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12016A Smart CMOS Assay SoC for Rapid Blood Screening Test of Risk PredictionSHEY-SHI LU ; YEN-HUNG LIN journal article
22016A 0.45-V Low-Power OOK/FSK RF Receiver in 0.18 μ CMOS Technology for Implantable Medical ApplicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
320166.3 mW 94 GHz CMOS Down-Conversion Mixer with 11.6 dB Gain and 54 dB LO-RF IsolationSHEY-SHI LU journal article
42016A parylene micropipette array for enabling simultaneous detection of different target analytes on a CMOS sensor arraySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
52016A 90-nm CMOS V-band low-power image-reject receiver front-end with high-speed auto-wake-up and gain controlsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
62015A Remotely-Controlled Locomotive IC Driven by Electrolytic Bubbles and Wireless PoweringSHEY-SHI LU journal article
72015A portable micro gas chromatography system for volatile compounds detection with 15ppb of sensitivitySHEY-SHI LU ; SI-CHEN LEE ; YUFENG JANE TSENG conference paper
82015Wireless CMOS bio-medical SoCS for DNA/protein/glucose sensingSHEY-SHI LU book
92015Micromachined substrate slots for Rf on-chip isolationSHEY-SHI LU journal article
102015A Portable Micro Gas Chromatography System for Lung Cancer Associated Volatile Organic Compound DetectionSHEY-SHI LU ; YUFENG JANE TSENG journal article
112015A pliable and batteryless real-time ECG monitoring system-in-a-patchSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
122015A smart CMOS assay SoC for rapid blood screening test of risk predictionSHEY-SHI LU ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; CHIH-TING LIN conference paper
132014A high voltage stimulator using a low-Q class-E pulsed radiofrequency driver for animal study of relieving trigeminal neuralgia painSHEY-SHI LU ; CHEN-TUNG YEN conference paper
142014Non-invasive Drosophila ECG recording by using eutectic gallium-indium alloy electrode: A feasible tool for future research on the molecular mechanisms involved in cardiac arrhythmiaSHEY-SHI LU ; Kuo, Po-Hung; Tzeng, Te-Hsuen; YI-LWUN HO ; Huang, Yi-Chun; Chen, Yu-Hao; Chang, Yi-Chung; Ho, Yi-Lwun ; Wu, June-Tai; Lee, Hsiu-Hsian; Lai, Po-Jung; Liu, Kwei-Yan; Cheng, Ya-Chen; Lu, Shey-Shi ; 李秀香 journal article
152014A 1.5-mW, 2.4 GHz quasi-circulator with high transmitter-to-receiver isolation in CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
162014Physiology-based diagnosis algorithm for arteriovenous fistula stenosis detectionSHEY-SHI LU journal article
172014Multi-input energy harvesting interface for low-power biomedical sensing systemSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
182014Gold plated carbon nanotube bundle antenna for millimeter-wave applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
192014Design and implementation of intrabody communication hub/alarm unit in IBC platform for fall prevention systemSHEY-SHI LU journal article
202014An effective power management circuit system for energy harvesting applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
212014A microfluidic-integrated biosensing SOC for cardiac troponin i detection in 0.35μM CMOS processSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
22201418.7 A remotely controlled locomotive IC driven by electrolytic bubbles and wireless poweringSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
232014A capacitive immunosensor using on-chip electrolytic pumping and magnetic washing techniques for point-of-care applicationsSHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN conference paper
242014A Self-Powered CMOS Reconfigurable Multi-Sensor SoC for Biomedical ApplicationsSHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
252013A self-powered CMOS reconfigurable multi-sensor SoC for biomedical applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
262013A passive inertial switch using MWCNT-hydrogel composite with wireless interrogation capabilitySHEY-SHI LU journal article
272013100 GHz transformer-coupled quadrature oscillatorSHEY-SHI LU journal article
282013Gold plating carbon nano tube antenna integrated with voltage control oscillatorSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
292013A 0.8-6 GHz wideband receiver front-end for software-defined radioSHEY-SHI LU journal article
302013A fully integrated wireless CMOS microcantilever lab chip for detection of DNA from Hepatitis B virus (HBV)SHEY-SHI LU ; TSUNG-HSIEN LIN ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
312013A CMOS cantilever-based label-free DNA SoC with improved sensitivity for hepatitis B virus detectionSHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
322013A CMOS wireless biomolecular sensing system-on-chip based on polysilicon nanowire technologySHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
332012A sensor-merged oscillator-based readout circuit for pizeo-resistive sensing applicationsSHEY-SHI LU ; TSUNG-HSIEN LIN ; CHIH-TING LIN conference paper
