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12019Genome-Wide Copy Number Variation Association Study of Atrial Fibrillation Related Thromboembolic StrokeC.S. Hsieh; P.S. Huang; S.N. Chang; C.K. Wu; J.J. Hwang; E.Y. Chuang; C.T. Tsai; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
22019Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Acts as the Potential Target of a Newly Synthesized Compound, 1-(9′-methyl-3′-carbazole)-3, 4-dihydro-β-carbolineP.H. Ko; Y.C. Shen; K. Murugan; C.W. Huang; G. Sivakumar; P. Pal; C.C. Liao; K.S. Luo; E.Y. Chuang; M.H. Tsai; L.C. Lai; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
32018CellExpress: a comprehensive microarray-based cancer cell line and clinical sample gene expression analysis online systemY.F. Lee; C.Y. Lee; L.C. Lai; M.H. Tsai; T.P. Lu; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
42018Utilizing Cancer–Functional Gene set–Compound Networks to Identify Putative Drugs for Breast CancerT.H. Hsiao; Y.H. Chen; H.I. Chen; Y.C. Chiu; E.Y. Chuang; Y. Chen; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
52018Whole-Genome De Novo Sequencing Reveals Unique Genes that Contributed to the Adaptive Evolution of the Mikado PheasantC.Y. Lee; P.H. Hsieh; L.M. Chiang; A. Chattopadhyay; K.Y. Li; Y.F. Lee; T.P. Lu; L.C. Lai; E.C. Lin; H. Lee; S.T. Ding; M.H. Tsai; C.Y. Chen; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
62018miR-338-5p inhibits cell proliferation, colony formation, migration, and cisplatin resistance in esophageal squamous cancer cells by targeting FERMT2W.C. Lin; L.H. Chen; Y.C. Hsieh; P.W. Yang; L.C. Lai; E.Y. Chuang; J.M. Lee; M.H. Tsai; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
72018The extracellular SEMA domain attenuates intracellular apoptotic signaling of semaphorin 6A in lung cancer cellsC.Y. Shen; Y.C. Chang; L.H. Chen; W.C. Lin; Y.H. Lee; S.T. Yeh; H.K. Chen; W. Fang; C.P. Hsu; J.M. Lee; T.P. Lu; P.W. Hsiao; L.C. Lai; M.H. Tsai; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
82018Global Expression Profiling Identifies a Novel Hyaluronan Synthases 2 Gene in the Pathogenesis of Lower Extremity Varicose VeinsC.S. Hsieh; C.T. Tsai; Y.H. Chen; S.N. Chang; J.J. Hwang; E.Y. Chuang; I.H. Wu; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
92018藥物組合療效預測篩選系統與方法劉韋驛; 邱育賢; 徐仁徽; 謝嘉珊; 蔡孟勳; 盧子彬; 賴亮全; 莊曜宇; 蕭暉議; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG patent
102017Genome-wide identification of key modulators of gene-gene interaction networks in breast cancerY.C. Chiu; L.J. Wang; T.H. Hsiao; E.Y. Chuang; Y. Chen; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
112017iGC—an integrated analysis package of gene expression and copy number alterationY.P. Lai; L.B. Wang; W.A. Wang; L.C. Lai; M.H. Tsai; T.P. Lu; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
122017D.K. Podolsky, J.J.Y. Yen, J.M. Wong, SHANK3 Regulates Intestinal Barrier Function Through Modulating ZO-1 Expression Through the PKCε-dependent PathwayS.C. Wei; H.F. Yang-Yen; P.N. Tsao; M.T. Weng; C.C. Tung; L.C.H. Yu; L.C. Lai; J.H. Hsiao; E.Y. Chuang; C.T. Shun; Y.H. Ni; R.J. Xavier; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
132017Identification of Methylation-Driven, Differentially Expressed STXBP6 as a Novel Biomarker in Lung AdenocarcinomaG.L.; M.H. Tsai; H.C. Lin; J.H. Hsiao; Y.C. Lee; T.P. Lu; J.M. Lee; C.P. Hsu; L.C. Lai; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
142017Differential correlation analysis of glioblastoma reveals immune ceRNA interactions predictive of patient survivalY.C. Chiu; L.J. Wang; T.P. Lu; T.H. Hsiao; E.Y. Chuang; Y. Chen; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
152017別瞎忙了!健康的關鍵就在腸道菌莊曜宇; 王志軒; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG book
162017ADAM9 enhances CDCP1 by inhibiting miR-1 through EGFR signaling activation in lung cancer metastasisK.L. Chiu; Y.S. Lin; T.T. Kuo; C.C. Lo; Y.K. Huang; H.F. Chang; E.Y. Chuang; C.C. Lin; W.C. Cheng; Y.N. Liu; L.C. Lai; Y.P. Sher; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
172017Genetic loci associated with an earlier age at onset in multiplex schizophreniaA.L. Woolston; P.C. Hsiao; P.H. Kuo; S.H. Wang; Y.J. Lien; C.M. Liu; H.G. Hwu; T.P. Lu; E.Y. Chuang; L.C. Chang; C.H. Chen; J.Y. Wu; M.T. Tsuang; W.J. Chen; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
