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12019-RUEY-BEEI WU patent
22018Novel RDL design of wafer-level packaging for signal/power integrity in LPDDR4 applicationK.-B. Wu; T.-Y. Kuo; B. Hung; B. Lin; C. Peng; M.-T. Yang; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article21
32018A novel dual sided fly-by topology for 1 to 8 DDR with optimized signal integrity by EBG designC.-C. Chiu; K.-Y. Yang; Y.-H. Lin; W.-S. Wang; T.-Y. Wu; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article00
42018Suppression of noise from digital-to-analog coupling in shielding cavityH.-W. Chan; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
52018Semiconductor Package Assembly with Through Silicon Via InterconnectRUEY-BEEI WU patent
62018-RUEY-BEEI WU patent
72018Miniaturized tunable filters with T-coil designC.-C. Lin; H.-Y. Tsai; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
82018Tunable filter by FBAR using coupling capacitorsH.-Y. Tsai; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
92018Eye diagram estimation and equalizer design method for PAM4W.-J. Chang; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
102018Non-periodic flipped-SIR EBG for dual-band SSN mitigation in 2-layer PCBY.-C. Wang; H.-W. Chan; H.-C. Hsieh; Y.-H. Lin; W.-S. Wang; S.-H. Wang; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
112017-RUEY-BEEI WU patent
122017The competitions of electromagnetic for undergraduate students in Taiwan (Taiwan Creative Electromagnetic Implementation Competition T-CEIC)Z.-M. Tsai; R.-B. Wu; T.-L. Wu; S.-Y. Chen; T.-G. Ma; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
132017Two-cap filter for routing noise suppression using extended EBG analysisP.-C. Chen; K.-Y. Yang; T.-Y. Wu; W.-S. Wang; Y.-H. Lin; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article00
142016Promoting effective education in electromagnetics - Taiwan’s school of accessible and visualized electromagnetics (SAVE) formedRUEY-BEEI WU journal article21
152016Design of varactor-tuned dual-mode tunable filter with constant fractional bandwidthH.-Y. Tsai; T.-Y. Huang; R.-B. Wu; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article
162016A 77 GHz 2T6R transceiver with injection-lock frequency sextupler using 65-nm CMOS for automotive radar system applicationY.-H. Hsiao; Y.-C. Chang; C.-H. Tsai; T.-Y. Huang; S. Aloui; D.-J. Huang; Y.-S. Chen; P.-H. Tsai; J.-C. Kao; B.-Y. Chen; K.-Y. Lin; T.-W. Huang; H.-C. Lu; R.-B. Wu; S.-J. Chung; H. Wang; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article2014
172015Design of compact microwave filter using vertically interdigitated resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
182015A miniaturized bandpass filter using double folded dual-mode cavity resonators in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
192015Ringing noise suppression for differential signaling in unshielded flexible flat cableRUEY-BEEI WU journal article11
202015SAVE and iEMPT: the EM revitalization program in TaiwanRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
212014Design of dual-mode tunable filter with constant fractional bandwidth using varactorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper1
222014Recent progress of advanced microwave and system-in-package integration technologies at National Taiwan UniversityRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper0
232014A novel noise mitigation design for TSV-to-device coupling using power distribution networkRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
242014Artificial neural network modeling for extrinsic capacitance of FinFETRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
252014Fast Prediction and optimal design for eye-height performance of mismatched transmission linesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article33
262014Triband filter design using laminated waveguide cavity in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1615
272014Efficient multi-node optimal placement for decoupling capacitors on PCBRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper50
282014Modeling and fast eye- diagram estimation of ringing effects on branch line structuresRUEY-BEEI WU journal article11
292013Design of single branch laminated waveguide diplexers using modal orthogonalityRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1312
302013SI-aware vias and contact pads layouts and L-R equalization technique for 12Gb/s backplane serial I/O interconnectionsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article43
312013Development of millimeter-wave passive components and system-in-packages by LTCC technologyRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
