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12019A dual-band CMOS standing-wave digitally controlled oscillator for automotive radarsChun-Ming Lin; Yu-Ting Lin; Kun-Yao Kao; Kun-You Lin; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper
22018Millimeter-wave system-on-chip advancement for fusion plasma diagnosticsJ.-H. Yu; Y.-T. Chang; K.-Y. Lin; C.-C. Chang; S.-F. Chang; Y. Ye; A. V. Pham; B. J. Tobias; Y. Zhu; C. W. Domier; N. C. Luhmann; Jr.; KUN-YOU LIN journal article00
32018Modularized prototype of 5G mmWave base station system at 38 GHzLi-Hsin Yen; Yang-Chih Huang; Ssu-Hao Su; Che-Yao Fan; Fang-Hsien Chu; Fang-Yao Kuo; Hsin-Chia Lu; Shau-Gang Mao; Kun-You Lin; Tsung-Chieh Yen; Tzong-Lin Wu; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper10
42018A K-band high-gain linear CMOS mixer with current-bleeding neutralization techniqueDong-Ru Lin; Kao-Yao Kao; Kun-You Lin; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
52018A wideband, low-noise, and high-resolution digitally-controlled oscillator for SDR applicationsChun-Ming Lin; Kao-Yao Kao; Kun-You Lin; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
62017A 40-nm CMOS V-band single-pole quadruple-throw absorptive switch for phased-array applicationsDong-Ru Lin; Kao-Yao Kao; Kun-You Lin; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper10
72016Bee searching radar with high transmit-receive isolation using pulse pseudorandom codeMiao-Lin Hsu; Tsung-Hsin Liu; Teng-Chieh Yang; Hsiang-Chieh Jhan; Huei Wang; Fan-Ren Chang; Kun-You Lin; En-Cheng Yang; Zuo-Min Tsai; KUN-YOU LIN journal article33
82016An X-band MMIC HBT high efficiency power amplifier with lossless feedback techniqueZuo-Min Tsai; Kun-You Lin; Huei Wang; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper30
92016A 77-GHz 2T6R transceiver with injection-lock frequency sextupler using 65-nm CMOS for automotive radar system applicationYuan-Hung Hsiao; Yu-Chuan Chang; Ching-Han Tsai; Ting-Yi Huang; Sofiane Aloui; Ding-Jie Huang; Yi-Hsin Chen; Ping-Han Tsai; Jen-Hao Cheng; Tian-Wei Huang; Hsin-Chia Lu; Kun-You Lin; Ruey-Beei Wu; Shyh-Jong Chung; Huei Wang; KUN-YOU LIN journal article2016
102016K-band active antenna integrated with CMOS adaptive-bias power amplifierKUN-YOU LIN conference paper40
112016A 60 GHz variable-gain low-noise amplifier with low phase variationKun-Yao Kao; De-Ren Lu; Kun-You Lin; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper50
122015A 24 GHz CMOS power amplifier with successive IM2 feed-forward IMD3 cancellationKUN-YOU LIN conference paper120
132015Portable 9.4/18.8 GHz harmonic radar system using pulse Pseudorandom code principleKUN-YOU LIN conference paper30
142014Signal processing for harmonic pulse radar based on spread spectrum technologyEN-CHENG YANG ; HUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article129
152014Recent progress of advanced microwave and system-in-package integration technologies at National Taiwan UniversityKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
162014A W-band high LO-to-RF isolation triple cascode mixer with wide if bandwidthKUN-YOU LIN journal article107
172014A K-band CMOS power amplifier with FET-type adaptive-bias circuitKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
182014A 190-GHz amplifier with gain-boosting technique in 65-nm CMOSKUN-YOU LIN conference paper80
192013A 25-to-45-GHz 45° power dividerKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
202013Phase-delay cold-FET pre-distortion linearizer for millimeter-wave CMOS power amplifiersKUN-YOU LIN journal article1918
212013A 60 GHz CMOS power amplifier with modified pre-distortion linearizerKUN-YOU LIN conference paper30
222013A high-range-accuracy and high-sensitivity harmonic radar using pulse pseudorandom code for bee searchingEN-CHENG YANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article3937
232012Design considerations for radio frequency 3DICsYI-CHANG LU ; TZONG-LIN WU ; RUEY-BEEI WU ; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
242012A Modified Wilkinson Power Divider With Isolation Bandwidth ImprovementHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article5852
252012MM-Wave Integration and CombinationsHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article99
262012A V-band CMOS frequency quadrupler with 3-dBm output powerKUN-YOU LIN conference paper30