182017次世代定序分析系統及其次世代定序分析方法鄭少樺; 邱育賢; 莊曜宇; 盧子彬; 董恆元; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG patent
192017用以分析細菌菌種之定序資料的系統及其方法鄭佳揚; 徐仁徽; 劉韋驛; 蔡孟勳; 盧子彬; 賴亮全; 莊曜宇; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG patent
202016Prognostic significance of NPM1 mutation-modulated microRNA-mRNA regulation in acute myeloid leukemiaChiu, Y-C; TZU-PIN LU ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; Tsai, M-H; Chou, W-C; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; Liu, Y-C; Kuo, Y-Y; HSIN-AN HOU ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU ; Hou, H-A; YUAN-YEH KUO ; Lu, T-P; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Lai, L-C; Chen, Y.; Tien, H-F; Chuang, E. Y.; 蔡孟勳 journal article
212016Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activates NDRG1 Transcription under Hypoxia in Breast Cancer CellsLIANG-CHUAN LAI ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
222016Liver Gene Expression Profiles Correlate with Virus Infection and Response to Interferon Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis B PatientsH.L. Wu; T.H. Hsiao; P.J. Chen; S.H. Wong; J.H. Kao; D.S. Chen; J.Y. Lu; T.P. Lu; Y. Chen; E.Y. Chuang; H.C. Tu; C.J. Liu; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
232016Genome-wide screening identifies a KCNIP1 copy number variant as a genetic predictor for atrial fibrillationC.T. Tsai; C.S. Hsieh; S.N. Chang; E.Y. Chuang; K.C. Ueng; C.F. Tsai; T.H. Lin; C.K. Wu; J.K. Lee; L.Y. Lin; Y.C. Wang; C.C. Yu; L.P. Lai; C.D. Tseng; J.J. Hwang; F.T. Chiang; J.L. Lin; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
242016Differential network analysis reveals the genome-wide landscape of estrogen receptor modulation in hormonal cancersT.H. Hsiao; Y.C. Chiu; P.Y. Hsu; T.P. Lu; L.C. Lai; M.H. Tsai; T.H. Huang; E.Y. Chuang; Y. Chen; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
252016Applying gene set analysis to characterize the activities of immune cells in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.Yi-Hsuan Chang; Yu-Chiao Chiu1; Yu-Ching Hsu; Hui-Mei Tsai; E.Y. Chuang; Tzu-Hung Hsiao; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
262016Mitomycin C treatment induces resistance and enhanced migration via phosphorylated Akt in aggressive lung cancer cellsC.Y. Shen; L.H. Chen; Y.F. Lin; L.C. Lai; E.Y. Chuang; M.H. Tsai; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
272016Overexpression of methylation-driven DCC suppresses proliferation of lung cancer cells.Govinda Lenka; Mong-Hsun Tsai; Jen-Hao Hsiao; Liang-Chuan Lai; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
282016Low correlation of lncRNA and target gene expression in microarray dataChi-Yun Wu; E.Y. Chuang; Tzu-Pin Lu; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
292016Development of a prediction model for radiosensitivity using the expression values of genes and long non-coding RNAsW.A. Wang; L.C. Lai; M.H. Tsai; T.P. Lu; E.Y. Chuang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
302016A simple gene set-based analysis accurately predicts the synergy of drug pairs.Yu-Ching Hsu; Yu-Chiao Chiu; Wei-Yi Liu; Chia-Yang Cheng; Tzu-Hung Hsiao; Mong-Hsun Tsai; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
312016利用三個微小核糖核酸之評分系統以預測急性骨髓性白血病之預後周文堅; 田蕙芬; 莊曜宇; 邱鈺喬; 莊名凱; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG patent
322015An mRNA Expression Signature for Prognostication in De Novo Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients with Normal Karyotype.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
332015Co-modulation analysis of gene regulation in breast cancer reveals complex interplay between ESR1 and ERBB2 genes.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO journal article
342015Putative effectors for prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma are ethnic and gender specific.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
352015A gene-set approach to analyze copy number alterations in breast cancer.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
362015Performances evaluation of algorithms for identifying differently expressed genes in RNA-seq data.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