322013Millimeter-wave non-contact flip-chip Transitions with Chebyshev filtering response using coupled microstrip resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
332013Characterization of TSVs by cascaded daisy chainsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
342013Design of miniaturized filtering power dividers for system-in-a-packageRUEY-BEEI WU journal article8678
352013Design of a 180° hybrid with Chebyshev filtering response using coupled resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper130
362013Heat dissipation analysis and design of a board-level phased-array transmitter module for 60-GHz CommunicationHSIN-CHIA LU ; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article109
372012Design considerations for radio frequency 3DICsYI-CHANG LU ; TZONG-LIN WU ; RUEY-BEEI WU ; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
382012An integrated filtering antenna array with 180 degree hybrid for SiP front end moduleRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper40
392012Development of wideband electrically identical fan-out structure for 60 GHz frontend phased array system in package moduleRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
402012A linear 4- element model of VRM - characteristics, practical uses and limitationsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper20
412012Enhanced eye-height estimation of mismatched lossy transmission linesRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper20
422012A compact filtering rat-race using dual-mode stub-loaded resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper150
43201260GHz four-element phased-array transmit/receive system-in-package using phase compensation techniques in 65nm flip-chip CMOS processRUEY-BEEI WU journal article8376
442012Antenna Design or 60-GHz micro-radar system-in-package for noncontact vitalsignal detectionRUEY-BEEI WU journal article2823
452011Passive FIR filter design using reflections from stubs for high speed linksRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
462011Design of compact triple-band branch-line coupler with three arbitrary operating frequenciesRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper5
472011LTCC embedded laminated waveguide filters and couplers for microwave SiP applicationsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
482011Design of compact triple- passband quasi-elliptic microstrip filters with multi-order spurious mode suppressionRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper0
492011Dual-band laminated waveguide filter design in multilayer LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper4
502011Passive equalizer design for through silicon vias with perfect compensationRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1512
512011Activities and progress of advanced microwave and system-in-package integration at National Taiwan UniversityRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper0
522011SI-aware layout and equalizer design to enhance performance of high-speed links in blade serversRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper50
532011Optimal decoupling capacitors design for suppressing edge radiation of power/ground planesRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper30
542011Design of compact quadruplexer based on the tri-mode net-type resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article5048
552011Direct eye diagram optimization for arbitrary transmission lines using FIR filterRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1412
562011Design of quadruple-passband microwave filters using frequency transformationRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
572011Modeling and optimal design of shorting vias to suppress radiated emission in high-speed alternating PCB planesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1210
582011Design of microstrip-to-microstrip via transition in multi-layered LTCC for frequencies up to 67GHzRUEY-BEEI WU journal article3323
592011A new isolation structure of pogo pins for crosstalk reduction in a test socketRUEY-BEEI WU journal article64
602011Design of multimode net-type resonators and their applications to filters and multiplexersRUEY-BEEI WU journal article5451
612011A laminated waveguide magic-T with bandpass filter response in multilayer LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU journal article3329
622011非相鄰垂直共振腔耦合結構RUEY-BEEI WU patent
632011Time domain analysis of a wideband common-mode suppression filter for bend interconnectsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper80
642011-RUEY-BEEI WU patent
