO ; Wu, Jingshown; Gu, F.-R.; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article63
1192004A 100MHz timing generator for impulse radio applicationsHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1202004Design and simulation of array lens for coupling of a 4×4 nano-scale VCSEL array to a single mode fiberHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1212004Multiple channel programmable timing generators with single cyclic delay lineHEN-WAI TSAO ; Wang, Ting-Yuan; Lin, Shih-Min; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article1411
1222003Analysis of 8×8 spot converter of VCSEL array module using microlens arrayChen, Wen-Ming; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Tsao, Shyh-Linjournal article10
1232003Design of distributed and discrete broadband amplifier systems with accurate gain profile and optimal fiber combinationChen, Jer-Shien; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Lee, San-Liangjournal article00
1242003Practical considerations of using tunable lasers for packet routing in multiwavelength optical networksLee, San-Liang; Chien, Ching-Yun; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Wu, Jingshownconference paper40
1252003A high-precision time-to-digital converter using a two-level conversion schemeHwang, Chorng-Sii; Chen, Poki; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article00
1262003An artificial neural network-based scheme for fragile watermarkingFan, Yu-Cheng; Mao, Wei-Lung; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper00
1272003A 110 MHz 84 dB CMOS programmable gain amplifier with RSSIWu, Chun-Pang; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1282003A high-resolution and fast-conversion time-to-digital converterHwang, Chorng-Sii; Chen, Poki; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper00
1292003Watermarking based IP core protectionFan, Yu-Cheng; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper00
1302003Analysis of Integrated Chip of Core Pitch Matching Via Microlens ArraysHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper20
1312003Multiple programmable timing generators using single cyclic delay line for high-speed ATEHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1322003A 110MHz 84dB CMOS programmable gain amplifier with RSSIHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1332003Analysis of Microlens Arrays Efficient Optical Power Coupling for Vertical Cavity Surface Emission Laser ArraysHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1342003A novel high speed asynchronous scalable variable-length self-routing packet switchWang, Ting-Yuan; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Chen, Kun-Tso; Shiang, Hsien-Po; Yang, Min-Lian; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Wu, Jingshownconference paper00
1352003Cancellation of narrowband interference in GPS receivers using NDEKF-based recurrent neural network predictorsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1362003FPGA realization of a flex paging decoderHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1372003Watermarking for intellectual property protectionFan, Y.C.; HEN-WAI TSAO ; Tsao, H.W.journal article3728
1382002Delay and throughput analysis of the high speed variable length self-routing packet switchHEN-WAI TSAO ; Wu, Jingshown; Shiang, Hsien-Po; Chen, Kun-Tso; Tsao, Hen-Wai conference paper40
1392002Multirate asynchronous optical CDMA system with product codeHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1402001Voltage-mode MOSFET-C filters using operational transresistance amplifiers (OTRAs) with reduced parasitic capacitance effectHEN-WAI TSAO ; SHEN-IUAN LIU journal article1715
1412001Pipeline direct digital frequency synthesiser using decomposition methodHEN-WAI TSAO ; SHEN-IUAN LIU journal article1712
1422001Analysis of the power-plane resonance using the haar-wavelet-based MRTDHEN-WAI TSAO journal article10
1432001Trellis-coded asynchronous optical CDMA systemsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article95
1442001Reduction of multiple-access interference for optical CDMA systemsLiu, Maw-Yang; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1452000A 2 V clock synchronizer using digital delay-locked loopHwang, Chorng-Sii; Chung, Wang-Chih; Wang, Chih-Yong; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Liu, Shen-Iuan journal article00
1462000Spectral Amplitude-Coding Optical CDMA System Using Mach–Zehnder InterferometersLin, Cheing-Hong; Wu, Jingshown; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yang, Chun-Liangjournal article
1472000Cochannel interference cancellation via employing a reference correlator for synchronous optical CDMA systemsHEN-WAI TSAO ; Liu, Maw-Yang; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article0
1482000Performance analysis of direct-detection fiber-optic synchronous CDMA systems with parallel interference cancellersHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1491999A multichannel system for recording and analysis of cortical field potentials in freely moving ratsFu-Zen Shaw; Ruei-Feng Chen; Hen-Wai Tsao; Chen-Tung Yen; HEN-WAI TSAO ; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article3027
1501999Low-power clock-deskew buffer for high-speed digital circuitsHEN-WAI TSAO ; SHEN-IUAN LIU journal article2624
1511999Algorithmic complexity as an index of cortical function in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article2417
1521999Comparison of touch- and laser heat-evoked cortical field potentials in conscious ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article4038
1531999Broadband hybrid analog/digital CATV trunk networkHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
1541998Using a forced nonlinear oscillator to implement a QPSK modulator without a 90 degree phase shifterHEN-WAI TSAO ; Chen, Juin-Hung; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1551998A radio-over-fiber network for microcellular system applicationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article4634
1561998Real-time multimedia broadcasting via direct-detection fiber-optic synchronous CDMA networksHEN-WAI TSAO journal article21
1571998FM subcarrier fiber optical transmission system design and its application in next-generation wireless accessHEN-WAI TSAO journal article42