272012Development of millimeter-wave CMOS power amplifiers at National Taiwan UniversityKUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
282012A 27-34 GHz CMOS medium power amplifier with a flat power performanceKUN-YOU LIN conference paper60
292012A 17-35 GHz broadband, high efficiency PHEMT power amplifier using synthesized transformer matching techniqueKUN-YOU LIN journal article2021
30201260-GHz four-element phased-array transmit/receive system-in-package using phase compensation techniques in 65-nm flip-chip CMOS processHSIN-CHIA LU ; YI-CHENG LIN ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article8176
312012Design and analysis of down-conversion gate/base-pumped harmonic mixers using novel reduced-size 180° hybrid with different input frequenciesKUN-YOU LIN journal article2020
322012A 75.5-to-120.5-GHz, high-gain CMOS low-noise amplifierKUN-YOU LIN conference paper240
332012An active CMOS one-to-four power splitter for 60-GHz phased-array transmitterKUN-YOU LIN conference paper30
342012A 57-64 GHz low-phase-variation variable-gain amplifierKUN-YOU LIN conference paper90
352012A high range resolution 9.4/18.8 GHz harmonic radar for bees searchingEN-CHENG YANG ; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper70
362011A 60-GHz Frequency Tripler With Gain and Dynamic-Range EnhancementHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article1611
372011Novel high robustness RF ESD protection circuits applied to 5.8-GHz GaAs-based HBT amplifiersKUN-YOU LIN journal article21
382011A K-band low phase noise transformer coupled Colpitts VCO in 0.18-μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
392011A 50-70 GHz I/Q modulator with improved sideband suppression using HPF/LPF based quadrature power splitterKUN-YOU LIN conference paper110
402011A K-band CMOS cascode power amplifier using optimal bias selection methodologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
412011A 71-80 GHz medium power amplifier using 4-mil 0.15-m GaAs-PHEMT technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
422011Design and analysis of novel linearization technique of cascode cell in a 60-GHz CMOS demodulatorKUN-YOU LIN journal article119
432011A 60-GHz single-ended-to-differential vector sum phase shifter in CMOS for phased-array receiverKUN-YOU LIN conference paper90
442011A BPSK-based harmonic ranging systemKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
45201060 GHz Double-Balanced Gate-Pumped Down-Conversion Mixers With a Combined Hybrid on 130 nm CMOS ProcessesHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article1311
462010A 4&#x2013;17 GHz Darlington Cascode Broadband Medium Power Amplifier in 0.18-<formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$\\mu$</tex> </formula>m CMOS TechnologyHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article2724
472010A 57-66 GHz medium power amplifier in 65-nm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
482010A 22-dBm 24-GHz power amplifier using 0.18-μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper310
492010A 22.5-dB gain, 20.1-dBm output power K-band power amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOSKUN-YOU LIN conference paper220
502010A high-efficiency, broadband CMOS power amplifier for cognitive radio applicationsHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article2421
512010An X-band, 23.8-dBm fully integrated power amplifier with 25.8% PAE in 0.18-μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
522010A 4-17 GHz darlington cascode broadband medium power amplifier in 0.18-μ m CMOS technologyHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article2724
532010A power bus with multiple via ground surface perturbation lattices for broadband noise isolation: Modeling and application in RF-SiPHsieh, Chia-Yuan; TZONG-LIN WU ; KUN-YOU LIN ; Wang, Chuen-De; Lin, Kun-You ; Wu, Tzong-Lin journal article1312
542009A Wide Tuning Range Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using Common-Base Configuration and Inductive FeedbackHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article98
552009Ring-Based Triple-Push VCOs With Wide Continuous Tuning RangesHEN-WAI TSAO ; HUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article917
562009Analysis and Design of Reduced-Size Marchand Rat-Race Hybrid for Millimeter-Wave Compact Balanced Mixers in 130-nm CMOS ProcessHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article1121