372015Parameter optimization for constructing competing endogenous RNA regulatory network in glioblastoma multiforme and other cancers.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
382015Survival prediction model with long non-coding RNA profile in lung adenocarcinoma cancer.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
392015Deregulated microRNAs in triple-negative breast cancer revealed by deep sequencingChang, Yao-Yin; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Hung, Jui-Hui; Lee, Chien-Yueh; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Lee, Yung-Hua; Chang, Ya-Chu; Lin, Wen-Chun; Shen, Cheng-Ying; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Lai, Liang-Chuan ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun; Chang, King-Jen; Chuang, Eric Y.; 蔡孟勳 journal article
402015Circulating mRNA Profiling in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Identifies FAM8<inf>4</inf>B As A Biomarker in Predicting Pathological Response to Neoadjuvant ChemoradiationHsu, Feng-Ming; Liu, Chen-Hua ; YIH-LEONG CHANG ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; Huang, Chung-Feng; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Chang, Yih-Leong ; JANG-MING LEE ; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Dai, Chia-Yen; Lee, Jang-Ming ; Huang, Jee-Fu; Koong, Albert C.; Lin, Jou-Wei ; Chuang, Eric Y.; Liang, Cheng-Chao; Yang, Sheng-Shun; 成佳憲 ; Lin, Chih-Lin; Su, Tung-Hung ; Yang, Hung-Chih ; Chen, Pei-Jer ; Chen, Ding-Shinn ; Chuang, Wan-Long; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Yu, Ming-Lung; 陳定信 ; 劉振驊 ; 高嘉宏 ; 楊宏志 ; 蘇東弘 ; 劉俊人 ; 陳培哲 ; 林昭維 journal article
412015Identification of regulatory SNPs associated with genetic modifications in lung adenocarcinoma BioinformaticsTZU-PIN LU ; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; JANG-MING LEE ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO journal article
422015An mRNA expression signature for prognostication in de novo acute myeloid leukemia patients with normal karyotypeHWEI-FANG TIEN ; HSIN-AN HOU ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; MING-KAI CHUANG journal article
432014A Simple, Powerful, and Widely Applicable Micro-RNA Scoring System in Prognostication of De Novo Myeloid Leukemia Patients.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
442014A Simple, Powerful, and Widely Applicable Micro-RNA Scoring System in Prognostication of De Novo Myeloid Leukemia Patients.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
452014Next-generation sequencing of nine atrial fibrillation candidate genes identified novel de novo mutations in patients with extreme trait of atrial fibrillation.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
462014Identification of Gene Expression Biomarkers for Predicting Radiation Exposure.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
472014MicroRNA-769-3p Down-regulates NDRG1 and Enhances Apoptosis in MCF-7 Cells During Reoxygenation.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
482014Refinement of breast cancer risk prediction with concordant leading edge subsets from prognostic gene signatures.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
492014Radiogenomics Consortium. Radiogenomics: radiobiology enters the era of big data and team science.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
502014A reliable multiplex genotyping assay for HCV using a suspension bead array.MONG-HSUN TSAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
512014SLCO3A1, a Novel Crohn’s Disease-Associated Gene, Regulates NF-κB Activity and Associates with Intestinal Perforation.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
522014Investigation of Dynamic Cross-talk between miRNA and mRNA in Acute Myeloid LeukemiaERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
532014Identification of Genes with Consistent Methylation Levels across Different Human Tissues.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
542014SNP rs10248565 in HDAC9 as a novel genomic aberration biomarker of lung adenocarcinoma in non-smoking women.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
552014Utilizing Multiple in Silico Analyses to Identify Putative Causal SCN5A Variants in Brugada Syndrome.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