652010A miniaturized V-band bandpass filter using integrated passive devices technologyRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper5
662010Dual-band rat-race coupler design in multilayer LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper6
672010A miniaturized bandpass filter using quadruple folded laminated waveguide cavity resonators in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper70
682010Enhanced microstrip guard trace for ringing noise suppression using a dielectric superstrateRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1810
692010Guard trace design for improvement on transient waveforms and eye diagrams of serpentine delay linesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article128
702010A wideband common-mode suppression filter for bend discontinuities in differential signaling using tightly coupled microstripsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article5145
712010Compromise impedance match design for pogo pins with different single-ended and differential signal-ground patternsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article115
722010RC passive equalizer for through silicon viaRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper40
732010Signal/Power integrity modeling of high-speed memory modules using chip-package-board co-analysisYI-CHANG LU ; TZONG-LIN WU ; HSIN-SHU CHEN ; RUEY-BEEI WU journal article2015
742010Tri-band filter design using substrate integrated waveguide resonators in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper110
752010Design and modeling of microstrip line to substrate integrated waveguide transitions,” in Microwave and Millimeter Wave TechnologiesRUEY-BEEI WU book
762010Vertical coupling structure for non- adjacent resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU patent
772010Optimization of FIR filter to improve eye diagram for general transmission line systemsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper30
782010Vertical coupling structure for non- adjacent resonatorsC.-C. Chuang; R.-B. Wu; T.-M. Shen (ITRI); RUEY-BEEI WU patent
792009A system-on-package integration of X-Band FMCW sensor RF frontend moduleRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
802009Design of lumped rat-race coupler in multilayer LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper140
812009A wide-band microstrip-to- microstrip multi-layered via transition using LTCC technologyRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper60
822009Design of shorting vias in alternative PCB planes for suppressing ground-bounce induced electromagnetic emissionRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
832009A new isolation structure for crosstalk reduction for pogo pins in a test socketRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper40
842009Design of miniaturized vertically stacked SIW filters in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper120
852009Reduction in Reflections and Ground Bounce for Signal Line Over Slotted Power Plane Using Differential Coupled Microstrip LinesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article2416
862009Design of tri-band filters with improved band allocationRUEY-BEEI WU journal article5659
872009Miniaturized bandpass filters with double-folded substrate integrated waveguide resonators in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU journal article7874
882009Dual band vertically stacked laminated waveguide filter design in LTCC technologyRUEY-BEEI WU journal article6162
892009Miniaturized rat-race coupler with bandpass response and good stopband rejectionRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper300
902009A laminated waveguide magic-T in multilayer LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper60
912009Compromised impedance match design for signal integrity of pogo pins structures with different signal-ground patternsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper70
922009Fast methodology for determining eye-diagram characteristics of lossy transmission linesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article3330
932008A dual wide-band filter design using frequency mapping and stepped-impedance resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article6458
942008Signal integrity analysis of DDR3 high-speed memory moduleRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper100
952008Multilayer 180° hybrid in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper50
962008Fewest vias design for microstrip guard trace by using overlying dielectricRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper170
972008Designs of signal-ground bump-patterns for minimizing the simultaneous switching noise in a ball grid arrayRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper30