342012Low-phase-noise 0.63-V, 1.7-mW, 11.55-GHz quadrature voltage controlled oscillator with intrinsic-tuned technique in 0.18-μm complimentary metal oxide semi-conductorSHEY-SHI LU journal article
352012A novel coplanar-waveguide band-pass filter utilizing the inductor-capacitor structure in 0.18μm complementary metal-oxide- semiconductor technology for millimeter-wave applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
362012The implementation of polysilicon nanowire based biomolecular sensor system-on-chipSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
372012A fully integrated humidity sensor system-on-chip fabricated by micro-stamping technologySHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
382012Design and analysis of a 21-29-GHz ultra-wideband receiver front-end in 0.18-μ m CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
392012Low-cost and ultra-sensitive poly-Si nanowire biosensor for Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA detectionSHEY-SHI LU ; Huang, Che-Wei; CHIH-TING LIN ; Hsueh, Hsiao-Ting; Huang, Yu-Jie; Lee, Jen-Kuang; Chen, Min-Cheng; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Chih-Ting conference paper
402012Transmitter front-end with a new wideband active balun in 65-nm CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
412012A 3.1-dB NF, 21.31 dB gain micromachined 3-10 GHz distributed amplifier for UWB systems in 0.18-μm CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
422012A controlled-release drug delivery system on a chip using electrolysisSHEY-SHI LU ; Huang, Pen-Li; Kuo, Po-Hung; Huang, Yu-Jie; Liao, Hsin-Hung; Yang, Yao-Joe Joseph; Wang, Tao ; Wang, Yao-Hung; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
432012An implantable release-on-demand CMOS drug delivery SoC using electrothermal activation techniqueHuang, Yu-Jie; SHEY-SHI LU ; Liao, Hsin-Hung; Huang, Pen-Li; Wang, Tao ; Yang, Yao-Joe; Wang, Yao-Hong; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
442012A waveform-dependent phase-noise analysis for edge-combining DLL frequency multipliersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
452012A fully integrated hepatitis B virus DNA detection SoC based on monolithic polysilicon nanowire CMOS processHuang, Che-Wei; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN ; Huang, Yu-Jie; Yen, Pei-Wen; Hsueh, Hsiao-Ting; Lin, Chia-Yi; Chen, Min-Cheng; Ho, ChiaHua; Yang, Fu-Liang; Tsai, Hann-Huei; Liao, Hsin-Hao; Juang, Ying-Zong; Wang, Chorng-Kuang; Lin, Chih-Ting ; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
462012A hydrogel-based implantable wireless CMOS glucose sensor SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; YI-LWUN HO ; MING-FONG CHEN conference paper
472011An Integrated Microcantilever-based Wireless DNA Chip for Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA DetectionHuang, Che-Wei; Huang, Yu-Jie; Lin, Tsung-Hsien ; Lin, Chih-Ting ; Lee, Jen-Kuang; Chen, Li-Guang; Hsiao, Po-Yun; Wu, Bi-Ru; Hsueh, Hsiao-Ting; Kuo, Bing-Jye; Tsai, Hann-Huei; Liao, Hsin-Hao; Juang, Ying-Zong; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper
482011A fully-integrated cantilever based DNA detection SoC in a CMOS Bio-MEMS ProcessHuang, Yu-Jie; Huang, Che-Wei; Lin, Tsung-Hsien ; Lin, Chih-Ting ; Chen, Li-Guang; Hsiao, Po-Yun; Wu, Bi-Ru; Hsueh, Hsiao-Ting; Kuo, Bing-Jye; Tsai, Hann-Huei; Liao, Hsin-Hao; Juang, Ying-Zong; Wang, Chorng-Kuang; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper
492011Chip implementation with a combined wireless temperature sensor and reference devices based on the DZTC principleSHEY-SHI LU ; Chang, Ming-Hui; Huang, Yu-Jie; Huang, Han-Pang; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
502011A 2-6GHz broadband CMOS low-noise amplifier with current reuse topology utilizing a noise-shaping techniqueSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
512011A 0.5-V biomedical system-on-a-chip for intrabody communication systemSHEY-SHI LU journal article
522011Analysis and design of CMOS distributed amplifier using inductively peaking cascaded gain cell for UWB systemsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
532011A compact-size dual-band (tri-mode) receiver front-end with switched harmonic mixer and technology scalingSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
542011More on the impulse sensitivity functions of CMOS differential LC oscillatorsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
552011A wireless sensor SOC in 0.35 mircometer CMOS technology for telecare applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
562011A millimeter-wave CMOS triple-band phase-locked loop with a multimode LC-based ILFDSHEY-SHI LU journal article
572011Micromachinned monopole antenna by CMOS-Compatible deep trench technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
582011Analysis and design of on-sensor ECG processors for realtime detection of cardiac anomalies including VF, VT, and PVCLIANG-GEE CHEN ; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; CHEN, HUNG-HUI; CHIANG, CHENG-YI; CHEN, TUNG-CHIEN; LIU, CHIEN-SHENG; HUANG, YU-JIE; LU, SHEY-SHI ; LIN, CHII-WANN ; CHEN, LIANG-GEE journal article