572009MMICs in the millimeter-wave regimeHSIN-CHIA LU ; HUEI WANG ; YI-CHENG LIN ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article4032
582009A broadband balanced distributed frequency doubler with a sharing collector lineKUN-YOU LIN journal article2017
592009Design and analysis for a 60-GHz low-noise amplifier with RF ESD protectionHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article4038
602009An ultra-low-power CMOS complementary VCO using three-coil transformer feedbackKUN-YOU LIN conference paper70
612009A 71-76 GHz chip set for wireless communication in 65-nm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper100
622009A K -band CMOS distributed doubler with current-reuse techniqueKUN-YOU LIN journal article2622
632009A 5.8-GHz GaAs based HBT amplifier with novel RF ESD protectionKUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
642009A 240 GHz active balun using 0.13 μm CMOS processKUN-YOU LIN journal article3528
652009A miniature Q-band CMOS LNA with triple-cascode topologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper80
662009A 50 to 70 GHz power amplifier using 90 nm CMOS technologyHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article3832
672009Analysis and design of reduced-size marchand rat-race hybrid for millimeter-wave compact balanced mixers in 130-nm CMOS p0rocessHUEI WANG ; Lien, Chun-Hsien; Wang, Chi-Hsueh; KUN-YOU LIN ; Lin, Chin-Shen; Wu, Pei-Si; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei journal article1121
682009A 24 GHz low power VCO with transformer feedbackKUN-YOU LIN conference paper270
692009A 68-83 GHz power amplifier in 90 nm CMOSKUN-YOU LIN conference paper210
702009A K-band CMOS low power modified Colpitts VCO using transformer feedbackKUN-YOU LIN conference paper250
712009Millimeter-wave low power and miniature CMOS multicascode low-noise amplifiers with noise reduction topologyHUEI WANG ; Huang, Bo-Jr; Lin, Kun-You ; KUN-YOU LIN ; Wang, Huei journal article5642
722009A 24-48 GHz cascode HEMT mixer with DC to 15 GHz IF bandwidth for astronomy radio telescopeKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
732009A compact low DC consumption 24-GHz cascode HEMT VGAKUN-YOU LIN conference paper40
742009A K-Band CMOS distributed doubler with current-reuse techniqueLin, Kun-You ; Huang, Jhih-Yu; Shin, Shih-Chiehjournal article
752008Low insertion loss single-pole-double-throw reduced-size quarter-wavelength HEMT bandpass filter integrated switchesLee, Jeffrey; Lai, Ruei-Bin; Chen, Chung-Chun; Lin, Chin-Shen; Lin, Kun-You ; Chiong, Chau-Ching; Wang, Huei journal article
762008A 60-GHz single-chip transceiver for WPAN applicationsKUN-YOU LIN conference paper50
772008Low insertion-loss single-pole-double-throw reduced-size quarter-wavelength HEMT bandpass filter integrated switchesHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article159
782008A compact 60 GHz integrated up-converter using miniature transformer couplers with 5 dB conversion gainHUEI WANG ; Wu, Pei-Si; Wang, Chi-Hsueh; KUN-YOU LIN ; Lin, Chin-Shen; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei journal article1915
79200840-48 GHz Sub-harmonic transceiver for high data-rate communication system applicationsHSIN-CHIA LU ; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper30
802008Low Insertion-Loss Single-Pole&#x2013;Double-Throw Reduced-Size Quarter-Wavelength HEMT Bandpass Filter Integrated SwitchesHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article159
812008A 40-to-76 GHz balanced distributed doubler in 0.13-μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper130
822008A V-band power amplifier in 0.13-um CMOS (Invited paper)KUN-YOU LIN conference paper60
832008A 14-23 GHz CMOS MMIC distributed doubler with a 22-dB fundamental rejectionKUN-YOU LIN conference paper270
842008A 10-35 GHz low power bulk-driven mixer using 0.13 μm CMOS processKUN-YOU LIN journal article3124
852008A novel ring-based triple-push 0.2-to-34 GHz VCO in 0.13-μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper110
862008A 60-GHz single-balance gate-pumped down-conversion mixer with reduced-size rat-race hybrid on 130-nm CMOS processKUN-YOU LIN conference paper80
872008A GaAs-based HBT 31-GHz frequency doubler with an on-chip voltageKUN-YOU LIN conference paper100
882008A Q-band low loss reduced-size filter-integrated SPDT switch using 0.15-μm MHEMT technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper60