982008Placement of shorting vias for power integrity in multi-layered structuresRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
992008Reflection enhanced compensation of lossy traces for best eye-diagram improvement using high-impedance mismatchRUEY-BEEI WU journal article2217
100200871-76 GHz無線模組及電路技術-子計畫二:疊層系統構裝濾波器與轉接之研製(1/2)吳瑞北 report
101200840-48 GHz超寬頻無線模組及電路技術-子計畫三:超寬頻平面電路與轉接的最佳化設計(3/3)吳瑞北 report
1022008GHz連線系統電源整合度模型化與設計(3/3)吳瑞北 report
1032008GHz連線系統電源整合度模型化與設計(2/3)吳瑞北 report
1042008Highly directed radiation pattern from a THz photonic transmitter with a two-dimensional rampart slot array antennaRUEY-BEEI WU ; CHI-KUANG SUN journal article43
1052008Delaunay–Voronoi Modeling of Power-Ground Planes With Source Port CorrectionRUEY-BEEI WU journal article4132
1062008The effects on SI and EMI for differential coupled microstrip lines over LPC-EBG power/ground planesTZONG-LIN WU ; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper60
1072008Design of Reflectionless Vias Using Neural Network-Based ApproachHsu, Ku-Teng; TIAN-WEI HUANG ; RUEY-BEEI WU ; Guo, Wei-Da; Shiue, Guang-Hwa; Lin, Chien-Min; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article115
1082007A vertically stacked quasi-elliptic waveguide filter with crossly coupling viasRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper110
1092007Design of a vertically stacked substrate integrated folded-waveguide resonator filter in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper80
1102007Design of compact branch-line coupler with coupled resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper150
1112007A dual pass band filter with embedded CPW resonatorRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
1122007Design of 30GHz transition between microstrip line and substrate integrated waveguideRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper140
1132007Fast algorithm for determining eye-diagram characteristics of lossy transmission linesRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper20
1142007The microwave activity and progress in National Taiwan UniversityRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
1152007Reflectionless design for differential via transitions using neural network-based approachRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper40
1162007An integrated signal and power integrity analysis for signal traces through the parallel planes using hybrid finite-element and finite-difference time-domain techniquesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1715
1172007Design of vertically stacked waveguide filters in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU journal article6654
1182007刀鋒式伺服器在尖端科學計算領域的研發-使用叢集計算技術的科學計算環境之設計與實現吳瑞北 report
1192007Microwave activities in TaiwanRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1202007Design of microstrip contiguous broadband diplexers for cosmic microwave background detectionRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1212006A systematic design to suppress wideband ground bounce noise in high-speed circuits by electromagnetic bandgap enhanced split powersRUEY-BEEI WU journal article3937
1222006Design of a Vertically stacked waveguide filter with novel cross coupling structures in LTCCRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper60
1232006A miniaturized microstrip common resonator triplexer without extra matching networkRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper210
1242006Terahertz microchip for illicit drug detectionRUEY-BEEI WU ; Lu, Ja-Yu; CHI-KUANG SUN ; Chen, Li-Jin; Kao, Tzeng-Fu; Chang, Hsu-Hao; Chen, Hung-Wen; Liu, An-Shyi; Chen, Yi-Chun; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Liu, Wei-Sheng; Chyi, Jeng-Inn; Sun, Chi-Kuang journal article3932
1252006An efficient and flexible modeling for power/ground planesRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
1262006Design of wideband impedance matching for through-hole via transition using ellipse-shaped anti-padRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper130
1272006Hybrid TIE/FDTD method for open boundary coupling between isolation islandsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article10
1282006Noise reduction using compensation capacitance for bend discontinuities of differential transmission linesRUEY-BEEI WU journal article6256
1292006Steady-state response by finite-difference time-domain method and Lanczos algorithmRUEY-BEEI WU journal article21
1302006Miniaturized microstrip quasi-elliptical bandpass filters using slotted resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper90