592010A 2.1 to 6 GHz tunable-band LNA with adaptive frequency responses by transistor size scalingSHEY-SHI LU journal article
602010Analysis and design of a CMOS UWB LNA with dual-RLC-branch wideband input matching networkSHEY-SHI LU journal article
612010A programmable edge-combining DLL with a current-splitting charge pump for spur suppressionSHEY-SHI LU journal article
622010A 1.2V low-power receiver for short range applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
632010Carbon materials for em wave absorption in v band applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
642010Analysis and design of a 1.628-GHz compact wideband LNA in 90-nm CMOS using a π-match input networkSHEY-SHI LU journal article
652010A 0.4-6 GHz variable-gain driver amplifier for software-defined radioSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
662010A 50-mW, 386 GHz/mm2 wideband amplifier in 0.13-μm CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
672010A 4.9-dB NF 53.5- to 62-GHz micromachined CMOS wideband LNA with small group-delay-variationSHEY-SHI LU journal article
6820106.8-10 GHz frequency synthesizer for software-defined-radioSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
692010A single-VCO fractional-N frequency synthesizer for digital TV tunersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
702010A 4.9-dB NF 53.5-62-GHz micro-machined CMOS wideband LNA with small group-delay-variationSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
7120109.8mW CMOS frequency synthesiser for mode-I UWB transceiversSHEY-SHI LU journal article
722010Pain control on demand based on pulsed radio-frequency stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion using a batteryless implantable CMOS SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chiu, Hung-Wei; Lin, Mu-Lien; Chang, Chi-Heng; Ho, I-Hsiu; Fang, Po Hsiang; Li, Yi Chin; Wang, Chang Lun; Tsai, Yao-Chuan; Wen, Yeong-Ray; Shih, Win-Pin; Yang, Yao-Joe ; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper
732010Pain control on demand based on pulsed radio-frequency stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion using a batteryless implantable CMOS SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN journal article
742010Analysis and design of on-sensor ECG processors for realtime detection of VF, VT, and PVCLIANG-GEE CHEN ; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN conference paper
752009A mm-wave CMOS multimode frequency dividerSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
7620090.5-V 5.6-GHz CMOS receiver subsystemSHEY-SHI LU journal article
7720091.8-dB insertion-loss planar UWB CMOS bandpass filter with suspended inductorsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
782009A wireless Bio-MEMS sensor for C-reactive protein detection based on nanomechanicsChen, Chun-Hao; Nai-Kuan Chou ; SHEY-SHI LU ; Hwang, Rong-Zhang; Huang, Long-Sun; Lin, Shi-Ming ; Chen, Hsiao-Chin; Yang, Yu-Che; Lin, Yu-Tso; Yu, Shih-An; Lin, Yo-Sheng; Wang, Yiao-Hong; Chou, Nai-Kuan ; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
792009The RF characteristics of micromachined coplanar waveguide in 0.13 μm CMOS technology by CMOS compatible ICP dry etchingSHEY-SHI LU journal article
802009A 5-GHz-Band CMOS receiver with low LO self-mixing front endSHEY-SHI LU journal article
812009Wideband low-noise amplifier by LC load-reusing techniqueSHEY-SHI LU journal article
822009A 5.79-dB NF, 30-GHz-band monolithic LNA with 10 mW power consumption in standard 0.18-μm CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
832009Micromachined V-band CMOS bandpass filter with 2dB insertion lossSHEY-SHI LU journal article
842009Electromagnetic wave absorption in K band and v band with carbon microcoilsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
852009Low-loss on-chip transformers for CMOS RFICsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
862009A micromachined SiGe HBT Ultra-Wideband Low-Noise Amplifier by BiCMOS compatible ICP deep-trench technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
872009A release-on-demand wireless CMOS drug delivery SoC based on electrothermal activation techniqueSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
882009A micromachined v-band CMOS bandpass filter with 2-db insertion-lossSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
892009A low-power cmos receiver for wireless sensor networksSHEY-SHI LU journal article
902009CMOS wideband LNA design using integrated passive deviceSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
912009A low-power 2.4-GHz receiver front-end for wireless sensor networksSHEY-SHI LU journal article
922009Authors' reply [to comments on "A 2.17-dB NF 5-GHz-Band Monolithic CMOS LNA With 10-mW DC Power Consumption"]Lu, S.-S. ; Chiu, H.-W.journal article