892008A 1.5&#x2013;9.6 GHz Monolithic Active Quasi-Circulator in 0.18 <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$\\mu{\\rm m}$</tex> </formula> CMOS TechnologyHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article3030
902007單晶微波/毫米波雙向放大器之研製林坤佑 report
91200771-76 GHz無線模組及電路技術-子計畫四:E-頻段功率放大器之研製(1/2)林坤佑 report
922007A 60GHz Low-Power Six-Port Transceiver for Gigabit Software-Defined Transceiver ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG ; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper780
932007Low-power low-noise amplifiers for UWB applicationsKUN-YOU LIN conference paper00
942007Analysis and design of bandpass single-pole-double-throw FET filter-integrated switchesKUN-YOU LIN journal article3829
952007Design and analysis of stacked power amplifier in series-input and series-output configurationKUN-YOU LIN journal article2523
962007A 35-50 GHz IQ-demodulator in 0.13-μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN conference paper120
97200740-GHz MMIC SPDT and multiple-oort bandpass filter-integrated switchesKUN-YOU LIN journal article1914
982007A 10.8-GHz CMOS low-noise amplifier using parallel-resonant inductorKUN-YOU LIN conference paper170
992007Analysis of multiconductor coupled-line marchand baluns for miniature MMIC designKUN-YOU LIN journal article6057
1002006A 10.8-mW low-noise amplifier in 0.35-/spl mu/m SiGe BiCMOS for UWB wireless receiversTsai, Ming-Da; Lin, Chin-Shen; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei journal article00
1012006A 10.8-mW low-noise amplifier in 0.35-μm SiGe BiCMOS for UWB wireless receiversKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
1022006A noise optimization formulation for CMOS low-noise amplifiers with on-chip low-Q inductorsKUN-YOU LIN journal article4032
1032006A low-voltage and variable-gain distributed amplifier for 3.1-10.6 GHz UWB systemsKUN-YOU LIN journal article2120
1042006FET-integrated CPW and the application in filter synthesis design method on traveling-wave switch above 100 GHzKUN-YOU LIN journal article2122
1052006Design and analysis for a miniature CMOS SPDT switch using body-floating technique to improve power performanceKUN-YOU LIN journal article137125
1062005Compact W-band SPQT MMIC switch using traveling wave conceptChao, Shih-Fong; Tsai, Zuo-Min; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei journal article
1072005A 5.4-mW LNA using 0.35- /spl mu/m SiGe BiCMOS technology for 3.1-10.6-GHz UWB wireless receiversTsai, Ming-Da; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei journal article00
108200518-26 GHz low-noise amplifiers using 130- and 90-nm bulk CMOS technologiesShin, Shih-Chieh; Lai, Szu-Fan; Lin, Kun-You ; Tsai, Ming-Da; Wang, Huei ; Chang, Chih-Sheng; Tsai, Yung-Chihjournal article00
1092005A millimeter-wave wideband SPDT switch with traveling-wave concept using 0.13-μm CMOS processYeh, Mei-Chao; KUN-YOU LIN ; Tsai, Zuo-Min; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei ; Su, Chia-Yi; Chao, Chih-Pingconference paper190
1102005Compact W-band SPQT MMIC switch using traveling wave conceptKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
1112005A Ku-band CMOS low-noise amplifierDeng, Kuo-Liang; KUN-YOU LIN ; Tsai, Ming-Da; Lin, Chin-Shen; Lin, Kun-You ; Wang, Huei ; Wang, S.H.; Lien, W.Y.; Chern, G.J.conference paper160
1122005A 24-GHz 3.9-dB NF low-noise amplifier using 0.18 μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN journal article8063
1132005A 5.4-mW LNA using 0.35-μm SiGe BiCMOS technology for 3.1-10.6-GHz UWB wireless receiversKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
1142004Millimeter-wave MMIC passive HEMT switches using traveling-wave conceptRUEY-BEEI WU ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article7462
1152003Millimeter-wave MMIC single-pole-double-throw passive HEMT switches using impedance-transformation networksHUEI WANG ; KUN-YOU LIN journal article3027
1162002On the stability of millimeter-wave power amplifiersKUN-YOU LIN conference paper
1172002A W-band GCPW MMIC diode triplerKUN-YOU LIN conference paper120
1182001A V-Band MMIC SPDT passive HEMT switch using impedance transformation networksWang, Yu-Jiu; Lin, Kun-You ; Niu, Dow-Chih; Wang, Huei journal article00
1192000K-Band monolithic GaAs PHEMT amplifiersLin, Kun-You ; Deng, Kuo-Liang; Kuo, Po-Wei; Yang, Shin-Der; Wang, Huei ; Chu, Tah-Hsiung journal article00
1202000K-band monolithic GaAs PHEMT amplifiersKUN-YOU LIN conference paper