562014Estrogen receptor status prediction by gene component regression: A comparative studyLIANG-CHUAN LAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
572014Identification of a liver cirrhosis signature in plasma for predicting hepatocellular carcinoma risk in a population-based cohort of hepatitis B carriersLiu, Chia-Chi; Liu, Chia-Chi; Liu, Chia-Chi; MING-WHEI YU ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; Wang, Ya-Hui; Wang, Ya-Hui; CHUN-JEN LIU ; Chuang, Eric Y.; Tsai, Mong-Hsun; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; LI-YU LIU ; Chuang, Ya-Hui ; Chuang, Ya-Hui ; Chuang, Ya-Hui; Lin, Chih-Lin; Lin, Chih-Lin; Lin, Chih-Lin; YA-HUI CHUANG ; Liu, Chun-Jen; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Lin, Shi-Ming; Lin, Shi-Ming; Liu, Li-Yu; Liu, Li-Yu ; Yu, Ming-Whei; Yu, Ming-Whei journal article
582014ADAM9 up-regulates N-cadherin via miR-218 suppression in lung adenocarcinoma cellsMONG-HSUN TSAI ; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
592014Identification of gene expression biomarkers for predicting radiation exposureTZU-PIN LU ; Lu, Tzu-Pin ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; Hsu, Yi-Yao; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; Lai, Liang-Chuan ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Chuang, Eric Y.journal article
602014Disease-targeted sequencing of ion channel genes identifies de novo mutations in patients with non-familial Brugada syndromeJuang, Jyh-Ming Jimmy ; TZU-PIN LU ; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; Lu, Tzu-Pin ; Lai, Liang-Chuan ; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; LING-PING LAI ; Ho, Chia-Chuan; Liu, Yen-Bin ; LIAN-YU LIN ; Tsai, Chia-Ti ; CHIH-CHIEH YU ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Lin, Lian-Yu ; Yu, Chih-Chieh ; CHIA-TI TSAI ; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Jone ; JYH-MING Jimmy JUANG ; Chiang, Fu-Tien ; Yeh, Shih-Fan Sherri; Lai, Ling-Ping ; Chuang, Eric Y.; Lin, Jiunn-Lee journal article
612014Particle Beam Therapy: contemporary trends and reviewsHuang Giap; Eric Y Chuang; Gary Y Yang; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG book
622013Modeling competing endogenous RNA regulatory networks in glioblastoma multiforme.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
632013Multiclass prediction with partial least square regression for gene expression data: applications in breast cancer intrinsic taxonomy.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
642013Identification of reproducible gene expression signatures in lung adenocarcinoma.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
652013Characterization of conditions for competing endogenous RNA regulation in GBM.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
662013Concurrent gene signatures for han chinese breast cancers.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
672013Transcription of Tnfaip3 is regulated by NF-κB and p38 via C/EBPβ in activated macrophages.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
682013Concurrent analysis of copy number variation and gene expression: application in paired non-smoking female lung cancer patients.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
692013MicroRNA-449a enhances radiosensitivity in lung adenocarcinoma cells.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
702013Prenatal smoke exposure, DNA methylation, and childhood atopic dermatitis.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
712013Identification of estrogen receptor modulated gene methylation network in breast cancer.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
722013An integrative analysis to identify putative drugs for acute myeloid leukemia.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
732013MicroRNA-449a enhances radiosensitivity in CL1-0 lung adenocarcinoma cells.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
742013Identification of novel miRNAs in breast data of the next generation sequencing using miRDeep2 and Galaxy.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
752013Identification of universal survival predictors in lung adenocarcinoma.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