932009Fabrication process of integrated multi-analyte biochip system for implantable applicationTsai, Yao-Chuan; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Liu, P.-C.; Ou, Yu-Cheng; Liao, Hsin-Hung; Yang, Y-J; Yang, L.-J.; Lei, U. ; Chao, F.; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Chiu-Wannconference paper
942009CMOS-compatible electrochemical process for RF CMOS inductorsSHEY-SHI LU ; Ding, Ling-Yi; Wang, Tao ; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Hu, Yuh-Chung; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Chang, Pei-Zen conference paper
952008射頻發射器(2/2)呂學士 report
96200860 GHz無線生醫感測網路晶片系統(2/3)呂學士 report
972008無線感測器網路技術前瞻研究—計畫辦公室設置計畫(2/3)呂學士 report
982008Low-noise wide-dynamic-range cmos analog front-end IC for portable biomedical applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
99200830 GHz transformer-coupled and reused injection-locked VCO/divider in 0.13 μm CMOS processSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1002008Low Noise-Figure P+ AA Mesh Inductors for CMOS UWB RFIC ApplicationsChen, C.-C.; Lee, J.-H.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-Z.; Huang, G.-W.; Lu, S.-S. journal article
1012008A quantization noise pushing technique for ΔΣ fractional-N frequency synthesizersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1022008Micromachined CMOS E-band bandpass coplanar filtersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1032008Fully integrated concurrent dual-band low noise amplifier with suspended inductors in SiGe 0.35m BiCMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1042008A Miniature micro-machined millimeter-wave bandpass filter by CMOS compatible ICP deep-trench technologySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1052008An analysis of substrate effects on transmission-lines for millimeter-wave CMOS RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1062008Micromachined 50 GHz/60 GHz Phi filters by CMOS compatible ICP deep trench technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1072008A miniature micro-machined millimeter-wave bandpass filter by complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor compatible inductively-coupled-plasma deep-trench technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1082008A 0.6 V, 4.32 mW, 68 GHz low phase-noise VCO with intrinsic-tuned technique in 0.13 μm CMOSSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1092008A 30-GHz wideband low-power CMOS injection-locked frequency divider for 60-GHz wireless-LANSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1102008Electron energy loss spectrum application for failure mechanism investigation in semiconductor failure analysisSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1112007無線生醫感測網路晶片系統-子計畫一:感測網路基頻訊號處理電路(3/3)呂學士 report
1122007無線生醫感測網路晶片系統-子計畫一:感測網路基頻訊號處理電路(2/3)呂學士 report
1132007工程領域的未來專利佈局模式-以無線感測網路技術為例呂學士 report
1142007無線感測器網路技術前瞻研究—計畫辦公室設置計畫(1/3)呂學士 report
115200760 GHz無線生醫感測網路晶片系統(1/3)呂學士 report
11620073-10-GHz ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier utilizing miller effect and inductive shunt-shunt feedback techniqueSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1172007A high-performance micromachined RF monolithic transformer with optimized pattern ground shields (OPGS) for UWB RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1182007Ultralow-loss and broadband micromachined transmission line inductors for 30-60 GHz CMOS RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1192007Micromachined 22 GHz PI filter by CMOS compatible ICP deep trench technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1202007High-performance single-turn interlaced-stacked transformers for Ka-Band CMOS RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1212007Ultra-low-loss and broadband micromachined inductors and transformers for 30-100 GHz CMOS RFIC applications by CMOS-compatible ICP deep trench technologySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1222007RFICs on polydimethylsiloxane for flexible electronics applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1232007Design and microfabrication of innovated FBAW filters based on an OOK receiver using 0.18um CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1242007A fully integrated concurrent dual-band low-noise amplifier using InGaP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1252007Performance enhancement of the nMOSFET low-noise amplifier by package strainSHEY-SHI LU ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article
