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12017Adaptive 3D cell segmentation and tracing algorithm using convex separation and histogram information for vivo imagesJIAN-JIUN DING ; SUNG-JAN LIN conference paper00
22012Sequency-ordered generalized Walsh-Fourier transformPei, Soo-Chang ; Wen, Chia-Chang; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article107
32012Facial age estimation based on label-sensitive learning and age-oriented regressionChao, Wei-Lun; Liu, Jun-Zuo; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article8879
42012Bearing fault diagnosis based on multiscale permutation entropy and support vector machineWu, Shuen-De; Wu, Po-Hung; Wu, Chiu-Wen; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Wang, Chun-Chieh journal article129117
52012Analysis of attenuation measurements in ocean sediments using normal incidence chirp sonarTseng, Yao-Ting; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Liu, Char-Shine journal article75
62012適應性分析方法於福衛三號衛星資料之應用方振洲; 丁建均 ; 王麗豐; 顏隆政; 楊善國; 張明雄; 李宗平; 王逸民conference paper
72012Higher order modulation and the efficient sampling algorithm for time variant signalDing, Jian-Jiun ; Pei, Soo Chang ; Ko, Ting Yuconference paper
82012Modified Golomb coding algorithm for asymmetric two-sided geometric distribution dataDing, Jian-Jiun ; Wei, Wei-Yi; Pan, Guan-Chenconference paper
92012Facial age estimation based on label-sensitive learning and age-specific local regressionChao, Wei-Lun; Liu, Jun-Zuo; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper90
102012Preliminary studies of the applications of HHT (Hilbert-Huang transform) on FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC GOX payload trending dataFong, Chen-Joe; Yang, Shan-Kuo; Yen, Nick L.; Lee, Tsung-Ping; Huang, Cheng-Yung; Tsai, Ho-Fang; Wang, Slipa; Wang, Yetmen; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
112011Elimination of the Discretization Side-Effect in the S Transform Using Folded WindowsPei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Wang, Pai-Wei; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Wen, Chia-Changjournal article76
122011Closed form orthogonal number theoretic transform eigenvectors and the fractional NTTPei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Wen, Chia-Chang; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article1313
132011Efficient discrete fractional Hirschman optimal transform and its applicationSOO-CHANG PEI ; Hsue, Wen-Liang; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper10
142011Morphology-based shape adaptive compressionDing, Jian-Jiun ; Lin, Pao-Yen; Huang, Jiun-De; Lee, Tzu-Heng; Chen, Hsin-Huijournal article10
152011Jacket Haar transformDing, Jian-Jiun ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Wu, Po-Hungconference paper60
162011Eigenfunctions and self-imaging phenomena of the two-dimensional nonseparable linear canonical transformDing, J.-J.; Pei, S.-C.; DingJJ ; PeiSC journal article1817
172011Coarse-to-fine temporal optimization for video retargeting based on seam carvingSHAO-YI CHIEN ; Chao, Wei-Lun; Su, Hsiao-Hang; Chien, Shao-Yi ; Hsu, Winston; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper160
182011Living cell segmenting and counting using the reflex angle image segmentation techniquesDing, Jian-Jiun ; Wang, Yu-Hsiang; Chen, Chien-Chiconference paper
192011Quadtree classified vector quantization based image retrieval schemeChen, Hsin-Hui; Sheu, Hsin-Teng; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper20
202011Human age estimation based on distance metric and manifold learningChao, Wei-Lun; Liu, Jun-Zuo; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
212011Muscle injury determination by image segmentationDing, Jian-Jiun ; Wang, Yu-Hsiang; Hu, Lee-Lin; Chao, Wei-Lun; Shau, Yio-Wha conference paper30
222011Improved onset detection algorithm based on fractional power envelope match filterDing, Jian-Jiun ; Tseng, Chi-Jung; Hu, Che-Ming; Hsien, Taconference paper
232010Adaptive Golomb code for joint geometrically distributed data and its application in image codingDing, Jian-Jiun ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Chen, Hsin-Hui; Wei, Wei-Yiconference paper1711
242010Fractional Fourier transform, Wigner distribution, and filter design for stationary and nonstationary random processesPei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article5740
252010Two-dimensional orthogonal DCT expansion in triangular and trapezoid regionsFrossard, Pascal; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Frossard, Pascal; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Li, Houqiang; Li, Houqiang; Wu, Feng; Lee, Tzu-Heng Henry; Lee, Tzu-Heng Henry; Girod, Bernd; Li, Shipeng; Wei, Guoconference paper10
262010Eigenfunctions, eigenvalues, and fractionalization of the quaternion and biquatornion Fourier transformPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Chang, Kuo-Weiconference paper
272010Asymmetric Fourier descriptor of non-closed segmentsDing, Jian-Jiun ; Chao, Wei-Lun; Huang, Jiun-De; Kuo, Cheng-Jinconference paper40
282010Hybrid fast algorithm for S transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Wamg, Pai-Wei; Wang, Wen Fuconference paper
292009Properties, digital implementation, applications, and self image phenomena of the Gyrator transformPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper21
302009Generalizing the Jacket transform by sub orthogonality extensionPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper4
312009DFT-Commuting Matrix with Arbitrary or Infinite Order Second Derivative ApproximationPei, S.-C.; Hsue, W.-L.; Ding, J.-J.; PeiSC ; DingJJ journal article
322009Uncertainty principle of the 2-D affine generalized fractional Fourier transformPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
332009Improved reversible integer-to-integer color transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper100
342008Short response Hilbert transform for edge detectionSOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Huang, Jiun-De; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Guo, Guo-Cyuanconference paper50
352008分數轉換及其在訊號和影像處理上的應用丁建均 report
362008Coefficient-truncated higher-order commuting matrices of the discrete Fourier transformPei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Hsue, Wen-Liang; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper10
372008Closed-Form Orthogonal DFT Eigenvectors Generated by Complete Generalized Legendre SequencePei, Soo-Chang ; Wen, Chia-Chang; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article1717
382008Eigenvalues and Singular Value Decompositions of Reduced Biquaternion MatricesPei, Soo-Chang ; Chang, Ja-Han; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Chen, Ming-Yangjournal article1210