1312006Microstrip diplexers design with common resonator sections for compact size, but high isolationRUEY-BEEI WU journal article221191
1322006Comparisons between serpentine and flat spiral delay lines on transient reflection/transmission waveforms and eye diagramsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article3633
1332006Dual-band/broadband circular polarizers designed with cascaded dielectric septum loadingsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper5
1342006Novel compact net-type resonators and their applications to microstrip bandpass filtersRUEY-BEEI WU journal article4440
1352006Frequency tenability of terahertz photonic transmitterRUEY-BEEI WU journal article
1362006Design of Dual- and Triple-Passband Filters Using Alternately Cascaded Multiband Resonators Alternately Cascaded Multiband ResonatorsChen, Chi-Feng; Huang, Ting-Yi; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article261211
1372005A 60GHz LTCC transition between microstrip line and substrate integrated waveguideRUEY-BEEI WU ; Yang, Tsung-Hsun; Chen, Chi-Feng; Huang, Ting-Yi; Wang, Chun-Long; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper220
1382005Compact microstrip cross-coupled bandpass filters using miniaturized stepped impedance resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU ; Chen, Chi-Feng; Huang, Ting-Yi; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper210
1392005A wide stopband low-pass filter design based on multi-period taper-etched EBG structureRUEY-BEEI WU ; Chen, Yin-Chi; Liu, An-Shyi; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper60
1402005Design of microstrip bandpass filters with multi-order spurious modes suppressionRUEY-BEEI WU journal article
1412005Model Extractions of Coupled Bonding-wire Structures in Electronic PackagingTIAN-WEI HUANG ; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper60
1422005Combined FDTD/FETD algorithm for ground bounce characterization of differential traces through the planesRUEY-BEEI WU ; Guo, Wei-Da; Shiue, Guang-Hwa; Lin, Chien-Min; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper00
1432005EBG-enhanced split power planes for wideband noise suppressionRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
1442005Model-based optimization method for bandwidth enhancement of a series-fed printed dipole antenna arrayRUEY-BEEI WU journal article
1452005A miniaturized multi-layer quasi-elliptic bandpass filter with aperture-coupled microstrip resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article3323
1462005A compact design of w-band high-pass waveguide filter using genetic algorithms and full-wave finite element analysisRUEY-BEEI WU journal article55
1472005Fast waveguide eigen-analysis by wideband finite-element model order reductionRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1817
1482005GHz 系統中差模對傳輸線的訊號完整度分析吳瑞北 report
1492005A miniaturized net-type microstrip bandpass filter using lamda/8 resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1813
1502005Ka-band 32-GHz planar integrated switched-beam smart antennaRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper90
1512005Broadband-response and frequency-tunable terahertz photonic transmitters with high efficiencyKao, Tzeng-Fu; Chen, Li-Jin; Chang, Hsu-Hao; Lu, Ja-Yu; Liu, An-Shyi; Yu, Yi-Chun; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Liu, Wei-Sheng; Chyi, Jen-Inn; Sun, Chi-Kuang journal article
1522005Bandwidth enhancement on waveguide transition to conductor backed CPW with high dielectric constant substrateRUEY-BEEI WU journal article1514
1532005Prototype of planar Ka-band switched beamforming networkRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1542005Design of 60-GHz vertically stacked waveguide filters in LTCCShen, Tze-Ming; Hung, Ting-Yi; Chen, Chi-Feng; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper00
1552005子計畫三:超寬頻平面電路與轉接的最佳化設計(1/3)吳瑞北 report
1562005Design of rampart slot array antenna in integrated 850GHz photonic transmitterSHIH-YUAN CHEN ; RUEY-BEEI WU ; CHI-KUANG SUN conference paper10
1572004Design of bow-tie slot antenna in integrated 680GHz photonic transmitterRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1582004A miniaturized multi-layer elliptic function bandpass filter with aperture-coupled microstrip resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1592004Research on Microwave and Millimeter-wave Technologies at National Taiwan UniversityRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1602004GHz 系統中差模對傳輸線的訊號完整度分析 (2/3)吳瑞北 report
1612004A circular polarizer designed with a dielectric septum loadingRUEY-BEEI WU journal article4136