1262007CMOS RF circuits for 5-GHz BWASHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1272007Characterization and modeling of pattern ground shield and silicon-substrate effects on radio-frequency monolithic bifilar transformers for ultra-wide band radio-frequency integrated circuit applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1282007A fully integrated concurrent dual-band low noise amplifier with suspended inductors in SiGe 0.35 μm BiCMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1292007A compact wideband CMOS low-noise amplifier using shunt resistive-feedback and series inductive-peaking techniquesSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1302007A feed-forward automatic-gain control amlifier for biomeducal appicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1312007A CMOS ΔΣ fractional-N frequency synthesizer with quantization noise pushing techniqueSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1322007An integrated multi parameters wearable telemetric system for cardio-pulmonary signal measurementSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1332007A single-VCO fractional-N frequency synthesizer for digital TV tunersSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1342007A 5-6 GHz 1-V CMOS direct-conversion receiver with an integrated quadrature couplerSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1352007A low phase-noise 9-GHz CMOS quadrature-VCO using novel source-follower coupling techniqueSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1362006An ultra-low-loss micromachined RF monolithic transformer with Partial Pattern Ground Shields (PPGS) for UWB RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1372006Temperature and substrate effects in monolithic RF inductors on silicon with 6-μm-thick top metal for RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1382006Micromachined CMOS LNA and VCO by CMOS-compatible ICP deep trench technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1392006Variable inductance planar spiral inductors and CMOS wideband amplifiers with inductive peakingSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1402006Reconfigurable SiGe low-noise amplifiers with variable miller capacitanceSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1412006Integration of CNT with TIA into gas sensorsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1422006An ultralow-loss and broadband micromachined RF inductor for RFIC input-matching applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1432006Conductive atomic force microscopy application for semiconductor failure analysis in advanced nanometer processSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1442006A micro-machined cantilever PSA sensor with digital wireless interfaceSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1452006A fully integrated concurrent dual-band low-noise amplifier using InGaP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1462006A wireless bio-MEMS sensor for C-reactive protein detection based on nanomechanicsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1472006An analysis of perfect-magnetic-coupling ultra-low-loss micromachined SMIS RF transformers for RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1482006A quantization noise suppression technique for Δ ∑ fractional-N frequency synthesizersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1492006An analysis of perfect-magnetic-coupling ultra-low-loss micromachined SMIS RF transformers for RFIC ApplicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1502006A high quality factor and low power loss micromachined RF bifilar transformer for UWB RFIC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1512006An analysis of base bias current and intrinsic base resistance effects on InP-InGaAs, InGaP-GaAs, and SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistorsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1522006A 0.5 v 3.1 mW fully monolithic OOK receiver for wireless local area sensor networkSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1532006A monolithic 5.9-GHz CMOS I/Q direct-down converter utilizing a quadrature coupler and transformer-coupled subharmonic mixersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1542006A micromachined CMOS distributed amplifier by CMOS compatible ICP deep-trench technologyWang, Tao ; Chen, Chun-Hao; Lin, Yo-Sheng; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
1552006A low-phase-noise area-efficient 3-D LC VCO in standard 0.18-um CMOS technologyChen, Hsiao-Chin; Wang, Tao ; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Huang, Guo-Weiconference paper
1562006Wideband modeling of temperature and substrate effects in RF inductors on silicon for 3.1-10.6 GHz UWB system applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1572005子計畫一:微機電式射頻積體電路呂學士 report
1582005射頻發射器(I)呂學士 report
1592005A 2.17-dB NF 5-GHz-band monolithic CMOS LNA with 10-mW DC power consumptionChiu, Hung-Wei; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Yo-Shengjournal article
1602005The determination of S-Parameters from the poles of voltage-gain transfer function for RF IC designLu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Yo-Sheng; Chiu, Hung-Wei; Chen, Yu-Chang; Meng, Chin-Chunjournal article
1612005A dual-mode truly modular programmable fractional divider based on a 1/1.5 divider cellYang, Yu-Che; Yu, Shih-An; Wang, Tao ; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
1622005A low-power low-phase-noise LC VCO with MEMS cu inductorsChen, Hsiao-Chin; Chien, Chao-Heng; Chiu, Hung-Wei; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Chang, Kung-Neng; Chen, Kun-Yu; Chen, Shi-Haojournal article