762013Gene regulation, modulation, and their applications in gene expression data analysis.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
772013Common applications of next-generation sequencing technologies in genomic research.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
782013A preliminary study of concurrent gains and losses across gene expression profiles and comparative genomic hybridization in Taiwanese breast cancer patients.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
792013Dissecting the Heterogeneity of Luminal Subtype Breast Cancer Using Gene Component Analysis.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
802012Combination of Genomic Technologies and Bioinformatics for Exploring New Cancer Biomarkers.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
812012Using gene sets to identify putative drugs for breast cancerERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
822012Prediction consistency and clinical presentations of breast cancer molecular subtypes for Han Chinese population.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
832012miRSystem: an integrated system for characterizing enriched functions and pathways of microRNA targets.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
842012The Use of Germline Polymorphisms in Predicting Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy Response in Esophageal Cancer.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
852012A whole genome methylation analysis of systemic lupus erythematosus: hypomethylation of the IL10 and IL1R2 promoters is associated with disease activity.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
862012Molecular Characteristics and Metastasis Predictor Genes of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Clinical Study of Triple-Negative Breast CarcinomasLIANG-CHUAN LAI ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO journal article
872011Radiogenomics: An Emerging Field for Personalized Radiation Therapy.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
882011Identification of Prognostic Genes for Recurrent Risk Prediction in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients in Taiwan.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
892011High-sensitivity in vivo THz transmission imaging of early human breast cancer in a subcutaneous xenograft mouse model.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; CHI-KUANG SUN ; WEN-JENG LEE journal article
902011Integrated analyses of copy number variations and gene expression in lung adenocarcinoma.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
912011Down-Regulation of NDRG1 Promotes Migration of Cancer Cells during Reoxygenation.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
922011DBCAT: database of CpG islands and analytical tools for identifying comprehensive methylation profiles in cancer cells.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
932011Semaphorin 6A inhibits the cell migration in lung adenocarcinoma cells.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
942011A model-based circular binary segmentation algorithm for the analysis of array CGH dataMONG-HSUN TSAI ; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
952010Verifying expressed transcript variants by detecting and assembling stretches of consecutive exons.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
962010Identification of a novel biomarker, SEMA5A, for non-small cell lung carcinoma in nonsmoking women.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
972010Differential cytokine-related signaling pathways responded to ionizing radiation in two lung adenocarcinoma cell lines.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
982010Distinct Signaling Pathways After Higher or lower doses of radiation in three closely related human lymphoblast cell lines.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
992009Comparison of several radiation effects in human MCF10A mammary epithelial cells cultured as 2D monolayers or 3D acinar stuctures in matrigelERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1002009Genomic and phenotypic analysis reveals a key role for CCN1 (CYR61) in BAG3-modulated adhesion and invasionERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1012008研究人類肺部長期發炎反應改變腫瘤抑制基因的現象 (新制多年期第2年)莊曜宇 report