1581997The effect of electrode arrangement on spectral distance measures for discrimination of EMG signalsHEN-WAI TSAO ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article67
1591997BPSK modulator using VCCS and resonator without carrier signal and balance modulatorHEN-WAI TSAO ; Chen, Juin-Hung; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
16019965 V, 8 bit, 100 MS/s fully differential CMOS sample-and-hold amplifierChen, Chun-Chieh; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
16119965V, 8bit, 100MS/S fully differential CMOS sample-and-hold amplifierHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1621996Multi-star-ring fiber-optic/coaxial CATV networks for cellular mobile wireless communicationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1631995Single-capacitor MOSFET-C integrator using OTRAHEN-WAI TSAO ; Chiu, Wenwei; Tsay, Jiann-Horng; Liu, Shen-Iuan ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Chen, Jiann-Jongjournal article2011
1641995Design of a Self-Routing Frequency Division Multiple Access (SR-FDMA) Network Using an Optical Ring Filter with or without Gain as a RouterHEN-WAI TSAO journal article76
1651995The stability problem of closed-loop sample-and-hold amplifiersHEN-WAI TSAO journal article33
1661995Parasitic-capacitance-insensitive current-mode filters using operational transresistance amplifiersHEN-WAI TSAO journal article7252
1671995Choosing adequate average number in electrophysiological studies using correlation coefficientHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1681995The Application of Cepstral Coefficients and Maximum Likelihood Method in EMG Pattern RecognitionHEN-WAI TSAO ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article890
1691995Performance analysis on transmission of M-QAM HDTV signals in FTTF network with EDFAHEN-WAI TSAO journal article12
1701995Performance analysis on distribution of M-QAM HDTV signals over FTTF networkHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1711995I.F. Filter bandwidth optimization of coherent heterodyne analog FM optical receiverWu, Jingshown; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Lee, Yang-Han; Ho, Keang-Po; Chin, Le Pondjournal article
1721995The Software Simulation of a 16 QAM Digital Transmission SystemPeng, Wei-Chung; 曹恆偉; 李琳山 ; Peng, Wei-Chung; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Lee, Lin-Shan conference paper
1731994A Fiber Distribution System for Microcell Radio吳靜雄; Wu, J.; 曹恆偉; Wu, Jing-Shown; Wu, J.; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1741994A Fiber Distribution System for Microcellular RadioHEN-WAI TSAO journal article125
1751994Phase-locked subcarrier comb generatorHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1761994Determination of Major and Trace Elements in Rocks by ICP-AES宋聖榮 ; Lo, H. J.; Tsao, S. ; Yang, J. J.; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Lo, H. J.; Yang, J. J.journal article
1771993Design of biquad filters with a single current followerHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1781993Tunable subcarrier comb generator using phase modulator with high modulation indexHEN-WAI TSAO conference paper
1791993Nonlinear circuit applications with current conveyorsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1801993高畫質電視訊號之光纖及射頻傳輸技術研究(I)吳靜雄; 許博文; 曹恆偉; 鄭文林; 吳靜雄; 許博文; Tsao, Hen-Wai report
1811993光通訊上、中、下游垂直整合研究發展計劃(3)吳靜雄; 曹恆偉; Tsao, Hen-Wai report
1821993腦中多通道電訊號擷取系統硬體及分析量測軟體之建立曹恒偉 report
1831993Intermodulation between digital and analogue channels in a coherent optical subcarrier multiplexed systemHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
1841993Comparison of performance between {2 × 2} and {3 × 3} optical phase diversity FSK receivers using delay-and-multiplying discriminatorHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
1851993Gaussian and exact analyses on the effect of local oscillator intensity noise in optical phase diversity FSK receiverHEN-WAI TSAO journal article10
1861992Application of fiber brillouin amplifiers on coherent optical wavelength division- and subcarrier-multiplexing (WDM-SCM) systemHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1871992Tunable membership function circuit for fuzzy control systems using CMOS technologyHEN-WAI TSAO journal article1310
1881992Impact of local oscillator intensity noise on the performance of the optical phase-diversity fsk receiver using delay-and-multiplying discriminatorLee, Yang-Han; Kuo, Ching-Chih; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
1891992Cauldron Formation and Volcanic Evolution of the Tatun Volcanic Group宋聖榮 ; Lo, H. J.; Tsao, S. ; Yang, J. J.; Chen, C. H.; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Lo, H. J.; Tsao, S. conference paper
1901992光通訊上、中、下游垂直整合研究發展計劃(2)吳靜雄; 曹恆偉; 高銘盛; 郭景致; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; 高銘盛report
1911992Euler differentiator with reduced channel length modulationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
1921992Theoretical Analysis of Phase Diversity Optical Homodyne Receiver with FSK DemodulationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article21
1931992Operational transresistance amplifier using CMOS technologyHEN-WAI TSAO journal article9579
1941992Impact of local oscillator intensity noise on the performance of an optical phase-diversity FSK receiver using delay-and-multiplying discriminator Impact of local oscillator intensity noise on the performance of theHEN-WAI TSAO journal article11
1951992Performance analysis of wavelength division- and subcarrier-multiplexing (WDM-SCM) transmission using fibre Brillouin amplificationHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
1961992Effect of laser chirping on optical subcarrier multiplexed system with high-bit-rate baseband signalHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
1971992True RC Integrators Based on Current Conveyors with Tunable Time Constants Using Active Control and Modified Loop TechniqueHEN-WAI TSAO journal article2822
1981992Performance Analysis of Optical FSK Phase Diversity Receivers in the Presence of Thermal NoiseHEN-WAI TSAO journal article20
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