1622004A functional genome optimization method for CPW filters designRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper10
1632004A dual band elliptical DRAChen, Jian-Juang; Lin, Yi-Cheng ; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article00
1642004Device saturation behavior of submillimeter-wave membrane photonic transmittersRUEY-BEEI WU ; SHIH-YUAN CHEN ; CHI-KUANG SUN journal article2516
1652004A 650 GHz photonic transmitter design using CPW-fed slot antennaYu, Yi-Chun; Chen, Shih-Yuan ; Liu, An-Shyi; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Sun, Chi-Kuang conference paper00
1662004Circuit modeling and noise reduction for bent differential transmission linesShiue, Guang-Hwa; Guo, Wei-De; Liu, Li-Shang; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article00
1672004Comparison between flat spiral and serpentine differential delay lines on TDR and TDTGuo, Wei-De; Shiue, Guang-Hwa; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper20
1682004Modified perturbation theory for wideband finite-element model order reduction in eigen-problemsLee, Shih Hao; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper10
1692004Synthesis of nonuniformly spaced linear array for GSM/DCS/WCDMA base station application using genetic algorithmLiu, An-Shyi; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Lin, Yi-Chen; Li, Hsueh-Jyhconference paper50
1702004Millimeter-wave MMIC passive HEMT switches using traveling-wave conceptRUEY-BEEI WU ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article7461
171200438-GHz無線收發系統關鍵元組件技術─子計畫四:共面波導之轉接(3/3)吳瑞北 report
1722003無線區域網路基地台天線之分析與設計吳瑞北 report
1732003Modeling and design for electrical performance of wideband flip-chip transitionRUEY-BEEI WU journal article4032
1742003A novel uniplanar bandpass filter with CPW-fed perturbed slot ring resonatorRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1752003Printed dipole antenna array for GSM/ DCS/WCDMA base station applicationRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1762003A study of discone antennasRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1772003A broadband conductor backed CPW to waveguide transition realized on high dielectric constant substrateRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1782003An improved formalism for FDTD analysis of thin-slot problems by conformal mapping techniqueRUEY-BEEI WU journal article2617
1792003共面波導之轉接(2/3)吳瑞北 report
1802003GHz 系統中差模對傳輸線的訊號完整度分析吳瑞北 report
1812003微帶線與共面波導之耦合寬頻轉接結構RUEY-BEEI WU patent
1822003A two-phase full-wave GA optimization for W-band image rejection waveguide filter designLiu, An-Shyi; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Yu, Yi-Chunconference paper40
1832003Modeling antenna array elements and bandwidth enhanced by genetic algorithmLiu, Yu-Hao; Liu, An-Shyi; Pang, Yi-Hsin; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper40
1842003Reduction in reflections and ground bounce for signal line through a split power plane by using differential coupled microstrip linesShiue, Guang-Hwa; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article110
1852003Steady-state response by time-reversal FD-TD method with Lanczos algorithmPang, Yi-Hsin; Huang, Ting-Yi; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper20
1862003Conversion efficiency and device behavior of edge-coupled membrane photonic transmittersSun, Chi-Kuang ; Tien, Ming-Chun; Chang, Hsu-Hao; Lu, Ja-Yu; Chen, Li-Jin; Chen, Shih-Yuan ; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Liu, Wei-Sheng; Chyi, Jen-Innconference paper00
1872002Full-wave optimization by EM3D technology and genetic algorithmRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1882002Accuracy improvement in FEM solution of waveguide discontinuity problems by dual E and H formulationRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1892002A simple idea for realizing a sharp bandpass filter with two types of microstrip ring resonatorsRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1902002A 15-80GHz MMIC SPDT switch using traveling wave conceptRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
1912002平面傳輸線及波導管之轉接結構RUEY-BEEI WU patent
1922002Two-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method combined with open boundary for signal integrity issues between isolation islandsRUEY-BEEI WU ; Wu, Chun-Te; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper50
1932002A broadband microstrip-to-waveguide transition with tapered CPS probeRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper110
1942002Highly selective microstrip bandpass filters in Ka-bandRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper170
1952002共面波導之轉接(1/3)吳瑞北 report