1632005An Analysis of Base Bias Current Effect on SiGe HBTsLin, Yo-Sheng; Lu, Shey-Shi journal article
1642005A CMOS transmitter front-end with digital power control for WiMAX 802.16e applicationsSHEY-SHI LU ; Liu, Yu-Hsuan; Chen, Hsiao-Chin; Wang, Tao ; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper
1652005Temperature-dependence of noise figure of monolithic RF transformers on a thin (20μm) silicon substrateSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1662005A 5.2-GHz low-power low-noise amplifier using InGaP-GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1672005An implantable multifunctional needle type biosensor with integrated RF capabilitySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1682005High-performance fully integrated 4 GHz CMOS LC VCO in standard 0.18-μm CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU ; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Wang, Tao ; Lin, Yo-Shengconference paper
1692005A multi parameters wearable telemetric system for cardio-pulmonary fitness of e-healthSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1702005Small-signal intrinsic base resistance effect on InP-InGaAs, InGaP-GaAs, and SiGe HBTsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1712005High performance GaInP/GaAs HBT radio frequency integrated circuits at 5 GHzSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1722005A low power fully integrated analog baseband circuit with variable bandwidth for 802.11 a/b/g WLANSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1732005Scanning Capacitance Microscopy application for bipolar and CMOS doping issues in semiconductor failure analysisSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1742004子計畫八:HBT 中頻積體電路及後製程研究(3/3)呂學士 report
1752004自動化化學門專題計畫呂學士 report
1762004Temperature-dependence of noise figure of monolithic RF transformers on a thin (20μm) silicon substrateLin, Y.-S.; Wang, T.; Lu, S.-S. conference paper
1772004An implantable integrated SiGe FM transmitter for HRV biotelemetryLiao, Fang-Ren; Chen, Chi-An ; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Li, Jen-Yu; Chien, Chia-Nan; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Wang, Jiun-Min; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Hsiao, Tzu-Chien; Lee, Chih-Kung conference paper
1782004A miniaturized monolithic low noise amplifier for 2.4/5.2/5.7 GHz WLAN applications using InGaP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1792004An analysis of the bias dependence of scattering parameters S11 and S22 of SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs)SHEY-SHI LU conference paper
1802004High-quality-factor (33) and high-resonant-frequency (35 GHz) spiral inductors fabricated in 0.25-μM mixed-signal/RF-CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1812004A 2.4/3.5/4.9/5.2/5.7-GHZ concurrent multiband low noise amplifier using InGaP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1822004A monolithic 1.57/5.25-GHz concurrent dual-band low-noise amplifier using InGap/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1832004An analysis of the anomalous dip in scattering parameter S11 of InGaP/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs)SHEY-SHI LU journal article
1842004Optimization of cmos-integrated LC oscillators using the genetic algorithmSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1852004In-vivo wireless bio-diagnosis system for long-term bioactivity monitoring networkSHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper
1862004DC to 6-GHz high-gain low-noise GaInP/GaAs HBT direct-coupled amplifiers with and without emitter-capacitive peakingSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1872004Monolithic InGaP-GaAs HBT receiver front-end with 6 mW DC power consumption for 5 GHz band WLAN applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1882004A GaInP/GaAs HBT micromixer for 2.4/5.2/5.7-GHz multiband WLAN applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1892004A SiGe micromixer for 2.4/5.2/5.7-GHz multiband WLAN applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
190200338-GHz 無線收發系統關鍵元組件技術-子計劃八 HBT 中頻積體電路及後製程研究(2/3)呂學士 report
1912003積體電路相容微機電系統之研究-子計劃一 微機電式射頻積體電路呂學士 report
1922003An ultra low phase noise W-band GaAs-based PHEMT MMIC CPW VCOChen, Ping-Yu; Tsai, Zou-Min; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Wang, Huei conference paper
1932003A SiGe low noise amplifier for 2.4/5.2/5.7GHz WLAN applicationsLee, Po-Wei; Chiu, Hung-Wei; Hsieh, Tien-Ling; Shen, Chih-Hsien; Huang, Guo-Wei; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper
1942003DC to 8 GHz 11 dB gain Gilbert micromixer using GaInP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1952003Theoretical analysis of the anomalous dips of scattering parameter S22 in deep sub-micrometer MOSFETsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1962003Single-voltage-supply operation of Ga0.51In0.49P/AlGaAS/In0.15Ga0.85As PHEMTs with high-power densitySHEY-SHI LU journal article