1022008乳癌治療抗療性之整合研究-乳癌經放射治療、化學治療或合併治療後分子特徵之比較(子計畫二)(1/3)莊曜宇 report
1032008A probe-density-based analysis method for array CGH data: Simulation, normalization and centralizationMONG-HSUN TSAI ; Chen, Hung-I Harry; Hsu, Fang-Han; Hsu, Fang-Han; Jiang, Yuan; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Meltzer, Paul S.; CHEN, HUNG-I HARRY; Meltzer, Paul S.; Chuang, Eric Y.; HSU, FANG-HAN; Chuang, Eric Y.; Chen, Yidong; TSAI, MONG-HSUN ; Chen., Yidong; YANG, PAN-CHYR; CHUANG, ERIC YAO-YU journal article
1042008DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1 as a mediator of mutant p53-determined p16<sup>ink4A</sup> down-regulationGuo, Zhanjun; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; Guo, Zhanjun; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Shiao, Yih-Horng; Chen, Li-Han; Wei, Mei-Ling; Wei, Mei-Ling; Lv, Xing; Lv, Xing; Gius, David; Little, John B.; Mitchell, James B.; Chuang, Eric Y.; Chuang, Eric Y.journal article
1052007Profiling Microdissected Epithelium and Stroma to ModelGenomic Signatures for Cervical Carcinogenesis Accommodating for Covariates.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1062007研究人類肺部長期發炎反應改變腫瘤抑制基因的現象 (新制多年期第1年)莊曜宇 report
1072007Duodenal ulcer-related antigens from Helicobacter pylori: Immunoproteome and protein microarray approachesLin, Yu-Fen; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; LU-PING CHOW ; Chen, Chun-Yi; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; MING-SHIANG WU ; Wang, Yu-Chun; Chuang, Eric Y.; Lin, Jaw-Town; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Chow, Lu-Ping journal article
1082007Gene expression profiling of breast, prostate, and glioma cells following single versus fractionated doses of radiationMONG-HSUN TSAI ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Cook, John A.; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; Chandramouli, Gadisetti V.R.; DeGraff, William; Yan, Hailing; Zhao, Shuping; Coleman, C. Norman; Mitchell, James B.; Chuang, Eric Y.journal article
1092006Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis in Cancer Research.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
1102006Distinct effects of ionizing radiation on in vivo murine kidney and brain normal tissue gene expressionERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1112006Abnormal Gene Expression Profiles in Unaffected Parents of Patients with Hereditary Type Retinoblastoma.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1122005c-Abl Regulates Early Growth Response (EGR1) in Response to Oxidative Stress. OncogeneERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1132005Transcriptional Responses to Ionizing Radiation Reveal that p53R2 Protects Against Radiation-induced Mutagenesis in Human Lymphoblastoid CellsERIC YAO-YU CHUANG conference paper
1142005Gene expression profiles associated with response to chemotherapy in epithelial ovarian cancersERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1152005Cellular Mechanisms for Low-Dose Radiation-Induced Perturbation of the Breast Tissue Microenvironment.ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1162005Effects of Hypoxia on Radiation-Responsive Stress-Activated Protein Kinase, p53, and Caspase 3 Signals in TK6 Human Lymphoblastoid CellsERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1172005Cellular Mechanisms for Low-Dose Radiation-Induced Perturbation of the Breast Tissue MicroenvironmentTsai, Kelvin K.C.; Chuang, Eric Yao-Yu ; Little, John B.; Yuan, Zhi-Minjournal article
1182005Evaluation of hybridization conditions for spotted oligonucleotide-based DNA microarraysMONG-HSUN TSAI ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1192004Correction Log Ratios for Signal Saturation in cDNA MicroarraysERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1202004Distinct Effects on Gene Expression of Chemical and Genetic Manipulation of the Cancer Epigenome Revealed by a Multimodality ApproachERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
1212004Fludarabine treatment of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia induces a p53-dependent gene expression responseERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article
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