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12019Design Pseudo Ground Truth with Motion Cue for Unsupervised Video Object SegmentationWang, Y.; Choi, J.; Chen, Y.; Huang, Q.; Li, S.; Lee, M.-S.; Kuo, C.-C.J.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper00
22018Dunhuang mural restoration using deep learningWang, H.-L.; Han, P.-H.; Chen, Y.-M.; Chen, K.-W.; Lin, X.; Lee, M.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper10
32018Online CNN-based multiple object tracking with enhanced model updates and identity associationGan, W.; Wang, S.; Lei, X.; Lee, M.-S.; Kuo, C.-C.J.; MING-SUI LEE journal article65
42018Stillness Moves: Exploring Body Weight-Transfer Learning in Physical Training for Tai-Chi Exercise.Lin, Han-Hong; Han, Ping-Hsuan; Lu, Kuan-Yin; Sun, Chia Hung; Lee, Pei Yi; Jan, Yao Fu; Lee, Amy Ming Sui; Sun, Wei-Zen; Hung, Yi-Ping; MING-SUI LEE conference paper10
52018Online object tracking via motion-guided convolutional neural network (MGNet)Gan, W.; Lee, M.-S.; Wu, C.-H.; Kuo, C.-C.J.; MING-SUI LEE journal article63
62017A multilevel technique for automatic foreground extractionYang, Y.-M.; Lee, M.-S.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper00
72016Object tracking with temporal prediction and spatial refinement (TPSR)Gan, W.; Lee, M.-S.; Wu, C.-H.; Kuo, C.-C.J.; MING-SUI LEE journal article44
82014Opportunities for persuasive technology to motivate heavy computer users for stretching exerciseChen, Y.-X.; Chiang, S.-S.; Chih, S.-Y.; Liao, W.-C.; Lin, S.-Y.; Yang, S.-H.; Cheng, S.-W.; Lin, S.-S.; Lin, Y.-S.; Lee, M.-S.; Tsauo, J.-Y.; Jen, C.-M.; Shih, C.-S.; Chang, K.-J.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper60
92014Facial expression synthesis from a single imageChang, M.-C.; Lee, M.-S.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper00
102013Haze effect removal from image via haze density estimation in optical modelYeh, Chia-Hung; Kang, Li-Wei; Lee, Ming-Sui; Lin, Cheng-Yang; MING-SUI LEE journal article6053
112013Automatic trimap generation for digital image mattingHsieh, C.-L.; Lee, M.-S.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper80
122013Haze effect removal from image via haze density estimation in optical modelYeh, C.-H.; Kang, L.-W.; Lee, M.-S.; Lin, C.-Y.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper6053
132013Video aesthetic quality assessment by temporal integration of photo- and motion-based featuresYeh, H.-H.; Yang, C.-Y.; Lee, M.-S.; Chen, C.-S.; MING-SUI LEE journal article2321
142013IRotateGrasp: Automatic screen rotation based on grasp of mobile devicesCheng, L.-P.; Lee, M.-H.; Wu, C.-Y.; Hsiao, F.-I.; Liu, Y.-T.; Liang, H.-S.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Lee, M.-S.; Chen, M.Y.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper130
152013Spatially-varying super-resolution for HDTVShen, C.-T.; Liu, H.-H.; Lee, M.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; Pei, S.-C.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper10
162013Multiparameter Sleep Monitoring Using a Depth CameraYu, M.-C.; Wu, H.; Liou, J.-L.; Lee, M.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper180
172012Noncontact respiratory measurement of volume change using depth cameraYu, M.-C.; Liou, J.-L.; Kuo, S.-W.; Lee, M.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper330
182012Multimedia-assisted breathwalk-aware systemYu, M.-C.; Wu, H.; Lee, M.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE journal article1314
192011A low-complexity upsampling technique for H.264Chen, W.-C.; Lee, M.-S.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper00
202011I-m-Breath: The effect of multimedia biofeedback on learning abdominal breathYu, M.-C.; Chen, J.-S.; Chang, K.-J.; Hsu, S.-C.; Lee, M.-S.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper10
212010Touching the void: Direct-touch interaction for intangible displaysChan, L.-W.; Kao, H.-S.; Chen, M.Y.; Lee, M.-S.; Hsu, J.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper640
222010Image recovery of geometric distortion with multi-bit data embeddingLee, M.-S.; Chiu, Y.-H.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper20
232010i-m-Space: Interactive multimedia-enhanced space for rehabilitation of breast cancer patientsKo, J.-C.; Chen, W.-H.; Yu, M.-C.; Lin, H.-H.; Lin, J.-Y.; Wu, S.-W.; Chung, Y.-Y.; Hu, I.-L.; Peng, W.-T.; Lin, S.-Y.; Chang, C.H.; Chou, P.-H.; Chang, K.-J.; Chang, M.-L.; Chen, S.-H.; Chen, J.-S.; Lee, M.-S.; Chen, M.Y.; Hung, Y.-P.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper10
242010A content-adaptive method for single image dehazingChu, C.-T.; Lee, M.-S.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper90
252009An efficient upsampling technique for images and videosLee, M.-S.; Chang, C.-W.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper00
262009Transformational breathing between present and past: Virtual exhibition system of the Mao-Kung tingHsieh, C.-K.; Tong, X.; Hung, Y.-P.; Chen, C.-P.; Ko, J.-C.; Yu, M.-C.; Lin, H.-H.; Wu, S.-W.; Chung, Y.-Y.; Lin, L.-C.; Lee, M.-S.; Chen, C.-S.; Wang, J.; Lin, Q.-P.; Liu, I.-L.; MING-SUI LEE conference paper00
272009Image Resolution Up-Sampling Using Block-Based Content ClassificationLee, Ming-Sui ; Shen, Mei-Yin; Kuo, C.-C. Jayjournal article
282008QPalm: A gesture recognition system for remote control with list menuYu-Hsin Chang; Li-Wei Chan; Ju-Chun Ko; Ming-Sui Lee ; Jane Hsu; Yi-Ping Hung conference paper40
292007Smooth View Hopping between Tow Images and Its ApplicationsHo, Pei-Shiuan; Tsai, Yu-Pao; Hung, Yi-Ping ; Lee, Ming-Sui conference paper
302007A Content-Adaptive Up-Sampling Technique for Image Resolution EnhancementLee, Ming-Sui ; Shen, Mei-Yin; Kuo, C.-C.J.conference paper
312007Gesture-based Interaction for a Magic Crystal BallChan, Li-Wei; Chuang, Yi-Fan; Yu, Meng-Chieh; Chao, Yi-Liu; Lee, Ming-Sui ; Hung, Yi-Ping ; Hsu, Janeconference paper