392008Generalized commuting matrices and their eigenvectors for DFTs, offset DFTs, and other periodic operationsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Hsue, Wen-Liang; Chang, Kuo-Weijournal article2322
402007Relations between Gabor transforms and fractional Fourier transforms and their applications for Signal ProcessingSOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article9766
412007時頻分析與分數轉換丁建均 report
422007Reversible integer color transformSOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article1816
432007Discrete-to-discrete prolate spheroidal wave functions and finite duration discrete fractional Fourier transformPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
442007Eigenfunctions of Fourier and Fractional Fourier Transforms With Complex Offsets and ParametersPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article3230
452007Improved Harris' algorithm for corner and edge detectionsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper120
462007Quaternions and biquaternions for symmetric Markov-chain system analysisPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
472006DCT-based image protection using dual-domain bi-watermarking algorithmSOO-CHANG PEI ; Zeng, Yi-Chong; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper40
482006Improved reversible integer transformPei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper50
492006Relations between Gabor transforms and fractional Fourier transforms and their applications for signal processingPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper068
502006Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Based on New Nearly Tridiagonal Commuting MatricesPei, Soo-Chang ; Hsue, Wen-Liang; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article5950
512006Fractional Fourier transforms and Wigner distribution functions for stationary and non-stationary random processDing, Jian-Jiun ; Pei, Soo-Chang conference paper10
522006Color images enhancement using weighted histogram separationPei, Soo-Chang ; Zeng, Yi-Chong; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper130
532005New corner detection algorithm by tangent and vertical axes and case tablePei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper80
542005Reversible integer color transform with bit-constraintSOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper50
552005Generalized prolate spheroidal wave functions for optical finite fractional Fourier and linear canonical transformsSOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article2421
562005Reducing sampling error by prolate spheroidal wave functions and fractional Fourier transformDing, Jian-Jiun ; Pei, Soo-Chang conference paper90
572005Discrete fractional Fourier transform based on new nearly tridiagonal commuting matricesPei, Soo-Chang ; Hsue, Wen-Liang; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper350
582005Multiphoton fluorescence and second harmonic generation microscopy of different skin statesBartels, Kenneth E.; SHIOU-HWA JEE ; SUNG-JAN LIN ; Lin, Sung-Jan ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Lo, Wen; Bass, Lawrence S.; Riese, Werner T. W. de; Sun, Yen; Jee, Shiou-Hwa ; Gregory, Kenton W.; Hirschberg, Henry; Dong, Chen-Yuan ; Katzir, Abraham; Kollias, Nikiforos; Madsen, Steen J.; Malek, Reza S.; McNally-Heintzelman, Karen M.conference paper20
592004Generalized eigenvectors and fractionalization of offset DFTs and DCTsPei, Soo-Chang ; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article1412
6020042D quaternion Fourier spectral analysis and its applicationsChang, Ja-Han; SOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper110
612004Commutative reduced biquaternions and their Fourier transform for signal and image processing applicationsPei, Soo-Chang ; Chang, Ja-Han; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article5337
622004偏移傅式、分數傅式、線性完整轉換的固有函數Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
632003Simplified structures for two-dimensional adaptive notch filtersPei, Soo-Chang ; Wu, Chang-Long; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper40
642003The generalized redial Hilbert transform and its applications to 2-D edge detection (any direction or specified directions)Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper00
652003Quaternion matrix singular value decomposition and its applications for color image processingPei, Soo-Chang ; Chang, Ja-Han; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper440
662003Saving the bandwidth in the fractional domain by generalized Hilbert transform pair relationsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper40
672003Eigenfunctions of the offset Fourier, fractional Fourier, and linear canonical transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article6156
682003相位金匙及影像的編碼、轉換、加密解密Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper
692002Eigenfunctions of linear canonical transformSOO-CHANG PEI ; Pei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article126109
702002Fractional, canonical, and simplified fractional cosine, sine and Hartley transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article
712001Two-Dimensional Affine Generalized Fractional Fourier TransformPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article
722001Relations between fractional operations and time-frequency distributions, and their applicationsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article204176
732001Color pattern recognition by quaternion correlationPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Chang, Jahanconference paper140
742001Efficient implementation of quaternion Fourier transform, convolution, and correlation by 2-D complex FFTPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Chang, Ja-Hanjournal article157124
752001Fractional, canonical, and simplified fractional cosine transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun conference paper30
762000Eigenfunctions of the canonical transform and the self-imaging problems in optical systemPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article40
772000Integer discrete Fourier transform and its extension to integer trigonometric transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article00
782000Closed-form discrete fractional and affine Fourier transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article
792000The integer transforms analogous to discrete trigonometric transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article
802000Simplified fractional Fourier transformsPei, Soo-Chang ; Ding, Jian-Jiun journal article
811998A new definition of continuous fractional Hartley transformPei, Soo-Chang ; Tseng, Chien-Cheng; Yeh, Min-Hung; Jian-Jiun, Ding journal article70
8219932-D affine generalized fractional Fourier transformDing, Jian-Jiun ; Pei, Soo-Chang conference paper20