1972003An analysis of the kink phenomenon of scattering parameter S22 in RF power MOSFETs for system-on-chip (SOC) applicationsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1982003An analysis of small-signal gate-drain resistance effect on RF power MOSFETsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
1992003DC and RF characteristics of E-mode Ga<inf>0.51</inf>In<inf>0.49</inf>P-In<inf>0.15</inf>Ga<inf>0.85</inf>As pseudomorphic HEMTsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2002003Characterization and modeling of the anomalous dip in scattering parameter S<inf>11</inf> of InGaP/GaAs HBTsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2012003Ga0.51In0.49P/InxGa1-xAs/GaA s doped-channel FETs (DCFETs) and their applications on monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs)SHEY-SHI LU journal article
2022003Edge-coupled membrane terahertz photonic transmitters with high conversion efficiencySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2032003DC-2.1 GHz CMOS multiple feedback transimpedance amplifiers with high dynamic range and linearitySHEY-SHI LU journal article
2042003An analysis of small-signal substrate resistance effect in deep-submicrometer RF MOSFETsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2052003DC, and RF scattering parameters, noise and power characteristics of enhancement-mode In<inf>0.51</inf>Ga<inf>0.49</inf>P/In<inf>0.15</inf>Ga<inf>0.85</inf>/As/GaAs power pHEMTsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2062003Characterization and modeling of size effect on the performances of 0.10 μm RF MOSFETs for SOC applicationsSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2072003Characterization and modeling of 100 nm RF generic CMOS and 500 nm RF power CMOSSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
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2092002微機電微波元件之研究之子計劃一 三五族微機電技術研發及應用呂學士 report
2102002Analysis, design, and optimization of InGaP-GaAs HBT matched-impedance wide-band amplifiers with multiple feedback loopsSHEY-SHI LU journal article
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2122002A simple method for the determination of noise coefficients P, R, and C by two port noise parametersSHEY-SHI LU ; HUEI WANG journal article
2132002Characterization and modeling of small-signal substrate resistance effect in RF CMOSSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2142002A 5.7 GHz interpolative VCO using InGaP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article
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2162002An analysis of the anomalous dip in scattering parameter S22 of InGaP-GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs)SHEY-SHI LU journal article
2172002A 2.17 dB NF, 5 GHz band monolithic CMOS LNA with 10 mW DC power consumptionChiu, Hung-Wei; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Yo-Shengconference paper
218200238-GHz無線收發系統關鍵元組件技術─子計畫八:HBT中頻積體電路及後製程研究(1/3)呂學士 report
2192001Analysis and design of CMOS match-impedance wide-band amplifiersLu, S.S.; Chiang, M.C.; Meng, C.C.; LuSS journal article
2202001磷化銦鎵HFET MMIC 製程(1/3~3/3)呂學士 report
2212001微機電微波元件之研究子計畫(2):三五族微機電技術研發及應用呂學士 report
2222001A process for the formation of submicron V-gate by micromachined V-grooves using GaInP/GaAs selective etching techniqueSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2232001The origin of the kink phenomenon of transistor scattering parameter $22SHEY-SHI LU journal article
2242001Formation of submicron T-gate by rapid thermally reflowed resist with metal transfer layerSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2252001Analysis and design of CMOS match-impedance wide-band amplifiersSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
22620012.4 GHz CMOS double balanced Gilbert cell micromixerSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2272001A Vertical hall sensor of high sensitivity and excellent confinement fabricated on the (110) silicon substrateSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2282001Design and fabrication of a miniature monoblock bandpass filter using high-permittivity ceramicSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2292001Quality factor improvement of on-chip inductors for HIPERLAN RFIC by micromachiningChiu, Hong-Wei; Chen, Hsiao-Chin; Lu, Shey-shi conference paper
2302001A novel interpretation of transistor S-Parameters by poles and zeros for RF 1C circuit designLu, Shey-Shi ; Meng, Chin-Chun; Chen, To-Wei; Chen, Hsiao-Chinjournal article
2312000磷化銦鎵HFET MMIC 製程(2/3)呂學士 report
2322000微機電微波元件之研究子計畫(1)-三五族微機電技術研發及應用呂學士 report
2332000Fully monolithic integrated twin dipole antenna mixer on a GaAs substrateSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2341999砷化銦鎵HFET MMIC 製程(1/3)呂學士 report
2351999電容式半導體加速度計技術之整合研究(三)─子計劃四:半導體加速度計之製程及設備技術研究呂學士 report
2361999Ga0.51In0.49P/InxGa1-xAs/GaAs Lattice-Matched and Strained Doped-Channel Field-Effect-Transistors Grown by Gas-Source Molecular-Beam-EpitaxyLin, Yo-Sheng; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Chang, Pei-Zen 