1962002Analysis of microstrip antennas with finite-sized and inhomogeneous substrateRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper00
1972002Analysis of microstrip antennas with inhomogeneous and finite-sized substratePang, Yi-Hsin; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article00
1982002Composite effects of reflections and ground bounce for signal line through a split power planeRUEY-BEEI WU journal article2018
1992002A locally matching technique for broadband flip-chip transition designWang, Chun-Long; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper20
2002002部份稜形網格時域電磁分析法吳瑞北 report
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2022001Composite effects of reflections and ground bounce for signal line through a split power planeLin, Sheng-Mou; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article018
2032001共面波導雙工器吳瑞北 report
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2082001Locally matching design for flip-chip transitionWang, Chun-Long; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article10
2092001部份稜形網格時域電磁分析法(2/3)吳瑞北 report
2102000K-頻段無線收發關鍵元組件之研究─子計畫二:共面波導雙工器(2/3)吳瑞北 report
2112000部份稜形網格時域電磁分析法(1/3)吳瑞北 report
2122000微帶饋入式槽線天線吳瑞北 report
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2161999Taiwan's next generation research networkingRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
2171999研究計畫:有限介質承載天線的分析吳瑞北 report
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2231999共面波導雙工器(I)吳瑞北 report
2241999─毫米波電路與天線II-子計畫四:微帶饋入式槽線天線(2/3)吳瑞北 report
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2311998毫米波電路與天線II─毫米波電路與天線II子計畫四:微帶饋入式槽線天線吳瑞北 report
2321998寬頻多路功率分配/合成器之研製吳瑞北 report
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2361997Capacitance computation for CPW discontinuities with finite metallization thickness by hybrid finite element methodRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper1613
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2411997微波高功率組件之研究發展(II)吳瑞北 report
2421997由時域測量資料反推連線等效電路之研究吳瑞北 report
2431997毫米波電路與天線─子計畫三:共面波導濾波器吳瑞北 report
2441996Implementation and measurement of RBW-type coplanar waveguide filters in Ka bandRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
2451996電性延遲元件RUEY-BEEI WU patent
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2491996Electrical delay lineRUEY-BEEI WU patent
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2521996電性延遲線RUEY-BEEI WU patent
2531996毫米波電路與天線─毫米波電路與天線子計畫三:共面波導濾波器(2/3)吳瑞北 report
2541996多晶片模組電性分析、設計及測試研究:─多晶片模組電性分析設計及測試研究-子計畫二:多層構裝中連通柱的徑向波及耦合效應 II吳瑞北 report
2551995A New Flat Spiral Routing to Minimize Crosstalk Penalty吳瑞北 ; Chao, F. L.$趙方麟; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; Chao, F. L.$趙方麟conference paper
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2601995Coplanar Waveguide Bandpass Filter-a Ribbon-of-Brick-Wall DesignWu, Ruey-Beei report
2611995Edge-Based Tetrahedral Finite Element Analysis for Waveguide Transition with Dielectric TransformerWu, Ruey-Beei conference paper
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2741995不連續共面波導的分析(III)吳瑞北 report
2751995毫米波電路與天線─毫米波電路與天線子計畫三:共面波導濾波器(1/3)吳瑞北 report
2761995多晶片模組電性分析、設計及測試研究─多晶片模組電性分析、設計及測試研究:子計畫二-多層構裝中連通柱的徑向波及耦向效應吳瑞北 report
2771994共面波導帶通濾波器之設計RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
2781994Incremental capacitances of coplanar waveguide discontinuities due to finite metallization thicknessRUEY-BEEI WU conference paper
2791994Variational analysis of inclined slots in the narrow wall of a rectangular waveguideRUEY-BEEI WU journal article148
2801994Full wave characterization of a through hole via using the matrix-penciled moment methodRUEY-BEEI WU journal article4133
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2931994複材之電磁效應(I)子計劃三 : 複材地面對天線特性的影響吳瑞北 report
2941994薄膜構裝導線的電性分析(II)吳瑞北 report
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3021993Calculation for the Equivalent Inductances of Coplanar Waveguide DiscontinuitiesChiu, C. W.; Wu, Ruey-Beei conference paper
3031993Electrical Analysis and Simulation for MLC PackagingWu, Ruey-Beei conference paper
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3061993薄膜構裝導線的電性分析Wu, Ruey-Beei report
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3081993複雜金屬柱體的多重散射效應吳瑞北 report
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3101992不連續微帶線的分析(II)吳瑞北 ; 歐陽昌廉; 許哲崇; 毛明華 ; Wu, Ruey-Beei ; 歐陽昌廉; 許哲崇; 毛明華 report
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3341990Inductance and Resistance Matrices of Lossy Multiconductor TransmissionWu, Ruey-Beei conference paper
3351990三維構裝結構的直流電氣特性分析吳瑞北 report
3361990複材之電磁效應(I)子計劃三:複材地面對天線特性吳瑞北 report
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3691979極化恆持光纖之傳播特性研究吳瑞北 report