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2401999Piezoresistive response induced by piezoelectric charges in n-type GaAs mesa resistors for application in stress transducersSHEY-SHI LU journal article
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2451998Wideband microwave switch by micromachining techniquesSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2461998High aspect-ratio fine-line metallizationSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2471998子計畫四:半導體加速度計之製程及設備技術研究呂學士 report
2481998半導體工程人才培育計畫─子計畫三:砷化鎵場效電晶體之模擬製作與量測(3/3)呂學士 report
2491998毫米波電路與天線 II─毫米波電晶體及電路呂學士 report
2501998子計畫四:半導體加速度計之製程及設備技術研究呂學士 report
2511998電容式半導體加速度計技術之整合研究(2/3)─子計畫四:半導體加速度計之製程及設備技術研究呂學士 report
2521997Ga/sub 0.51/In/sub 0.49/P/In/sub 0.15/Ga/sub 0.85/As/GaAs pseudomorphic doped-channel FET with high-current density and high-breakdown voltageLin, Y.-S.; Sun, T.-P.; Lu, S.-S. journal article
2531997High-power high-speed Ga0.51In0.49P/InxGa1-xAs doped-channel FET'sLin, Yo-Sheng; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper
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2561997Ultra-high speed 1μm V-gate GaAs MESFET with cutoff frequency up to 47GHz by 2D simulationSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2571997半導體工程人才培育計畫─半導體工程人才培育計畫:子計畫三:砷化鎵場效電晶體之模擬製作與量測(II)呂學士 report
2581997電容式半導體加速度計技術之整合研究(I)─子計畫四:半導體加速度計之製程及設備技術研究呂學士 report
2591997毫米波電路與天線(III)─子計畫七:磷化銦鎵/砷化鎵電晶體及電路呂學士 report
2601996「微波通訊半導體電路」呂學士 book
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2641996複合式半導體微型壓力感測計之研究(總計畫)呂學士 ; 胡振國 ; 張培仁 report
2651996半導體工程人才培育計畫─半導體工程人才培育計畫:子計畫三:砷化鎵場效電晶體之模擬製作與量測呂學士 report
2661996毫米波電路與天線─毫米波電路與天線子計畫七:磷化銦鎵/砷化鎵電晶體及電路(2/3)呂學士 report
2671995High-breakdown-voltage Ga0.51In0.49P/GaAs I-HEMT and I2HEMT with a GaInP passivation layer grown by gas source molecular beam epitaxyLu, S.S. ; Huang, C.L.; Sun, T.P.journal article
2681995High-linearity high current drivability GaInP/GaAs MISFET using GaInP airbridge gate structure grown by GSMBELu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Yo-Shenconference paper
2691995A Wide-G Range Silicon Piezoresistive AccelerometerHsu, Yu-Wen; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Chang, Pei-Zen journal article
2701995複合式半導體微型壓力感測器之研究─複合式半導體微型壓力感測器之研究:子計畫二-半導體微型壓力感測器之製程分析與研究呂學士 report
2711995複合式半導體微型壓力感測器之研究─複合式半導體微型壓力感測器之研究總計畫呂學士 report
2721995毫米波電路與天線─毫米波電路與天線子計畫七:磷化銦鎵/砷化鎵電晶體及電路(1/3)呂學士 report
2731995High-Linearity High-Current-Drivability Ga0.51In0.49P/GaAs MISFET Using Ga0.51In0.49P Airbridge Gate Structure Grown by GSMBESHEY-SHI LU journal article
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2751994半導體微型加速度計之研究呂學士 report
2761994應變感應二維電子氣場效電晶體呂學士 report
2771994三五族半導體微型加速度計之研究呂學士 report
2781994Piezoelectric field effect transistor (PEFET) using In0.2Ga0.8As/Al0.35Ga0.65As/In0.2Ga0.8As/GaAs strained layer structure on (111)B GaAs substrateSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2791994A GSMBE Grown GaInP/GaAs Narrow Base DHBT Exhibiting N-Shape Negative Differential Resistance with Variable Peak-to-Valley Current Ratio up to 1 × 107 at Room TemperatureSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2801994磷化銦鎵 / 鉀化鎵高崩潰電壓金屬一半導體場效電晶體之研製呂學士 report
2811994Ⅲ-Ⅴ族半導體微型加速度計之研究呂學士 report
2821993A Piezo-Electric Field Effect Transistor (PEFET) using Al0.35Ga0.65As/In0.2Ga0.8As/GaAs strained layer structure on (111)B GaAs substrateSHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2831993DC characterization of Ga0.51In0.49P/GaAs insulated-gate inverted-structure HEMT grown by Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy (GSMBE)SHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2841993以液相磊晶成長磷化銦鎵、砷化鎵異質接面雙極電晶體之研究呂學士 report
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2861992Small Offset-Voltage In0.49Ga0.51P/GaAs Double-Barrier Bipolar TransistorSHEY-SHI LU journal article
2871992High-Current-Gain Small-Offset-Voltage In0.49Ga0.51P/GaAs Tunneling Emitter Bipolar Transistors Grown by Gas Source Molecular Beam EpitaxySHEY-SHI LU journal article
2881992High-Current-Gain Ga0.51In0.49P/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Grown by Gas-Source Molecular Beam EpitaxySHEY-SHI LU journal article
2891992High-performance In0.49Ga0.51P/GaAs tunneling emitter bipolar transistor grown by gas source molecular beam epitaxySHEY-SHI LU conference paper
2901992GSMBE grown (GaIn)P/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors exhibiting current gains up to 590SHEY-SHI LU journal article
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2921992High Perform Ance in0.49Ga0.51P/GaAs Tunneling Emitter Bipolar Transistor Grown by Gas Source Molecular Beam EpitaxyWu, Chung Cheng; 呂學士 ; 李嗣涔 ; Williamson, F.; Nathan, M. I.; Wu, Chung Cheng; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lee, Si-Chen ; Williamson, F.; Nathan, M. I.conference paper
2931986Output Feedback Control of a Flexible Robot ArmWang, W. J.; 呂學士 ; 許振發; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Hsu, Chen-Faconference paper